Clinton’s Policies Plus Her Boy Rahm Emanuel and The Chicago Shooting Count

September 3, 2016


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Islamic Terror Update – Chicago Shooting Count

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Editor: Ray DiLorenzo


Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely served 32 years in the Army, having retired as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific.


What Could Have Been

Ray DiLorenzo

If there ever was a president who had the opportunity to be great, it was Barack Obama.  He had everything going for him…intelligence, a great speaker, the first black to hold the office.  He had the nation’s full attention and trust.  Even many of those that did not vote for him had hopes.  But it wasn’t to be.

The chip on his shoulder that appeared after election day only grew with time. His tendency to go against the grain, to move in directions contrary to American values, to constantly be out of step and almost antagonistic toward his own country and its institutions – his affinity with speaking down to us mere citizens while preaching and saying anything it took to get his way – his treatment of both our friends and enemies gave us suspicious friends and devoted enemies.  It all took a mighty toll.

Still, there are those who will follow, over the cliff, if need be.  For many true believers, their allegiance was grounded in the massive investment in the ridding of the self-induced guilt of slavery and their desire for a more compassionate government, if that is possible.  They weren’t about to easily divest at such a cost.

Their misguided guilt and blind devotion along with a worthless Congress unwilling to be labeled racist, has doubled our national debt, given us the worst race relations in at least fifty years, an economy stuck in the doldrums, a healthcare industry turned upside down, a growing crime rate, which previously had been slipping for decades, thanks in part to open borders, and a world more dangerous than ever with a military less able to cope with it.

Obama’s self-confidence along with his diverse upbringing, could have served him well.  It didn’t.  Being half white and half black, President Obama could have brought us together.  He did not. Obama could have preserved our investment in lives and treasure in the Middle East.  He chose not to. Obama could have used solid free-market principles to grow the economy and create jobs. He didn’t do it. Instead, he relied upon a massive welfare state to ‘protect’ the less fortunate and used ‘creative accounting’ to make the unemployment rate look trivial.

In foreign affairs, he took sides and not with his own country. He was more wary of America than he was of our enemies. He claims to be a Christian, but, as president, never goes to church and insists that Christian symbols be covered when speaking in churches.  His fondness for anything Muslim and distrust for Western culture and ideals gave him a well-deserved suspicion among many Americans.

President Obama could have been great. He spoke many times of prejudice, but couldn’t escape his own.   The influences of his younger years proved too strong.

Having spent much of his youth in South East Asia, he could be characterized as an  immigrant president that refuses to assimilate.  He did, after all, promise to fundamentally transform America.  To Obama, it was us that had it all wrong.

Obama was not ‘The One’ spoken of by Oprah Winfrey in 2007.  Instead, he’s a man filled with serious flaws and inconsistencies with questionable allegiances.  He swore to uphold the Constitution but routinely  ignores it.  He’s a man almost without a country; a seemingly uncaring man that inspires only the hateful to do ill…a president of missed opportunity…too bad.



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News You Can Use

Islamic State Uses Chain Saw to Hack Teens in Half

Islamic State reportedly tied nine young men to iron poles in Mosul before hacking them in half with a chain saw.  ISIS Sharia sentenced them to death for involvement in a resistance movement.  The young men were executed in public.  Breitbart

Editor’s note:  There have been thousands of civilians murdered in Mosul since ISIS took control of the city in 2014.  Some of the methods have been: boiling alive, thrown off buildings, and dissolved to death by using nitric oxide. This incident will not been included in the terror update until the details have been confirmed.



Pro ISIS rally in Mosul – AP photo


Gun Ownership at 44% of All Households & Rising

After a steady decline in recent years, gun ownership is on the rise.  CBS polling gave it a low of 36% while Pew Research says it is now at 44% of all households.  Washington Examiner

Editor’s note:  Interestingly, the sample size was more heavily democrat than republican–831 republicans to 981 democrats–680 Hillary Clinton supporters to 581 Trump supporters.


Atheists Fear Spontaneous Conversion from Hotel Bibles

The Bible has been banned at a hotel operated by Arizona State University. The Freedom From Religion Foundation complained that Bibles were offered at a hotel operated by a State-run institution.

Editor’s note:  I would say hold up a cross to keep the Bible away, but I guess that won’t work.




Say What?

“Donald Trump is an Anti-Semite”

That is rich!  According to many in the  Clinton campaign and others, Donald Trump is an anti-Semite.

All of Trump’s children, save his youngest son, Barron, have married Jews. Ivanka Trump not only married a Jew, she converted to Judaism when she married.

Having been born and reared in Brooklyn, New York in a neighborhood where they closed the schools on Jewish holidays (yaaay), I know what I am talking about.  The majority of my friends were Jewish.

Many of the finger pointers who are quick to raise the anti-Semitic flag are called self-hating Jews…liberal ‘Jews’ that hold antisemitic views.  They are barely cultural Jews, having no knowledge or desire to practice their religion. They are anti-Israel, and for the most part, atheistic.  They turn their Jewishness on and off as needed.  They are as Jewish as George Soros.

To call someone an anti-Semite is just another liberal weapon much like the weapon many blacks and other groups use…RACIST!…and these liberals have no resistance to using it as often as they need to, to get as much traction as they can.  They would have been in the front row of any Salem witch trial. They are despicable.

