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Priests’ attendance at Trump rally causes furor


Jul 7, 2018


The attendance of four Roman Catholic priests from Montana at President Donald Trump’s political rally in Great Falls Thursday has created a social media firestorm and apparently incurred the displeasure of the priests’ superiors in the church.

The four, who were seated near the front of the rally, wore their clerical garb, carried “Make America Great Again” signs, and wore VIP badges. They clapped for Trump as he doubled down on his oft-repeated slur of Sen. Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas,” mocked the #MeToo movement, and questioned the meaning of former Republican President George H.W. Bush’s “Thousand Points of Light” slogan.

Two of the priests, Father Garrett Nelson and Father Ryan Erlenbush, serve in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Great Falls-Billings. The other two, Father Kevin Christofferson and Father Christopher Lebsock, serve in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Helena.

Bishop Michael William Warfel, Bishop of the Great Falls-Billings diocese, answered a query about the priests’ attendance on Facebook by saying, “I was not aware that these priests would be in attendance at the rally at which President Trump spoke. Two were from the diocese of Great Falls-Billings and two were from the Diocese of Helena. I will be contacting the two priests from this diocese.

“While they are free to support a political candidate — and I believe they were there in support of Matt Rosendale, who is running for the Senate seat from Montana — they should not have been attired in clerical garb and seated in such a prominent location. I myself had been invited to attend the rally but declined. It has been my experience that people can be manipulated and used unwittingly. I judge that it was an imprudent decision on their parts to allow themselves to be used in such a way though I suspect they had not thought of this. In Christ, Bishop Warfel.”

Christofferson serves parishes in Polson and Ronan with a mission in Charlo. Lebsock is assistant pastor at the Cathedral of Saint Helena.

Erlenbush and Nelson are both based in Great Falls.

As pictures of the priests at the rally circulated on social media Friday, several people posted wording from Catholic Church guidelines regarding priests’ participation in politics.

In April 2011, the Montana Catholic Conference issued the following instruction on political advocacy for use by Catholic clergy and parishioners:

“Religious leaders should avoid taking positions on candidates or participating in political party matters even while acting in their individual capacity. Although not prohibited, it may be difficult to separate their personal activity from their public role as a Church leader.”

The conference posted diocesan guidelines later in 2011 featuring the same wording. According to the conference, the “guidelines were developed using the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ 2007 Political Activity Guidelines.

The Diocese of Helena is currently without a bishop. In a statement released Saturday afternoon, Diocesan administrator Monsignor Kevin O’Neill quoted the 2011 statement as the Diocese’s policy and added that “a Diocesan Administrator may not innovate, but is expected to affirm standing policy and practice. With this in mind, I have issued a letter to all diocesan personnel requesting their thoughtful and sincere cooperation with the stated policy and practice of the diocese.”

Erlenbush, a Billings native, found himself at the center of a controversy earlier this year when he called for a boycott of Mayfair, the Billings Catholic Schools’ largest fundraiser, because a gay couple were among the fundraising leaders of the event.

Erlenbush, who is also an alumnus of Billings Catholic Schools, called for a boycott in April saying, the school had lost its way “when a prominent homosexual couple is advertised as the chairs for the annual fundraiser.”

“What does a Catholic school have to do before people say ‘enough’ and take their kids (and their money) elsewhere?” Erlenbush continued. “I am an alumnus of Billings Catholic Schools and I say ‘enough.’”

His comments drew a strong rebuke from Billings Catholic Schools, and Warfel responded to Erlenbush’s comment in part because of the outcry from Erlenbush’s Facebook post.

“The issue is not the principle, the issue is how things were communicated,” Warfel wrote at the time. “I would judge there are better ways to handle it.”

Many on social media suggested the pictures of the priests at the rally were “fake news,” had been “photoshopped,” or that they were “actors” hired to create controversy, although the identities of the priests and their attendance were confirmed by the dioceses and many others.

Mary Moe of Great Falls, a prominent Democrat and former legislator, posted on Facebook: “Our Catholic priests clapped, there in the front row allowing themselves and the Church to be exploited for political purposes, as President Trump, that exemplar of Catholic teachings, said of Hillary, ‘she got her ass kicked.’ They laughed at his jokes about immigration and laughed again when he used language that they used to beat boys for back when America was great. And Jesus wept.”

Her post generated more than 1,000 comments, predictably mixed.

