The 114th Congress – What must it address for the people first?

By Denise Simon

We hesitate to count our chickens before they hatch when it comes to the midterm results on Tuesday night, November 4th, but it’s never too early to start planning for the positive outcome we hope for and America deserves.

Additionally, by planning ahead, we feel that our message will help propel one or two more votes in the direction of conservatives. So the question is; what should Congress do when the Republicans/Conservatives control both houses come January 2015?Follow-My-Vote-The-Race-Is-On

The first thing to recognize is that our federal government has been totally dysfunctional for almost six years, in large measure due to one man, the Majority Leader of the Senate. Therefore, the new Senate and House of Representatives must strive to remedy this wisely held conviction by immediately restoring regular order in the Senate and placing the most able in positions of Committee Leadership – not just by seniority in both houses.

There is a lot to repair, repeal, reconstruct, remove, and reconfigure but all efforts should be focused on recovery and restoration of American Exceptionalism, our stature across the globe, our safety at home, and our prosperity.

This is easy to say, but much harder to achieve because we will still have Obama in the Oval Office with his pen and his phone. Despite what should be a very positive outcome, we caution our Representatives and Senators not to fall into old traps, rather, we urge them to understand that it is conservative values that brought them to the dance – not the party first, America first.

Will Boehner be still be the Speaker of the House, or McConnell the Majority Leader in the SEnate? How will the new majority in both Houses deal with Obama?
Will Boehner be still be the Speaker of the House, or McConnell the Majority Leader in the SEnate? How will the new majority in both Houses deal with Obama?

There will be a power shift and the question to be answered is will Barack Obama shake up his own White House and Cabinet secretaries.

It seems many are slated to move on to other outside positions and one would need to watch where Deputy National Security Director Ben Rhodes may go as well as John Podesta as they and others could be tapped to join Hillary Clinton’s camp.

So while there is predictable White House changes on the horizon, America needs to be assertive in the quest to rebuild from the previous damage.

Our suggestions on how best they can succeed are certainly not all encompassing, but as we lay out below, each can have a great impact in the long road to recovery and how we get there with the impediments before us.

Twenty four issues rise to the top, and though there is a veto pen, each will drive the discourse of the people, not the politicians.

These are not listed by priority – some will be obvious as to level of priority:

1. – Pass legislation that clears all hurdles for the Keystone XL Pipeline – IMMEDIATELY!

If the President vetoes the bill, he will have to explain to America why. This is a theme you will find throughout our list.

2. – Pass legislation that stops ‘sequestration’ from further harming our military and national security.
Despite what you may think, sequestration was the idea of his administration, not House Republicans.KeystoneXLJobsInd

3. – Create another Select Committee to investigate the Veterans Affairs Administration.

This committee must be independent and populated by Veterans only. They will be given 120 days to draft changes that will be the underpinning of new legislation. The Obama Administration cannot be the investigative entity on one of its own debacles.

4. – Rewrite the rules and laws on government employee ethics to include criminal accountability to stop massive abuse of employment protections, especially people being placed on paid administrative leave.

5. – Audit the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.

No longer should institutional liberalism be condoned or allowed on permanent hires. Lawyers now must pass liberal litmus tests by liberal organizations that are special interest groups and in many cases, communist leaning groups.

6. – Pass legislation that makes it unlawful to prevent law enforcement at the FBI, the DHA, and even the military from investigating any group based on religion.

Intentionally focusing upon, or looking the other way completely on any one religion will be not tolerated, nor is it constitutional. By expunging all reference to Islamic Terror, Jihad, or violence from training materials and investigations is tantamount to the state promoting one religion over another and impedes the first amendment.

stop-the-epa7. – Repeal and replace ObamaCare and/or defund those areas that infringe on individual rights or benefits any lobby or special interest group. Make Obama veto individual items, or the whole of any bill changing ObamaCare.

8. – Audit the EPA – pass legislation that curtails any and all regulatory authority in specificity. No longer should the EPA and its leftist cronies enact legislation on issues that could not pass legislative processes.

9. – Force NATO to expel Turkey as a member by cutting off funding to NATO and/or do the same to the UN.

10. – Audit sanctions and waivers of sanctions on all foreign states, entities, and individuals. Pass legislation that makes it unlawful for the President to issue waivers on sanctions as passed in the Senate, or originated in the House. In some cases, he may already being doing this unconstitutionally and was ignored in Harry Reid’s Senate.

11. – Force the President to exact the release of all American citizens held in foreign custody of any sort by cutting of funding and aid to any entity or nation.

12. – Place sanctions on Mexico for aiding and abetting the ability for any person to cross the border illegally.

13. – Terminate the free visa program. Mandate that all visitors from these nations register with the State Department within 14 days or face arrest and deportation. They may apply for a visa only during the 30 days after a hearing.

