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April 1, 2017

What To Do About Sanctuary Cities


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Stand Up America US Foundation is a network of patriotic Americans who wish to return America to its Constitutional roots.

General Paul Vallely and the SUA staff are committed to educating their followers and assisting pro-active groups in righting the ship of state.  Your donation is important to us and will assist in this historic effort.  Please join us today.

Editor: Ray DiLorenzo


Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely served 32 years in the Army, having retired as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific.

What To Do About Sanctuary Cities

“Where law ends, tyranny begins.”

President James Monroe

Ray DiLorenzo


The problem of sanctuary cities is no longer a social issue, it is now firmly a public safety issue – a public safety issue ignored by many cities.

Criminal alien crime is at levels never before seen. The states, in cooperation with the mainstream media, are satisfied to leave the public ignorant as to the extent of the problem. Many in the MSM don’t even allow the term ‘illegal immigrant’ to appear in print. Most states do not publish stats nor does the media report on illegal alien crime lest it becomes heated conversation at the dinner table. The stats are out there, waiting to be released or dug out of hiding.

Victims and families of alien crime have been forced into the shadows; their personal tragedies are forever silenced because of political correctness, political expediency and special interests.

We were able to dig these facts out:

In just one week in February, ICE tried to deport around 3,000 illegal aliens convicted or arrested for crimes. ICE only asked to have the inmates held for 48 hours until ICE could reclaim the inmate for deportation.

Fox News recently reported that ten cities released about 600 inmates, refusing to cooperate with federal authorities.  The top five are:

Los Angeles – 162          

New York – 73                  

Kern County, CA – 65       

Clark County, NV (Las Vegas) – 54      

San Diego County – 44


The crimes associated with these illegal aliens are:


Domestic Violence




Drug Possession

In many states, illegal alien crime accounts for over 30% of murders. To illustrate how bad the problem is:

  1. Between 2008 – 2014, 40% of all murder convictions in Florida were criminal aliens.  New York was at 34%, Arizona at 18%.
  2.  During those years, criminal aliens accounted for 38% of all murder convictions in the five states of California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, and New York.  In Texas, illegal aliens account for an average of 472 murders per year.
  3.  38% represents 7,085 murders.
  4.  The murder rate by criminal aliens is typically 3X the illegal population.


Note: About 90% of incarcerated criminal aliens are illegal aliens. Stats are from the Government Accountability Office.

This is a Constitutional rights and public safety issue. By picking and choosing which laws to accept, lawmakers are promoting anarchy. People are being killed, robbed and assaulted. The citizenry has a right to be protected, feel secure in their homes, on the streets and in public places.

Even a Los Angeles Times columnist, George Skelton, published a column Thursday morning in which he marveled that Democrats in the California State Legislature cannot bring themselves to ensure the deportation of violent illegal alien felons.

Mr. Skelton noted that Democrats wouldn’t even consider “perfectly sensible” Republican bills to go forward that allow – not require – local law enforcement to contact federal immigration officials if they were about to release an illegal alien who had already served a previous sentence. Fox News, Breitbart

The controlling Democrat elites and those who follow them are as dangerous as street criminals or Islamic terrorists. By harboring these criminals, they have become accessories to the murders, assaults, burglaries, robberies, drug possession crimes and drunk driver accidents. Just last week in Ohio, a drunk illegal alien struck a car killing the three people inside.  

We have a political party that thinks more highly of their interests in protecting undocumented workers than in upholding the laws they took an oath to enforce. Many of these state and city governments have become corrupt criminal organizations. Their leaders should be prosecuted under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).  It would certainly be a new application of the act, but these state and local governments could be argued as being corrupt organizations.





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Here Comes the Judge!


Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox’s Senior Legal Analyst, is back on the air!  The judge was removed from the lineup after he claimed that President Obama surveilled Trump Tower, as told by reliable sources.  The judge stands behind his claim. “…the American public needs to know more about this rather than less..”  Yahoo, RedState

Editor’s note:  Even for the short time the Judge was off the air, he was sorely missed.  Welcome back, Judge!

Swedish Feminists Flee Suburbs

Feminists in Stockholm are leaving areas like the migrant-heavy, no-go zones of Husby and Tensta because they say that Islamic fundamentalists have taken over and now rule those areas.

Editor’s note: An American filmmaker, Ari Horowitz, was attacked in Husby last year during an investigation into Swedish no-go zones.  A Norwegian film crew was attacked in May attempting to interview Swedish economist and author Tino Sanandaji. No-go zones represent an unspoken admission by Muslims that they have no intention of assimilating.

Education – Yes, Common Sense – NO

In a 60 Minutes Sunday report, the popular news show admits that the audience for “fake news”, tailored to the left, is mostly “affluent and college educated.”  Breitbart

Editor’s note: To the modern college student immersed in liberal ideology, this is no surprise. There are only a relatively few independent thinking students today. The rest will happily follow the Pied Piper over the cliff.   