Many praised the priests and defended their right to be there.

Dave Galt, a prominent Montana Republican and longtime executive director of the Montana Petroleum Association, responded to Moe on Facebook: “I was there. I talked to those priests. Hillary did get her ass kicked. Perhaps they really care about the number of babies killed in this country under our abortion laws. I saw their support for the President’s comments about late-term abortion votes. Good for them and damn good for President Trump.”






“Our brothers in Waziristan, our warrior brothers in [the] Taliban movement and national Afghan Taliban are rising up,” he said in one episode. “Inshallah, the Durand Line issue will be solved soon.”
– Seddique Mateen



Good vs. Evil.

“Evil triumphs when good men do nothing” …Edmund Burke



Important SUA Update:

SUA has received a lengthy report from a Pashtun living in Waziristan, Pakistan. He described the intimate relationship between the Pakistani military and the Taliban. The Taliban are not only being supplied by the Pakistani military, but some members of Pakistani Army and Pakistani intelligence are dressing up as Taliban and operating with them to suppress the new Pashtun freedom movement (PTM) and any political parties in Waziristan deemed hostile to affect the election outcome at the end of this month., Pakistan announces to the international media that these operations are anti-terrorism operations, but they are not. The so-called Peace (Aman) Committees are Taliban and the Taliban are freely moving in urban areas, collecting taxes from businesses and enforcing Sharia under the very noses of of the Pakistani authorities. The Taliban are noticeably wealthier than the other inhabitants and have confiscated schools as their local headquarters.These are also the same Taliban groups that are operating in eastern Afghanistan.


“The Deep State” by Paul Vallely, MG, U.S. Army (ret.)

The Deep State

By Paul E. Vallely
MG, US Army (Ret)
June 29, 2018

In the United States the term “deep state” is used within political science to describe influential decision-making bodies believed to be within government who are relatively permanent and whose policies and long-term plans are unaffected by changing administrations. The term is often used in a critical sense, vis-à-vis, the general electorate to refer to the lack of influence popular democracy has on these institutions and the decisions they make as a shadow government. The term was originally coined in a somewhat pejorative sense to refer to similar relatively invisible state apparatus in Turkey and post-Soviet Russia. When I was on active duty and three tours in DC, I recall calling “The Deep State” the Bureaucracy. The bureaucracy has bled into a four-level deep state!

Anyone who has spent time on Capitol Hill will get the feeling when watching debates in the House or Senate chambers that he or she is seeing a kind of marionette theater, with members of Congress reading carefully vetted talking points about prefabricated issues. While the public is now aware of the disproportionate influence of powerful corporations over Washington, best exemplified by the judicial travesty known as the Citizens United decision, few fully appreciate that the United States has in the last several decades gradually undergone a process first identified by Aristotle and later championed by Machiavelli that the journalist Lawrence Peter Garrett described in the 1930s as a “revolution within the form.” Our venerable institutions of government have outwardly remained the same, but they have grown more and more resistant to the popular will as they have become hardwired into a corporate and private influence network with almost unlimited cash to enforce its will.
Even as commentators decry a broken government that cannot marshal the money, the will, or the competence to repair our roads and bridges, heal our war veterans, or even roll out a health care website, there is always enough money and will, and maybe just enough competence, to overthrow foreign governments, fight the longest war in U.S. history, and conduct dragnet surveillance over the entire surface of the planet.

These paradoxes, both within the government and within the ostensibly private economy, are related. They are symptoms of a shadow government ruling the United States that pays little heed to the plain words of the Constitution. Its governing philosophy profoundly influences foreign and national security policy and such domestic matters as spending priorities, trade, investment, income inequality, privatization of government services, media presentation of news, and the whole meaning and worth of citizens’ participation in their government. We have come to call this shadow government the Deep State. We use the term to mean a hybrid association of key elements of government and parts of top-level finance and industry that is effectively able to govern the United States with only limited reference to the consent of the governed as normally expressed through elections.
The Deep State is the big story of our time. It is the red thread that runs through the war on terrorism and the militarization of foreign policy, the CIA and DOJ. But these isolated cases have not provided a framework for understanding the extent of the shadow government, how it arose, the interactions of its various parts, and the extent to which it influences and controls the leaders whom we think we choose in elections.

