Obama Knew Exactly Why Benghazi Occured – Former MB Member Says

Editor’s Note – The term “phony scandals” is now one of the most frequently mentioned quotes from the White House, its sycophants, and the President himself. Ask yourself how phony any party is after reading this summation so well crafted by Christopher Collins at the Examiner.

The question isn’t really whether or not the President knew, it is obvious he did, rather, its about the phony stories they used to cover up complicity in embarrassing details of what was really going on in Benghazi. The phony story and the repeated way it was used that really proves he did know, immediately. Again, you be the judge:

Former Muslim Brotherhood member: ‘Obama knows what happened in Benghazi’

By Christopher Collins – Examiner

Dr. Mark Christian, a former Islamic Muslim Brotherhood member who is now a Christian, account of actual events was picked up on Saturday by Bare Naked Islam, which President Obama has known from the beginning of who was responsible for the Islamic terrorists attack on Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

The attack killed US Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, who was the U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer, and U.S. Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods.

Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were killed in an attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. Credits: (Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were killed in an attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. Credits: (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Bare Naked Islam picked up the story, first presented on the Gateway Pundit, that while the Obama administration has been stalling the investigation for the past 11 months, Christiansaid, “Syrian president Bashar el Assad, Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah of Lebanon are fully responsible for the death of United States Ambassador Christopher Stevens. President Obama has known this fact since the minute he first learned about the attack.”

He further said, “Stevens, from his Benghazi base, was stockpiling weapons – and resourcing the expert fighters who could use them – to topple Assad’s rule in Syria. On September 11, 2012, Assad powerfully punched back, raiding the Benghazi compound which housed the armament for his own destruction.”

“The Assad regime was fully aware of the shrouded activity in Benghazi, fully aware that Ambassador Christopher Stevens, the man credited for the assassination of Gaddafi, was much more than an ambassador… If Americans knew what really happened, if the mainstream media uncovered and exposed Obama and his Sunni agenda, Obama would not be the current American president, but a prosecuted American citizen.”

The damaging allegations, mostly ignored by the left-wing mainstream media, have been reported in the past several months by various alternate news organizations such as the Gateway Pundit, the Paulding County Republican Examiner, the Blaze, Walid Shoebat, and Breitbart news since October of 2012.

The Paulding County Republican Examiner reported on a series of news accounts implicating Obama and his administration of their involvement and cover-up of the Benghazi attacks.

On October 23, 2012, the Paulding County Republican Examiner reported that it was to act as official U.S. government liaison to Al-Qaeda linked Jihadist militias, the same Islamic Jihadist now trying to overthrow Assad in Syria.

Then two days later, a report came out that then, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had ordered more security at the U.S. mission in Benghazi before it was attacked where four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens were murdered by Al-Qaeda, but President Obama denied the request.

In a report, a week before the 2012 presidential election, a former CIA counterintelligence officer and expert on covert action, Libya, and Islamic extremism, Kent Clizbe said, “The Libyan operation is cloaked in secrecy and the legacy media erected a wall of silence to protect Obama-Hillary. No details leak out about the foreign forces involved in the civil war. Foreign troops are invisible. Even the composition of the Libyan rebels has been cloaked by the media.”

“The Obama administration knew exactly what they were doing in the Middle East and in Libya and with the tragedy at the U.S. Consulate in Libya, deception is in play.”

Two days before the 2012 presidential election on November 5, 2012, the Paulding County Republican Examiner reported on a report by Walid Shoebat, a former Muslim Brotherhood member, that anti-Al Qaeda Libyans had revealed that the Obama administration has assisted Al-Qaeda in Benghazi.

“The Obama administration knew exactly what they were doing in the Middle East and in Libya and with the tragedy at the U.S. Consulate in Libya, deception is in play.”

Moreover, President Obama’s financial aid to the Palestinians, despite the threats by Hamas to Israel, coincides with the cover-up on Benghazi, which also points to the fact that the Palestinians are as one Hamas official explained, are not Palestinians, but are of Egyptian and Saudi descent, all with Arab and Muslim Brotherhood ties.

President Obama interfered and helped the Egyptian Jihadist overthrow the former Egyptian President, Hosni El Sayed Mubarak, and the hijackers that attacked the World Trade Center towers in New York on September 11, 2001; most were from Saudi Arabia.

