MG Paul Vallely, U.S. Army (ret.) speaks at EMET: “Emerging Threats Out of The Middle East”




The Endowment for Middle East Truth

Founded in 2005, The Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) is a Washington, D.C. based think tank and policy center with an unabashedly pro-America and pro-Israel stance. EMET (which means truth in Hebrew) prides itself on challenging the falsehoods and misrepresentations that abound in U.S. Middle East policy. As a tax-exempt 501(C) 3 Non-Profit organization we work to educate policy-makers by providing pertinent information to Senators and Members of Congress to make informed decisions that will improve American security and the security of America’s ally, Israel. EMET earned its reputation as the “go-to-people” on Capitol Hill for Senators and Members of Congress who understand the importance of a strong and secure America, and a strong American-Israeli alliance against the forces of radical Islam and terror.


EMET Mission

EMET provides research and analysis which challenges misrepresentations and never bows to political correctness. EMET develops close working relationships with Senators and Members of Congress, and provides them with the information and analysis they need, while combating efforts by other interest groups to influence Congress with misrepresentations about Israel and the Middle East. EMET provides fact-based briefings to Senators, Members of Congress, their staff, and the general public.

Bringing Issues To Light

EMET was educating Congress on the Palestinian Authority’s blatant and repeated violations of the Oslo Accords while other organizations were busy drawing up detailed maps of the next territory Israel should surrender in the failed “Land-for-Peace” paradigm. EMET was the first organization to call for an end to military aid to Egypt during the chaos of the Arab Spring, while other Pro-Israel groups were lobbying for MORE weapons and MORE money for the increasingly radicalized and Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Egyptian Government. EMET was the first organization to confront the failure of the Department of Justice to investigate, indict and extradite Palestinian terrorists who have slain or injured American citizens, despite federal laws which demand such efforts. We’re working with Congress right now to bring oversight to the DOJ, and insure that all Americans receive the justice they deserve.


“Geostrategic Analysis of the Middle East” Panel at “Emerging Threats Out of the Middle East”



Washington, D.C. – December 5, 2016 EMET hosted its inaugural DC Conference titled “Emerging Threats Out of the Middle East: The Impact on a New Administration” where we awarded Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) and Rep. Eliot Engel (D- NY) with the first ever “Winston Churchill Awards for Moral Integrity.” The day also consisted of two panel discussions ranging from a geostrategic analysis of the Middle East to the threat from Iran & Hezbollah in Latin America. The purpose of the conference was to offer policy suggestions for the incoming Trump Administration in regards to the security of America and to the U.S.-Israel relationship.











So many showed up…






Paul Vallely on James Mattis: ‘He’s Going to Be the Chief Warrior’



Paul Vallely on James Mattis: ‘He’s Going to Be the Chief Warrior’

Newsmax TV’s “Newsmax Prime”

By Todd Beamon   |   Friday, 02 Dec 2016 07:45 PM

President-elect Donald Trump is making an excellent choice in retired Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis as Defense Secretary because “he’s going to be the chief warrior at the Pentagon,” retired Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely told Newsmax TV on Friday.

“It is about time we put somebody in there while we’re at war who understands victory, strategy, tactics — what has to be done to bring victory to America against its enemies, particularly ISIS,” Vallely, chairman of Stand Up America, told “Newsmax Prime” host J.D. Hayworth.

See J.D. Hayworth on Newsmax TV: Tune in beginning at 8 PM EDT to “Newsmax Prime” — on FiOS 115/615, YouTube Livestream, Newsmax TV App from any smartphone,, Roku, Amazon Fire — More Systems Here

Vallely said that he was among former 200 military officials who met recently with Trump — and part of their advice was to “get away from political correctness.”

“If we have to say it’s ‘Islamic radicalism,’ ‘jihad,’ that we’re at war with, then we need to say that,” he told Hayworth. “We’re going to bring reality back to the Pentagon again and victory for the American people.”