My reflection on our shadow system of government has come only after my retirement in 1993 and my physical withdrawal from Washington, D.C. proper and the institutions located there to the State of Montana. Unlike the clear majority of Capitol Hill strivers who leave the place for greener pastures, I had no desire to join a lobbying shop, trade association, or think tank. But I did have a need to see the events I had witnessed in perspective, and I came to realize that the nation’s capital, where I lived and worked for many years, has its own peculiar ecology.

To look upon Washington once again with fresh eyes, I sometimes feel as Darwin must have when he first set foot on the Galapagos Islands. From the Pentagon to K Street, and from the contractor cube farms in Crystal City to the public policy foundations along Massachusetts Avenue, the terrain and its people are exotic and well worth examining in a rational and common-sense manner. The official United States government has its capital there, and so does our state within a state. To describe them in the language of physics, they coexist in the same way it is possible for two subatomic particles to coexist in an entangled quantum state. The characteristics of each particle, or each governmental structure, cannot fully be described independently; instead, we must find a way to describe the system. The Deep State also extends to many States and local governments.

If you don’t know what the Deep State is then you’re obviously part of the Deep State. We know, of course, that the liberal Deep State that lurks within our government is and always has been hellbent on destroying President Trump and preventing him from making America great again. And we know for certain that Deep State weasels fabricated the whole Russia HOAX and, quite likely, rigged the election so Hillary Clinton would lose, allowing Trump to win and be mercilessly persecuted by — you guessed it! — the Deep State. (It all tracks, believe me.) But this week’s raids on Cohen’s Manhattan office and hotel room confirm one of my long-held suspicions: The Democratic Deep State has sunk to an even more insidious level and is now targeting our Republican president in the sneakiest way possible — by using Republicans.

Let us start with Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating all this Russia nonsense. As Trump has said, the whole thing is a big witch hunt, and that makes Mueller the lead witch hunter. Well, Mueller is a registered Republican and was first appointed head of the FBI by President George W. Bush, who is also a Republican. (I’m telling you, this conspiracy goes DEEP!). The raid on Trump’s lawyer began with a referral from the Mueller investigation to the U.S. attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York. What the hell kind of Republican special counsel and lifetime law enforcement official would refer a legal matter that might make a Republican president look bad to a U.S. attorney’s office? That stinks to high heaven of Deep State involvement.

But it gets crazier. The U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York is Geoffrey Berman, a Trump supporter who also gave money to the president’s campaign. In a normal world in which the Deep State does not exist and wacky libs are not constantly trying to ruin America, you’d expect Berman to shut this investigation down and protect his president. But no, Berman reportedly recused himself from the case and didn’t get involved in obtaining the warrants for the Cohen raids. Is that a case of a public servant adhering to reasonable ethical standards? HELL NO! It’s a case of the Deep State finding a way to turn a Republican feral and make him attack his own kind.

Warrants for the Cohen raids had to get approved by the Department of Justice, which is run by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a Republican. But Sessions recused himself from all criminal matters relating to the 2016 election, a decision that led to the appointment of Mueller (a Republican) by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (a Republican) after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey (a Republican). So, it was Rosenstein who signed off on the warrants. And Rosenstein (a Republican) was handpicked by Trump (a Republican).

I know we will terminate and destroy the Deep State.



    “How come the lights went on before he clapped”


“What do you mean that you don’t remember the exact count?”

Newt Gingrich: China’s embrace of Marxism is bad news for its people

Editors Note: “Fascism rides in from the left…not the right…”

  • Dr. Gordon Prangue, Phd. Professor at The University of Maryland.
  • Attended the Nuremburg Party rallies to gather intelligence.
  • Bio

Now  to the Invisible Fence. (IF)

From our good friend Newt Gingrich.

Newt Gingrich: China’s embrace of Marxism is bad news for its people

By Newt Gingrich


Karl Marx is being celebrated by Chinese President Xi Jinping as the “greatest thinker of modern times.” Western academics are celebrating Marx as a historic critic of the modern world.

Yet what all the pro-Marxist, pro-socialist speakers ignore is the human cost of Marxism.

In the name of Marx, Vladimir Lenin established the Soviet Union as police state that killed millions. Josef Stalin succeeded Lenin as the Soviet leader and proved even more ruthless and committed to killing.

Adolf Hitler led the National Socialist German Workers’ (Nazi) Party and socialism was central to his taking over the German economy and the German state – a fact the left makes every effort to avoid.