The connections between the Obama administration and the attacks in Benghazi are becoming clearer since the administration’s involvement, the administration’s connections with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Syria, and Libya… all to aid the Muslim Brotherhood Jihadists at all cost.

When the Center for Security Policy held a panel discussion on the Benghazi attack on November 2012, shortly after President Obama won his reelection, one of several questions were asked.

The two main central questions remain, “The CIA’s Benghazi station was reportedly engaged in a covert operation aimed at helping an international effort to arm the so-called “Syrian opposition” by shipping weapons recovered from “liberated” Qaddafi-era caches. If, as the New York Times has reported, the bulk of the armaments being sent to the “rebels” in Syria by Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are winding up in the hands of the most radical Islamist elements, some supplied by us are likely reaching al- Qaeda operatives, as well. Has the Obama administration been secretly arming Syria’s opposition, including al-Qaeda and/or other radical Islamist’s?”

“And did President Obama order the U.S. military not to come to the aid of Americans under attack on 11 September 2012?”

White House welcomes Qaradawi Deputy

Editor’s Note – At some point, America needs to understand her enemies. That means all Americans, because the White is consorting with them now. The infiltration is before our eyes, please look intently and learn who these people are before its too late.

Obama White House Hosts Sheikh Who Called for Killing American Troops in Iraq

By Andrew C. McCarthy – National Review Online – The Corner

President Obama’s top national security advisers have just hosted Sheikh Abdulla bin Bayyah at the White House. As vice president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) in 2004, bin Bayyah endorsed a fatwa calling for the killing of American troops and other personnel serving in Iraq.

Bin Bayyah is the principal deputy to Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s chief sharia jurist and the driving force of the IUMS. In addition to being behind the 2004 fatwa, Qaradawi also promotes suicide bombing against Israel.

The IUMS strongly supports the Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch, Hamas, the terrorist organization designated as such under American law. Indeed, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh – a close ally of both Qaradawi and Turkey’s Islamic supremacist prime minister (and Obama fave) Recep Tayyip Erdogan – was welcomed into the IUMS as a member in 2004.

Sheikh Abdulla bin Bayyah
Sheikh Abdulla bin Bayyah

As detailed here on other occasions (see, e.g., here), Hamas’s charter explains that the group’s imperative to destroy Israel is an Islamic obligation, and it cites authoritative scripture – frequently repeated by Qaradawi – stating that the world will not end “until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: ‘O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!’”

News of the White House meeting with bin Bayyah was broken last night by Steve Emerson and John Rossomando of the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

The meeting took place at the Obama administration’s request, according to an account of it posted – along with a photo – on bin Bayyah’s website. Since its original posting, the account has been edited to omit mention of Obama National Security Adviser Tom Donilon’s participation.

This marks a new low for the administration that, in brazen violation of U.S. counterterrorism law, previously invited a member of the Blind Shiekh’s terrorist organization for consultations at the White House.

Notably, bin Bayyah lobbied the administration to “take urgent action” to help the Syrian “rebels” (i.e., the factions opposing the Assad regime, which are dominated by Islamic supremacists and violent jihadists – more accurately described as the Syrian mujahideen than as “rebels”). As Emerson and Rossamondo observe, President Obama has since announced plans to arm the Syrian opposition.

Emerson and Rossamondo’s full account is very much worth reading. So is the take offered by Patrick Poole at PJM. Patrick elaborates on Emerson/Rossamondo’s assertion that this is far from the administration’s first consultation with bin Bayyah.

The enemy is not at the gate. He has long since skipped across the welcome mat.

Muslim Brotherhood Penetration of USA – Lopez

Editor’s NoteClare M. Lopez, formerly a career operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, writing at the Gatestone Institute published a report on the Muslim Brotherhood and its infiltration of our country’s many institutions including the Federal government and can be read in full at Gatestone Institute. Clare is a frequent contributor and close friend of the SUA staff. The report is long but we highly recommend that you take the time to read it all.

History of the Muslim Brotherhood Penetration of the U.S. Government

by Clare M. Lopez – Gatestone Institute – Excerpted at Creeping Sharia:

Given the long history of Muslim Brotherhood activity in this country, its declared objective to “destroy the Western civilization from within,” and the extensive evidence of successful influence operations at the highest levels of the U.S. government, it is urgent that we recognize this clear and present danger that threatens not only our Republic but the values of Western civilization.

“Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest aspiration.”

– Motto of the Muslim Brotherhood

The upheavals of 2011-2012 across the Middle East and North Africa swept aside secular rulers and the established political order with startling speed, and continue to focus world attention on the revolutionary forces driving these far-reaching events. Poverty, oppression, inequality, and lack of individual freedom are all hallmarks of the societal stagnation that has gripped the Islamic world for the better part of fourteen centuries, but the driving force of the so-called “Arab Spring” is a resurgent Islam, dominated by the forces of al-Qa’eda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Energized as Islam may be at this time, however, without the active involvement of the United States to help arm[1], fund[2], support[3], and train[4] the region’s Islamic rebels, it is questionable whether they could have gotten this far, this fast.

This report describes how the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated and suborned the U.S. government to actively assist, whether knowingly or not, the mission of its grand jihad. Its hard-won position at the forefront of the 21st century Islamic Awakening is possible only because of decades of patient infiltration and political indoctrination (Da’wa) in the West, and especially the United States of America, even as the grassroots work of building an organizational structure advanced steadily in the land of its origin as well.

It is important to recognize the sophistication of the Brotherhood’s international strategy and how the takedown of U.S. national security defenses from within was critical to the current Middle East-North Africa (MENA) campaign to re-establish the Caliphate and enforce Islamic Law (shariah).

The careful insinuation of Muslim Brothers into positions from which they can exercise influence on U.S. policy began long before the attacks of 9/11, although their success has accelerated dramatically under the administration of President Barack Obama. The massive Muslim Brotherhood organizational network in the U.S., so patiently built up over the decades since that first Oval Office meeting in 1953, eventually gave it a prominence and (false) reputation of credibility that was unmatched by any other Islamic groups, moderate or otherwise.

Using a combination of taqiyya (deceit, dissimulation) and intimidation, the Muslim Brotherhood succeeded not only in making itself the “go-to” authority on all things related to Islam, but in suppressing those who would speak truth about Islam—again, often by persuading the U.S.’s own senior officials to do the job for them: “by their hands”.

When Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, publicly excoriated, then fired, US Army LTC Matthew Dooley, an instructor at National Defense University, in April 2012 over an earlier-approved course on Islam, and then ordered Dooley’s career-ending Negative Officer Evaluation Report, the lesson was meant to serve as a stark warning to anyone else in the DoD who might be tempted to become accurately educated about Islam.[55]

The horrific violence of terror attacks such as 9/11 also played a role by softening up the intended target: Western society. As Pakistani Brigadier S.K. Malik wrote in 1979, “Terror struck into the hearts of the enemies is not only a means, it is the end in itself. Once a condition of terror into the opponent’s heart is obtained, hardly anything is left to be achieved.”[56] By contrast with jihadis, who would fly airplanes into skyscrapers and send suicide bombers into pizza parlors full of women and children, the Muslim Brotherhood looked tame.

That its ideology and ultimate objectives — re-establishment of the Caliphate and universal enforcement of Islamic Law — were identical to those of al-Qa’eda was part of the Ikhwan‘s Information Operation to control what U.S. officials are allowed to know.

The first task was to maneuver Muslim Brothers into positions of trust with key U.S. government officials.

Obama Backs Muslim Brotherhood in Syria says King Abdullah

By Scott W. Winchell (SUA Editor) – It has been clear to those who closely monitor the events unfolding in Syria and the rest of the Middle East and North Africa that the Muslim Brotherhood is quickly securing a hold on the majority of the ‘Arab Spring’ nations. There is no denying it is true and that makes most wonder what the Obama administration is and was really up to. We at SUA have never been fooled.

The constant knell that no one knows who is who in Syria, and the hands-off approach by Obama point to the conclusion that the White House has always wanted the Islamists to win out. They know what we know and have chosen to ignore it. Now we see that even King Abdullah is convinced – Obama is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood and always has been.

Of course, here at SUA, through our NGO, the “Syrian Opposition Liaison Group” (SOLG), we have always known who is who on the ground in Syria. Why, because we talk to them directly and have published this for a long time. The point is, the FSA was predominantly nationalistic and moderate – almost secular in its make up and goals from the beginning.

