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Media distracted at home, more important events loom

By SUA Staff

It is a very sad time in America when the news of the month is consumed with distractions that leave us less aware of the greater threats from overseas.

Recent domestic threats meted out by the New Black Panthers, the bounties, and ginned up grass roots armies for the capture of George Zimmerman, now under arrest for killing Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida swamp the news along with another new scandal. The war-on-woman from the White House where Hilary Rosen attacked Ann Romney for being a non-working (pay-check earning) mother all designed by Anita Dunn, a stalwart leader of the Obama re-election campaign in their latest divisive mission, the Obama war on women.

Surely the media can find more important events to discuss like the North Korean missile launch, which is against the most recent agreement between our Hillary Clinton led State Department and North Korea, in exchange for a food mission, now in default. Yes the launch went off, and failed, but there are far more important ramifications to our safety as a nation. The watch is now on to see if North Korea tests yet another nuke, a test that may actually be for Iran, either to sell to Iran, or it is a test of an Iranian device.

Huge topics are most often ignored, or only mentioned in passing except by those of us at SUA and similarly astute partners in the citizen journalism arena.

One of the other more important stories is the status of Afghanistan and Syria. Syria is experiencing some sense of calm today as Assad has pledged his cooperation with the United Nations demand to stop killing Syrians in this year long civil war, but that situations is tenuous at best. No matter the current state, the entire Middle East. along with Iran remain in the balance, also directly impacting our safety as a nation.

Then there is Afghanistan. The Pentagon has published the number of 33,000 boots on the ground in Afghanistan and they are to be whittled down to a number close to 20,000 by September. All the while the Taliban fighters and al Qaeda are re-constituting their presence in key locations with particular emphasis in areas much like Nuristan.

Admiral McRaven and General Allen have scribbled out yet another new plan for Afghanistan in response to VP Joe Biden’s plan on how to replace our troops after  the draw down with a design and strike plan using highly mobile special forces and a militarized CIA contingency:

McRaven’s proposal amounts to a slimmed-down counterinsurgency strategy aimed at protecting the Afghan population as well as hunting the Taliban and al-Qaida. It’s not the counterterrorist plan advanced by Vice President Joe Biden, which would leave Afghan forces to fend for themselves while keeping U.S. special operators in protected bases from which they could hunt terrorists with minimum risk, according to a senior special operations official reached this week.

Key Afghani leaders are in now fear of failure, the difficult task to protect their country from a fierce Taliban and al Qaeda insurgency that is certain to gain traction as the United States weans herself from Afghanistan in the coming year. Then there is the Pakistan question.

The two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan have joined in a hidden partnership, or tolerance of the Taliban, yet the United States still provides financial aid to Pakistan. Billions in a ‘fool’s errand’;  the mistaken idea that they can buy peace and success, a past failure still unlearned.

Representatives of Wolesi Jirga’s Security Commission expressed concerns over the influence of Taliban in eastern Nuristan province.

“Some areas of the eastern Kunar and Nuristan province are being controlled by Taliban militants” commission members said.

Muhammad Naeem Lali Hameedzai, a member of Wolesi Jirga’s Security Commission said, “The Barg-i-Matal and Kamdesh district of Nuristan province are influenced by Taliban militants and have the financial and military support of ISI”.

Pakistani ISI support Arab, Pakistani and Uzbek militants and send them to these regions.

The members of the commission claim that 600 Afghan forces are resisting them. (Read the rest here.)

Each of these more important issues are impacted by the Panetta/White House financial doctrine to gut the operating budget of the military. This sends ripples of unrest all the way to our troops in the field in Afghanistan and elsewhere, continuing a troubling process where the end game is unknown concerning our military strength. This new plan employs Special Forces that will now be assigned to replace men once assigned to these forward operational bases and lines.

Pakistan cut supply lines to NATO forces in Afghanistan in November, after American airstrikes killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

Compounding these issues is the Pakistani demand to stop all drone strikes in the region and all intelligence operatives must now exit the country despite the continued payments. These demands alter the talks between the United States and Pakistan where the U.S. has worked with Pakistan in the past to support mission objectives and to maintain transporation gateways.

These new conditions make for a more difficult functional and tactical strategy for the U.S.which includes intelligence collection. The allied relationship the United States has with Pakistan has endured dynamic emotions for a very long time including anger causing more difficulty in operations for our forces in Afghanistan.

This new plan, the new ‘logic’ created by the Vice President, the President, the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State defies reason, especially since terror forces harbored by Pakistan and the ISI, Pakistani Intelligence will be testing this new resolve.

After ten long years, Afghanistan will look much worse for the wear and the Afghanis will need to rely on their own tattered skills to survive, which is doomed from the outset.


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