The liberals are so desperate to elect another progressive to the presidency, they will overlook massive corruption, exploitation, graft, deceit, lying,  obfuscation and maybe even murder.

Enough is enough!!




In Case You Missed It

The Dark Side of Diversity – Freedom Go To Hell

What so many people, especially Democrats and European liberals, refuse to understand, refuse to admit, and refuse to deal with is that much of Islam is incompatible with Western culture.  In their quest to be ‘progressive’ they have become fools.

Liberals think they have found an ally against conservatives, but in their ignorance and naiveté, if Islam should become a powerful political force in this country, liberal Democrats will be the first casualties in any conflict.  Muslims may smile with them in temporary compliance, but in reality, hate everything they stand for.

Islam is not merely a religion, it is also a socio-political movement.

If anyone thinks it is only a few Muslims that are dangerous, know that it was only a few Nazis that turned the world upside down.  The peaceful Muslims, as welcome as they are, are irrelevant.

This is not bigotry!

This is no longer some political one-upmanship game, this has become a serious life-threatening issue!

Watch and Learn:

Islam in Paris


Islam in Spain


Islam in Japan






Islamic Terror Update

There were 1588 Islamic terrorist attacks so far in 2016 in 53 countries.  14,137 people were killed with 17,005 people injured.


Some the newest attacks reportedsince the last newsletter of 8/27/16:

Note:  Again, there were too many attacks this week to be able to present them all here

9/2/16  –  Four suicide bombers manage to kill one person in an attack on a Christian neighborhood – Peshawar, Pakistan – 1 killed, 5 injured.

8/30/16  –  Suicide bombers massacre at least ten patrons outside a popular hotel – Mogadishu, Somalia – 10 killed, 30 injured.

8/29/16  –  A massive suicide blast in a port city claims the lives of over seventy people – Aden, Yemen – 72 killed, 67 injured.

8/28/16  – An ISIS suicide bomber and four gunmen slaughter at least eighteen people at a Shia wedding – Ein Tamer, Iraq – 18 killed, 26 injured.

8/28/16  –  Islamists sweep through four different villages massacring at least thirty-seven people – Niger State, Nigeria – 37 killed.

8/25/16  –  Two children, including a baby, are among eight civilians blasted to bits by targeted al-Nusra fire – Aleppo, Syria – 8 killed, 34 injured.

8/25/16  –  A Catholic seminary student is among several shot to death by Fulani terrorists – Nkanu, Nigeria – number of dead unconfirmed.

8/24/16  –  Fifteen civilians are drowned in a swimming pool by the Islamic State – Jouseq, Iraq – 15 dead.

8/23/16  –  Two backpackers are stabbed to death at a hostel by a man shouting praises to Allah – Home Hill, Australia – 2 dead.

Editor’s note:  Not all attacks are reported.  We will update this column weekly.  



Chicago Shooting Count

The Chicago shooting count since the beginning of the year, as of 9/2/16, in Chicago is:

2,848 Shooting Victims  (a shooting every 2 hours)

466 Murdered  (a murder every 12 hours)

No word yet from President Obama, Hillary Clinton or Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Editor’s note:  The total count of shootings for all of 2015 is 2,988.  The total murdered in 2015 is 490.  Chicago is well on its way to almost doubling the murder count in 2016.  Notice the rarity of police involved shootings.



Stats Via Chicago Tribune,, WGNTV

Watch this important video.  The truth about Black Lives matter:


The Truth About Black Lives Matter


Great Political Comebacks & Insults in History


Teddy Roosevelt Vs. Everybody    



Teddy Roosevelt, 26th President, 1901 – 1909

State Legislator, Police Commissioner, Governor of New York, worked a ranch in the Dakotas, Secretary of the Navy, fought as a Rough Rider in the Spanish-American War, President for two terms, wrote 35 books, read tens of thousands of books–sometimes several a day, discovered & navigated an uncharted Amazonian river over 400 miles long and named it (Rio Teodoro), earned the Nobel Prize and Medal of Honor (posthumously).


President Roosevelt had no shortage of insults for his adversaries and the less admired:

“When they call the roll in the Senate, the senators do not know whether to answer “Present” or “Not Guilty.”

“A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education he may steal the whole railroad.”

“No one cares about how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

“I could have carved out of a banana a judge with more backbone than that.”

–  On Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.”

“To educate a person in the mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society.”

“Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or leave the country.”  Editor’s note:  I guess he wouldn’t have approved of “press one for English.”

“Please put out the light.”  Last words


What Say You?

Letters From Our Readers

What Do Liberals Want  –  8/27/16

“Sad, but much truth.  God help us.”  KB

“It is so true.  If people could just honestly look at how things are taking place.”  JC

“So true!!  Few people, however, see it for what it is…really, really sad.”  ED

“What Do Liberals Want: Excellent read.  Islamic Terror Update: Frightening.”  Thanks.  AH

Editor’s note:  Your comments are welcome.  We will print them with only your initials.  Just reply to this newsletter.


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Ayn Rand

Russian-born American novelist



“When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you – you know your nation is doomed.”