MG Paul Vallely, U.S. Army (ret): “President-elect Trump understands need for new vision in Syria – that includes Russia’

‘President-elect Trump understands need for new vision in Syria – that includes Russia’

There will be no status quo in America after January 20, and then President Trump will be more than willing to work with the Russians to solve the Middle East problems, Paul Vallely, retired US General and Chairman of Stand Up America, told RT.

The Syrian army liberated almost half of Eastern Aleppo from militants, according to the Russian defense ministry. Thousands of civilians can now flee to the safety of government-held areas of the city.

Last ditch effort? Kerry ‘wants to seal deal’ with Russia before Trump becomes US president – Kremlin

— RT (@RT_com) 28 ноября 2016 г.

US President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump, who will assume office in January, have different approaches to solving the crisis in Syria and the Middle East in general. Trump’s remarks suggest the US doesn’t “know who the rebels are,” while highlighting the importance of cooperation with Russia to bring about some sense of normalcy in Syria. Meanwhile, some Syrian groups that define themselves as ‘moderate’ hope that Trump will be able to separate so-called ‘rebels’ from terrorists.

RT: You’re now working with Trump’s team. Can you shed some light on what could potentially change regarding America’s approach to the Syrian crisis?

Paul Vallely: Well, here’s a number of things that you have to realize, the importance of the transition right now naming new members of the administration is the top priority. But as these individuals are named, like General [Michael] Flynn of National Security, they are starting to form positions so that when Trump takes over as President January 20, they’ll have a firm ground and they will have some vision and strategy particularly as it pertains to the Middle East and Syria.

Much of the advice and recommendations coming from my organization to the Trump organization really deals with a whole new vision for Syria, and it is called ‘The Reconciliation and Reunification of Syria,’ and that is what we would like to work very closely with the Russians, as well as with a lot of the ex-patriots and members of the Syrian population that do not support Assad. So we’re looking for a whole new vision here and a whole new strategy to come after the first year.

Trump Jr. discussed Syria crisis with supporters of cooperation with Russia

— RT (@RT_com) 24 ноября 2016 г.

RT: Do you think the new administration will look to increase cooperation with Russia in Syria?

PV: I’ll guarantee there will be no status quo in America after January 20, and that President Trump at that time will be more than willing to work with the Russians to solve the Middle East problems over there. General Flynn and I both realize that nothing is going to be solved in the Middle East until we can work up some kind of relationship and some kind of a strategy with the Russians. It is very important we do that, just like we did with Gorbachev; just like we did with Stalin in WWII to defeat the Nazis. Trump is very open to work with anyone that can come up with solutions that will solve these problems that we see, particularly in the Middle East.

Syrian govt forces take over 40% of east #Aleppo from rebels – Reconciliation center

— RT (@RT_com) 28 ноября 2016 г.

RT: How will Obama’s legacy concerning Iraq and Afghanistan be viewed by Trump and his advisers?

PV: I think very badly, because they have been very unsuccessful as you well know, when you examine what has happened in Afghanistan and Iraq. Basically the frustration and the complexity of understating the dynamics of Syria, and they certainly – in the Obama administration – have never understood that. As you know, I am the only senior officer that has gone into Syria on two occasions. So the credibility I have there in Syria with the opposition and the ex-patriots who would like to see a new government in Syria for this reunification I thoroughly understand it. I am imparting my experience to the Trump organization at this time so that we do have new a vision and a new outlook.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.


Close Your Windows – Electors Threatened

November 26, 2016


Close Your Windows – Electors Threatened


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Stand Up America is a network of patriotic Americans who wish to return America to its Constitutional roots.

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Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely served 32 years in the Army, having retired as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific.

Close Your Windows

Electors Threatened 

It has been said…If communists cannot come through the front door, they will try the back door.  If that doesn’t work they will crawl through a window. The liberals/socialists/progressives/communists have lost a major battle this election season and they are neither happy nor giving up.

