"Where's the FBI?" Commies and their successors – Ferguson

Editor’s Note – This article was originally posted at FoundersCode.Com and has been edited for final posting here. Before reading the article, keep in mind her recurring question: “Where is the FBI” and the law as it is being enforced.

The author refers to the law at 50 U.S. Code § 842 – Proscription of Communist Party, its successors, and subsidiary organizations:th (2)

The Communist Party of the United States, or any successors of such party regardless of the assumed name, whose object or purpose is to overthrow the Government of the United States, or the government of any State, Territory, District, or possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein by force and violence, are not entitled to any of the rights, privileges, and immunities attendant upon legal bodies created under the jurisdiction of the laws of the United States or any political subdivision thereof; and whatever rights, privileges, and immunities which have heretofore been granted to said party or any subsidiary organization by reason of the laws of the United States or any political subdivision thereof, are terminated: Provided, however, That nothing in this section shall be construed as amending the Internal Security Act of 1950, as amended [50 U.S.C. 781 et seq.]

Please now read her article here and ask yourself: “Where is the FBI?”

Sedition: Education and Media

By Denise Simon, SUA Asscociate Editor

C’mon parents, your children are being indoctrinated on Islam and Sharia in public schools and at university.  That is bad enough, but do you approve of seditionist infiltration on campus where you pay for tuition for classes taught by Marxists, Leninists, and Communists?


Where is the FBI?

Former President Bill Clinton pushed back against the charge that President Obama and his fellow Democrats are card-carrying members of the Communist Party — telling supporters Monday that “nobody’s seen a communist in over a decade” while chastising a freshman Republican for name-calling.

Invoking the specter of Communist-hunter Sen. Joseph McCarthy, Clinton blasted Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.), who in April said that he could identify 80 members of the U.S. House who were Communists — pointing to a caucus of House liberals when pressed for evidence.

Where is the FBI?

Former President Bill Clinton, his wife Hillary and hundreds in the Obama administration who full well know there are communists in the federal government, at universities across the country, and across the spectrum of media. Need more proof?th (3)

Well, look at Ferguson, Missouri. Leftist organizers are using Ferguson to rehearse the Big Ugly

Scan the signage in the photos taken at Ferguson street protests across the nation and note that a handful of groups’ names reoccur.

Among them are REVCOM.US (Revolutionary Community Party USA , A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition (founded by the pro-Leninist Becker brothers and aligned with the Party for Socialism and Liberation), Peoples Power Assemblies, Socialist Worker.org, and the International Action Center (founded by Jimmy Carter’s former Attorney General, Ramsey Clark, in 1992).

There are more.

Standing behind the signs are well-funded 501(c)(3) groups that receive millions of dollars every year through donations and foundation grants, and then allocate monies to promote social change.

It’s a one-two-three punch involving community organizers, supported by moneyed enablers, who marshal protesters to the street carrying signs with organizational ties most know nothing about.

All of it is well-organized, well-executed, and well-funded by intelligent, well-rehearsed, highly-motivated, ideologically-driven zealots for fundamental transformation in America, and, for some, the world. It’s all perfectly legal.

Where is the FBI?

Where does the money come from that is financially supporting these groups and protests? Organizations that, in recent years, have received direct funding and assistance from George Soros and his Open Society Institute (OSI), For a complete list we suggest you to Discoverthenetworks.org.

But there is more and you need to pay attention as the leadership of these groups get unfettered access to the White House and to media.

Where is the FBI? Who performed the background checks of these people and approved access?


The MacsMind website did some good work as noted below. (Link to Revcom where the above screen shots were obtained and the petition mentioned were originally posted.)

If there were any more reasons Van Jones should step down or be fired. In 2006 he signed a petition by the Radical Black Panther Collective for Social Progress. The petition states, “resist so that we will not be crushed. Our resistance gives other people courage.”

Among the supporters, a who’s who of socialist/communistic organizations and individuals:


Where is the FBI?