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A Clear and Present Danger to American National Security Audrey Russo with Paul Vallely, MG USA (ret.)

Audrey Russo is the Host of the weekly REELTalk Radio Show out of NYC.  She is a columnist for @Liberty_GB and and handles Middle East/National Security/Terrorism/Cultural Issues.  Her articles can be read in several other news/opinion journals. She is also a contributor on  Audrey is a SAG-AFTRA member and an active member of the NYC performing arts community as a singer and actor.

Interview with MG Paul Vallely, U.S. Army (Ret.):

It appears, after the past 8 years, our friends and allies are in retreat…can this be reversed? Within the past few days, we’ve experienced 3 more Muslim terror attacks…is this proving the legitimacy of Trump’s call for extreme vetting? Gen. PAUL VALLELY will be here with answers!








Why Has America Lost its Friends and Allies?

The Chessboard is Changing!


By Paul E. Vallely, MG US Army (Ret.)


Published by Stand Up America – August 22 2016

Each day as I watch the news reports from across the globe on recent events, I begin to wonder who our friends are anymore. I ask you to identify who are the friends of the United States? Allies are dropping like flies. We have major problems even defining who our enemies are. Having visited the Middle East (Turkey, Syria, and Egypt) and Europe several times in the past four years, I was witness to the obvious signs of the downward spiral of US credibility and respect we have with our friends, allies, and enemies.

Egyptians cannot understand after 45 years that an American administration would spurn their civil uprising against the Muslim Brotherhood and shut off the US military modernization assistance at a critical time in the Middle East when the security of the Suez Canal is at stake. It appears that this administration continues to cast aside allies, to marginalize our friends, and the number of our enemies seems to be growing.

Do we in fact, have any competent senior government officials or are the only amateurs handling foreign relations and our national security? How many of you see this happening and are you as concerned about this as I am? Any special relationships garnered since World War II appear to have disappeared or are certainly in decline. Maybe many of our old allies have lost confidence in us as a leader in the world. The international chessboard is changing and not changing for the good of America.

We cannot permit the current leaders in the White House and Halls of Congress to continue in their efforts to lead us down the road of Progressive Socialism and destruction of America. We cannot continue to allow our national prestige and honor to be decimated at home or abroad. The chessboard must be reset, and reset now; before chaos and any irreparable damage takes place. The more damage incurred by this nation only means that we will have to endure more pain in order to resurrect the United States international reputation and former standing as the world’s sole super-power. Please do not take my word for it. Just look around and commit yourself to being part of the solution, become a large and major part of resetting the chessboard of the globe.

The current battle that Constitutionalists and Americans face is the incompetence, deceit, fraud, corruption, dishonesty and violation of the US Constitution and oaths of office of certain and well identified elected and appointed officials. To our friends (whomever they may be now), this relates to our national character, our alliances, our mutual security, our interwoven economies, and the trueness and viability of our friendships.

The Obama White House, State Department, and CIA have been peculiarly inept at working with any of our allies and enemies to the point that it has jeopardized some of our most important relationships (Egypt as the current example). Can anyone tell me when our last diplomatic victory occurred?

Hillary Clinton traveled the world, setting new State Department records for burning fuel, with no record of any success diplomatically anywhere that I can document.

John Kerry appears to be following the same path and continually trying to reuse old, tired, and failed ploys. As a result, President Vladimir Putin of Russia rises as a diplomatic hero and has charmed much of the world even though they know the nefarious intentions of the Russian government. I have tried to determine the last diplomatic victory for America and lo and behold, it was in the Reagan era when the ‘Wall” came down and the breakup of the Soviet Union.

No less dismaying is Mr. Obama’s attitude to U.S. friends. A current example of this here is to think that leaving the Israelis open to recent diplomatic attacks regarding the Flotilla blockades into Gaza will buy goodwill in a Middle East.

The still greater folly is to think that distancing ourselves from the Israelis will buy us leverage with the Muslim states. Turkey, an old ally, has now changed the current chessboard and is cozying up with Iran and was responsible for encouraging and supporting the flotilla against the Israeli naval blockade.

Now, it also appears that Saudi Arabia is upset with the way Obama has handled Syria, Iran, and the Palestinian issues. He brought everyone to the brink, then he just washed his hands of it all from the appearances the Saudis and others perceive in favor of talks with Iran and kowtowing to Russia. No one of these moves included discussions with the Saudis and their neighbors.

Is North Korea not already isolated? Is talking to the Iranians in alignment with previous actions? Again, this administration plays into the hand of the enemy while marginalizing friends.

The administration cannot even bring itself to accurately characterize the enemies that it must admit we have. Their National Security strategy declares that we are at war with “Al Qaeda and its affiliates.” Islamist extremists? Jihadis? No, they will not admit that.

Senior officials have repeatedly insisted that they know that radical Islamism runs counter to the authoritative teachings of an altogether peace-loving religion—when the truth is that all religions, including Islam, have within them entirely authentic, deeply rooted, and often sophisticated fanatical streams. In the case of Islam though, it is the controlling factor. This refusal to acknowledge the creed of our enemies is further evidence of a lack of strategic seriousness.

Demand Resignation of derelict and incompetent officials by the people of this country is now required. The Declaration of Independence states:


“To secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.”