14. – Suspend the foreign student visa programs for a minimum of two years and rescind all existing student visas making them expire on the last day of the current classes in which they are enrolled.

15. – Pass legislation that mandates all illegal aliens within the borders of the United States and its territories must register with the DHS in each state within 90 days. Each will receive an identification card that prevents registering to vote; obtain a driver’s license, or any other act upon which a citizen must obtain permission from the federal, state, and local governments.

Those found to be in the United States after that period without registration shall immediately be taken into custody and confined, and then summarily deported forthwith.
Block any Executive action on amnesty to existing illegal aliens.

16. – Terminate Common Core and pass legislation dismantling the Department of Education.b24e0bfbf99aa0ea8b94b051a24be772

17. – Repatriate Dollars. Pass legislation that requires all funds held by American citizens and corporations in foreign countries be repatriated to the United States without penalties. This shall be coupled with an act that reduces the corporate tax rate to one commensurate with competition globally.

18. – Create a select committee charged with establishing a fair tax system in six months that will replace the income tax system and thus make it possible to dismantle the IRS.

19. – Cutoff all funding to Planned Parenthood.AUL-DEFUND-PLANNED-PARENTHOOD

20. – Immediately call for the cessation of all talks with Iran regarding its nuclear programs and pass legislation that reinstates all sanctions and adds new ones.

21. – Pass a resolution that calls for the complete cessation of the pursuit of a ‘two-state solution’ between Israel and the terrorist enemies at or within her borders.

22. – Audit the Bureau of Land Management and produce a report to the citizens of all states on the ownership status and use of all federal buildings, lands, and any other holding within each state. Pass subsequent legislation to sell all unneeded property, and equipment to the private sector with a two-year moratorium of any sale to a foreign entity.

23. – Pass legislation that expressly outlaws the transfer of any Guantanamo Bay detainee until each has been tried by a military commission.

24. – Pass legislation that begins the rebuilding of NASA after a complete audit and reorganization study has been completed.

This list is by no means complete and could be expanded. Also, the methods and ends of each can be adapted in other fashions, but in any case, each of these subjects can change the dialogue leading into 2016. The foremost objective is to take back the initiative, return the discourse to topics of the people, not the party establishment, especially that of the Democratic Party, Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

No longer can we allow the media to pick our priorities as a nation, nor our candidates. The issues must drive the day, and leadership, like cream, will rise to the top. Establishment politics must now become the next battle to wage to return control of our government to the people, as Americans First. This applies to the manner in which new leadership is chosen in Congress and we must back those who place us first, and party far down the line of priorities.


Scott W. Winchell contributed to, edited, and posted this article.

House Repubs raise heat on Obama, Buffet – Keystone XL

Editor’s Note – Its plain to see – House Republicans are turning the heat up on Obama over the Keystone XL Pipeline. How is Obama going to nix it now that a new plan was submitted to answer the State Department’s official objections?

All this as gasoline and diesel continue to rise. Berkshire Hathaway owner Warren Buffet may have to twist some more arms, again, or risk the lucrative rail effort to ship the very same oil. No more Ben Nelson to help now Mr. Buffet, Mr. Obama, Mr. Soros!

The answer may be seen in Boehner’s recent interview – saying Obama has been “missing in action since Labor Day…he has been involved in zero legislative action….in campaign mode.”

House passes Keystone XL pipeline – again

By DARREN GOODE – Politico

It’s the issue that simply refuses to die.

House Republicans wrote a new chapter in the long-running debate over the Keystone XL pipeline Wednesday by approving it as part of a 90-day extension of surface transportation law.

Wednesday’s 293-127 vote on the transportation extension was the fifth time the House voted on the proposed oil pipeline project in the last two years.

It was the third time House Republicans adopted the language authorizing the FERC to approve the pipeline — and there’s no indication either side will let up.

“We keep fouling them off,” said Rep. Lee Terry (R-Neb.), lead author of the FERC plan. “We’re going to keep swinging until we finally hit it.”

Critics of the pipeline say Republicans are just treading water.

“It’s a big game of chicken the Republicans are playing,” Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) said. “They’re trying to play to their base in saying, ‘We’re going to pass it again through the House.’ But they’ve passed a lot of things through the House that haven’t gone anywhere. I have a feeling this may be among those.”

The White House on Tuesday threatened to veto the Keystone language.
“Good, let him veto it,” Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-Ky.) said. “I hope that we just keep putting Keystone in there. He’ll just keep vetoing it and I think the more he does it the more he does damage to himself.”

Republicans are trying to force a showdown with the White House and Senate Democrats in a conference committee that would feature Wednesday’s House bill and a two-year, $109 billion Senate-passed transportation bill the Obama administration enthusiastically backs.

