Adm. Ace Lyons Rocks Reclaim America Rally

Editor’s Note – Stand Up America US and MG Paul R. Vallely are partners with Accuracy in Media and close friends with Admiral Lyons. It is time to unite to remove the reprobates from office who are tearing our country apart and after listening to “Ace” speak, you will want to join us now.



Time to STAND UP America. Admiral Lyons spoke at the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi and his biographical snap shot is listed after the video below, a must read to understand what an American hero he is, please view his speech here:

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Some activists believe that America is ready for a second revolution. To this end, the Reclaim America Now coalition met outside the White House to call for a different kind of change: one that involves President Obama’s resignation and the revival of America. WorldNetDaily and The Washington Times covered the event.

“That coalition is composed of about three-dozen conservative groups, including 2 Million Bikers to D.C., Jihad Watch, Freedom Watch, Gun Owners of America, Accuracy in Media, Tea Party Patriots and the Western Center for Journalism,” reported Garth Kant for WND. “About 200 hardy patriots concerned about the direction of the country gathered on a sunny but chilly day to hear speakers call for two goals: The renewal of America and the resignation of President Obama.”

Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi members Roger Aronoff, editor of Accuracy in Media, and Retired Admiral James “Ace” Lyons both spoke at the rally. “The speaker whose one-liners drew the biggest roars was clearly retired Adm. James Lyons, who brought down the house with his bluntly worded, but razor-sharp, assessments of the world today,” reported Kant for WND.

“We’ve become an unreliable ally, which has only emboldened our enemies,” said Admiral Lyons, criticizing the Obama doctrine of defeat. “We are headed in the Navy for the smallest Navy we’ve had since prior to World War I. Not World War II, World War I. The other services are suffering similar reductions. Our national security is being jeopardized,” he said.

“Compounding the problem is the social engineering that has been forced on our military personnel, which has weakened our traditions, customs, morale, and, most importantly, the will to win. This cannot continue.”

The entirety of Admiral Lyons’ speech can be viewed online here or at the end of this article.

The Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi is dedicated to finding the truth behind the attacks in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. Regarding the Benghazi attacks, Lyons remarked that “We had both strategic and tactical warning that an attack was going to occur. We had forces that could have been brought to bear, but weren’t. We need to know who gave the stand down order and [hold] that person accountable.”

As for an agreement with Iran, Admiral Lyons finds this foolish given the country’s long violent history toward America. “So here we have this administration so eager to sit down and sign a document, negotiate, which makes no sense. What would an agreement with Iran mean? The Islamic principle of taqqiya would apply—lying to advance the cause of Islam. This makes no sense.”

To learn more about the truth behind the Benghazi, Libya attacks, please visit our website at


Bio on Admiral Lyons:

Retired Admiral James “Ace” Lyons is a former four star admiral, Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, and the Father of the Navy Seal Red Cell Program.  His other commands include U.S. Second Fleet, NATO Striking Fleet, as well as Seventh Fleet Logistic Force plus several ship commands.  As the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations from 1983 to 1985, he was principal advisor on all Joint Chiefs of Staff matters. He also served as Senior U.S. Military Representative to the United Nations. He is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and has received post-graduate degrees from the U.S. Naval War College and the U.S. National Defense University.

Impeach Holder – Reps. to Introduce Resolution

Editor’s Note – With all the media time now spent on the ObamaCare implosion and our lying President, his administration continues it ways in other areas. But after such a long list of DOJ shenanigans over the past five years, the House is now positioned to impeach Eric Holder.

Here at SUA, we have been calling not only for his impeachment, but for him to also lose his law license forever. It may not move forward, and we doubt he would ever be convicted in the Senate, but the bell must be rung on him. We support these impeachment steps wholeheartedly.

House Republicans to call for Eric Holder impeachment

By John Bresnahan – Politico

A group of hard-line conservative House Republicans will introduce a resolution on Thursday calling for the impeachment of Attorney General Eric Holder.

But there is no sign yet that Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) or other House GOP leaders will act on the measure.

eric-holder-impeach-250x244Rep. Pete Olson (R-Texas) and 10 other House Republicans — including Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and Florida Rep. Ted Yoho — have drafted four articles of impeachment against Holder.