Then in 1954 a law was passed title the Communist Control Act. The spirit of the law is to identify organizations and people attempting to overthrow the system of government including the Federal and State level. Sure in garden variety terms this has not happened, but when it comes to political correctness, edicts, mandates, enforcing law and prosecution, Communism is here and it is effective, as noted by meetings today in the White House and in towns such as Ferguson, Oakland, St. Louis and Chicago.


Where is the FBI?

Where are you parents?

Where is the top leadership at the Department of Education?

Where is the leadership of universities and the donors?

The 'other' terrorist helping the left – Brett Kimberlin

Editor’s Note – Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn are not the only domestic terrorists the Democratic Party, the left, the Socialists, the Communists and the Obama Administration are notoriously allied with. Convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin and his tax-exempt non-profit Justice Through Music Project (JTMP) are clearly in the mix.

The JTMP is financed by none other than George Soros-connected Tides Foundation, the Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund, the Barbara Streisand Foundation, and the Heinz Family Foundation, connected to Democrat Sen. John Kerry’s wife.

Its long, but well worth the read. There are other ties revealed as well.

Domestic Terrorist Now Using ‘Lawfare’?

Convicted Felon Kimberlin’s 501(c)3 Raised $1.8 Million in Six Years – ‘Convicted of Perjury’

By The Other McCain

Federal tax forms filed by convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin’s tax-exempt non-profit Justice Through Music Project (JTMP) show that the 501(c)3 group collected $1.8 million in gifts, grants and other contributions during its first six years of operation. An analysis using database research indicates that more than $300,000 of that sum came in the form of grants from tax-exempt foundations, including the George Soros-connected Tides Foundation, the Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund, the Barbara Streisand Foundation, and the Heinz Family Foundation, connected to Democrat Sen. John Kerry’s wife.

Convicted of multiple federal felonies in connection with a string of 1978 bombings in Indiana, Kimberlin’s activities recently have come under renewed scrutiny due to his attempt to press criminal charges against attorney Aaron Walker, a blogger who says Kimberlin tried to “frame” him as part of a campaign of harassment and intimidationagainst conservative New Media activists.

JTMP’s 2009 IRS Form 990 (link is to PDF document) declares the “program service accomplishments” of Kimberlin’s organization: “Civil rights, social action and advocacy programs. We have created DVDs with musicians to educate youth about their voting and civil rights to get them to register and vote. We created a website to do the same, and we have held voter drives to educate youth and register them to vote.” On page four of the IRS form (question 43), the organization denied having engaged in “direct or indirect campaign activities on behalf of or in opposition to candidates for public office.”

Walker’s complaint against Kimberlin — the subject of a 28,000-word account posted Thursday morning at the blog Allergic to Bull — sparked new interest in the convicted felon’s online activities. Kimberlin’s connections to influential non-profit charities, leading progressive bloggers and Democrat Party operatives expose what many observers believe is a coordinated effort to silence conservative activists online through intimidation and harassment. Less than six months before his death, New Media enterpreneur Andrew Breitbart warned about Kimberlin’s activities.

The most recent IRS Form 990 available for Kimberlin’s JTMP (click here to view the PDF document) shows that the non-profit 501(c)3 group reported contributions of $223,739 in 2010. Combined with cumulative totals of contributions of $1,561,066 shown on the Maryland-based organization’s 2009 IRS filing, this means the Justice Through Music Project collected $1,784,805 from its founding in 2005 through 2010.

So-called “lawfare” harassment and other intimidation tactics by Kimberlin’s apparently well-funded network, including Democrat campaign consultant Neal Rauhauser, have alarmed those who see these efforts as a key component of a larger election-year strategy by liberal activists determined to dominate media coverage.

The Lonely Conservative blog has called for “an Army of Davids” to help expose Kimberlin’s activities, invoking the title of a book, An Army of Davids: How Markets and Technology Empower Ordinary People to Beat Big Media, Big Government, and Other Goliaths by Professor Glenn Reynolds, who has shown interest in the Kimberlin case at his popular Instapundit blog.

