Knee-jerk Gun Laws – the impact on other shores

Editor’s Note – The gun control debate rolls on. Every time one throws a stone into a pond, one never knows completely what the waves will look like, how big they will roll and propagate, how long they will last, or what ancillary damage may occur on disparate shorelines. As liberals across the country act emotionally about gun laws, and their claim that more are needed impacts everyone somehow, we are starting to see the new shorelines being created and/or destroyed.

This means that America needs to educate themselves on all facets of the issue before knee-jerk laws are conjured up as they were in New York State. Governor Cuomo gave an impassioned speech supporting the new law, though its now known that he wanted more, including confiscations, and it was quickly enacted. Now come the waves; and in this case we see examples of the economic impact. We are also seeing a call to embargo other municipalities and states as is witnessed in the following two articles.

There is a growing backlash that the liberals could not foresee  nor were they ever worried about them it seems. Even New York forgot to allow law enforcement to have more than seven rounds, now they may pay in other ways. If enough manufacturers and suppliers embargo New York, they will see steeper prices and less availability for municipalities, and likely some further rise in the “exit” strategy – time to leave to friendlier climes.

York Arms Cancels All Its New York Police Orders

Buxton, ME –-( Based on the recent legislation in New York, we are prohibited from selling rifles and receivers to residents of New York.

We have chosen to extend that prohibition to all governmental agencies associated with or located within New York.

As a result we have halted sales of rifles, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, machine guns, and silencers to New York governmental agencies.

For “civilian” customers residing in New York: At your choice, we will:

  • Complete your order and ship to a dealer of your choice outside of NY.
  • Refund your payment in full.
  • Hold your items here for up to 6 months, at no charge – if you are in the process of leaving NY and taking residence in another state.

For LE/Govt customers in New York: Your orders have been cancelled.

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Colorado ammo magazine maker Magpul threatens to leave state over gun bill

By Kurtis Lee – The Denver Post

Colorado’s largest and most profitable manufacturer of high-capacity ammunition magazines has vowed to leave the state if lawmakers pass a measure banning the devices — a move officials with the company say could cost hundreds of jobs and upward of $85 million in potential spending this year.

Magpul’s threat has Democratic lawmakers scrambling to strike a balance that remains true to their goal of limiting the number of rounds a magazine can hold without frightening off businesses.

“If we’re able to stay in Colorado and manufacture a product, but law-abiding citizens of the state were unable to purchase the product, customers around the state and the nation would boycott us for remaining here,” said Doug Smith, Magpul’s chief operating officer. “Staying here would hurt our business.”

House Bill 1224 bans individuals from possessing high-capacity ammunition magazines of more than 15 rounds — an amendment earlier in the week raised this number from 10 rounds — but allows manufacturers to stay in Colorado and produce the devices.

Mandate “burdensome”

Under the legislation, manufacturers would be required to engrave each magazine with a serial number and date upon which it was produced — something Smith called “burdensome and unnecessary.”

“None of this helps protect people,” said Smith, who added that only if the Democrat-sponsored bill fails to pass the legislature would the company stay in Colorado.

State Rep. Daniel Kagan, D-Cherry Hills Village, said he plans to offer an amendment Friday that seeks to soften the bill’s impact on magazine makers in the state.

“It needs to be clear that manufacturers will be able to still sell and transfer these high-capacity magazines to individuals in other states, the U.S. military and law enforcement,” Kagan said. “We want them (Magpul) to stay here in Colorado. It would be sad to see them leave.”

State Rep. Joe Salazar, D-Thornton, agrees with Kagan and insists state lawmakers are still giving the Erie-based company an option to do business in Colorado.

“It’s imperative to keep jobs here,” Salazar said.

Still, neither Kagan or Salazar said they would be willing to vote against the bill banning high-capacity ammunition magazines in an effort to keep Magpul in Colorado.

“We will leave if it passes,” Smith said.

State Democrats hold a 37-28 majority in the House and a 20-15 majority in the Senate, but not all Democrats are on board with the bill — nor is the party unified on other gun-control proposals.

Meanwhile, Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, known to be pro-business, found himself meeting with Magpul officials to discuss the party’s bill Thursday.

The company this year enlisted RD Sewald, a former Hickenlooper top adviser, to lobby against bans on high-capacity magazines.

“They (lawmakers) might end up having to compromise” on the magazine bill, Hickenlooper said Thursday. He also expressed support for the effort to limit the magazines.