Two State Solution?



A million dollars has been raised to cover the cost of putting it on the ballot for 2018.  Fox News

Editor’s note:  West California would probably start life in the red, a deep red.

Organizer of Women’s March Stripped of Citizenship–Deported   

Convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Yousef Odeh, an organizer of a Day Without a Woman has been deported in exchange for no jail time for failing to disclose the conviction on her U.S. Visa application. The 69-year old Palestinian activist was convicted in the 1969 supermarket bombing in Israel that killed two Hebrew University students. She served ten years and was released after a prisoner exchange. Washington Times, Canada Free Press

Editor’s note:  This is another example of the people the left is willing to align themselves with to further their agenda.

            Rasmea Odeh spent 10 years in prison for her part in 2 terrorist bombings.

Ford Motor Company Jobs in Michigan
Ford will invest $1.2 billion to build or modernize three facilities in Michigan. President Trump tweeted “Car companies coming back to U.S. JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!.”  Washington Times
Editor’s note:  Although expansion planning takes years, it’s odd that all these manufacturers have been making their final decisions and announcments these last few months. Could it be they see a favorable business climate on the horizon?  CNN reported in January, 2017 that Ford was cancelling a Mexico plant creating 700 new jobs in the U.S.

Nutty Professor Wants To Vomit When People Respect Military

Drexel University professor, George Ciccariello, mocked the Armed Forces by tweeting, “Some guy gave up his first-class seat for a uniformed soldier. People are thanking him. I’m trying not to vomit or yell about Mosul.” This man also tweeted in December that all he wanted for Christmas was white genocide…and he teaches politics and global studies to college students. Tea, Daily Wire

Editor’s note:  Yes, we have freedom of speech. But, along with that freedom comes responsibility. Should we allow college professors and instructors to vigorously teach hate?  This man is certifiable. He belongs on a soap box, not in any teaching institution. Brian Satterfield, a Villanova University Faculty Associate said it well, “The faculties of universities across the country are 95% liberal. They view free speech as the enemy of moral truth [their moral truth]… It has to be tamped down.” Actively teaching hatred of country and our institutions to young impressionable minds should be considered a national security issue, no different than a mosque teaching hatred of anyone who has different beliefs. Shame on Drexel!



Say What?


“Terror attacks are part of living in a big city.”

Sadiq Khan, London Mayor

Warning:  To the liberal, this short article will be politically incorrect.

Where are the ‘stiff upper lip’ Londoners I’ve often read about? Where is the British bulldog mentality? Where are the people that stared Adolf Hitler down until he blinked?

Now, you get attacked again and we see tea lights, heart-felt speeches, flowers and a moronic mayor that tells you to get used to it. It’s no different than the Minoans dancing around a bonfire hoping to make the evil spirits go away.

Like so many other cities in Europe and the United States, London, apparently, has been taken over by snowflake liberals. Their willingness to ‘walk the plank’ to prove their moral superiority is dimwitted and suicidal.

The enemy’s tactics have changed, but the goal remains the same…our demise. The freedoms we enjoy in the West are being used against us, but too many are in denial. They refuse to see the obvious. It goes against everything their whiny liberal teachers taught them.

It is true that not all Muslim immigrants are jihadis, but enough of them are jihadis to pose a real threat to the existence of Western civilization. As we speak, Islamists in Europe are building parallel societies. Monsignor Carlos Libertate, in Rome, said in January that, “In ten years the entire European continent will be Islamic.”

Europe is experiencing a slow death by an enemy with patience and perseverance.

European leaders have now achieved the height of absurdity. They haven’t figured out yet that they are under a surreptious attack with thousands of Islamists waiting for orders. The free flow of blood is no impediment to them. Being pacifist, offering a flower or insisting all cultures are equal will not change the enemy’s objective.

Breitbart, Christian Today, Arutz Sheva, The Times of Israel



In Case You Missed It

States With Most Births Paid by Medicaid 

Medicaid (taxpayer) now pays for 50% of births in the United States with New Mexico leading at 72% of all births

Nevada is at 64%

Louisiana at 65%

Wisconsin at 64%

Arkansas at 67%

Mississippi at 64%

Kaiser Family Foundation

Approximately 75 million people are now on Medicaid…

a totally unsustainable program either by design or stupidity, but probably both!

Our leftist politicians have successfully created a nation of dependents and are working at breakneck speed toward the United Socialist States of America, and what is worse, they are no longer hiding it.  It is no mystery why, to them, Trump is enemy #1.


Comedy Break…Sort Of




Total shot in Chicago this year – 733, killed 133


What Say You?