Non-Profit Cash for the ‘Speedway Bomber’

The Justice Through Music Project’s tax form lists only two officials: Kimberlin as director, with a full-time salary of $20,250 in 2009, and Bethesda, Maryland, attorney Jeffrey C. Cohen, who reported receiving no compensation for his role as the non-profit’s executive director. The tax-exempt organization’s IRS form lists its revenue for five years:

2005 — $121,450
2006 — $428,815
2007 — $255,635
2008 — $558,543
2009 — $196,623

JTMP’s tax-exempt funding, including grants from major philanthropic foundations, is remarkable considering Kimberlin’s notorious record for violent crime and drug smuggling, as well as his convictions for perjury and impersonating federal officials. His 1978 terrorism spree — which earned him the sobriquet “Speedway Bomber” for the Indiana town where Kimberlin’s violent rampage occurred — included one blast outside a high school that maimed two people. Authorities said that, while awaiting trial, Kimberlin plotted to kill both the federal prosecuting attorney and one of the witnesses against him.

According to information available through online databases, it appears that JTMP’s funding by tax-exempt foundations peaked in 2006. That was the year Kimberlin’s non-profit received a $60,000 grant from the Tides Foundation, which has become controversial because of its funding from left-wing billionaire Soros. An analysis of database records appears to show the following foundation grants to JTMP: (See inset right)

Kimberlin’s infamous criminal past could scarcely have been a secret to those who funded his organization. Kimberlin became a national political celebrity during the 1988 presidential campaign because of his claim, made while he was still serving time in federal prison, that he had once sold marijuana to Dan Quayle, who was then the Republican candidate for vice president.

Kimberlin offered no proof for that unsubstantiated allegation, but it drew the attention of award-winning journalist Mark Singer. A reporter for the New Yorker, Singer was initially sympathetic to Kimberlin, and the two men split an advance for a book deal to tell Kimberlin’s story. Singer ended the co-authorship deal after he became disillusioned by Kimberlin’s habitual dishonesty. In 1996, Singer published Citizen K: The Deeply Weird American Journey of Brett Kimberlin, which exposed Kimberlin as a “world-class liar” and “first-class con man.”

In fact, according to both Singer and Indianapolis Star reporter Joseph Gelarden, prosecutors suspected a particularly sinister motive for the Speedway Bomber’s terroristic rampage: To distract law enforcement officials who were investigating the July 29, 1978, murder of Julia Scyphers, the grandmother of a pre-teen girl toward whom, Gelarden wrote in 1981, Kimberlin had “strange affection . . . questionable relationship.”

‘Things That Are Not True’

Despite abundant evidence of Kimberlin’s criminality, within five years of his release from federal prison in 2000 — after serving only 17 years of a 50-year sentence — the convicted terrorist was able to receive major funding for his 501(c) tax-exempt activities. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of contributions continued to flow into Kimberlin’s Justice Through Music Project, even after a January 2007 report by Time magazine’s Massimo Calabresi recounted Kimberlin’s past and concluded that Kimberlin was still routinely lying:

In e-mails and Web postings from Kimberlin’s two organizations, Justice Through Music and Velvet Revolution, he intersperses occasionally useful pieces of information about the problems of e-voting with a hefty portion of bunk, repeatedly asserting as fact things that are not true. Kimberlin, in short, is an unlikely candidate to affect an important issue of public policy.

Calabresi’s carefully reported account of “Kimberlin’s grandiosity” and “lack of credibility”apparently did nothing to deter progressive donors and tax-exempt charitable foundations from contributing to Kimberlin’s non-profit, for which 2008 was its best-ever year in terms of revenue. JTMP told the IRS that it was not involved in “campaign activities,” but as Calabresi recounted, Kimberlin gained fame (and attracted major donations) by claiming that Republicans “stole” the 2004 election for President George W. Bush:

The turning point for Kimberlin came with an idea to attract attention. Before the 2004 presidential election, hecontacted the wealthy head of a foundation in Ohio who practiced transcendental meditation with Kimberlin’s sister. After the vote, with a pledge from the benefactor, Kimberlin posted on justicethroughmusic.org a $100,000 reward for any evidence that the election had been stolen.And things took off. First, the reward attracted blogger Brad Friedman, who then co-founded the netroots voting-reform website VelvetRevolution.us with Kimberlin and serves as his face man. The reward attracted other donors (including a politically active relative of mine who last year introduced me to Kimberlin). And it produced several people who claimed to have information on problems with electronic voting. They were prominently displayed on Friedman’s site, BradBlog.com Leveraging his website’s popularity, Kimberlin made contact with congressional staff members and other activists, launching coordinated netroots campaigns for the cause.