Mao Zedong was the deadliest Marxist of all and killed an uncounted number of millions to impose his will on China.

Fidel Castro turned a prosperous Cuba into a tragic police state in the name of Marxism-Leninism. And Venezuela has been shattered by socialism.

The academic left and its news media and Hollywood acolytes refuse to confront the horrifying record of Marxism’s endless inhumanity.

This would be a good year to begin educating all those who have been lied to as a result of the American academic infatuation with Marxism.

We need a TV series on Marxism (and its evolution through Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism, Castroism, etc.) so that Americans can come to grips with the horrors of centralized government and the cost of tyranny.

The desire of those with power to get more and more power seems insatiable.

Our Founding Fathers understood this and designed the Constitution to distribute power so no one person could establish a dictatorship. American exceptionalism is the opposite of Leninism.

Lenin used Marx’s analysis and rhetoric to justify establishing a secret police-controlled totalitarian system. Within a remarkably few years, he had centralized authority and begun to lock up, torture and kill his critics.

When Lenin died, Stalin took his system of centralized power and refined it with even more brutality. Literally millions were starved to death as a matter of policy to break the middle-class farmers.

As an example of the grip Marxism had on the American news media and intellectuals at the time, The New York Times reporter in Moscow conspired with other reporters to avoid covering the famine and the mass deaths. Diana West’s book “American Betrayal cites the evidence of this deliberate coverup.

Left-wing American academics have always had a soft spot for Marxist regimes.

One of the most widely read economic textbook writers and the first American to win a Nobel Prize in economics, Paul Samuelson, told college students in the 1961 edition of his best-selling “Economics: An Introductory Analysis” textbookthat the Soviet Union’s economy was growing faster than the U.S. economy (never true).

This incorrect information continued to appear in subsequent editions of the textbook for more than two decades. Today the left argues that Marxism didn’t fail in the Soviet Union – only the way the Russians tried to implement it failed.

In fact, I was told by someone who was at a dinner with former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and a group of academics that when one of them made that argument Gorbachev responded: “You would have to be an American professor to believe that.”

Hitler studied the Lenin-Stalin police state and modeled much of his own totalitarianism on their design. There was a lot of the KGB in the design of the Gestapo. The central power of the state and its authority over people was central to Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Mao. The individual human disappeared in the search for historic power and control.

We are about to witness a fascinating experiment in whether combining Marxism with big data can work. Xi Jinping is implementing a system by which Chinese people are heavily surveilled and assigned citizenship ratings based on their social media activity, patriotism, productivity, fitness routines and other behaviors. Those with low scores can be barred from commercial flights, some trains, and from having their children enrolled in some schools.

Deng Xiaoping saved the Chinese communists from popular rejection by advocating a system of free enterprise within the communist structure after Mao’s death. He argued that unless the Chinese economy was dramatically improved, China would not prosper. Further, he understood that if the system didn’t reward the Chinese people, there would be a widespread rejection of the Communist Party.

In his famous Southern Tour of China in January and February of 1992, Deng made the case for free markets in which productivity – not politics – decided winners and losers.

Now Xi Jinping is reversing the market-oriented decentralization of Deng. As he made clear in his recent speech on Marx (have your web browser translate it), he regards Marx – not 18th century Scottish economist Adam Smith – as the central guide for China’s future.

If indeed Marxism has defeated Deng Xiaoping in the corridors of Chinese power, we are in for a terrible experiment in tyranny. I wrote about President Xi Jinping’s aggressive power gathering in China, in my new book, “Trump’s America: The Truth About Our Nation’s Great Comeback.” I will doubtless write more on this in future columns, but for the moment, simply note that no experiment in Marxism has come out well.

Centralized control leads people to lie and cheat. Lying and cheating leads to the leadership demanding more secret police with more rules and more punishment. The system becomes a downward spiral in which humans are sacrificed to the power of the few.

This is Marx’s legacy. President Xi should study it carefully before taking China off the path of economic growth and onto the path of tyrannical growth.

Newt Gingrich is a Fox News contributor. A Republican, he was speaker of the United States House of Representatives from 1995 to 1999. Follow him on Twitter @NewtGingrich. His latest book is “Trump’s America: The Truth About Our Nation’s Great Comeback.”




