TWA 800 Explosion Cause Exposed – Whistleblower Video

Editor’s Note – TWA flight 800 was shot down! So say so many theorists over the years.

Those of us who were in the area when it happened heard every explanation from a Navy missile misfired, to a deliberate Navy missile barrage, to terrorists on Long Island using man-pads, to the official explanation that old style wire insulation broke down and ignited a fuel tank. But way too many witnesses were told to be quiet; believable witnesses who saw the event.

In light of recent revelations exposing the Federal government as hiding way to much from Americans, or eaves-dropping on their activities to outright infringement of our rights, its hard to discount the conspiracy theories as the musings of crack-pots who run on any kernel or granule of fact and extrapolating them out to some weird extreme.

Then come the whistleblowers, so many whistleblowers, and now, 17 years later, insiders are coming out on how TWA 800 went down.


Was it shot down after all? If it was a terror event, why didn’t the government trust Americans to be able to handle the facts. Maybe if we were allowed to know more, our nation would not be so full of low-information voters. We are adults and we can take it! Stop coddling the public!

We might even understand how the rest of the world lives under the shadow of existentialism – living like you could die by violence on a daily basis.

Here is what a few insiders had to say, and soon you can see the documentary that hinges on the whistleblower accounts and eye witnesses:

Stalcup, joined Wednesday by former NTSB investigator Hank Hughes and former TWA investigator Bob Young, said they had no doubt that a missile was responsible for the plane’s demise.

“What they portrayed as the cause of the accident is not true,” said Hughes. “I’ve conducted hundreds of investigations over a long period of time. If it smells like a rat, and looks like a rat, after a while you get the idea it’s a rat.”

The NTSB issued a statement responding to the reinvestigation request. Conspiracy theories surrounding the plane’s demise began circulating within days of its crash off Long Island.

“While the NTSB rarely re-investigates issues that have already been examined, our investigations are never closed and we can review any new information,” the federal agency said.

Back then, few of us believed the official story.Here is snippet of what you will see soon and an article that explains it further:


TWA Flight 800 Not A Gas Tank Explosion, Say Whistleblowers

A new documentary called “TWA FLIGHT 800” features six whistleblowers who claim the 1996 airline crash was not caused by a gas tank explosion as claimed by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

TWA FLIGHT 800 will premiere on the cable network EPIX on July 17, which is the 17th anniversary of the controversial airline crash (video below). The plane mysteriously crashed off the coast of New York, 12 minutes after take-off, killing all 230 people on board.


At the time, former JFK spokesman and ABC News correspondent Pierre Salinger (and other witnesses) claimed to have seen an object possibly hit the plane. Now, the whistleblowers claim they were gagged by the FBI and NTSB from speaking out, reports

The whistleblowers are former employees of the NTSB, TWA and the Airline Pilots Association, notes

“This team of investigators who actually handled the wreckage and victims’ bodies, prove that the officially proposed fuel-air explosion did not cause the crash,” say the film’s producers. “They also provide radar and forensic evidence proving that one or more ordinance explosions outside the aircraft caused the crash.”

None of the whistleblowers will say for sure that the plane was shot down.


Six days of continuing rocket attacks from Gaza

Editor’s Note – Where is the coverage by the western media, especially the televised main stream on these incidents? They are certainly live with video during illegal flotillas’ attempts to break blockades. Where is the condemnation of Hamas for launching against civilians? If an IDF retaliatory strike causes the death of a civilian, you will see that in moments. Utter hypocrisy.

Gaza terrorists fire 22 rockets at Sderot area, hitting school and factoryAir Force strikes two terrorist cells in Gaza; IDF chief calls for urgent meeting to consider military’s next steps


Gaza-based terrorists fired 22 rockets into southern Israel on Saturday, causing damage to a school and factory. The latest attacks bring the total number of rockets and other projectiles fired from the Strip to approximately 150 over the past six days.

The majority of the rockets launched Saturday were aimed at the southern city of Sderot, but several landed in other parts of the Eshkol, Hof Ashkelon and Shaar Hanegev Regional Councils, which border the Strip.

One of the rockets exploded in Sderot’s industrial zone, causing moderate-to-severe injuries to one man and damaging a factory.

According to Magen David Adom paramedics who arrived at the scene, the 50-year-old man was hit in the neck by shrapnel from the explosion.

Another rocket caused damage to a school in Sderot, but there were no reports of injuries. The school had been reinforced against rocket fire.

Several area residents were treated for shock.

Iron Dome shot down five of the incoming rockets, according to Israel Radio.

Six of the rockets landed around neighboring Netivot.

The IDF has instructed local residents to remain no more than 15 seconds away from a safe, enclosed space.

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz called for an urgent meeting of senior officials to discuss the military’s next steps.

Sderot mayor David Buskila convened a special meeting Saturday morning with police and Home Front Command officials. He demanded that the government restore calm to his city.

“We have known this reality for 11 years already,” Buskila said. “We demand that quiet be restored to the city. At least the relative calm, which has allowed us to do many good things.”

The mayor called on the government to act, and said that the city’s center for victims of stress and anxiety was open and had already received several residents.

During a visit to Sderot and neighboring towns surrounding the Gaza Strip on Saturday, Home Front Defense Minister Matan Vilnai said “Israel cannot remain silent following the events in the South in recent days.”

He said Israel holds Hamas fully responsible for everything happening around the Gaza Strip, and that Israel will continue to use a heavy hand against anyone who tries to escalate the situation.