In what has since become a consistent pattern in his highly partisan online activism, Kimberlin’s accusations of vote fraud by Republicans yielded no substantial result and his headline-generating $100,000 reward offer was never paid. However, Kimberlin gained credibility and prestige because of his partnership with Brad Friedman, who was one of the progressive bloggers most prominently mentioned in a 2005 New York Times article by Jonathan D. Glater, “Liberal Bloggers Reaching Out To Major Media.”

Having failed to prove their repeated assertions that Republicans “stole” the 2004 election, Friedman and Kimberlin moved on to new targets, displaying a canny eye for exploiting liberal obsessions through their claims of “exposing” criminal wrongdoing by high-profile right-wing scapgoats. After a 2009 undercover “sting” by young conservative journalists James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles showed that the left-wing group ACORN was willing to abet prostitution, the Friedman-Kimberlin non-profit Velvet Revolution called on Maryland officials to file felony charges against O’Keefe and Giles.

The Freidman-Kimberlin group’s July 2010 attack on two young reporters — whose work successfully launched Breitbart’s BigGovernment.com site in September 2009 — drew attention from another Breitbart project, BigJournalism.com. In October 2010,journalist Mandy Nagy (writing as “Liberty Chick”) filed a 3,600-word account of Kimberlin’s criminal career, which concluded by asking:

While the left-wing media spends countless hours of its production time trying to create the picture of impropriety around topics like American Crossroads and Andrew Breitbart, why not spend even just one hour researching the groups accusing such impropriety?
Will anyone come out and repudiate their association with a convicted terrorist?

Nagy’s heavily-documented article evidently inspired an 1,110-word report by Ed Barnes of Fox News a week later:

Using two popular leftist blogs, the 56-year-old from Bethesda, Md., has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from the public and left-leaning foundations by promising to put conservatives he disagrees with in jail, often with offers of large rewards. So far — without success — he has called for the arrest of Karl Rove, Andrew Breitbart, Chamber of Commerce head Tom Donohue, Massey Energy Chairman Don Blankenship and other high-profile public figures.
A review of tax filings for Kimberlin’s blogs, “Velvet Revolution” and “Justice Through Music,” raises troubling questions about whether his “nonprofit” operations are dedicated to public activism — or are just a new facade for a longtime con artist.

The reports by Nagy and Barnes, however, were evidently ignored by most major national news organizations, and even most conservative journalists — who in October 2010 were focused on the mid-term election campaign — seemed to overlook the significance of Kimberlin and Friedman’s activities. Yet several bloggers, including the Patterico site where Walker spent a year as co-blogger under the penname Aaron Worthing, continued monitoring Kimberlin’s activities, including his legal actions against conservative New Media activists.

Read more about: Criminal Kimberlin and ‘Hacker’ Rauhauser


Suspicion that the “Breitbart Unmasked” site is operated by Kimberlin is inspired by the site’s apparent obsession with bloggers who criticize Kimberlin. In one such post (no link, for reasons that should be obvious) “Breitbart Unmasked” makes this assertion:

Patterico and Andrew Breitbart . . . started a years long campaign to destroy Mr. Kimberlin using a 34 year old criminal case against him when he was a young man, despite Mr. Kimberlin changing his life and working for charitable causes for decades.

Kimberlin was 27 years old when he was convicted of multiple federal felonies which, as the Indianapolis Star reported at the time, carried a maximum penalty of more than 20o years in prison.

The only “charitable causes” for which Kimberlin has worked, so far as I am aware, are those in which he himself has a financial interest. As he has only been out of federal prison since 2000, the claim that Kimberlin has been engaged in “charitable causes for decades” would seem self-evidently false.