“China’s embrace of Marxism is bad news for its people”…has been for years and The Deep State has enabled, aided and abetted along with Americhistan leadership…

Big Data Works: 


Over ten years…lines up with…


Soros’ and the Deep State’s Pick for The Mother of Managers and the Real Time Beta Tests.

SUA Article


“Get them outta here”…
Please define “them”.


Ronald Reagan: ‘If Fascism Ever Comes to America, It Will Come in the Name of Liberalism’

The former California governor made the comment during a 1975 interview with “60 Minutes” over a discussion of his economic philosophy.




SUA Article


Occidentally yours…


On Sacred Ground. Pres.Trump Honors Our Fallen Heroes and Our Military

Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington, Virginia

11:47 A.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you very much, everyone.  Thank you very much.  What an honor.  Secretary Mattis —

AUDIENCE MEMBER:  We love you!

THE PRESIDENT:  And I love you, too.  (Laughter.)  General Dunford, Joint Chiefs, members of the Armed Forces, members of the Cabinet, members of Congress, and distinguished guests: Thank you for joining us on this solemn day of remembrance.  We are gathered here on the sacred soil of Arlington National Cemetery to honor the lives and deeds of America’s greatest heroes: the men and women who laid down their lives for our freedom.  Today, we pay tribute to their service, we mourn alongside their families, and we strive to be worthy of their sacrifice.

The heroes who rest in these hallowed fields — in the cemeteries, battlefields, and burial grounds near and far — are drawn from the full tapestry of American life.  They came from every generation, from towering cities and windswept prairies, from privilege and from poverty.  They were generals and privates, captains and corporals, of every race, color, and of every creed.  But they were all brothers and sisters in arms.  And they were all united then, as they are united now forever, by their undying love of our great country.  (Applause.)

Theirs was a love more deep and more pure than most will ever know.  It was a love that willed them up mountains, through deserts, across oceans, and into enemy camps and unknown dangers.  They marched into hell so that America could know the blessings of peace.  They died so that freedom could live.

America’s legacy of service is exemplified by a World War II veteran who joins us today — Senator Bob Dole.  (Applause.)  Earlier this year, I was fortunate to present a very special award to Bob — the Congressional Gold Medal.  (Applause.)  Bob, thank you for honoring us with your presence, and thank you for your lifetime of service to our nation.

Today, we remember your fallen comrades who never returned home from that great struggle for freedom.

We are also proud to be in the company of another American hero — Navy veteran Ray Chavez.  (Applause.)  At 106 years of age — (applause) — and he was in the Oval Office two days ago, and he doesn’t look a day over 60 — (laughter) — he’s the oldest living survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  (Applause.)  What a guy.  And, Ray, you are truly an inspiration to all who are here today and all of our great country.  Thank you, Ray, for being with us.  Thank you.  (Applause.)

Most importantly, we’re joined today by the families of the American heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice.  We cannot imagine the depth of emotion that this day brings each year — the grief renewed, the memories re-lived, those last beautiful moments together cherished and always remembered.  And you also feel that incredible pride — a pride shared by one really and truly grateful nation.  (Applause.)

To every parent who weeps for a child, to every child who mourns for a parent, and to every husband or wife whose heart has been torn in two: Today we ask God to comfort your pain, to ease your sorrow, and to wipe away your tears.  This is a very special day.  And today, our whole country thanks you, embraces you, and pledges to you: We will never forget our heroes.  (Applause.)

Joining us today is the family of Marine Lieutenant Colonel David Greene, who rests here at Arlington.  (Applause.)  Dave grew up in Upstate New York, dreaming of attending the United States Naval Academy.  In 1982, that dream came true.  Soon another dream came true when Dave met his eternal soulmate, Sarah, who is here with their two beautiful children, Jena and Wesley.  (Applause.)  He’s looking down on you right now.  You know that, right?  He’s looking down on you, and he’s so proud and happy.

After 10 years of service as a Marine helicopter pilot, Dave left active duty to spend more time with the people who truly filled his heart.  Those are the people you just met.  But Sarah knew the man she married — she knew he couldn’t live without serving.  Couldn’t do it.  So she suggested he join the services in the form of reserves, and that’s what he did.

In January 2004, Dave deployed to Iraq.  That summer, just a few weeks before he was scheduled to return home, he was called in to provide air support for ground troops who were in very serious danger.  They were in very serious trouble.  He immediately raced to the scene.  As he covered his troops, he was shot by ground fire, giving up his life for his comrades and his country.

