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Recidivism – Gitmo detainees released, return to Jihad

Editor’s Note – Holder and the White House have worked diligently to secretly trade, ship, and/or sneak detainees out of Gitmo. They have even employed extortion to eliminate detainees by trading access to Obama for accepting a detainee by any world leader.

Detainees get free Eric Holder appointed legal representation, yet as prisoners, they exit Gitmo under cloak and dagger circumstances.

We invite SUA readers read this article to understand how many return to terrorism and insurgency. Maybe the Obama administration would do well to keep them at Gitmo for the sake of our military. They can play soccer at the new recreation center the DoD is building at Gitmo at the cost of $750,000 without Leon Panetta’s knowledge or approval.

Report Links Ex-Detainees to Terrorism and Insurgency


NY Times

WASHINGTON – National security officials on Monday reported that the number of “confirmed” cases in which former detainees previously held at the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, engaged in terrorist or insurgent activity after their transfer  had risen to 95 from 81 – out of the 599 prisoners released – from October 2010 to December 2011.

The report was the latest summary of intelligence about what national security officials refer to as “re-engagement” or “recidivism” by former detainees. Congress requires the office of the Director of National Intelligence to make such statistics public. The numbers provide no details about individual cases and no specific intelligence showing how strong the evidence is.

The issue of whether to transfer more Guantánamo detainees has been a recurring political controversy since President Obama took office. Congress has imposed steep legal obstacles to any further winnowing of the prison population, and no detainee has left there alive since January 2011.

Of the 779 prisoners the Bush administration sent  to Guantánamo, 171 remain. Eight died, one was brought to the United States for trial and sentenced to life in prison, 532 were repatriated or sent to other countries – including large batches to Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia – under President George W. Bush, and 67 more were transferred under Mr. Obama.

The 532 who left under Mr. Bush, the report said, account for 92 of the “confirmed” cases came from that group, up from 79 at the time of the previous report.

An additional 70 detainees transferred during the Bush years were “suspected” of engaging in terrorist or insurgent activity after their release, a murkier category consisting of “unverified or single-source reporting,” as the report described it. At the time of the October 2010 report, 66 Bush-era transfers fell into that category.

Of the 67 Obama-era detainees who left the prison, three were listed as “confirmed” and two were “suspected” of having engaged in terrorist activity. In the earlier report, those numbers were reversed, suggesting that someone in the “suspected” category has probably been bumped up to “confirmed,” but no additional detainees have come under scrutiny.

Of the 95 currently listed as “confirmed” as having engaged in terrorist activity after their transfer, 12 are dead and 28 are back in some country’s custody, while 55 are not in custody, the report said. Of the 72 “suspected” former detainees, 2 are dead, 26 are in custody, and 44 are not in custody.


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