However, all the stalling, hand-wringing, propagandizing, and outright lies have the world still scratching its head on who is who. Why, to keep everyone confused, especially the average American citizen. This works well for Obama and crew because they knew if they waited long enough, the rebels would transform through attrition, starved of arms and equipment, while the Jihadists increasingly gained strength and numbers, through the infusion of Qatari funding.

The fact is though, it is not to late to change this policy, though we doubt they will, and back the real friends of America and the West, the nationalistic and secular moderates in the FSA. Now that Col. Riad el Asaad, the leader of the FSA, a true nationalist who has recently been severely injured, we wonder what is to become of the FSA in the near future with Obama supporting the Muslim Brotherhood with the help of Qatar so openly?

SUA is certain these seemingly disparate points are all connected, you be the judge. Again, we wish Col. Riad el Asaad a quick recovery, and success for the true FSA and the true goals of the average Syrian. If the Obama administration changes its course, the Syrians can then be in control of their own destiny, not controlled by those who promote the Muslim Brotherhood and yet another dictatorship style government.

Jordan’s King: US Backs Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

By Barry Rubin – New Media Journal (Originally posted at PJMedia.com)

“Don’t scare anyone. But once you gain ground then move ahead. You must utilize as many people as possible who may be of use to us.” — Joseph Stalin to future Communist dictator of Hungary Matyas Rakosi, December 5, 1944. It really isn’t hard to understand what is happening in the Middle East if you gather the facts:

Jordan’s King Abdullah — whom President Barack Obama just visited — is clearly telling us what’s going wrong: the Muslim Brotherhood is dangerous, and the United States is supporting it. Presumably, this is what Abdullah told Obama.

President Obama and King Abdullah II of Jordan during Obama’s recent visit to the Middle East.

US policy is now escalating support for a Muslim Brotherhood regime in Syria, and the Syrian rebels increasingly have open Brotherhood leadership.

Repression is gradually escalating in Egypt, with arrests of moderates, Islamists being sent to the military academy, and many other measures.

Regarding Jordan, Jeffrey Goldberg has written an extremely valuable profile of Abdullah. The Jordanian monarch is telling Western visitors that their countries are making a huge mistake by supporting the Islamists. He complains that the US State Department is ignoring him, and further, that US officials are telling him: “The only way you can have democracy is through the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Abdullah responds: the Brotherhood wants to impose anti-American reactionary governments, and his “major fight” is to stop them. No margin may be left for relative moderate and pro-American states between a Sunni Islamist alliance led by Egypt and including Turkey versus a Shia Islamist alliance led by Iran, says Abdullah. And he’s right. The only differences, Abdullah explains, between the Turkish and Egyptian regimes are their timetables for installing dictatorships.

And Egypt’s new president, says the king, is obsessed with a hostile view of Israel.

(Here’s the delicious irony: Last August, Jordanian Prime Minister Fayez Tarawneh launched a ferocious personal attack on me. Why? Because I said that the Sunni-Shia battle was going to replace the Arab-Israeli conflict. Well, his king just concurred with me. LOL.)

Meanwhile, while President Barack Obama was love-bombing Israel during his visit, US policy was helping to install a Muslim Brotherhood supporter as the putative next leader of Syria. Obama’s strategy — with appropriate adjustments to the national scene — is the same as his disastrous policy in Egypt.

The new leader of the Syrian opposition coalition is Ghassan Hitto, an obscure figure who has long been a resident of the United States. His actual election contained two hints:

He only received 35 votes from 63 members of the Syrian National Coalition. That show of support matches the number of Muslim Brotherhood supporters there.

Only 48 out of the 63 even cast a ballot at all, showing lack of enthusiasm and possible US pressure on groups to abstain rather than oppose Hitto.

During the Cold War, American policy toward Third World countries frequently looked for a “third way” democratic alternative — leaders who were neither Communists nor right-wing authoritarians. Today, however, the Obama administration doesn’t do the equivalent at all, despite pretenses to the contrary. Rather, it seeks leadership from the most seemingly moderate people…who represent Islamist groups. Of course, this moderation is largely deceptive.

That was the pattern in Egypt; now it is the same failed strategy in Syria.

Hitto is a typical example of such a person. He has lived in the United States and went to university there, so presumably he knows the West and has become more moderate by living there. He is involved in high-tech enterprises, so supposedly he is a modern type of guy.