The oath of office is simple and reads:


“I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”


Sadly, we have seen them violate their oath, constantly consistently. Fraud, lying, and corruption are rampant and some have engaged in treasonous activities. They effectively thumb their noses at us and have sold you to the highest bidder.

Just take a look at the latest evidence in Congress itself where “extortion” has been uncovered and “get rich” schemes abound through the intentional misuse of campaign funds. The Articles of Confederation were replaced with the Constitution, which granted the federal government enough authority to cultivate, promote, and secure the Blessings of Liberty. The balance of authority and individual liberty was understood. Power was confined to that which was enumerated in the Constitution with a certain and meaningful intent for check and balances. Lincoln issued this warning in his inaugural address:


“Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government and form a new one. This is a most valuable and sacred right – a right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world.”


Being a representative republic, not a democracy, “rising up” means making change other than revolution by force of arms. The people must “rise up” from the grass roots across this great country as we think of the greater good of this and future generations. We are limited in the peaceful transfer of power… forced resignation, natural death, secure elections, and impeachment, but we must act now.

“We the People” have had enough.

The Obama Administration and identifiable Members of Congress are now taking America on a death march and are reducing our country to new lows and jeopardizing our very survival as a nation. We have watched them violate their sacred oath of office. In the end it is imperative that the “people” must open their eyes, educate themselves; decide to Stand Up for this great country and defy those who tear her down and destroy our future and that of our friends as well.

Let us build friendships not destroy them!



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More retired U.S. generals and admirals line up for Trump

More retired U.S. generals and admirals line up for Trump

By John Stryker Meyer/

The number of retired U.S. military generals and admirals endorsing Donald Trump in an open letter has grown from 90 to 162, says the only Holocaust survivor signing it, retired Green Beret Maj. Gen. Sidney Shachnow, a key proponent behind the effort.




Shachnow and retired Rear Admiral Charles Williams organized the letter and signature collection earlier this month, citing Trump’s commitment to rebuilding the military, securing the borders, defeating Islamic supremacy and restoring law and order.

Fourteen Medal of Honor recipients are among the 72 new signatories, Shachnow told from his North Carolina home.

Shachnow, a 40-year Army veteran, who spent 32 of those years with U.S. Army Special Forces – the Green Berets, said he took the “unprecedented” step to get the Trump support letter written and circulated publicly because he felt obligated to speak up. “Historically, I’ve felt that we’re soldiers and we should keep our nose out of politics,” he said. “Today, however, we have two candidates who can affect our country for a generation or more, with the balance on the Supreme Court and rebuilding our military being major issues to our national security.”

His deep concern for the future of America is reflected in Shachnow’s compelling life story.

Holocaust Survivor

During WWII, he was imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp in his native city of Kovno, Lithuania from age 7 to 10. Only five percent of the people in the Kovno concentration camp survived the war. He and his family endured a 2,000-mile, six-month trek across war-torn Europe to eventually land in Salem, Mass.


The massacre of 68 Jews in Kovno Ghetto in June 1941. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

As a Green Beret, he was assigned to the ultra-top-secret Detachment “A” (classified designation: 39th Special Forces Detachment) beginning in 1956 through 1984, when it was called the Physical Security Support Element, Berlin (classified designation: 410th Special Forces Detachment).

Shachnow, now 82, participated in clandestine missions behind enemy lines and later commanded secret missions conducted by Green Berets from Det. “A” and the 410th.

One of his favorite stories while serving in Det. “A” as a young major, stems from an unauthorized mission that he and a few non-commissioned officers took into the subterranean network of underground tunnels and sewers to get the upper hand on East German police.

“We were told the subterranean system was off limits, but I decided in my infinite wisdom that we’d go down there anyway…it was like a desert in that there were no points of reference,” he said. “We ended up using the Hansel and Gretel method of keeping track of where we had been.”

The unauthorized mission brought them into East Germany, and also brought Shachnow before the top commanding general for West Germany, where he was reprimanded for the mission. The reprimand, however, didn’t slow down his service nor his promotions.

Shachnow was the classic Special Forces officer, said retired Chief Warrant Officer James Stejskal, who served two tours of duty with Det. “A” and is the author of the soon-to-be-published book, “Special Forces Berlin: Clandestine Cold War Operations of the U.S. Army’s Elite, 1956-1990.”

Stejskal said the Det. “A” missions were “classic OSS (WWII’s Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor to the CIA) Jedburgh missions, run deep behind enemy lines.

Cold War Command

“Keep in mind,” he said, “during the Cold War, there were only a hand full of us stationed in West Berlin surrounded by more than a million Russian and communist East German military and police in the Warsaw Pact, on a wartime footing.”

Stejskal continued, “General Shachnow came up through the system, survived unreal dangers, both from the Nazis and the Soviets, he took that knowledge and turned it into a successful career where he never forgot his men, his mission and he respected his men, listened to them and let them do their jobs.”

Shachnow was the commanding general of the Berlin Brigade when the Berlin Wall, which the Communists began building in 1961, began to be torn down on Nov. 9, 1989, and it’s where he had a clarion moment in his life.

