DHS lost track of dangerous ‘illegal overstays’

Editor’s Note – When this story appeared an immediate question arose: if these people were so potentially dangerous, how did they get into the country anyway? With the Boston terror event less than seven weeks past, with all those red flags missed, what else is in the offing thanks to the DHS?

DHS Can’t Locate 266 Illegal Overstays that ‘Pose National Security’ Risks

By Elizabeth Harrington – CNS News

(CNSNews.com) – The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) cannot find 266 potentially dangerous foreign nationals who have overstayed their visas, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

According to testimony from Rebecca Gambler, director of the Homeland Security and Justice for GAO, on May 21, 2013 before the House Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security, DHS identified 1,901 illegal overstays of concern in 2011. As of March 2013, 14 percent remain missing.

The 1,901 cases were reprioritized for further investigation by DHS “because the subjects of the records could pose national security or public safety concerns.”

Of those that pose security threats, 266 could not be located, and nine individuals had been arrested.

The report said 481 (25.3 percent) of the cases were given to Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) division, because they presented “potential public safety threats.” ERO is “responsible for identifying and apprehending aliens who are subject to removal from the country, detaining these individuals when necessary, and removing aliens subject to removal from the United States.”

Also, 302 (15.9 percent) of the illegal overstays were in the process of changing their status to continue living in the U.S., and 711 (37.4 percent) had left the country.

The findings are based on a DHS review of a backlog of 1.6 million overstays in the summer of 2011. According to the report, 863,000 cases were removed, having found that the individuals left the country or were in legal status.

Visa overstays pose a significant national security risk, according to Gambler, since one-fourth of the terrorists who carried out 9/11 were in the country illegally, overstaying their visas.

“We have reported that most overstays are likely motivated by economic opportunities to stay in the United States beyond their authorized periods of admission,” Gambler said.  “However, overstays could pose homeland security concerns—for example, 5 of the 19 September 11, 2001, hijackers were overstays.”

Other examples include, Hosam Smadi, a Jordanian national, who overstayed his visa and plotted to blow up a Dallas skyscraper in 2009, and Amine El Khalifi, a Moroccan who was living past his visa since 1999 and was arrested for plotting to bomb the U.S. Capitol last year.

The GAO testimony also revealed that there are currently more than 1 million “unmatched arrival records” in the DHS’s Arrival and Departure Information System (ADIS), or potential cases where immigrants have remained in the country with expired visas.

Furthermore, DHS has failed to report to Congress on visa overstays, as required by law, due to a lack of “confidence in the quality of its overstay data.”  DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano has said, however, that her agency plans to report on overstay rates by December 2013.

Reprise: Fed Audit – $16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts

Editor’s Note:

SUA is re-posting this article and links to the GAO Audit of the Federal Reserve that revealed $16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts – to make sure that the story does not go away due to overwhelming amounts of information that flood us daily. This is perhaps one of the most important facets regarding the imminent demise of our capitalist system in America, and the intertwining and complicit efforts by the greedy; the NWO supporters, and the quite unpatriotic and disloyal actions of so many Americans.

Always remember…all enemies, Foreign and DOMESTIC!


Audit of the  Federal Reserve Reveals $16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts

Originally posted on the web site of Senator Bernie Sanders – Vermont

Full PDF of Gao Audit can be found here.

The first ever GAO (Government Accountability Office) audit of the Federal Reserve was carried out in the past few months due to the Ron Paul, Alan Grayson Amendment to the Dodd-Frank bill, which passed last year. Jim DeMint, a Republican Senator, and Bernie Sanders, an independent Senator, led the charge for a Federal Reserve audit in the Senate, but watered down the original language of the house bill (HR1207), so that a complete audit would not be carried out. Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, and various other bankers vehemently opposed the audit and lied to Congress about the effects an audit would have on markets. Nevertheless, the results of the first audit in the Federal Reserve’s nearly 100 year history were posted on Senator Sander’s webpage on July 21, 2011.

What’s on this page at Bernie Sanders website alone is enough to cause rage.

What was revealed in the audit was startling: $16,000,000,000,00.00 had been secretly given out to US banks and corporations and foreign banks everywhere from South Korea to Scotland. From the period between December 2007 and June 2010, the Federal Reserve had secretly bailed out many of the world’s banks, corporations, and governments. The Federal Reserve likes to refer to these secret bailouts as an all-inclusive loan program, but virtually none of the money has been returned and it was loaned out at 0% interest. Why the Federal Reserve had never been public about this or even informed the United States Congress about the $16 trillion dollar bailout is obvious — the American public would have been outraged to find out that the Federal Reserve bailed out foreign banks while Americans were struggling to find jobs.

To place $16 trillion into perspective, remember that GDP of the United States is only $14.12 trillion. The entire national debt of the United States government spanning its 200+ year history is “only” $14.5 trillion. The budget that is being debated so heavily in Congress and the Senate is “only” $3.5 trillion. Take all of the outrage and debate over the $1.5 trillion deficit into consideration, and swallow this Red pill: There was no debate about whether $16,000,000,000,000 would be given to failing banks and failing corporations around the world.

In late 2008, the TARP Bailout bill was passed and loans of $800 billion were given to failing banks and companies. That was a blatant lie considering the fact that Goldman Sachs alone received 814 billion dollars. As is turns out, the Federal Reserve donated $2.5 trillion to Citigroup, while Morgan Stanley received $2.04 trillion. The Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank, a German bank, split about a trillion and numerous other banks received hefty chunks of the $16 trillion.

“This is a clear case of socialism for the rich and rugged, you’re-on-your-own individualism for everyone else.” – Bernie Sanders(I-VT)

When you have conservative Republican stalwarts like Jim DeMint(R-SC) and Ron Paul(R-TX) as well as self identified Democratic socialists like Bernie Sanders all fighting against the Federal Reserve, you know that it is no longer an issue of Right versus Left. When you have every single member of the Republican Party in Congress and progressive Congressmen like Dennis Kucinich sponsoring a bill to audit the Federal Reserve, you realize that the Federal Reserve is an entity onto itself, which has no oversight and no accountability.

Americans should be swelled with anger and outrage at the abysmal state of affairs when an unelected group of bankers can create money out of thin air and give it out to megabanks and supercorporations like Halloween candy. If the Federal Reserve and the bankers who control it believe that they can continue to devalue the savings of Americans and continue to destroy the US economy, they will have to face the realization that their trillion dollar printing presses will eventually plunder the world economy.

Snippet of some of the information in the GAO Audit:

  • Citigroup: $2.5 trillion  ($2,500,000,000,000)
  • Morgan Stanley: $2.04 trillion  ($2,040,000,000,000)
  • Merrill Lynch: $1.949 trillion  ($1,949,000,000,000)
  • Bank of America: $1.344 trillion  ($1,344,000,000,000)
  • Barclays PLC (United Kingdom): $868 billion  ($868,000,000,000)
  • Bear Sterns: $853 billion  ($853,000,000,000)
  • Goldman Sachs: $814 billion  ($814,000,000,000)
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (UK): $541 billion  ($541,000,000,000)
  • JP Morgan Chase: $391 billion  ($391,000,000,000)
  • Deutsche Bank (Germany): $354 billion  ($354,000,000,000)
  • UBS (Switzerland): $287 billion  ($287,000,000,000)
  • Credit Suisse (Switzerland): $262 billion  ($262,000,000,000)
  • Lehman Brothers: $183 billion  ($183,000,000,000)
  • Bank of Scotland (United Kingdom): $181 billion  ($181,000,000,000)
  • BNP Paribas (France): $175 billion  ($175,000,000,000),and many many more including banks in Belgium of all places.