And unlike a recent filibuster on adding approval of the pipeline to the Senate bill, a conference report would only need majority support in the Senate and could not be amended.

The Keystone amendment failed last month in the Senate 56-42 — four short of the needed 60 — after Obama personally called senators to lobby them to oppose the amendment directly before the vote.

But 11 Democratic senators still voted for the amendment.

In December, Republicans secured a symbolic victory when they were able to include language in the must-pass payroll tax cut extension deal forcing Obama to make a decision within two months on granting a presidential permit to Keystone XL.

UPDATE – Obama chose Brazilian planes over ours…jobs?

Editor’s Note – Back in November, SUA posted a story related to the one below about the Air Force choosing a Brazilian plane over an American manufactured Beechcraft model made in good old Wichita; smack dab in the middle of America. That article, entitled: “Air Force to purchase Brazilian planes – Obama nixes more jobs” turned out to be a very important article, much more than expected. Why you ask?

Hawker-Beechcraft AT-6B

Since that date of publishing, that one article received the most comments (Many, many nonpunishable) of any article in the last six months. We at SUA asked why, and it was clear that it had an awful lot to do with unions by the tenor of what was written. If not, it certainly ticked a great deal of people off and created quite a lively discussion, and we could not be prouder. If this kind of discourse gets raised here, we are most pleased; that is the goal. Thank you to all responders, pro and con.

Like many of Obama’s moves of late, his rhetoric does not match his actions. Jobs, jobs, jobs, yet he keeps stopping the growth of jobs. Instead, he picks winners and losers, and too often, you American workers are the loser. How is that Solyndra Syndrome working for you? Or, Keystone XL pipeline, and Hawker-Beechcraft?

Obama’s Stupid Moves Kill Jobs

By Fred Weinberg

Western Center for Journalism

Over the years, it has been my privilege to own a few airplanes. Under the right circumstances, they are tremendous business tools.

All but one of those aircraft were proudly manufactured in Wichita, Kansas by Americans who were skilled machinists, and held the high level skills you need to manufacture precision equipment which flies. Wichita is kind of a heartland aviation manufacturing Mecca. And, as you might imagine, times there are not particularly good.

Several of those aircraft were manufactured by Beechcraft, or as it is currently known, Hawker Beechcraft. They are the Lincolns and Cadillacs of small airplanes. They are the finest airplanes I have ever owned and you would be hard pressed to find anyone who owns or has owned a Beechcraft product who would disagree.

Except Barack Obama.

He’s more worried about sending our hard earned tax dollars to Brazil because, as he would put it, we need to recognize that we are in a global economy even at the expense of American manufacturing jobs.

Last week, despite the fact that our Air Force and its allies already own about 750 Beech AT-6 trainers, Obama’s henchmen in the Departments of Defense and Commerce sent hundreds of millions of tax dollars to Brazil’s Embraer to buy the Brazilian company’s light attack aircraft for our “friends” in Afghanistan.

Privately, our friends in the Department of Defense will tell you it was all politics.

Publicly, their spokespeople say that the contest “was conducted in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations” and that the evaluation of the aircraft “was fair, open and transparent.”

Embraer Tucanos in flight

For the record, the highly skilled air forces which fly the Embraer aircraft are Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Colombia.

Now there’s a recommendation for you.

The Dominican Republic’s flyboys like it so we should spend a billion dollars with our “friends” in Brazil to buy them for our “friends” in Afghanistan.

Only Barack Obama could allow that logic to prevail. And as for our highly skilled manufacturers and their employees in Wichita? Screw them.

Between this and the Obama administration saying no to the Keystone XL pipeline which directly affects the same area of the nation, the term “stunningly stupid” from Newt Gingrich is very descriptive.

This is a President who is far worse than Jimmy Carter was in 1980.

Carter was merely a deer in the headlights.

Obama is an unindicted co-conspirator with the forces who would like to tear our economy to shreds because they see the free market economy as a threat to government authority.

And the result?

Best put, again, by Gingrich.

Obama is the “food-stamp President.” Because he truly has put more Americans on food stamps than any other President in history.

While Mitt Romney certainly does have plenty of private sector experience, the difference between what he could do to Barack Obama on the national stage and what Gingrich—albeit with all his baggage—can do is stark.

Gingrich is capable of jamming stunningly stupid actions such as those I’ve described above down the President’s throat in a manner which leaves no doubt in the minds of the American public as to how the issue will be framed.

Romney is a good guy but has a bad habit of allowing his opponents to frame the issues.

Yes, they both have baggage, but in a well thought out campaign, not nearly the mountain of baggage that Obama has been piling up since January 20, 2009.