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Free Syrian Army is Creating a New Ministry of Defense

BREAKING NEWS – 3:00 AM, 2/11/13 Middle East 

DamascusStand Up America intelligence sources within the Syrian Rebellion in Turkey indicated a military unification process is underway between various rebel military factions under the command of Brigadier General [Liwa’a] Mohammed Fares to improve the command and control structure of the Syrian state for the post-Assad era. The same sources indicated that Brigadier General Fares, an accepted figure by all rebel factions might become the next Syrian Defense Minister of the new free Syrian state.

Currently, the rebel forces are designing and initiating a new Ministry of Defense to deal with the collapse of the Assad Regime presumed to occur soon. The task of the new Ministry of Defense will be to prevent chaos and absorb the remainder of the regular Syrian Army after the impending collapse, while guaranteeing national security and facilitating new political elections for Syria preventing any undesired vacuum of power.

While clashes between the regime and the rebels intensified the last few days, and are at a very violent level in key neighborhoods of Damascus, more precisely in the Districts of Abbassydes and Omayades Square where most of the important regime security complexes and military barracks are located, the rebels are closing in. This is occurring in preparation for the final assault from multiple directions to take Damascus once and for all.

Free Syrian Army units have been training extensively, preparing for the final onslaught on the Assad Regime in the Capital.



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