Remember how now-dictator of Syria Bashar al-Assad was lavishly praised because he studied and lived in London and was supposedly interested in … the Internet?

In addition, nobody has (yet) uncovered an outrageous Hitto statement. His ties to the Brotherhood are not so blatant — even though they are obvious.

Yet the connections between Hitto and the Muslim Brotherhood — and those are only the ones documented quickly following his election — are extensive:

He is founder of the Muslim Legal Fund of America, largely directed by Muslim Brotherhood members.

He was a secretary-treasurer of the American Middle Eastern League for Palestine (AMELP), which is closely linked to the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP), which supports Hamas and terrorism against Israel.

Hitto was vice president of the CAIR Dallas/Fort Worth chapter, and director of the Muslim American Society (MAS) Youth Center of Dallas, which was a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

The list goes on and on.

To sum up the situation, Hassan Hassan of the United Arab Emirates newspaper The National published an article titled “How the Muslim Brotherhood Hijacked Syria’s Revolution.”

________________Barry Rubin is director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal.

Morsi declares state of emergency in Suez Canal cities

Editor’s Note – Yet another chapter is playing itself out in Egypt – there goes that Obama/Clinton foreign policy thing again, failure. Watch for the 60 Minutes interview with the two of them on Benghazi…

Egypt President Mohamed Morsi declares a state of emergency in Port Said, Suez and Ismailia in the wake of deadly clashes, calls for dialogue with opposition

By Hatem Maher – AhramOnline

Egypt President Mohamed Morsi has on Sunday declared a 30-day state of emergency in Port Said, Suez and Ismailia, the three governorates which have witnessed deadly clashes since the second anniversary of the Egyptian revolution on 25 Jan.

During a speech broadcast on state television, the under-fire Morsi has also said a curfew will be imposed in the three cities from 9 pm to 6 am during the duration of the emergency state in an attempt to curb increasing violence.

Egypt’s Islamist President-elect Mohamed Mursi (R) delivers a speech while surrounded by his body guards in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, June 29, 2012. Mursi took an informal oath of office on Friday before tens of thousands of supporters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, in a slap at the generals trying to limit his power. REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh (EGYPT – Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST)

The Islamist president’s decisions take effect from Monday.

“I always said I’m against any exceptional measures, but I also said I might resort to such measures if I had to. I may even do more for the sake of Egypt, it’s my duty,” a glum-looking Morsi added.

Morsi was criticised by his opponents for what they perceived as his poor reaction to nationwide clashes that left dozens dead, including more than 30 in restive city Port Said.

Anger boiled in the coastal city over a court verdict that sentenced 21 football fans to death after they were convicted of killing the supporters of Cairo-based club Ahly in last year’s infamous disaster in Port Said.

Clashes are still ongoing in Port Said, with angry protesters and police forces reportedly firing gunshots at each other. Army was deployed in Port Said and Suez, another city which is a scene of constant confrontations, but it has so far failed to contain the growing violence.

“I instructed interior ministry officials to strictly deal with whoever threatens the people, public and private institutions. Everybody should be aware that Egypt’s institutions are capable of defending the country against any threats,” Morsi added.

Morsi, who hails from the Muslim Brotherhood, also saluted the army and police for “their efforts to protect the country”.

“The recent acts have nothing to do with the revolution, they are against the law and incited by counter revolution. The Egyptian people reject such actions, which are condemned by honorable revolutionaries,” he said.

National Dialogue

Morsi has also reiterated calls for national dialogue, which he described as necessary to overcome the ongoing turmoil that has plunged Egypt into deep economic and political crises.

“We have no option but to engage in a dialogue, this is the only way to pass the current phase and achieve stability,” he stated.

“I decided to invite the political figures for a national dialogue tomorrow.”

The National Salvation front, Egypt’s main opposition, listed five demands that included forming a new government and amending the “distorted constitution”, which was approved by around 64 per cent of Egyptian voters in a national referendum last month.

Opposition says the new constitution does not fulfill the goals of the revolution because it “disregards” the rights of women and the minorities, including Christians who make up about 10% of Egypt’s population.

Morsi supporters believe the new constitution puts Egypt on the right path to democracy.

The Brotherhood, oppressed for decades by military strongmen, propelled Morsi into power in Egypt’s first free elections last year.