On December 19, 2016, the actual vote for president of the United States will take place in each state even though a projected winnner has already been announced.

The Constitution does not require an elector to vote according to the popular vote of their state.  But, about half the states do require electors to vote according to the popular vote.

Comes the Presidential Election of 2016. In the best tradition of liberal love and tolerance, electors are being threatened in multiple states with physical harm or death in a final attempt to block the election of Donald Trump.

Alex Kim, an elector from the 24th Congressional District in Texas, is being pressured by Democrats to vote for Hillary Clinton.  “At first everyone was kinda enchanted by it,” Kim told NBC Dallas-Ft. Worth.  “Now all the electors are starting to get beaten down.  There are some electors who have been threatened with harm or with death.”

Anti-Trump groups have circulated lists with the personal information of electors encouraging people to sway them to become “faithless electors” – not voting for Trump even though he won the election in their state.

In Georgia, Secretary of State, Brian Kemp issued a statement last week asking people to stop threatening his state’s electors.

Idaho’s Secretary of State has made similar comments after reports of their electors being harassed with phone calls and messages.

In Tennessee, electors told the Tennessean they are receiving about 200 emails a day.

In Arizona, electors are facing “total harassment” from mostly out-of-state emails.

In Iowa, an elector is receiving harrassing emails.

At least one elector in Detroit has received a number of death threats. Michael Banerian, an elector in Michigan said, “I’ve had people talk about shoving a gun in my mouth and blowing my brains out.  And I’ve received dozens and dozens of those emails.”

Although the reaction of many Democrats is outrageous, it is understandable why so many Democrats have become so incensed.  Almost overnight, they have become a coastal party, having the smallest number of House Democrats since 1929.  When I last visited Massachusetts, a cousin (one of the nicest Democrats you’ll ever meet) took me to the State House where I saw a plaque with the names of all the state representatives…rows of Democrats with just a sprinking of Republicans. It is now in reverse, not in Massachsetts, but nationally.

When a party loses the White House, doesn’t regain any part of Congress, surrenders a multide of governorships and state legislators, has roughly 70 members of Congress belonging to the Democratic Socialists of America, and finds itself in disagreement with the oppposing party on even the most basic tenets of our free republic, that party desperately needs self-examination.

The Electoral College did exactly what it was designed to do…prevent the states with the largest cities from consistently choosing who the next president will be.

Let’s make it as plain as possible. There is a concerted worldwide effort to establish global socialism/communism. They missed an important opportunity this past election season and they are angry. They know this ‘Trump Movement’ could spread.  It has already affected the ongoing presidential campaign in France and is spreading elsewhere.

Communsts are like vampires.  They never die. They will ‘sleep’ in their own dirt and always awaken when the opportunity presents itself.  I suggest you keep your doors and windows closed.

Fox News

USA Today






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7,700 Terrorist Encounters in One Year – Leaked FBI Docs Show

Leaked documents with sensitive FBI data show that 7,712 terrorist encounters occurred within the United States in just one year.  Many of the encounters occurred near the U.S.–Mexico border.  The incidents are characterized as “Known or Suspected Terrorist Encounters”…or, in many cases, terrorists suspected of attempting to sneak into the U.S. Breitbart

Editor’s note:  We can all thank the outgoing Obama administration and the santuary cities for all but eliminating our borders



Jill Stein Wants Recount    

Jill Stein, Greenpeace candidate for president, is filing a motion to recount votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania on the theory that voting machines were hacked during the 2016 election.  The group admits they have no proof of any hacking activity.  Townhall

Editor’s note:  With Obama having left our economy, the world and the Democrat Party totally screwed up, liberals still can’t believe the people want change.  The left is vasilating between the first two stages of grief, denial and anger.  It took over two weeks for Michigan to count the votes and now she wants a recount…please, close your windows!