Lieutenant Colonel Greene remains one of the highest-ranking Marines to have been killed in Iraq since 2003.  But for him, it was never about rank or title.  Like all of his fellow warriors, it was only about duty.  He served to defend our flag and our freedom.

And now his son Wesley, who is a senior at Liberty University, plans to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the military.  (Applause.)  Wesley, I just want to congratulate you and your entire family.  Great, great family.  Thank you very much, and thank you for being here with us.  (Applause.)  Thank you very much.  Beautiful.  You’re going to love the military.  These are incredible people.

We’re also honored to have with us today the family of Army Captain Mark Stubenhofer, and his wife Patty, and their children, Lauren, Justin, and Hope.  (Applause.)  Please.  Thank you for being with us.  Thank you very much.  Such an honor.

Mark grew up not far from here, in Springfield, Virginia. Every year, he visited these grounds and hoped to someday serve here as a member of that very, very famous Old Guard.

In 2004, Mark deployed to Iraq for the second time.  While he was there, Patty went into labor with their third child, and Mark was with her by phone when their beautiful baby girl was born.  Together, they named her Hope.

Just a few months later, Mark was on a mission near Baghdad when he was tragically slain by a sniper’s bullet.

Today, Hope is 13 years old.  Although she never had the chance to meet her great father, she can feel his love wrapped around her every single day.  And when Patty puts her children to bed, and kisses them goodnight, she can see Mark’s legacy beaming back at her through their bright and glowing eyes.  Thank you so much.  (Applause.)  Really beautiful.  Thank you.  You know that, right?

Also joining us today is a very special friend: Seven-year-old Christian Jacobs, who is here with his mom Brittany.

I met Christian exactly one year ago today.  Last year, after the wreath-laying ceremony, Christian walked over to me with great confidence, shook my hand, looked me straight in the eye, and asked if I would like to meet his dad.  He loved his dad — Marine Sergeant Christopher Jacobs, who died when Christian was just eight months old.

Next, Christian, looking as sharp as you could look dressed in a beautiful Marine outfit — I’ve never seen a Marine look that good in my life, Christian.  (Applause.)  He wanted to look good, he told me, as a tribute to his father.  And he led me to his dad’s grave, and we paid our respects together.  It was a moment I will always remember.

Christian, I want you to know that even though your father has left this world — he’s left it for the next — but he’s not gone.  He’ll never be gone.  Your dad’s love, courage, and strength live in you, Christian.  And as you grow bigger and stronger, just like him, so too does your father’s incredible legacy.  So thank you both.  That’s so beautiful.  Thank you.  (Applause.)  Thank you.  Thank you, Christian.  Good to see you.  He’s become my friend, I will tell you.  Special young man.

To every family member of the fallen, I want you to know that the legacy of those you lost does not fade with time, but grows only more powerful.  Their legacy does not, like a voice in the distance, become a faint echo.  But, instead, their legacy grows deeper, spreading further, touching more lives, reaching down through time and out across many generations.  Through their sacrifice, your loved ones have achieved something very, very special: immortality.

Today we also remember the more than 82,000 American servicemen and women who remain missing from wars and conflicts fought over the past century.  We will never stop searching for them.  (Applause.)  And whenever possible, we will bring them home.  We pledge to remember not just on Memorial Day.  We will always remember them.  We will remember them every day.

Moments ago, I laid a wreath in tribute to those resting “in honored glory.”  For more than 80 years, the Sentinels of the Old Guard have kept watch over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Serving in this elite unit is among the most prestigious honors in the United States military.  While the rest of us sleep, while we go about our lives, through every minute, through every day, through freezing cold, scorching heat, and raging storms, they stand watch.

Even when the Earth shook beneath their feet on 9/11, and smoke from the Pentagon darkened the sky above these tree-lined hills, here they remained, faithful at their post, eternal on guard.  They never moved.

The Sentinel always stands, because America never forgets it’s our heroes who make us who we are and who determine what we will be.  (Applause.)

Our fallen heroes have not only written our history — they’ve shaped our destiny.  They saved the lives of the men and women with whom they served.  They cared for their families more than anything in the world.  They love their families.  They inspired their communities, uplifted their country, and provided the best example of courage, virtue, and valor the world will ever know.  They fought and bled and died so that America would forever remain safe and strong and free.

