Christmas 2011 – Time to buy that gun!

Editor’s Note – Once again, SUA would like to point out to our readers that it is vitally important to do just a small amount of research when one hears some rosy picture being painted by politicians, especially about the economy and jobs. When one hears about a banner ‘Black Friday’, its easy to say: Good News!

But when you peel back the top layer, you find out that one reason for the supposed great number of Christmas sales was the fact that people are scared, how so?…by the product they choose over toys to buy, in record numbers, and at all times, the Christmas season.

When you have only so many dollars to spend, and you decide between food, or toys…or dare we say…guns and ammo…that speaks volumes. What are we afraid of? Ahem, people are afraid of total chaos…an economy about to completely go to the land of the ‘unexplained’, at least on a political basis.

The theme this year is…2012, are the stories true? Or is it a case of the self-fulfilling prophecy of gloom and doom? With so many ‘trigger’ points across the globe and at home, people are scared – guns’n ammo scared!

Those who wish to take advantage of such talk…will indeed take advantage, its the power they crave. Watch people like Iran’s Ahmadinejad…the original “12’er”, planning on the Mahdi arriving, in a world of chaos. They are planning on it, predictions or tales, either true or not, they plan to make it true!

When you read this article, dig beneath the suppositions as well; just like other numbers, the story is hidden beneath. They are grasping at straws, because they have no numbers on who was buying, but be assured, they are buying…legally!

This is not Fast & Furious at the border, these are your neighbors, and just maybe, its not about criminals, maybe its about who has the power – read – martial law someday…coming to a store near you?

FBI: Holiday gun sales at record levels

Background checks required to buy firearms

Record ammunition sales - why?

By Carol Cratty CNN

December holiday shoppers were not just interested in buying the hottest electronics and toys — they also were purchasing record numbers of guns, according to the latest FBI figures on background checks required to buy firearms.

With a few days left in December, the FBI reports the number of background checks has already topped the previous one-month record — set only in November — of 1,534,414 inquiries by gun dealers to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System also known as NICS. Almost half a million checks were done in just the last six days before Christmas.

Two days before Christmas, NICS ran 102,222 background checks, which was the second-busiest day in history. The one-day record was set this year on Black Friday, the big shopping day following Thanksgiving, with 129,166 searches. By comparison, the previous one-day high was set November 28, 2008, when gun dealers made slightly less than 98,000 requests for background searches.

It’s not possible to tell exactly how many guns have been purchased because buyers often take home more than one gun. But most people pass the background checks. Only 1.3% of the searches result in people being denied permission to buy a weapon, said FBI spokesman Steve Fischer.

FBI officials did not offer a theory on the spike in gun sales. It’s also not clear how many of the background checks were for people who never had owned guns before and how many were for gunowners adding to their collections.

The National Rifle Association says the figures indicate more people feel they need guns for self defense.

“I think there’s an increased realization that when something bad occurs, it’s going to be between them and the criminal,” NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told CNN. Arulandandum said Americans realize police cannot be everywhere there’s trouble and also that some officers are being laid off due to budget cutting.

The NRA spokesman also said an increased number of Americans are participating in skeet shooting and other gun sports.

A leading gun-control organization says repeat buyers most likely are responsible for the holiday surge in guns sales.

“The research we’ve seen indicates fewer and fewer people are owning more and more guns,” said Caroline Brewer of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. “All the trends indicate the number of Americans who own guns has declined.”

“It would appear because of fear-mongering by the NRA since (President Barack) Obama’s election that people are adding more guns to their arsenals out of fear Obama and the Democrats will take away their guns, which is absurd,” said Brewer.

U.S. Loses Another Drone, This Time In Afghanistan

By Robert Johnson

Business Insider

At 3:15 EDT no major U.S. news agencies have picked up the report.

There have been no solid confirmations on this report, but following the loss of a Sentinel RQ-170 drone to Iran and the loss of a second drone in the Seychelles earlier this month, reports are coming out of Afghanistan/Iran that the U.S. has lost another UAV.

The Avenger - Taliban claims it is responsible for downing yet another drone.

PressTV reports that Afghan officials claim the drone crashed in Afghanistan’s southeastern province of Paktia.

The news agency also says a statement released by NATO forces Tuesday confirmed the crash, but is calling it an “emergency landing due to technical malfunction.”

Spokesman for the Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid claims his group shot the drone from the sky, saying the Taliban have shot down several aircraft over Afghanistan this year.

The BBC Pashto site has a picture of a crashed drone. The site’s in Arabic, but check out the picture here.

The Khaama Press, an online Afghan site, confirms the drone went down due to technical problems and was not shot down by the Taliban.