Final Michigan tally:

Donald Trump  –  2,279,543

Hillary Clinton  –  2,268,839

Detroit Free Press 

Fires Rage In Israel

Fires tore across northern Israel as tens of thousands of residents evacuated their homes.  Leaders have blamed arsonists for the blaze calling them ‘arson terrorists.’   Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Turkey and Russia have offered help with several aircraft already joining the effort. Hundreds of homes have been affected in and around the city of Haifa.  Twelve people have been arrested under suspicion of arson or incitement to commit arson.  Reservists, on Thursday, were called up to aid police and fire fighters.

Update: It has been reported today that fires have broken out near Jerusalem, some 75 miles to the southeast.  The Guardian


A man checks the damage to a house during a wildfire, in the communal settlement of Nataf, near Jerusalem November 23, 2016. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun
A man checks the damage to a house during a wildfire, in the communal settlement of Nataf, near Jerusalem November 23, 2016. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun


Firefighters work as a wildfire burns in the northern city of Haifa, Israel November 24, 2016. REUTERS/Baz Ratner
Firefighters work as a wildfire burns in the northern city of Haifa, Israel November 24, 2016. REUTERS/Baz Ratner








Police Officer Shot in Detroit Has Died

Colin Rose, the Wayne State University police officer who was shot in the head on Tuesday night has died.  Officer Rose was engaged to be married next year.  His family and fiancee were with him when he died. He was 29. Townhall, Daily News




Editor’s note: According to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund, from January 1, 2016 through November 25, 2016, a total of 130 police officers have died in the line of duty with Texas having the most fatalities, 18. This has to stop now! The Obama silence is deafening


In Remembrance


John F. Kennedy

5/19/1917 – 11/22/1963


On that day in November, President Kennedy was on his way to a luncheon with civic and business leaders where he was scheduled to make a major speech proposing tax cuts.

Editor’s note:  A little green book with the heading, “I Will Kill” was found in Lee Harvey Oswald’s apartment by a Secret Service agent.  There were four names on the list, an FBI agent named James Hosty, a right-wing general named Edwin Walker, former Vice-President Richard Nixon and Texas Governor John Connally. Through Connally’s name, Oswald drew a dagger with blood dripping downward.  The agent turned the book over to the FBI and, ultimately, to the Warren Commission.  Some time later, the green book, with its huge insight into the killer’s motive was found…with the page torn out.  


In her testimony, Oswald’s wife, Marina, named John Connally and not Kennedy as her husband’s target.

Oswald associated all his misfortune to John Connelly. Oswald had received a dishonorable discharge from the Marine Corp hence his move to the Soviet Union.  When Oswald found that life in Soviet Russia was not as advertised, he appealed to John Connally, then Secretary of the Navy, to redress his discharge, knowing he would have few prospects were he to return to America.  The reply Oswald received was a brushoff.  The dismissive letter arrived in an envelope with Connally’s smiling face on the envelope announcing his bid for the Texas governorship.  LA Times





Islamic Terror Update


There were 2,238 Islamic terrorist attacks so far in 2016 in 59 countries.

19,513 people were killed and 24,362 people were injured


Since last report, 11/19/16, there have been:


67 additional Islamic attacks

425 additional killed

1,364 additional injured


 As a reminder, these are civilian casualties.

11/24/16 – Muslim terrorists pull up on motorcycles and fire at a school, killing a guard. – Songkhla, Thailand – 1 killed.

11/21/16 – A massive truck bomb rips the life out of one hundred shiite pilgrims gathered at a road stop – Hillah, Iraq – 97 killed, 40 injured.

11/21/16 – Over thirty worshipers, at a Shiite mosque are torn to shreds by a Sunni suicide bomber – Kabul, Afghanistan – 32  killed, 50 injured.

11/20/16 – Sunni miltants send a rocket into a school, killing ten students – Furqan, Syria  – 10 killed, 59 injured.