In an afternoon strike, the Air Force targeted and killed a terrorist in northern Gaza near Jabaliya who was making final preparations for a rocket launch. Later, the IAF bombed a second terrorist cell en route to launching rockets outside Gaza City. Palestinian sources reported one dead, 10 injured, and damage to nearby buildings.

Israeli Air Force jets bombed three Hamas military bases in the Strip early Saturday morning. Palestinian sources reported that at least 20 people were injured in the airstrikes.

The IDF Spokesperson said the strikes against targets in northern and central Gaza came in response to the ongoing firing of rockets at Israel over the past several days.

Gaza health official Ashraf Al Kedra said that a boy was killed in an airstrike Saturday morning in Khan Younis, but the IDF responded unequivocally that it did not attack that part of the Strip. Palestinian rockets often misfire and explode inside Gaza.

Palestinian terrorists fired a total of six rockets at Israel on Friday, causing no damage or injuries. Twelve rockets hit Israel on Thursday, according to the spokesperson’s office.

IDF Counter-strike

Multiple IAF strikes carried out Friday against terrorists operating in the Strip killed two and injured at least four others.

According to Palestinian sources, the IAF targeted a motorcyclist in one of the airstrikes, who was driving northwest of Gaza City, killing him.

Earlier on Friday, a terrorist was killed and two others injured as they prepared to fire rockets into Israel near the al-Bureij refugee camp in the Strip, reported the IDF Spokesperson.

Palestinian officials in Gaza reported that the terrorist killed in the strike on al-Bureij belonged to a pro al-Qaeda, fringe Salafist Islamist group, which Israel holds responsible for a deadly cross-border attack from Egypt’s Sinai on Monday, in which an Israeli civilian was killed.

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza terrorist targets have killed at least six Palestinians since Monday.

A Hamas spokesman said on Friday that his organization would respond severely to any aggression on Israel’s part and rejected reports that a ceasefire had been reached between the sides.

On Thursday, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor lodged a formal complaint with the Security Council and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon regarding the recent barrage of attacks from the Strip. He called on the international community to recognize Israel’s right to self-defense.

“So long as there are no quiet towns in southern Israel, Gaza won’t be quiet either,” Prosor said. He also protested what he said was the fact that Israel’s compliance with UN demands to allow aid into Gaza is met with rocket fire.

The Syrian Powder Keg – Worries on the borders

Editor’s Note – With Hezbollah soldiers and IRGC troops already inside Syria, one wonders what will become of Iran’s ally Bashir Assad. Should the Assad regime fall to non-Shi’ite control, the Sunnis will likely be the heirs to the halls of power in Damascus. What this means for Israel is that the central power will shift, and not to a good end. This is because the vast armaments of Syria most likely to be whisked away are his missiles, and Iran won’t allow them to fall outside their sphere of influence or control, rather, their puppets, or chess pieces in Lebanon will be sure to claim them and Hezbollah has the where-withal to do just that.

It was also reported over the weekend that NATO and US troops were massing on the northern border of Jordan with Syria, near the city of al-Mafraq by Boiling Frogs, but the story was pulled down under what some were told was a news embargo until today. The story however took on a life of its own and sites like ran with it here. The fact that this was considered significant was perhaps a leap, based on the fact that US troops exiting Iraq did not go home, but landed at bases and installations Jordan.

The more likely story though was that because NATO and US troops are frequently inside Jordan, and there are training facilities in that area, it does not indicate an imminent action is planned. However, the world is sitting on a fence stile watching events in Syria with great interest, and because it is so volatile, it is a ripe environment to make connections that may indicate actions are imminent. Stay tuned.

IDF Commander: Hizbullah Will Take Over Assad’s Missiles

Northern Commander Yair Golan, unlike Barak and Ya’alon, warns that Hizbullah will gain control of Assad’s missiles if his regime falls.

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Israel National News

The fall of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime will result in Hizbullah’s taking over his arsenal of advanced missiles, warns Major General Yair Golan, head of the Northern Command.

His worried prediction contrasts with comments made by Ministers Ehud Barak and Moshe Ya’alon, both former IDF Chiefs of Staff, that the fall of Assad would be good for the Middle East as a whole, including Israel. His comments were quoted in Defense News in Israel by Globes.

“There is a very real danger that if Assad’s regime falls apart, his arsenal of advanced weapons, including ground-to-sea missiles and aerial defense systems, will fall into the hands of Hizbullah and other radical groups,” the senior general said.

He said that Israel is better off vis a vis its enemies when there are centralized regimes in authority. Noting that the Syrian border is the quietest of all the fronts the army faces, Golan explained, “Experience has taught us one thing: whenever the central government’s authority weakens, there is fertile ground for terror. When terror sprouts in Syria, there is no doubt against whom it will be aimed.

“We have been able to stand against centralized authorities since 1974, and we can get along [with our deterrence capabilities]. But when this authority is turned over to irresponsible leaders, there is no check on what is going on.”

He pointed out that there is no unified opposition leader in Syria, and the fall of Assad will “be very troublesome.” Golan said that Hizbullah will gets its hands on Assad’s arsenal regardless of whether it is handed over to them or not.

Golan also took issue with the common view that Lebanon and Syria are a single front. The internal dissension in Syria requires a different frame of mind that views the two as separate fronts, he said.

Minister Ya’alon told foreign journalists on Monday that the fall of Assad would put and end to the Iranian-Syrian-Hamas-Hizbullah terror axis.

Defense Minister Barak said on Sunday that the downfall of Syrian President Bashar Assad would be a “blessing to the Middle East.”

Hizbollah is the terrorist organization operating out of Lebanon that fought against Israel in the 2006 Second Lebanon War.