Since these aren’t the most well known and respected news sites, it’s probably wise to take the reports with a grain of salt. Just as interesting as the U.S losing another drone is that the claim can now be made, and given the U.S.’s recent record, it’s not entirely unbelievable. Regardless, it could be an interesting addition to the propoganda coming out of Iran recently.

Interfax also reports the drone crash via The Voice Of RussiaInterfax is a non-governmental news agency based in Moscow that says the crash occurred near Paktia, and the city of Ahmadabad.


Islamists want to hide the ‘idolatry’ of the Pyramids

Editor’s Note – As SUA has been reporting since the beginning of the end of the Mubarak Regime in Tahrir Square, we cautioned: “be careful what you ask for, you might just get it”. In the case of Egypt, even the most naive are seeing that the big run to democracy in Egypt has unearthed the vileness, the very evil, Mubarak has been holding down for over 30 years.

Yes, he was a dictator, a strong man, a cruel ruler, but he was such, over an even more evil under current. One that only those who truly understand these emerging enemies have warned you about. Now, even the ‘strange bedfellows’ of support are seeing the underbelly of the Middle East and the Magreb. What is strangest about the following article, is the picture of the ‘Robbers Tunnel’. Why, because it was the Muslim Caliph al-Ma’mun who hired the robbers around AD 820. Funny thing…History!

We say it again…It is ISLAM…get used to it, you, or more likely your kids, will be fighting them…again, just as Jefferson understood in the infancy of our own democracy. However, our democracy was well designed and created, in a republic form, just to make sure the tyranny of the majority, and the knee-jerk reactionaries could not ruin it for the rest of us. To make sure a religion could not take over, even this one, truly an ideology cloaked in a religious form.

Pandora’s Box, its been kicked over, and its evil is oozing out…

The Salafist party’s plan for the Pyramids? Cover them in wax


Mail Online

The pyramids at Giza are the most stunning sight I have ever seen. True, their lonely eminence is threatened by Cairo’s unlicensed building sprawl, with half completed houses inching their way towards them. Surveying them at night as the calls to prayer multiplied into a thunder of sound from central Cairo already told me a few years back what was coming.

For now members of the Nour (The Light) Salafist party, which won 20 per cent of the vote in recent elections, are talking about putting an end to the ‘idolatry’ represented by the pyramids.

This means destruction – along the lines essayed by the Afghan Taliban who blew up the Banyam Buddhas – or ‘concealment’ by covering them with wax. Tourists would presumably see great blobs rather than the perfectly carved steps.

Wonder: The Pyramids at Giza are under threat from destruction or 'concealment' by covering them with wax

This last suggestion was made by Abdel Moneim Al-Shahat, a Nour candidate for parliament. Apart from wanting to do away with this ‘rotten culture’, this gentleman also wants to ban the Nobel prize winning novels of Naguib Mahfouz, one of many great Egyptian writers.

I suppose they could call in the great Bulgarian artist Christo, who specialises in putting curtains across the Grand Canyon or surrounding Pacific atolls in fetching pink cloth? But I doubt they have heard of him.

Salafism means reverting to the mores of the founding generation of Islam, for the close companions of the Prophet were called Salafi meaning ‘pious founders’. Since the last adherent of ancient Egyptian religion allegedly converted (to Christianity) in the fourth century AD, the original Salafists had little to worry about the pyramids and left them alone.

But not their 21st century successors, who also want what they call ‘halal’ tourism, with women told to dress decorously and no alcohol, something pretty general already in conservative Egypt. The Salafists want segregated beaches, which will not go down well with visitors to Sharm el Sheikh.

Tourism accounts for 11 per cent of Egypt’s $218billion GDP. Right now, hotels and resorts report falls in occupancy from 90 to 15 per cent.

Grand: Today tourists can go into the Great Pyramid via the Robbers' Tunnel dug by workmen employed by Caliph al-Ma'mun around AD 820.

This is bad news for the 3million Egyptians who depend on the 14million tourists who visit Egypt each year.

The people affected are not simply waiters and chambermaids, but taxi drivers, camel and horse ride touts, shop and stall owners and ordinary villagers who make a bit on the side providing tea and snacks for Nile cruises.

One of the great tragedies of what is afoot in the Middle East is the extinction of the last vestiges of a vibrant, cosmopolitan culture, as represented by another great Egyptian novelist, the Cairo dentist, Alaa Al Aswany, author of the remarkable Yacoubian Building.

It is becoming hard to recall that in the 1950s – under King Farouk – Egypt had a thriving film industry, producing 300 movies a year, and that its national chanteuse, Umm Kulthum, was worshipped throughout the Middle East.

But now the fanatics are in the saddle, so its good bye to all that. We’ll have to wait for fundamentalism to fail, as Nasserite ‘national socialism’ did before it. For Nour and the like surely have no answers to the problems of contemporary Egypt.