11/19/16 – A sufi cleric, allegedly 100-years old is kidnapped and executed by religion of peace rivals – Arish, Egypt – 1 killed.


Islamic terrorists have carried out more than

29,792 deadly attacks since 9/11

Editor’s note:  Since Obama has been in office, the Middle East, as bad as it was, is now much worse.  Barbaric attacks are a daily occurence.  There is not enough room to include all the latest terrorist attacks.  We show only a partial list.




Chicago Shooting Count


The Chicago shooting count since the beginning of the year as of

November 25, 2016 (10am MT time), is:

3,998 Shooting Victims (a shooting every 1:58 hours)

714 Homicides (a murder every 11:03 hours)

Since Last Week (11/19/16)

Total Homicides:  11


2016 Totals By Race

77.8% Black, 16.9% Hispanic, 5.3% White/Other

No word yet from President Obama or Mayor Emanuel.  They are more concerned about shielding illegal immigrants.


Editor’s note: Police involved shootings for 2016, so far:  8 killed, 15 wounded.  Cost of medical care for 2016 through 10/31 is: $203,593,800.


In Case You Missed It

Family of Fallen Soldier Booed on Plane 

The father of an Army soldier killed in Afghanistan says he and his family were booed as they flew to meet his son’s body coming home.  The booing came from the first class section on an American Airlines flight that landed in Phoenix on Monday, 11/14.   Sgt. John Perry, 30. was killed in a suicide attack at Bagram Airfield the previous Saturday, along with pfc. Tyler Lubelt and two contractors. The father, Stewart Perry, says his son stopped the suicide bomber short of his target and may have saved hundreds of lives. Fox News

Editor’s note:  You will not meet any meaner, more intolerant bunch of people than commited liberals.




What Say You?


Different Dreams – 11/19/16

“Great article.  Question – Are we already at “war”?  MF

“Very well said.  But I am still hopeful. The “useful idiots” are weak and don’t know what end of the gun to point forward.  Hopefully they will weigh down those that do know to the point that we at least have a 40/60 chance.”  BB

“Excellent!”  JL

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Thomas Jefferson

“The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

“It is incumbent upon every generation to pay its own debts as it goes.  A principle which if acted upon would save one-half the wars of the world.”

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”


President Kennedy held a dinner in the White House for a group of the brightest minds in the nation at that time.  He made this statement:

“This is perhaps the assembly of the most intelligence ever to gather at one time in the White House with the exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.”


Just For Fun


“I haven’t seen Democrats this mad since we freed the slaves”

Rob Schneider




Editor’s note:  On June 15th, 1864, the first House vote for the 13th Amendment, freeing the slaves and making involuntary servitude illegal,  fell far short of the votes needed to pass, 93 for, 65 opposed with 23 not voting.  Only one Democrat voted for the Amendment. On January 31, 1865, the House took a second vote.  It passed with two votes to spare, 119 – 56.  All 86 Republicans voted for the Amendment with 50 Democrats voting against it.  On April 8, 1864, the Senate passed the Amendment by 38 – 6.   All 30 Republicans voted for it with 3 Democrats being absent.   On February 1, 1865, the proposed Amendment was submitted to the States.


Note:  Women’s suffrage was also a party line issue.  Starting in the late 19th century, Republicans introduced the 19th Amendment (giving women the right to vote) every year, but the Democrats were able to bottle it up in various committees and unsuccessful votes.  Finally, in 1919, the 19th Amendment passed the House with 91% of Republicans voting for the amendment with 59% Democrats voting for.  In the Senate, 82% of Republicans voted for with 59% Democrats voting for the Amendment.



Speaker of the House, Frederick Gillett (R-MA), signs the bill that would become the 19th Amendment to the Constitution

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Editor’s Note: From our great friend and regular SUA contributor, Michael Cutler, retired Senior Special Agent of the former INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) whose career spanned some 30 years. He has testified before well over a dozen congressional hearings.