These include allegations that Holder violated federal law by refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena over the botched Fast and Furious gun-walking program; “failed to enforce multiple laws, including the Defense of Marriage Act, the Controlled Substances Act, and the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986,”; did not prosecute IRS employees over allegations the agency improperly handled the applications for nonprofit status by conservative political groups; and misled Congress over whether he was aware of a search warrant issued for the emails of FOX News reporter James Rosen.

“This was not a decision that I made lightly,” Olson said in a statement. “Since the House voted in 2012 to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt, the pattern of disregard for the rule of law and refusal to be forthright has only continued. The American people deserve answers and accountability. If the Attorney General refuses to provide answers, then Congress must take action.”

(QUIZ: How well do you know Eric Holder?)

Boehner’s office declined to comment on the Olson impeachment resolution, referring calls to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.). Goodlatte’s panel would conduct any impeachment hearings against Holder.

In his own statement, Goodlatte was noncommittal on whether he planned to move forward with the resolution, although he did say that Holder should resign for the good of the Justice Department.

“Under Attorney General Holder’s watch, there has been a lack of leadership and a politicization of the Justice Department. Scandals from the Fast and Furious gunwalking operation to the seizure of reporters’ emails and phone records in national security leaks investigations have undermined the Department’s credibility and the American people’s trust. Attorney General Holder has also politicized the rule of law by refusing to enforce laws he doesn’t like.”

Goodlatte added: “The only way to restore credibility at the Department of Justice is through an improvement in the quality of leadership. President Obama should make a change in the leadership of the Department of Justice to restore the confidence of the American people in our nation’s top law enforcement agency.”

(PHOTOS: Eric Holder’s career)

A Justice Department spokesman declined to comment on the impeachment resolution.

But Matthew Miller, a former top Holder aide as DOJ, dismissed it as laughable.

“The first thing I’d say is that I can’t believe they didn’t include Benghazi and the Black Panthers because this is a list of every other Republican bugaboo and conspiracy theory,” said Miller, now a communications consultant on K Street.

“The best thing that could happen to Democrats would be for Republicans to bring this up. The more time they spend on this, the crazier and more out of touch they would look.”

The House approved civil and contempt resolutions against Holder in June 2012 over the Fast and Furious program, the first time that has been done to a sitting Cabinet member. DOJ refused to enforce the criminal contempt resolution, as previous administrations have done. The civil contempt citation is mired in a legal fight in federal court between Justice and House attorneys.

No Cabinet officer has been impeached by the House since Secretary of War William Belknap was impeached in March 1876 , despite the fact that the he resigned minutes before the House vote. The Senate held a trial for Belknap, acquitting him on all five charges. Belknap was never criminally prosecuted over the allegations.

Secret Service Misconduct now in 17 Countries

Editor’s Note – When there is a lack of leadership at the top, where the truth does not rate high, underlings tend to take advantage and misbehave. Now it appears that the Secret Service is once again bending the rules but it’s not just this agency, it pervades them all.

Bad leadership manifests its impact when we see such things take place. When no one is ever responsible for bad deeds, people tend to take that as a license to do what ever they wish. Apparently leadership moves after the 2012 episode had little or no impact. But finally someone has been held accountable; two Secret Service Agents were removed for sending emails now of a provacative nature.

Secret Service officials reportedly accused of misconduct in 17 countries

(Fox News) –

Secret Service officials are being accused of recently engaging in sexual misconduct and other indiscretions in a total of 17 countries, according to a report Friday in The Washington Post.

The paper reported that the claims were made by whistleblowers to a Senate committee. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., top Republican on that Homeland Security subcommittee, told the Post that the accounts contradict claims made by Secret Service leaders that the agency does not allow such behavior.

The shocking allegations follow the April 2012 incident where a number of agents were caught drinking and seeing prostitutes while on assignment in Colombia.

The Post also reported this week that two supervisors were removed from President Obama’s detail and are under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct. The paper reported that two senior supervisors at the agency, Ignacio Zamora, Jr., and Timothy Barraclough, were found to have sent sexually suggestive emails to a female subordinate.