Each of the markers on that field — each of the names engraved in stone — teach us what it means to be loyal and faithful and proud and brave and righteous and true.

That is why we come to this most sacred place.  That is why we guard these grounds with absolute devotion.  That is why we always will remember.  Because here — on this soil, on these grounds, beneath those fields — lies the true source of American greatness, of American glory, and of American freedom.

As long as we are blessed with patriots such as these, we shall forever remain one people, one family, and one nation under God.  (Applause.)

It’s been my great honor to be with you today.  I want to thank you.  May God bless the families of the fallen.  May God bless the men and women who serve.  And may God bless the United States of America — our great country.  Thank you.  (Applause.)  Thank you very much.


12:08 P.M. EDT


Memorial Day Speech Transcript



Memorial Day Message from MG Paul Vallely U.S. Army (ret.)


MG Paul Vallely (ret. USA) Memorial Day Remembrance interview on NewsmaxTV.

Memorial Day Remembrance Interview


 Memorial Day

 A Time To Remember Our Heroes


 Paul E. Vallely

MG, US Army (ret)

We pause this day in America to remember our fallen heroes, the men and women who answered the call of freedom and paid the ultimate sacrifice.  Let us remember and thank them for the nights they slept freezing in a tent or sweating in the desert, for the lonely days they spent fighting boredom and missing loved ones, for the hours they spent sick in pain from battle and without someone holding their hand other than their fellow soldiers, for the moments of sheer fright in the heat of battle, for the wounds suffered fighting evil, for the endless days in hospitals undergoing painful surgeries, for the precious occasions  missed at home with family and friends.

For all of these sacrifices, we need to thank them on behalf of millions of Americans who are so grateful. We truly appreciate their dedication to duty.  A special thank you to all families and friends, to the parents who raised them, stood by them and made them honorable men and woman.

We thank the wives, husbands, and loved ones who stood by them and supported them with their love. May their legacy be honored for generations to come, may the tears shed over their coffins fertilize the fields of patriotism in our nation. The new generations to come must be built on strength, duty, honor and country, willing and able to follow in their Warrior footsteps when duty calls to defend America. May their blood not have been shed in vain. May we prove worthy of their sacrifice.

You who have served and are serving as our brave ones, our heroes, are our national treasures. You are the pride of our nation, our strength and our foundation. Thanks to you, millions have been freed around the world. Those who criticize our country, burn our precious flag, and speak ill of you, are able to do so because their freedom is built upon your blood and your sacrifice.

Our son speaks from his resting place below our feet. He speaks to me each day from his hallowed space with beautiful skies and mountains majestic white with snow. God bless his soul and  the others buried here and I thank him for his wonderful contribution to our life. He lives forever in our hearts. I fear no evil when I walk with Warriors. We walk in the valley of death but we fear no evil. We are the Masters of our Destiny and the Captain of our souls. You are the wind beneath my wings. I fly with you forever in eternity.

Originally known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day began as a tradition of decorating the graves of fallen Civil War soldiers with flags and flowers to show the respect of a grateful nation for their service and sacrifice. This tradition continues today, and our nation now sets aside the last Monday in May to celebrate the courage of the men and women who have worn America’s colors in war and in peace.

I remember as a young man remembering Memorial Day that in the morning there was a parade down Main Street, led by a color guard, the high school band, and ranks of veterans from World War I, World War II, and the war of the moment, Korea. The Veterans of Foreign Wars sold red poppies to raise funds for the disabled. Politicians made speeches and citizens prayed in public. It was a solemn annual event that taught us reverence for those who served and sacrificed for our country. It’s no longer so in many places in America, especially in our large urban areas.

Begun as a local observance in the aftermath of the Civil War, the first national commemoration took place on May 30, 1868, at the direction of General John A. Logan, Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic. Though his “General Order No. 11” specified “strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion” – meaning only Union soldiers – those who tended the burial sites at Arlington, VA, Gettysburg, PA and Vicksburg, MS, decided on their own to decorate the graves of both Union and Confederate war dead.