He hosts “The Michael Cutler Hour” on USA Talk Radio Fridays at 7 p.m. (EST) and is frequently interviewed by broadcast media on various aspects of immigration issues, especially the nexus to national security.









DHS Loses Thousands of ‘Keys to the Kingdom’

And issues some “keys” to the wrong people.

By Michael Cutler


President-Elect Donald Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall to separate the United States from Mexico resonated with many Americans and galvanized their support, which ultimately enabled him to win the election.  These voters want to prevent narcotics and illegal aliens and the criminals and terrorists among them from flowing freely into the United States.

Indeed, that porous border must be made secure.  However, simply securing that problematic border would not end the immigration crisis.  Indeed, the lack of security along the southwest border had nothing to do with the ability of the 9/11 hijacker-terrorists to enter the United States nor did that border play a role in the great majority of terrorists who have entered the United States prior to the attacks of 9/11 or after those deadly attacks.

While illegal immigration represents a huge multi-faceted challenge and, indeed threat, to America and Americans, the multiple failures of the legal immigration system is no less problematic.

Many politicians have said that after the Trump administration secures the southwest border and removes the estimated two to three million criminal aliens that we should then consider how to address the remaining millions of illegal aliens.  In reality, in addition to removing the criminal aliens the Trump administration must take immediate and decisive steps to address the abject lack of integrity in the legal immigration system that is utterly unable to deal with its current workload let alone deal with any further increases of applications.

Green Cards, also known as Alien Registration Receipt Cards, are issued to provide reliable documentation that attests to aliens granted lawful immigrant status.  These cards serve many purposes including providing prima facia evidence of the bearer’s identity as well as his or her immigration status that enables that individual to be lawfully employed in the United States.

Green Cards also enable aliens to enter the United States through ports of entry not unlike a passport.  Green Cards can also serve as required ID to enable the bearer to board airliners and have access to corporate and government office buildings and facilities.

In a very real sense, given the multitude of lawful uses for these documents, Green Cards represent the “Keys to the Kingdom” and consequently have serious national security implications.

On November 21, 2016 OIG (the Office of the Inspector General) of the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) issued a press release on the continuing failures of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to address numerous deficiencies in the process by which Green Cards are issued.

The relatively bland title of the press release, “DHS OIG Finds USCIS Continues to Struggle to Ensure Proper Green Card Issuance” does not convey the true seriousness of the egregious examples of incompetence and ineptitude reported upon in that press release or the actual report of the investigation conducted by the OIG, “Better Safeguards Are Needed in USCIS Green Card Issuance: (OIG 17-11).”

To begin with, here is the full text of the press release:

A new Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General (DHS OIG) report concludes that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) continues to struggle to ensure proper Green Card issuance. The audit was conducted as a follow-up to a March 2016 report where where the DHS OIG disclosed that USCIS had sent potentially hundreds of Green Cards to the wrong addresses.

In fact, the problem was far worse than originally thought. Over the last 3 years, USCIS produced at least 19,000 cards that included incorrect information or were issued in duplicate. Additional mistakes included over 2,400 immigrants approved for 2-year conditional residence status being inadvertently issued cards with 10-year expiration dates. The agency also received over 200,000 reports of cards potentially misdelivered, or not being delivered to approved applicants.

The majority of the card issuance errors were due to the flawed design and functionality problems in the agency’s Electronic Immigration System (ELIS). The delays and cost overruns of the ELIS system have been documented in previous OIG reports. Although USCIS conducted a number of efforts to recover the inappropriately issued and missing cards, its efforts to address the errors have been inadequate.

“It appears that thousands of Green Cards have simply gone missing. In the wrong hands, Green Cards may enable terrorists, criminals, and undocumented aliens to remain in the United States,” said Inspector General Roth. “It is vital that USCIS ensure better tools and procedures are in place to mitigate such risks.”