In fact, Kimberlin’s persistent penchant for falsehoods is another coincidental similarity to the “Bretibart Unmasked” site, whose Twitter account has denied being operated by Kimberlin. As Indianapolis Starreporter Joe Gelarden, who covered the “Speedway Bomber” case, toldTime magazine’s Massimo Calabresi in 2007:

I remember a few things about Brett that give me great pause.
First, he was convicted of perjury — in federal court — before he got out of high school. Think about that for a moment.

A notorious criminal, who was called a “top-flight con man” by award-winning journalist Mark Singer, Kimberlin has gotten $1.8 million in tax-exempt contributions since 2005.

Spooky Dude school for Smears

Editor’s Note – George Soros backs so many anti-American efforts, its amazing he is not in jail here in America. He is certainly a wanted man in Thailand, Indonesia, France, and Russia to name but a few. Now his money is going to teach Democrats how to lie, demagogue, smear, and mislead better.

Were the crews of MSNBC, NBC, and CNN invited?

George "Spooky Dude" Soros in 2010

Soros-Funded Alinsky Smear Machine Invades Congress

Posted by 

Horowitz Freedom Center – Front Page Magazine

George Soros is behind a newly uncovered effort to teach Democratic congressmen how to smear their opponents as racist.

Last week House Democrats invited the radical, left-wing, Soros-financed group called the Center for Social Inclusion “to address the issue of race to defend government programs,” according to documentation reviewed by Joel Gehrke of the Washington Examiner.

“The prepared content of a Tuesday presentation to the House Democratic Caucus and staff indicates that Democrats will seek to portray apparently neutral free-market rhetoric as being charged with racial bias, conscious or unconscious,” Gehrke writes.

According to Gehrke, trainer Maya Wiley of the Center for Social Inclusion blasted “conservative messages [that are] racially ‘coded’ and had images of people of color that we commonly see used” and suggested ways to combat Republicans’ supposedly racially-coded rhetoric.

Maya Wiley - Director, Center for Social Inclusion

Facts don’t matter in Wiley’s estimation. “It’s emotional connection, not rational connection that we need,” she said.

Wiley offered that Newt Gingrich calling Obama a “food stamp president,” cannot be “a race-neutral statement, even if Newt Gingrich did not intend racism.” In other words, all criticism of Obama is rooted in racism.

Wiley, a so-called civil rights attorney, is the daughter of the late George Wiley, the leader of the now-defunct National Welfare Rights Organization. NWRO created ACORN in 1970 and President Obama worked for ACORN in his community organizing days, as I note in my book, Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers.

Maya Wiley also did consulting work for two of Soros’s philanthropies, the Open Society Institute and the Open Society Foundation, and now chairs the board of the Tides network of nonprofits.

The radicalism of Wiley shines brightly on the website of the Center for Social Inclusion. “For more than a quarter century, right-wing rhetoric has dominated debates of racial justice – undermining efforts to create a more equal society, and tearing apart the social safety net in the process,” the propaganda portal opines. Of course only a Marxist with an agenda would argue that “right-wing rhetoric” has somehow torn apart the ever-expanding social safety net. About $16 trillion has been spent on the doomed War on Poverty since it was launched in the mid-1960s and President Obama wants to waste another $10 trillion more.

The Center for Social Inclusion, an Orwellian name if ever there was one, practices the same pathological mixture of Marxism and identity politics that President Obama was raised on. The group was founded based on the assumption that America is an evil structurally racist country that systematically oppresses everyone who is not Caucasian.

The Center’s involvement with left-leaning politicians shouldn’t be all that surprising given that the Democratic National Committee is now headed by the Alinsky-loving Patrick Gaspard, a longtime SEIU-ACORN operative. Gaspard, not titular DNC head Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), runs the DNC’s everyday operations as executive director. Gaspard was previously the Obama White House political affairs director, the same title Karl Rove held in President Bush’s administration.

Gaspard comes from the same world of radical in-your-face left-wing community organizing that shaped Barack Obama. Like Obama he is well schooled in the brutal, street-smart organizing tactics taught by the late Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals. Wiley’s training session has Gaspard’s fingerprints all over it. It is inconceivable that she moved forward without his permission. In fact, Gaspard almost certainly invited her to Capitol Hill.