He was sitting with his Russian counterpart from the Soviet Army and senior KGB officers. “There was a moment when they were laughing and I asked what was so funny,” Shachnow said. “The general pointed out the personal irony for me then. I was a Holocaust survivor living in the villa that Hitler’s Finance Minister, General Fritz Reinhardt, owned and which was Hermann Goering’s headquarters, and I was having dinner with my Russian counterpart and senior KGB officers. The general said, ‘Here you are, a Jew. You were liberated by us, by the Russians (from the Kovno concentration camp). Now you are defending the Germans who had incarcerated you and committed atrocities against your people while you are getting ready to fight us, your new enemy.’ I’ll never forget that.”

Shachnow remains humble to this day. In his book “Hope and Honor,” he wrote about having worked with Communists to transition from a military-seize footing in East Germany to an open society. When he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for his exceptionally meritorious leadership during that period, from December 1989 to August 1991, from Army Gen. John M.D. Shalikashvilli, Shachnow wrote: “I stood proudly as General Shalakashvilli awarded me the Distinguished Service Medal. But, I was even more grateful for the next award” when he presented the Army’s Outstanding Civilian Service Medal to his wife, Arlene, for her devotion and care of military members serving in Germany during those tumultuous years.
John Stryker Meyer is a combat veteran, who served two tours of duty during the Vietnam War with Special Forces serving in the secret war in Laos, Cambodia and N. Vietnam under the Military Assistance Command Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group (SOG). He’s the author of Across the Fence: The Secret War in Vietman and co-author of On the ground: The Secret War in Vietman.

Article here


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Jimmy Carter: Originator of the Orwellian Term ‘Undocumented Immigrant’ By Michael Cutler

Editor’s Note: From our great friend and regular SUA contributor, Michael Cutler,  retired Senior Special Agent of the former INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) whose career spanned some 30 years. He has testified before well over a dozen congressional hearings, provided testimony to the 9/11 Commission as well as state legislative hearings around the United States and at trials where immigration is at issue.

Preamble by Michael Cutler:

As an INS agent during the Carter administration I had a “front row” seat to Carter’s innovative tactics.

However, his innovation is not the sort of innovation that history will look upon kindly. Carter’s despicable use of deceptive language and methodology of manipulating immigration law enforcement set the tone for Bill Clinton and certainly for Obama.

Carter found a way to politicize immigration law enforcement in ways that would ultimately leave our nation vulnerable to terrorists and transnational criminals.

Today Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and a laundry list of other politicians who eagerly put their own ambitions ahead of national security, public safety and the well-being of Americans are simply implementing the strategies Carter devised.

Please forward this e-mail to as many folks as you can.

As Americans, irrespective of race, religion or ethnicity, we are in this battle for survival together.  This is not about being a Democrat, a Republican, a Conservative or a Liberal.  It is not about being an Independent.  This is about being an American!

Those who advocate for the effective enforcement of our immigration laws are not “Anti-Immigrant” but are “Pro-Enforcement.”  To be “Pro-Enforcement” is taking a “Pro-Immigrant” position because under our current immigration laws our nation admits more lawful immigrants than all of the other countries on this planet.  Our immigration laws are utterly blind as to race, religion and ethnicity and must finally be effectively enforced!

Tactics of intimidation and deceptive use of language are the stock and trade of the open borders anarchists.  Anyone who would dare suggest that our government must exercise caution in admitting aliens into the United States to protect the safety and security of America and Americans are quickly branded “racist” and “nativist.”  Their objective is to shut down debate and discourse- the hallmarks of true democracies.

Americans must be willing to stand their ground and not be intimidated by the false accusations- far too much hangs in the balance!

Many people have come to complain that we have become too “Politically Correct” to speak the truth about important issues.  My view is that the artful use of language that has been described as examples of political correctness are in fact, examples of Orwellian “Newspeak.”

Having invoked George Orwell, it is appropriate to consider, a couple of his brilliant quotes:

Political language — and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists — is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.


In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.



So Long…Goodbye America…Auf Wiedersehen…


Jimmy Carter: Originator of the Orwellian Term ‘Undocumented Immigrant’

How the former president manipulated immigration enforcement policy to influence elections.

September 20, 2016

By Michael Cutler

On the tail of the firestorm that Hillary Clinton ignited by describing supporters of Donald Trump as belonging in her “basket of deplorables” because they support immigration law enforcement, purportedly out of xenophobia and other irrational fears, Jimmy Carter went public with his outrageous proclamations that there is a “resurgence of racism”: As CBS News reported,

Carter said some white Americans stay quiet when they see discrimination or segregation, fearful of losing a “privileged” position in society. He said that amounts to acceptance of “discrimination and animosity and hatred and division.”

Carter, a lifelong Baptist, often spoke about his faith during his political career. Now 91, he continues to teach Sunday school several times a month at a church in his hometown of Plains, Georgia.

Carter said he wanted the event to stay nonpolitical, but described “some degree of embarrassment” about the ongoing presidential campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. He said Americans’ multiple races, ethnicities and religions form “a beautiful mosaic” and said the country has been “resilient” following other periods of deep division, including the Civil War.

It was, as you will see, Jimmy Carter who intentionally twisted the public perception about immigration law enforcement for political purposes in ways that most Americans likely don’t know.