“Democrats are caught on the horns of a tough dilemma with this one,” said Bob Loevy, a professor emeritus of political science at Colorado College. “Clearly there’s going to be unintended consequences that have Democrats taking the blame for putting a small dent in the state’s economy if the company does in fact leave.”

Established in Colorado in 1999, Magpul says it employs more than 200 people at its manufacturing and shipping headquarters, while there are another 400 employees of subcontractors that work with the company throughout the state.

$85 million at stake

In addition to a wide array of gun-magazine products, the privately-held Magpul makes many other products, including cases for mobile phones and tactical sights for firearms. This year, the company says it expects to spend upward of $85 million in Colorado alone on employee payroll, manufacturing subcontractors, suppliers and service providers.

Smith said much of Magpul’s business comes from out-of-state sales, contracts with the U.S. military, and with local and national law enforcement.

In committee testimony earlier in the week, several opponents to the measure said Democrats are being hypocritical.

“On one end they’re saying we want the jobs and revenue from producing these magazines, but on the other end, they’re saying, if you live in Colorado, then you can’t possess one,” said Lee Reedy a resident of Brighton.

Andy Molchan, director of the National Association of Federally Licensed Firearms Dealers, said Magpul is right to leave Colorado.

“It’s almost like a symbolic move,” Molchan said. “Why would they stay and do business in a state that doesn’t allow people to have their products?”

Another "Solar Fail" – Abound Solar

SUA Staff – Another ‘green project’ is laying off workers. No, not Solyndra, this time its Colorado based Abound Solar. $400 million in guaranteed loans to another boondoggle. The company is offering many excuses, but like Solyndra, it appears its original technology is not cutting it. They claim they need to “perfect the process”. Is that code for, ‘it just is not working’?

ABOUND SOLAR: Colorado’s Solyndra, Obama’s Latest Green Energy Headache

by ColoradoPeakPolitics

The Daily Camera is reporting that Abound Solar is laying off 70% of its workforce, or 280 jobs, in Colorado after receiving a $400 million taxpayer-backed loan from Barack Obama’s Energy Department. News of the layoffs was first reported by the Longmont Times-Call.

From the Daily Camera:

Abound Solar on Tuesday cut 280 jobs — 70 percent of the workers — at the company’s production facility along the Interstate 25 Frontage Road near Firestone.The company notified the workers, which had been running three shifts around the clock, on Tuesday, according to chief financial officer Steve Abely. The cuts affected 180 full-time workers and 100 temporary workers Abound had hired.

Just 18 months ago Obama promised that the loan would help create “1,500 permanent jobs” between Abound’s two plants in Colorado and Indiana. Obama’s “permanent jobs” is beginning to seem a lot like his “shovel-ready jobs,” as in a complete farce.

See video of Obama promising “1,500 permanent jobs” on July 2, 2010 here:

Complete Colorado’s Todd Shepherd and the Independence Institute’s Amy Oliver have been covering the flawed fantasy and crony capitalism of green energy economics in Colorado for some time now, and Abound’s collapse gives great credence to their work.

See Todd Shepherd’s editorial in 2011 calling for public access to Abound’s $400 million loan here.

Why was Abound able to get such a sweet, taxpayer-backed loan? Two words: Pat Stryker. Todd Shepherd outlines the crony capitalist connections between billionaire Democrat activist heiress Pat Stryker, former Democrat Congresswoman Betsy Markey and the Obama administration’s loan programhere.

With Abound’s failure, it is high time the left stop foisting their fantasy economics on American taxpayers. Much like another green substance favored by Boulder voters, when green energy’s feet is put to the economic fire it goes up in smoke.

Everybody loves the idea of the wind and sun powering their homes and fueling their cars. The problem is, the technology and economics just aren’t there right now. You can’t force that to work, no matter how much good government money you toss after the bad. That’s how the market works, whether the left accepts reality or not.

Fortunately for Coloradans, some leaders in this state had the good sense to realize that.

As Amy Oliver reports:

In 2011 Weld County extended $98,445 in personal property tax incentives to the solar module manufacturer, but when it came up for renewal in December for the 2012 budget, commissioners decided to save the taxpayers that money instead. Commissioner Sean Conway explained he wasn’t convinced that Abound actually was creating jobs for county residents, which was the intended purpose of tax incentives.

With Governor Hickenlooper running ads in support of fracking on behalf of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association and now Abound’s failure, it is sure a tough week to be a greenie.

Maybe the government should take some of that wasted Energy Department loan money and put it towards college courses in economics for its loan staff.

Because the Obama administration is failing loan approval in a spectacular fashion.

Somebody take away their checkbook.