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The impending storm – confluence of events loom large

By Scott W. Winchell

We have all seen it before, a brewing storm in the distance, and this year, like last, many in the Midwest and the Southeast of the USA can attest, and paid with their lives. If you ever lived or spent time in these tornado prone areas, the sight of an impending storm is transfixing. It becomes indelibly etched in your mind. However, a much larger storm has been brewing for some time now, and though it looks like it is centralized over the Middle East, it will be felt globally, and we are not immune.

This early, record-setting tornado weather phenomenon is a product of warmer than normal temperatures, clashing with the last vestiges of cold winter air masses, along with many other factors, the result is a culmination of untold power, unleashed in a wicked barrage.

Like these abnormal storms, a set of circumstances exists today that appear to be coming together now. These factors are creating another possible cataclysm; war, on a level we have never experienced. The factors are too many to count, but this week, signs are telling us that something wicked this way comes.

This week, it was reported that the Israeli Security Council voted 8 to 6 to attack Iran. This is not surprising; we all know it’s been a matter of when, not if. But the timing aligns with other factors some of which you may not be aware. It’s hard to pick through all the available information to see, especially when the events in Afghanistan and Syria are in the forefront, but sifting through, we see the following. US naval events taking place:

  • Currently, CVN 70, the Carl Vinson, and CVN 72, the Abraham Lincoln, both aircraft carriers, are in the 5th Fleet’s AOR, the Persian Gulf and the surrounding waters off Iran and Saudi Arabia in the greater Indian Ocean;
  • On its way east, another aircraft carrier, CVN 65, the Enterprise, is underway in the Atlantic, the AOR of the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean and then onto the Persian Gulf;
  • It also appears, that those major naval assets not currently under repair are at sea, many participating in supporting these carriers, those assigned to other fleets like the 7th in the Pacific;
  • It is also the same time that a serious annual event is to be practiced again this week: “Operation Solid Curtain, Citadel Shield 2012” which lasts Monday through Friday;
  • The US Navy is beefing up its forces in the Persian Gulf as well, including doubling its mine-sweeping capabilities.

It is not surprising that a third aircraft carrier group is heading east toward the hottest spot on earth, but it is interesting that at this crucial time, our anti-missile/rocket naval assets are patrolling our coast. Why is this interesting? Because the Iranians have bragged about having naval assets in the Atlantic, and as we have been reporting, they have the “Club-K” missile launch technology that utilizes shipping container sized boxes that can open and reveal a launcher. Why is that a concern if the Iranians don’t have nukes? Because many analysts know it’s not just about nukes, and many believe they already have the nukes anyway. Iran keeps boasting that it has many “special surprises” up its sleeve.

CVN-65 USS Enterprise

There appears to be evidence that Iran, in conjunction with North Korea, has tested nuclear devices in North Korea back in 2010, and there is also evidence that Iran has conducted tests at home that they have attempted to hide. Naysayers try to down play these, but at whose expense? Our military is apparently not taking any chances. At a minimum, these planned exercises are a must, and in last year’s version, they experienced traffic jams and delays that could hinder any real action when needed.

So this year, Rear Admiral Scorby, Commander, Navy Region Southeast provided a video to describe what is planned, what happened in the past, and what steps are needed for the event that begins on Monday the 19th, and runs the whole week through Friday the 23rd. What is interesting is that he does make a special note about Friday. That day especially, he calls for non-essential personnel to talk with their superiors and see if Friday is a day better spent at home.

It is curious timing on all fronts, but why is Friday a day when the Navy is calling for special attention? Does it coincide with pre-designed various crises that are being simulated throughout the region during the week-long exercise promoting teamwork and experience? One ponders, as it also coincides with the very real possibility that the Israelis will be attacking under the classic New Moon scenario set to occur on the 22nd, just prior to that final day, Friday?

Other than Naval forces conducting critical exercises, the timing also includes an FBI alert that went out last week on the 12th. It was sent in light of recent events in Afghanistan regarding threats to the USA and its allies in light of the Koran burnings and the massacre by Staff Sgt. Robert Bales that may be perpetrated by Muslims. The ‘Joint Intelligence Bulletin’ can be viewed here.

The oil futures market has already responded to the continuing fears and the spot future on Brent Crude surpassed $126/Barrel on Friday. The price of gasoline on Monday cannot be predicted, just that the current average price of $3.83/gallon as reported on the 12th is likely to rise dramatically. If this week continues to see the rhetoric rise, despite the bogus Iranian talks, and the fact that North Korea is to test a satellite boosting rocket despite its deals for food, then all bets on the price are off.

Finally, an even more curious event took place on Friday the 16th, Obama signed yet another Executive Order called NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS. We shall leave it up to you to decide what it means, and why it needed to be released on “hide the facts on the day you don’t want the press to notice or to ask you about” Fridays. We also ask that you draw your own conclusions on what it means. All we can see so far is that it calls for plans to take over American industries and resources in the case of an emergency, and places them under the Director of Homeland Security.

Something wicked this way comes…?


Denise Simon performed research and assisted in editing this article for SUA.


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