For five decades the holiday remained essentially unchanged. But in 1919, as the bodies of young Americans were being returned to the U.S. from the battlefields of World War I, May 30th became a truly national event. It persisted as such until 1971, during Vietnam – the war America wanted to forget – when the Uniform Holiday Act passed by Congress went into effect, and turned Memorial Day into a “three-day weekend.” Since then, it’s become an occasion for appliance, mattress and auto sales, picnics, barbecues and auto races. Thankfully, there are some places besides Arlington National Cemetery like Bigfork, Montana where Memorial Day is still observed as a time to honor America’s war dead.

This Memorial Day we remember those who have served our nation in the past and those who currently serve America today. Although Memorial Day comes only once a year, we must make sure that our service members know how grateful we are every day. It recognizes the sacrifices made by our courageous men and women who have fallen in defense of our nation’s liberty. This Memorial Day, please take a moment to remember and honor America’s fallen and current day warriors who are advancing freedom’s cause today. WE salute you one and all.  WE bow before you in respect and humility. May God bless you and God bless America, land of the free and home of the brave.

Editors Note:

For those that have lost members of their family or friends who stood up to confront evil and defend America and the U.S. Constitution and who understand the role of “the empty chair” at the family dinner table, remember our enemies both foreign and domestic are focused on total control and that goes directly to disrupting and destroying the family unit using many tactics, and that goes directly to what goes on at the family dinner table. This time in history the tactics have been subtle versus physical brute force: Financial (mortgage crisis, national debt, unemployment and cyber terrorism), Shelter (mortgage crisis), Food (the expansion of the Food Stamp program and financial terrorism), Freedom of Speech (media control and spying on American Citizens), the right to protect yourself and your property, and Healthcare (Obamacare and its real end goals concerning managing American citizens until they are no longer worthwhile according to the Deep State actuaries).

It is amazing that all these parallel tracks of “Total Control” all converged at the same time to take down America in an “administrative” manner. Adolf Eichmann would be proud. After his trial for crimes against humanity, Eichmann was hung on 6-1-1962.

It comes down to this:

The true owners of the empty chairs already showed what they were willing to do. If you want to see them again all you have to do is be them. What would they do? What would they want you to do? American history has been consistent in the confrontation of evil. The Nuremburg Trials after World War II exposed the participants in evil and “Total Control” to the world. History repeats itself.

Our Constition provides a common foundation for all Americans. We must defend it or else we are nothing and will be used accordingly by our enemies both foreign and domestic.

So on this Memorial Day 5-28-2018 remember the empty chairs in your life and in American history and where you want to be from here to eternity.



And for Ostrich Nation before you get to the final door: Go ahead. Do nothing. You will be asked a question and before that happens you will have a flash in time, 30 seconds.



On this Memorial Day, Stand Up America US Foundation wishes to thank Dr. Raymond Tanter, a strong defender of human rights, for his generous donation to SUAUSF in honor of Scott Vallely and General Ed Rowney.



In 2005, Raymond Tanter cofounded the Iran Policy Committee (IPC) and serves as its President and of Iran Policy Committee Publishing. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Committee on the Present Danger, and was for about a decade an Adjunct Scholar at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Among Tanter’s authored and/or coauthored books relevant to Iran are: Rogue Regimes(1999); Appeasing the Ayatollahs and Suppressing Democracy (2006); What Makes Tehran Tick, (2006); Baghdad Ablaze (2007); President Obama and Iraq (2009); President Obama and Iran (2010) and (2012); Terror Tagging of an Iranian Dissident Organization, (2011 and 2012); and Arab Rebels and Iranian Dissidents (2013); and Islamist Movements, Protégées of the Ayatollahs(2016).

Tanter served in the Executive Office of the President as a senior member on the Reagan-Bush National Security Council staff, 1981-1982. In 1983-1984, he was personal representative of the Secretary of Defense to arms control talks in Madrid, Helsinki, Stockholm, and Vienna. In 1967, Tanter was deputy director of behavioral sciences at the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense and a member of the Civilian Executive Panel, Chief of Naval Operations, 1980-1981.

After receiving a BA from Roosevelt University in 1961 and an MA as well as Ph. D degrees from Indiana University in 1964, Tanter served as Assistant Professor at Northwestern as well as Associate Professor and Professor at the University of Michigan; he was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Amsterdam, and on multiple occasions was Visiting Professor at Stanford, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv University. Since 2003, Tanter regularly taught terrorism and proliferation at Georgetown University as Adjunct or Visiting Professor.



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