Wiley’s group gets its money from anti-American philanthropists such as Soros. The Soros-funded Tides Foundation has given $879,800 to the group since 2005. Soros’s Open Society Institute has donated at least $75,000 to the group since 2002. Other hard-left institutional donors to the group include the Public Welfare Foundation Inc. ($308,355 since 2010) and the Surdna Foundation ($60,000 since 2008).

The Center for Social Inclusion may also be hiding something. The group’s tax returns, which are supposed to be publicly available at the Guidestar.org disclosure website, are not available. This may be a violation of federal law.

It has long been axiomatic that when left-wingers are worried about losing power they shriek “racist!” ad nauseam as if sheer repetition of the malicious lie will somehow make it true. The mainstream media has long let leftist politicians such as Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) get away with accusing Republicans of racism based on, well, nothing. Instead of hurling racial epithets, Republicans “say, ‘Let’s cut taxes,’” the corrupt Harlem congressman has said. And when Republicans proposed reforming aspects of the welfare system, Rangel said they were worse than Nazis. “Hitler wasn’t even talking about doing these things,” he insisted, advancing the ahistorical position that the genocidal German dictator was somehow a champion of small government.

But teaching sitting lawmakers whose salaries are paid by the taxpayers how to utilize the Left’s favorite smear in order to shut down open debate over government spending is a fascistic frontal assault on freedom of thought and expression that takes Alinskyite sliminess to new depths.

Corzine and the ties that bind – Obama, Soros

Editorial Note – The connections and associations of a person more often than not shows the true character of the man. Whether it is Barack Obama’s connections with Bernadine Dorn, or Bill Ayers, to Van Jones, a certain amount of understanding can be gathered. Many chose to look the other way and ignore such associations, but here in the case of Jon Corzine and MF Global Holdings, we can certainly see the continuing thread. Corzine is tied in with none other than George Soros, the man many believe is the puppet master behind Mr. Obama and Bernie Madoff.

Bernie Madoff had clones and one is identified as Jon Corzine. George Soros, Dr. Death, is the devil of destruction when it comes to hedge funds, banks, and currency and he had stellar students of corruption, one being Corzine. Jon Corzine is the latest man to be named Dr. Death for using illegal tactics and other people’s investments to save his enterprise, causing customers to have their accounts frozen and likely to be victims of lost wealth. It cannot go without noticeable fact that Obama campaigned for Corzine and in kind, Corzine was a campaign bundler for Obama. The question now is, will the Obama re-election campaign return the Corzine bundled donations? Will the SEC Board appointed by Obama investigate and will people go to jail? Martha Stewart served jail time for lying, and Madoff is serving, but will Corzine or Jeffries?

Now, Corzine may end up before a Grand Jury over the debacle he oversaw at MF Global. Guilt by association?

Kincaid: George Soros Trader Involved in Bankrupt Firm Tied to Obama

By Cliff Kincaid

From GOP USA Opinion

A major figure in liberal Democrat Jon Corzine’s bankrupt firm, MF Global, used to work for hedge fund operator and Democratic Party financial patron George Soros. MF Global Holdings Ltd., now under FBI investigation, had hired Munir Javeri as Global Head of Trading.

“He is no longer with the company,” a spokesman for the firm informed Accuracy in Media. The spokesman added that he had no contact information for Munir Javeri and couldn’t say when he left the firm. He had been Vice-President of Soros Fund Management from 2003-2004 and was given an “inducement award” in the form of stock options after being hired by MF Global.

Corzine congratulates Obama

Hundreds of millions of dollars are reportedly now missing from the firm’s customer accounts. The firm is said to have experienced major losses because of questionable investments in European bonds.

MF Global was not a hedge fund, although it accepted money from hedge funds such as Cadian Capital Management LLC.

The bankruptcy of MF Global is being described as the eighth-largest corporate bankruptcy in U.S. history. Steve Schaefer of Forbes says it is “the largest bankruptcy (by assets) of a public company this year, and by a huge margin.”