Environmentalist/Socialist Nazi Roots

Editor’s Note – Like many things brought before us today, they are recycled ideas that failed miserably each and every time they were presented. The name Nazi, comes from the German party name; National Socialist German Workers’ Party, and part of their rise to power stemmed from several things we see foisted upon us today.

Obama Care is a major item from the National Socialist Medicine idea employed in Germany between 1918 and 1945. Additionally, the environmentalist movements are discussed below where the roots stem from the evils of controlling the masses. Almost a new form of eugenics, the idea of creating the super race that began in America before Hitler took over..

Green is the New Brown

By Timothy Birdnow

American Thinker

Opponents of the radical environmentalist movement and it’s steadfast promotion of the fundamental restructuring of human civilization have long argued that the reek of National Socialism clings to the modern Green movement. Mark Musser made that very case here at American Thinker.

As Mark points out;

“From his memoirs, Albert Speer recalled that many of his German compatriots sought what he described “a close contact with nature.” He went on to say that their love affair with the great outdoors “was not merely a romantic protest against the narrowness of middle-class life. We were also escaping from the demands of a world growing increasingly complicated.” It was in fact a world which they largely disdained, full of varied responsibilities and demands of them which they would rather not do. In their mind, such an ‘artificial’ world could be overcome through mountain climbing, “often, from the mountain tops, we looked down upon a gray layer of cloud over the distant plain. Down there lived what to our minds were wretched people; we thought we stood high above them in every sense.”

(See Musser’s book Nazi Oaks for an in-depth study of Nazi environmentalism.)

Ideas do not go away, they are either fully discredited over time or undergo a metamorphosis’. In the case of Fascist/Nazi thinking the case can be made that it – along with it’s poison-kissing cousin Marxism – has gone into the Green movement. The Marxists used to say “first Brown then Red”, well now it’s “first Green then Brown then Red”. Certainly the goal of the Gang Green is to redistribute wealth, to establish crony capitalism (the economics of Fascism) and empower world government. While Fascism did not go in for Internationalism, it was quite gung-ho on crony capitalism, regulation, and redistribution of wealth.

Perhaps the most evil idea to take root under National Socialism was the concept of “Blood and Soil”, an idea stemming from Darwinian Natural Selection. “Blood and Soil” was the romantic notion that a People were evolved by the climate, landscape, and general environment to be what they are, and in the case of Germany many believed the deep, dark forests, the oaks and pines, the mountains and streams, had shaped the German People in character and indeed even in racial aspects. Blood and Soil meant that the People and the land were one. Part of the hatred of the Jews (and Gypsies, and other “outsiders”) was that they were invasive species, rather like Kudzu or Zebra Mussels, imported from abroad. The Jews were seen as not just invasive rivals but particularly artificial, having inhabited close-knit communities usually in cities in Europe. The Nazis saw them as having been molded and shaped by a pathological and artificial environment, and believed they were soiling the pure Germanic blood.

In Missouri the Department of Conservation encourages fishermen to catch as many Kentucky Bass as possible, and if they aren’t going to keep them to toss them on the banks; they are an aggressive feeding species that crowds out the Large and Small Mouthed cousins. “Blood and Soil” sought to do likewise, exterminating the human “weeds”.


“Blood and Soil” is making it’s grand return! It’s called Climate Reductionism. and it is nothing but a new spin on an old, terrible idea.

In a research paper by Mike Hulme, courtesy of Judith Curry:

“This paper traces how climate has moved from playing a deterministic to a reductionist role in discourses about environment, society and the future. Climate determinism previously offered an explanation, and hence a justification, for the superiority of certain imperial races and cultures. The argument put forward here is that the new climate reductionism is driven by the hegemony exercised by the predictive natural sciences over contingent, imaginative and humanistic accounts of social life and visions of the future. It is a hegemony which lends disproportionate power in political and social discourse to model-based descriptions of putative future climates. Some possible reasons for this climate reductionism, as well as some of the limitations and dangers of this position for human relationships with the future, are suggested.”

So “Blood and Soil” are making a comeback! It would seem Green is the new Brown!

Timothy Birdnow is a St. Louis based writer. His website is

Do nothing, not a good business plan nor foreign policy advantage

Editor’s Note – Yet another senior military leader questions the current administration’s diplomatic skills, or severe lack thereof. Additionally, he questions Obama’s leadership, or lack thereof, and his advisers and their roles in counseling the President with current foreign understanding, and again, the lack thereof!

Sitting on our hands is no longer an option

By Adm. James A. Lyons

The Washington Times

Now that the last U.S. troops have withdrawn from Iraq, the question of how to deal with Iran’s aggression and its drive to develop a nuclear weapon remains less than clear. At the White House meeting on Dec. 12 between President Obama and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, only passing recognition was given to these two issues.