On Friday, the paper reported that in one of the many incidents abroad, a whistleblower said dozens of agents were waiting on a military plane to leave Thailand in 2009, en route to South Korea, but a supervisor stayed behind to find a missing agent.

The agent reportedly was at a Thai brothel, intoxicated, and was later flown back at additional expense on a commercial flight.


Warning – Deming, NM Police Force Man to have Anal Search

Editor’s Note – Here in the southwestern border states of the United States (New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and California) we have much to worry about. Whether its ‘gun walking’, drug trafficking, human trafficking, random road blocks and permanent immigration check points and much more, one thing none of us thought we needed to fear was a forced enema or colonoscopy.

What is craziest about this is the police had to find a second hospital, out of jurisdiction and past the time of the warrant to hold the suspect, to perform repeated anal searches of an innocent man. Why, because he clenched his buttocks on a police stop for not coming to a full stop at a stop sign? A regular guy, a welder, is now being charged for the colonoscopy he never consented to.

The Mayor is defending his town’s police, but at least the town is supporting Mr. Eckert. There should be a sign prior to entering Deming, NM that says: “Free Colonoscopies, Almost Stop Here.” What is happening in America?

We hope David Eckert wins his lawsuit, the Deming, NM Mayor is ousted, and that the police chief gets fired. We also wish to applaud the doctor who initially refused to perform the search. It appears that the first hospital refused to do the search.

Doctors at Members Memorial Hospital refused to cooperate, however, telling officers that the search would be unethical.

We, like the many reporting this story will be following up for you as some of the reports have minor conflicts with one another, but it appears the main stream of the story is true. We also want to know why the Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City, N.M. did not refuse as did the first hospital and doctor.

‘You could never anticipate this happening in the USA’

By Jason Howerton – TheBlaze

What began as a simple traffic stop ended in a humiliating and nightmarish ordeal for a New Mexico man. It won’t come as a surprise to most people why the man has now filed a federal civil rights lawsuit.

The incident began on Jan. 2 as David Eckert was leaving the local Walmart in Deming, N.M. He reportedly failed to make a complete stop at a stop sign, prompting police to pull him over.

The officers asked him to step out of the vehicle and claim the man appeared to be clenching his buttocks, Eckert’s attorney, Shannon Kennedy, told TheBlaze. It is unclear why police removed him from the vehicle in the first place. However, because the cops believed he was clenching his buttocks, they took it as reason to suspect him of hiding narcotics in his anal cavity.

Police officers detained Eckert while they sought a search warrant for an anal cavity search.

“What is so strange about this case is they held him with no evidence,” Kennedy said. “They seized him to collect evidence, to go on a fishing expedition on someone’s body.”

Upon securing the warrant, Deming police officers took the man to an emergency room, but hit their first snag when a doctor refused to perform the anal cavity search because he believed it to be “unethical.”

Deming, N.M. police chief Brandon Gigante (Screenshot / KOB-4)
Deming, N.M. police chief Brandon Gigante (Screenshot / KOB-4)

So police tried again at the Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City, N.M., where doctors agreed to the search.

KOB-TV outlined the disturbing series of events that occurred next, details confirmed by medical records and official documents provided to TheBlaze by Eckert’s attorney:

1. Eckert’s abdominal area was X-rayed; no narcotics were found.

2. Doctors then performed an exam of Eckert’s anus with their fingers; no narcotics were found.phototake_rm_photo_of_doctor_performing_colonoscopy

3. Doctors performed a second exam of Eckert’s anus with their fingers; no narcotics were found.

4. Doctors penetrated Eckert’s anus to insert an enema. Eckert was forced to defecate in front of doctors and police officers. Eckert watched as doctors searched his stool. No narcotics were found.

5. Doctors penetrated Eckert’s anus to insert an enema a second time. Eckert was forced to defecate in front of doctors and police officers. Eckert watched as doctors searched his stool. No narcotics were found.