The term “alien” has all but been stricken from the vernacular when applied to foreigners who are present in the United States.  Some “journalists” and politicians actually become agitated when the term “illegal alien” is used to describe aliens who are illegally present in the United States, equating that terminology with “hate speech.”

Most folks attribute this attitude to political correctness.  However, this is not at all the case.  Those who attribute the removal of the term “alien” from conversations and even documents that involve immigration to “political correctness” are actually supporting the absurd notion that the term “alien” is a pejorative.  Under Section 101 of the Immigration & Nationality Act (Definitions) an alien is defined simply as: “any person not a citizen or national of the United States.”

There is absolutely nothing insulting about that definition.  It is a statement of fact.  A person who is present in the United States is either a citizen or he/she is not.  A non-citizen is an alien.  There is absolutely nothing judgmental or negative about that term.

The effort to expunge the term “alien” is Orwellian and is attributable to none other than Jimmy Carter who, shortly after he was sworn into office, issued directives to the INS field offices demanding that immigration employees, including the enforcement personnel, immediately stop using the term “illegal alien” to describe aliens who were illegally present in the United States.

I was an INS agent back then and when we got those orders from our bosses we at first thought it was some sort of bad joke.  Then we found out it was no joke.  We were warned that extreme disciplinary measures might be taken against anyone who ignored the admonition about the terminology.

I got so angry I began to refer to illegal aliens not as “undocumented workers,” as we were initially ordered (soon followed by the term “undocumented immigrants”), but as “pre-citizens.”

I knew I was on to something when I receive a phone call, several months later, from a Border Patrol agent who had just arrested a “pre-citizen” and discovered I had the immigration file relating to this individual.  He needed me to send him that file.

The reason that the term “alien” was problematic for Carter is that it provided clarity to the issue of immigration.  Con artists hate clarity.  Burglars prefer to operate in the dark and swindlers seek to keep their victims in the dark.

The goal of referring to illegal aliens as being “undocumented immigrants” was to obfuscate the fact that such aliens had violated our laws that were enacted to prevent the entry of foreign nationals whose presence in the United States would be harmful to America and/or Americans.

Furthermore, aliens have no inherent right to enter the United States or be present in the United States. United States citizens, however, may never be denied entry into the United States.  This is an important distinction.

By using the term “undocumented immigrant” Carter attempted to convince Americans that since the United States is a “nation of immigrants” anyone who would deny immigrants entry into the United States, and worse yet, seek to deport them, was being “anti-immigrant” and un-American.

It was Jimmy Carter who accepted huge numbers of illegal aliens from Cuba fleeing the oppression of Castro’s communist regime.  Embedded within that flow of illegal aliens were criminals and mentally ill Cubans that Castro sent to the United States and that Carter welcomed with open arms.

This parallels the way that Obama and Hillary insist that we admit tens of thousands of Syrian refugees despite the warnings from CIA Director John Brennan that ISIS is attempting to embed its terrorist operatives in refugee flows and the warnings from FBI Director James Comey that there is no way to vet these refugees.

A false narrative has been created that “Latino voters” oppose secure borders and effective immigration law enforcement and want unknown millions of illegal aliens to be granted lawful status.  This notion that an ethnic group of American citizens have goals that are at odds with other Americans is the epitome of racism.

Yet we continually hear the mantra from the pollsters, pundits and politicians that the way to appeal to “Latino voters” is to not enforce our immigration laws.

I know many Americans of Latino ethnicity who are outraged by this false assertion that is divisive and creates the insulting illusion that the great majority of illegal aliens in the United States are Latinos.  In point of fact, it is estimated that nearly half of all illegal aliens present in the United States did not evade the inspections process conducted along the U.S./Mexican border but actually entered the United States through ports of entry, but then went on to overstay their authorized period of admission or otherwise violated the terms of their admission into the United States.

Changing terminology was only the beginning of Carter’s assault on the enforcement of our immigration laws.  During the census that was conducted during his presidency, he ordered that INS agents not arrest illegal aliens without first getting authorization from Headquarters.  We were told that the administration was determined that every illegal alien be counted during the census.

This may, at first blush, sound fairly innocuous.  However, this was an obvious effort to gerrymander the apportionment of the seats in the House of Representatives and, ultimately, the votes in the Electoral College that would directly impact the presidential elections.

Every ten years the official census is conducted to determine, by population, how many seats each state would get in the House of Representatives.  This then determines how many electoral votes each state gets.  At the time of the Carter administration, most illegal aliens lived in large cities which tended to vote for Democratic candidates.  If those cities were determined to have more residents, irrespective of whether or not those residents were America citizens, those states would gain seats in the House of Representatives.

INS agents were outraged by this policy decision promulgated by Jimmy Carter that brought immigration law enforcement to a virtual standstill for months.  However, it was apparently a harbinger of things to come with Mr. Obama and his executive orders.

Carter was literally “playing politics” with immigration law enforcement and, in so doing, established a dangerous and anti-American precedent for those charged with securing our nation’s borders and enforcing our immigration laws.

This has served as the blueprint for the current administration and would also serve as the blueprint for Hillary Clinton, if she is given the chance.