Mr. Obama warned Iran not to meddle in Iraq. I am sure the fanatic mullahs will view the president’s warning as just another hollow gesture. The Iranian rulers know that when they directly confront the United States, they have nothing to fear because our leaders have shown they lack the political will to respond. Regretfully, this has included every administration from President Carter’s to Mr. Obama’s.

The political tenure of Mr. al-Maliki’s regime is dependent on his main ally, the anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who spends most of his time in Iran. One of the key conditions for his support, as dictated by Iran, was that there would be no U.S. military remaining in Iraq after Dec. 31. Furthermore, the Hezbollah-trained cleric has declared U.S. Embassy personnel as an “occupation force” that Iraq rightly should attack. So much for democracy in Iraq. How comforting.

After the U.S. has suffered more than 4,400 troop fatalities and tens of thousands injured, plus expending almost $1 trillion, why have we not been able to negotiate future arrangements with Iraq that better serve U.S. interests? The answer lies with Mr. al-Maliki’s and President Obama’s agenda.

Mr. al-Maliki’s uncooperative actions should come as no surprise. He fled Iraq on July 16, 1979, and spent most of his exile for 24 years in Iran and Syria as a “guest” of the regimes. Mr. al-Maliki has been in the service of the Dawa Islamic Party since his college days in Iraq. The Dawa Party was an organization of secret military cells with close links to the fanatical revolutionary regime in Iran. As a political officer for Dawa, Mr. al-Maliki developed close ties with the terrorist group Hezbollah and particularly with Iran. We can expect Mr. al-Maliki to do just enough to keep our dollars flowing.

Not surprisingly, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has said he has no confidence in Mr. al-Maliki. The king further stated, “I don’t trust this man. He is an Iranian agent.” He has opened the door for Iranian influence in Iraq. It is interesting to note that in 2007, then-Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. Carl Levin, plus several other U.S. politicians, called for Mr. al-Maliki’s removal from office. Yet as secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton, along with the rest of the Obama administration, ignored Mr. al-Maliki’s stealing of the election in 2009 from pro-Western former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi. Any other outcome would not have served Mr. Obama’s engagement agenda.

Mr. Obama’s engagement policy with our sworn enemies, more accurately described as “appeasement,” has weakened U.S. credibility and influence throughout the Middle East and elsewhere. The administration’s Arab Spring political tactics have been a disaster. Political factions representing both the Islamic Jihad and the Muslim Brotherhood have gained commanding positions in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. In Syria, the administration has failed to back the pro-Western opposition forces. In 2009, Mr. Obama also failed to support the “Green Revolution” in Iran because, he stated, it would be “counterproductive” for the United States “to be seen as meddling” in Iran’s domestic affairs. What nonsense.

When Muslim Brotherhood front representatives are brought in to provide advice to our military and government agencies, red flags should go up. This would have been like having KGB agents advise our government on how to combat the old Soviet Union. When this action is combined with the Obama administration’s repeated directives prohibiting the use of terms such as “Islamic terrorism,” “Islamist” and “jihadist” to describe radical Islam, one easily could conclude that we have a pro-Islamist administration in Washington.

Nonetheless, we still must deal with Iran’s unrelenting progress toward achieving nuclear-weapon capability. With the apocalyptic mindset of the fanatic mullahs, containment is not an option. Regime change is the only solution. Even though the Green Revolution was crushed in 2009, there are some encouraging signs that the anti-regime opposition forces are still alive. According to recent reports, there has been a fivefold increase in the number of explosions at Iranian pipelines and refineries. The massive explosions at Isfahan and the Bedganet air base where Gen. Hassan Tibrani Moghaddam was killed and about 180 Shabab-3 ballistic missiles were destroyed was encouraging.

While these are helpful signs, much more needs to be done. The recent sacking of the United Kingdom’s embassy in Tehran by the goons from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Basij paramilitary force has helped unite Europe. The United Kingdom has imposed sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank. We should support that move by:

  • Imposing sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank.
  • Supporting the United Kingdom’s call for a European embargo on Iranian oil. Europe buys about 25 percent of Iran’s oil exports, but that represents just 5 percent of Europe’s oil imports. We should broker a deal with Saudi Arabia to fill this gap to maintain oil price stability.
  • Encouraging the French to cut off satellite service to Iran. Iran’s TV networks are broadcast through the French-owned Eutelsat.
  • Covertly assisting anti-regime forces in continuing to sabotage Iran’s critical installations as well as nuclear installations.
  • Refining our plans for strikes on Iran to include not only its nuclear installations, but also military targets in order to assist opposition forces when they rise up to overthrow the regime. The fear that the general population would rally around the rogue regime is unfounded.

Finally, we need to actively support the opposition forces in Syria to rid Iran of a key ally.

Retired Adm. James A. Lyons was commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and senior U.S. military representative to the United Nations.