6. Doctors penetrated Eckert’s anus to insert an enema a third time. Eckert was forced to defecate in front of doctors and police officers. Eckert watched as doctors searched his stool. No narcotics were found.

7. Doctors then X-rayed Eckert again; no narcotics were found.

8. Doctors prepared Eckert for surgery, sedated him, and then performed a colonoscopy where a scope with a camera was inserted into Eckert’s anus, rectum, colon and large intestines. No narcotics were found.

Kennedy told TheBlaze these are undisputed facts from medical records, not claims made by her client.

As he was being detained and probed, Kennedy said Eckert never gave doctors his consent to perform the procedures and protested his treatment, which all arose from the simple traffic violation.

The entire ordeal lasted for roughly 12 hours.

TheBlaze has reached out to the Deming Police Department. This story will be updated should the department respond.

"Fraud in the inducement" – the ObamaCare Fraud, Dems Own It

Editor’s Note – Despite the failures of the roll-out of the website, the millions who lost their plans already, the sticker shock, and the abysmal number of signups (all six on day one), the Democrats never, ever take responsibility for anything. Anything negative that is; remember how Obama and the team ‘spiked the football’ so often after SEAL Team VI took out Osama bin Laden?

The only thing we heard more often than that “gutsy call” on bin Laden was that you could keep your insurance policy if you liked it, along with your doctor and hospital. We were told so many things to sell that abomination called the PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) but we must remind those who support the bill still that it was a unilaterally approved bill (Democrats Only) and it does not live up to any of the hype. It is a total FRAUD!

In reality, this was “fraud in the inducement“, a felonious act:

Fraud in the inducement n. the use of deceit or trick to cause someone to act to his/her disadvantage, such as signing an agreement or deeding away real property. The heart of this type of fraud is misleading the other party as to the facts upon which he/she will base his/her decision to act.

Daily we see that the sycophants, surrogates and Obama himself continue the fraud in the inducement for his signature achievement. But, we must remember and drive the point home; this fraud was shoved down our throats solely by the Democrats. Not one single Republican ever voted for any of it, but now we see many Democrats actually separating themselves as much as possible because it is a ball-and-chain to many who are up for reelection.

CNN is now reporting on the facts, and even Bill Maher is actually calling out Debbie Wasserman-Schulz on it. But that does not stop the “growing chorus of claims that the Republicans sabotaged it”, watch the video from Fox News’ Meghan Kelly on this hypocrisy then read about the rule and the unanimous vote by Democrats that is directly responsible for all the cancellations:


Mary Landrieu of the “Louisiana Purchase” bribe, along with the long list of others who were bought off to vote for the PPACA are singing a different tune now as they face reelection next year.

Video of Senator Mary Landrieu defending the so called Louisiana Purchase.
Video of Senator Mary Landrieu defending the so called Louisiana Purchase.

CNN: Democrats Voted Unanimously for Rule that Led to Insurance Cancellations

By John Nolte of Breitbart

CNN reports that in September of 2010, in an attempt to let people keep their insurance plans, Senate Republicans tried to block the grandfather rule that is currently resulting in millions of Americans having their insurance policies cancelled. Democrats, including many who are facing re-election next year, unanimously voted to support the rule. The result, as we have seen, is two million already losing the insurance plan Obama repeatedly promised they could keep.

In its report, CNN points out that the whole point of the GOP efforts was to protect millions from losing their insurance. So what we have here is yet more proof that the GOP has been warning for years about this avoidable catastrophe, while the media and Democrats covered their ears and screamed happy talk.

In September 2010, Senate Republicans brought a resolution to the floor to block implementation of the grandfather rule, warning that it would result in canceled policies and violate President Barack Obama’s promise that people could keep their insurance if they liked it. …

On a party line vote, Democrats killed the resolution, which could come back to haunt vulnerable Democrats up for re-election this year.

The bad news for Democrats is that every single Senate Democrat facing a tough 2014 reelection — Mary Landrieu, Jeanne Shaheen, Mark Pryor, Kay Hagan and Mark Begich — is now on record voting for a rule that will not only result in up to 20 million losing insurance they were happy with, but doing so after being warned that this would happen.