Don’t take my word for it, take her word for it as it appears on her official website wherein she promises that within 100 days of taking office she would push Comprehensive Immigration Reform to provide millions of illegal aliens with lawful status and a pathway to citizenship.

Given the chance, Clinton would make Carter look tough on immigration law enforcement even though the 9/11 commission warned that failures of the immigration system enabled the terrorists to enter the United States and embed themselves.  Even though there are an estimated 95 million working age Americans who have left the labor force and her program would add millions of authorized workers to that overflowing labor pool.

While American schools are struggling to provide quality education to millions of American children, especially within minority communities, if Hillary provided millions of illegal aliens with lawful status, those aliens would immediately have the absolute right to petition the government to have their minor children admitted to the United States legally.

Potentially, millions of these children would be admitted into the United States and immediately be enrolled in schools across the United States with disastrous results for American and resident alien children who are desperate for a good education in those schools.











For those unaware…It’s still our country.


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What Do Liberals Want?

August 27, 2016


What Do Liberals Want? 


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Islamic Terror Update

Great Political Comebacks and Insults in History

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Editor: Ray DiLorenzo



Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely served 32 years in the Army, having retired as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific.


What Do Liberals Want?

Ray DiLorenzo


Liberalism or Progressivism is not about equal rights, a color-blind society, social justice (whatever that means), tolerance, the little guy or comforting the poor.  It’s about CONTROL – creating a secular, socialist society–replacing God with government that reaches its tentacles everywhere. They claim individual empowerment, but are determined to achieve government supremacy.  In essence, it is about Marxism, but in disguise.

The God of the Bible, God-given rights, the concept of sin, absolute right and wrong, the Ten Commandments (not the ten suggestions) after all, does not meet with the approval of the modern liberal (Marxist).  It interferes with their lifestyle.

The greatest objection, I believe, of the liberal to Christianity is the acknowledgement of something bigger and greater than themselves.

To know what liberals want, go to their publications.  Most progressive politicians will never admit they are liberal or say what their true feelings are. They know most Americans would be appalled, but in their writing liberals are becoming audacious.

No magazine, print or online, epitomizes the cancer that is infecting this nation better than Salon Magazine.  Unlike so many liberal politicians and their adherents, Salon says what so many are just thinking but reluctant to say. With Salon Magazine, we have a glimpse into what kind of country modern Democrats like Hillary Clinton want and how they view the world.  Let me give you some sample Salon articles:

The Catholic Church’s American Downfall: Why Its Demographic Crises Is Great News for the Country –  Salon, 5/21/2015

The Rise of Irreligion is the GOP’s Real Demographic Crisis – A widening “Godless Gap”  presents Christian Conservatives With A Choice:  Get With the Times or Shrink to Obscurity – Salon, 8/20/2016

In other words, according to Salon, the GOP must dump Jesus or risk irrelevance in a Post Christian America (Breitbart).

Another good illustration of what liberals want can be found in the homosexual movement, an important tool for destroying the culture. The Gay Rights Platform of 1972, adopted by the National Coalition of Gay Organizations, reveals much.  Some very disturbing demands were revealed but temporarily abandoned by the gay movement when they proved, at the time, to be politically unachievable.

Federal Demands (abridged):

1. Federal encouragement and support for sex education courses, prepared and taught by gay women and men, presenting homosexuality as a valid, healthy alternative.

State Demands (abridged):

1. Repeal of all state laws governing the age of sexual consent (legalize pedophilia).

2. Repeal of all legislative provisions that restrict the sex or number of persons entering into a marriage unit.

3. Repeal all laws prohibiting solicitation for private voluntary sexual liaisons and laws prohibiting prostituiton, both male and female.

For decades, liberals preached tolerance and love, but have given us, instead, bias and hate.  A good example of ‘liberal tolerance’ can be found north of Boston. Gordon College, a small Christian school, bans all sexual relationships outside of marriage, gay or straight (its structures against homosexual acts apply only to behavior not desire).  Because of this, Gordon College is in danger of losing their accreditation, a death sentence to any college.

The gay movement has since achieved government support, passage of hate-crime laws in all 50 states even though they are unconstitutional, passage of laws that make homophobic speech illegal (unconstitutional), permeate every level of government with gay-friendly officials to codify the gay agenda, portray homosexuals as victims, legalize gay marriage to wreck the traditional institution of marriage, attack the Bible and churches, invent new translations of the Bible making it appear to approve of homosexuality.

Liberals must achieve two final things that are vital to complete the control of American society: Destroy the Judeo-Christian culture and repeal of the 2nd Amendment.  The destruction of our Judeo-Christian culture is well underway and should be complete in our lifetime.  Pew Research says 23% of Americans say they are unaffiliated with any religion, up from 20% just three years ago.

Fifty years of secondary school and college indoctrination have left an indelible mark on our culture.

The repeal of the 2nd Amendment will prove to be more problematic. An armed citizenry would be unworkable to any Marxist regime.  An attempt at gun confiscation would be a dangerous proposition for both sides. Liberals will probably have to attack either the manufacturers or what makes guns work, ammunition. Eliminating ammunition will turn all guns into museum curiosities.