Meantime, Corzine, MF Global chairman and CEO, has been aggressively raising funds for Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. “Obama has had a lot to say about Occupy Wall Street but probably won’t say anything about Jon Corzine,” the Republican National Committee said in a statement.

News reports suggest that Corzine, a former head of Goldman Sachs, simply misjudged the European crisis and that his firm went bankrupt as a result. But Soros, by contrast, has been forecasting the disintegration of Europe for months and suggesting that the only solution is a European treasury that could provide a common source of funds to rescue bankrupt economies.

Liberal Democrats in the U.S. today formally proposed a financial transactions tax to provide more federal revenue. On Thursday, National Nurses United, joined by the AFL-CIO and assorted “community activists,” are holding a demonstration in Washington, D.C. to press for a global version of the financial transactions tax.

Corzine, in addition to being a senator from New Jersey, served as governor, only to be defeated for re-election in 2009 by Republican Chris Christie.

Although Corzine is getting plenty of publicity for the demise of his financial firm, the role of the former Soros money manager has gotten short shrift. The New York Times simply mentioned that Corzine had “replaced old-line traders and brokers with more aggressive hires from Goldman Sachs, UBS and Soros Fund Management.”

Billionaire George Soros

The Soros connection raises questions, in view of the hedge fund operator’s controversial sources of cash, avoidance of Securities and Exchange Commission regulations, and announced political designs upon the U.S. and the world. Soros is number seven on the Forbes list of wealthiest Americans and his fortune now totals $22 billion, up almost $8 billion from last year.

At the time of Javeri’s hiring by MF Global, news organizations trumpeted the development with such headlines as, “Jon Corzine Has Hired An Ex-Soros Trader To Make MF Global Surge.” The media coverage reflected the media awe for Soros and his hedge fund managers.

“In this newly created role,” MF Global said in a press release about the hiring of the former Soros money man, “Mr. Javeri will work with the firm’s various product lines to manage and enhance the firm’s trading capabilities across asset classes and geographic regions. Additionally, he will oversee the firm’s Principal Strategies Group, a newly initiated proprietary trading operation. The group engages in opportunistic trading across a variety of asset classes. Mr. Javeri has extensive trading and asset management experience. Most recently, he was a partner and portfolio manager at Gandhara Advisors, a multi-billion dollar equity hedge fund. Prior to that, he was a global macro investor at Soros Fund Management.”

Despite the hype, MF Global is now in ruins.

To make matters worse, MF Global had close financial ties to the Federal Reserve. The firm was designated a primary dealer by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which means that it participated directly in Treasury auctions and provided analysis and market intelligence to trading desks at the New York Federal Reserve.

At his news conference today, however, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke insisted the Fed was not the supervisor of MF Global and had never given the firm a “seal of approval.”

But a “seal of approval” for Corzine had come from Obama.

The New York Times reports that President Obama’s first major re-election fund-raiser in New York was held at Corzine’s Manhattan home, with tickets going for $35,800 each.

Adding some detail, the news website northnewjersey.com reported that the private 60-person event reportedly raised $2 million for Obama and that Corzine and MF Global associates Bradley Abelow and Joseph Patt then gave separate contributions of $35,800 each to Obama Victory Fund 2012. Corzine “was one of the president’s most elite bundlers, supporters who tap friends and business associates to bring in checks,” The New York Times reported. The article said that he personally had helped Obama raise more than $500,000 this year.

It added that “When White House officials sought to broker a meeting between disgruntled Wall Street executives and Mr. Obama’s new chief of staff this year, they turned to Mr. Corzine, who organized a sit-down at the Four Seasons. Mr. Corzine was on the list. There had even been talk of his being named the next Treasury secretary.”

In addition to the $38,500 to the Obama Victory Fund 2012, Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show Corzine made personal contributions of $5,000 to Obama for America on May 19 and $25,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on September 28 of this year.

For his part, Soros gave $75,000 this year to the House Majority PAC, a so-called “Super PAC” designed to help win back the House majority for Democrats in 2012. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the former House Speaker and now Democratic Minority Leader, supports the financial transactions tax, as does Soros.