The preceding paragraph contained in the OIG press release noted that “In the wrong hands, Green Cards may enable terrorists, criminals, and undocumented aliens to remain in the United States.”  Yet efforts to flag those cards at ports of entry through the computer system employed by CBP (Customs and Border Protection) Inspectors, have not been consistently implemented.  Consequently, aliens improperly issued those cards may still be able to use them to enter the United States.

The press release referenced a previous report issued in March 2016.  That report, “USCIS Automation of Immigration Benefits Processing Remains Ineffective” was also given a nondescript title that downplayed the national security implications of these failures.

These problems are not new but are decades old and have been getting increasingly worse as USCIS is forced to adjudicate a growing avalanche of applications for various immigration benefits including applications filed by aliens for political asylum, lawful immigrant status and even United States citizenship.

In fact, I testified at a hearing conducted by the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security on March 19, 2002 when it was discovered that two of the 9/11 terrorists, Mohammed Atta (the ringleader) and Marwan al-Shehhi had been granted authorization to attend flight school in the United States six months after the terror attacks. The topic of that hearing was, “INS’S March 2002 Notification Of Approval Of Change Of Status For Pilot Training For Terrorist Hijackers Mohammed Atta And Marwan Al-Shehhi.”

The hearing created a media circus and was covered by C-SPAN.  The C-SPAN video is worth watching.  Every member of Congress that participated in that hearing was indignant about this unbelievable failure of the immigration system.

However, virtually none of the promises made during that hearing, nearly 15 years ago, has been kept to this very day, allowing history to repeat itself over and over again.

Aliens who seek to naturalize are supposed to be subjected to a thorough investigation to determine if they possess, “Good Moral Character.”  however, those investigations are rarely, if ever conducted.  Indeed, even face-to-face interviews of these applicants have often been dispensed with.

I addressed the significance of the naturalization process in terms of national security in my article, “The Immigration Factor – Naturalized U.S. Citizen Added to FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists List.”

Additionally, these disturbing reports focus purely on the multitude of failures of the mechanics of the system for issuing Green Cards to aliens but do not address the issue of aliens who commit fraud.

On May 30, 2013, UPI posted a report about an alleged former member of Hezbollah successfully immigrating the United States by allegedly concealing his terrorist background as noted in this headline, “Immigrant allegedly failed to reveal Hezbollah membership.”  That immigrant was ultimately naturalized and held a security clearance.

On December 6, 2014 Fox News published a report, “Saudi-born US naval engineer allegedly gave undercover agent info on how to sink carrier” that focused on how Mostafa Ahmed Awwad was educated in the United States and became a naturalized U.S. citizen, agreed to provide an FBI undercover agent with the plans of the Gerald R. Ford, a 13 billion dollar aircraft carrier that was still under construction.  Allegedly Awwad even told the undercover agent where the ship would be most vulnerable to being sunk by a missile strike.

On February 11, 2014, a hearing was conducted by the House Judiciary Committee on the issue: “Asylum Fraud: Abusing America’s Compassion?”

On December 12, 2013, an additional hearing was conducted on the issue: “Asylum Abuse: Is it Overwhelming our Borders?”  This hearing focused on the impact on our borders when, in reality the asylum abuse impacts each and every state.

Of course limiting the hearing to the issue of only “our borders” coincides neatly with the myth that all that our nation needs to do in preparation for a massive amnesty program, likely involving tens of millions of illegal aliens, is to “secure our southern border.”

I wrote about this issue in my February 5, 2015 article, “The ‘Secure Our Border First Act’ Deception » Why it’s no solution to the immigration crisis.”

Donald Trump has promised to “Drain the Swamp” as he referred to the filth and corruption of our current political system.  All Americans should be cheering him on.  However, he must also turn his attention to another “swamp” the Department of Homeland Security or, as I have come to refer to it, the “Department of Homeland Surrender,” especially where all of the immigration components of that horrifically overwhelmed and inept agency are concerned.


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