What liberals want should be no mystery–control over every aspect of our lives, health care, what you eat, what you think, where you live, where you go to school, what you drive, even who lives and who dies.  Tolerance will go in one direction, theirs.

Liberals (Marxist progressives) like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are true believers.  They will stop at nothing to destroy our freedoms and what our founders have built. Lying and deceit is no stumbling-block.  As Americans, we need to reclaim the power given to us by God and our founding fathers–to control our government rather than having them control us.






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News You Can Use


Trump Favorability Jumps 

43% of voters view Donald Trump favorably, up 5 points since mid August. According to Reuters, Trump’s polling has been heading upwards.  Breitbart

Editor’s note:  It has become obvious that Trump is being attacked from every corner, democrats, many establishment republicans, the news media, polling services.  He must be doing something right.




Clinton’s State Dept. Schedule to be Released After Election

Seven months after a federal judge ordered the State Department to begin releasing detailed daily schedules showing meetings by Hillary Clinton during her time as secretary of state, the government told the Associated Press that it won’t finish the job until after Election Day.

Editor’s note:  Must be very incriminating stuff in those docs!  If she wins the election, her first official duty may be getting finger-printed with full face and profile photos to go with the prints.


Lt. Gen. Flynn: Terror-linked Nations “Cutting Deals” With Cartels

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), told Breitbart News that countries known to support terrorism are “cutting deals” with Mexican drug cartels for access to human smuggling routes into the United States.  Breitbart

Editor’s note:  We reported a similar story involving Hezbollah a year ago and it apparently has expanded. Gen. Flynn also said the Border Patrol showed him photos of signage along those routes written in Arabic.  The signs were guiding the way as you come in.  This should be of no surprise to anyone, but still alarming.




Islamic Terror Update

There were 1551 Islamic terrorist attacks so far in 2016 in 51 countries.  13,790 people were killed with 16,724 people injured.

Some the newest attacks since the last newsletter of 8/20/16:

Note:  There were too many attacks this week to be able to present them all here.

8/24/16  –  Twelve employees of a fruit juice shop are executed by shots to the head by Caliphate members – Bab al-Toub, Iraq – 12 dead.

8/22/16  –  Eight people are killed when a Muslim mob targets Christians following a blasphemy accusation – Talata Mafara, Nigeria – 8 dead.

8/21/16  –  Forty people are executed on a charge of ‘conspiring against Allah’s law.’  –  Mosul, Iraq – 40 dead.

8/21/16  –  A suicide bomber on a motorcycle blow himself up on a bridge, killing three civilians – Mora, Cameroon – 3 dead, 20 injured.

8/20/16  –  A child suicide bomber massacres over 50 people at a wedding, including 22 other children – Gaziantep, Turkey – 51 dead, 94 injured.

8/20/16  –  Fourteen civilians are forced to kneel, then shot in the back of the head by the Islamic State – Mosul, Iraq – 14 dead.

8/20/16  – A man and a woman are stabbed by a radicalized man yelling praises to Allah – Roanoke, Virginia – 2 injured.

8/20/16  –  Four accused homosexuals are thrown off a rooftop by the caliphate  – Mosul, Iraq – 4 dead.

8/19/16  –  A rabbi in orthodox clothing is stabbed by a man shouting praises to Allah  –  Strasbourg, France – 1 injured

8/17/16 – Thirteen ISIS victims are found bound and tortured to death – Fallujah, Iraq – 13 dead.

Editor’s note:  Not all attacks are reported.  We will update this column weekly.  




Great Political Comebacks & Insults in History


Henry Ward Beecher Vs. Hostile Englishman    




Henry Ward Beecher was an abolitionist that liked to speak his mind. When the Civil War began, he bragged that the Union would defeat the Confederates in sixty days.  When he traveled to England, Beecher, while speaking in Manchester, was confronted by a hostile Englishman who cried out, “Why didn’t you whip the Confederates in sixty days like you said you would?” Beecher hesitated only a second and replied:

“Because we found we had Americans to fight this time, not Englishmen.”


Winston Churchill Vs. Prime Minister Clement Attlee




Winston Churchill on Prime Minister Clement Attlee:  “An empty cab pulled up to Downing Street.  Clement Attlee got out.”  Churchill also said of Attlee:  “A modest man with much to be modest about.”

Editor’s note:  Clement Attlee, leader of the opposition Labour Party, succeeded Winston Churchill as Prime Minister in 1945, serving until 1951.


Just For laughs

Babe Ruth




In the early 30’s, because of bad times, Babe Ruth was asked to take a $5000 cut in pay from his $80,000 per year salary.  The Babe declined.  An intrepid reporter commented that Ruth had a higher salary than President Hoover and received a cutting remark:  “Maybe so, Ruth retaliated, “but I had a better year than he did.”  


What Say You?

Letters From Our Readers

Deny, Confuse, Obfuscate  –  8/20/16

“Excellent all around.  Mysterious deaths.  Co-incidence?  And the attorney for Julian Assange.  Priceless comment from General Cosgrove!!  And of course, who didn’t love George Carlin?”  Thank you.  GH

“One of the best ones yet!!!”  RB

“Paul, this is excellent.”  CS

“Today, I can say George Carlin is amazingly profound.”  MD

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