What To Do About Trump – 3/25/2017

“I am all for investigating any ties with Russia by our officials. Let’s start with Hillary giving 20% of our uranium to Russia and where did she put the payoff? When do we get around to investigating the Clinton Foundation? Is Comey owned by the Clintons since he received millions from the foundation? Is Comey in fear for his life since he knows better than anyone the unsolved murders around the Clintons?”  PBE

“I enjoy reading every word. Thank you.”  UB

“Yes Paul, the “Legislative branch has become dysfunctional” but both houses are under Republican control.” TT

Editor’s note: Yes, the Republicans control both Houses and that certainly presents its own set of problems, but Democrats are determined to place roadblocks at every turn.  They no longer present even the resemblance of bi-partisonship, all for the privilege of hating Trump.

Comments are greatly appreciated.

If you would like to comment, just respond to this newsletter.


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President Trump signed into law declaring National Vietnam War Veterans Day

Thank you for your service – you deserved better!


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Timeless Quotes

“I give my head, my heart, and my life to my God and one nation indivisible with justice for all.”

Editor’s note: Contractors began working on four classrooms of Emerson High School in Oklahoma. They knew their remodel would improve education but they never expected it would impact local history. Looking to upgrade the rooms with new whiteboards and smartboards, they removed the old chalkboards only to find another set of chalkboards underneath, untouched for almost 100 years, dated November 30, 1917.  This is part of what they found:


                                             A turkey marks the celebration of Thanksgiving


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What is the least diverse place in America? by Charlie Kirk

What is the least diverse place in America? 

By Charlie Kirk

What is the least diverse place in America? It’s the institution that most actively seeks racial, ethnic, gender, and cultural diversity: the college campus! Colleges want students to look different, but think the same. Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, explains:

It’s appalling that, in the 21st century, there is still so little diversity on American college campuses.

This. Cannot. Stand.

It’s not who we are. It’s intolerable. It’s time we demand a change. It’s time to stage a protest, to storm the dean’s office. We will not be ignored.

Diversity is our strength. I’m not talking about diversity of skin color. Been there, done that. Today’s campuses are more racially integrated than at any time in history.

And I’m not talking about gender diversity. Women already make up the majority of college graduates. And if your concern is non-binary gender, there is no place on earth more accepting of hims, hers, zims and zirs than a college campus. I’m not even talking about sexual diversity. You can pretty much experiment with anyone you want, in any way you want, as long as you get a consent form signed and notarized in advance.

No, the diversity I’m talking about is diversity… of thought! Let me say it again, in case you missed it: Diversity of thought.

That’s right: people expressing different points of view on an issue. At most colleges today, that’s a dangerous, revolutionary idea – if that different point of view is not on the left. The moment you enter college, you enter an indoctrination center. Remember orientation week? It starts there and never stops. They tell you to be open-minded, but they don’t really mean it. Almost all your professors are on the left – nearly 12 to 1, left to right, according to a recent study by Econ Journal Watch. There are many departments at many colleges that don’t have a single conservative voice. The administration invariably supports leftist positions. And, all those diversity administrators – they depend for their livelihood (that means their paycheck) on creating victims.

Diversity of race, or gender, or sexuality, or any of the other distinctions du jour that universities glorify are, at best, superficial and, at worst, just plain destructive. It’s destructive to any real learning. If you don’t study Shakespeare because he was a white male, you have been deprived of learning from the most brilliant playwright who ever lived.

And it’s destructive of a peaceful campus environment because it pits racial, ethnic, and gender groups against one another. In other words, diversity, as practiced on your typical college campus, divides – not unites – people.

And diversity of thought? The free exchange of ideas? You know, what college is actually supposed to be about? Not happening.

If you’ve been in college for a few years, ask yourself this: When was the last time you heard a professor or a TA make the argument that capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any other economic system? Or that socialism always leads to poverty? Or that the post-World War II order created by America has been the freest and most prosperous time in human history? Or that the cause of high crime rates in black communities has very little to do with historic racism? And God forbid if a conservative speaker should show up on campus and dare to say any of these things.

Turning Point USA is leading the charge to restore freedom of thought in higher education.

Our activists and student leaders are out on their campuses every single day organizing groups, challenging the status quo, and promoting our message to an audience that desperately needs to hear it.

It takes so much bravery and boldness to do this.


Our chapter at East Carolina University brought Tomi Lahren to campus on Monday. Over 700 students came out to see her speak.

Our college campuses need more strong, courageous student leaders. Can you help us equip our students with the tools, training, and support they need to bring our principles and values to their campuses?

Charlie Kirk is founder and executive director of Turning Point USA.

To learn more about Turning Point USA:

Turning Point USA


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Stand Up America US Foundation Newsletter March 25, 2017

March 25, 2017


What To Do About Trump


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For The Record – Liberal Dictionary

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Stand Up America US Foundation s a network of patriotic Americans who wish to return America to its Constitutional roots.

General Paul Vallely and the SUA staff are committed to educating their followers and assisting pro-active groups in righting the ship of state.  Your donation is important to us and will assist in this historic effort.  Please join us today.

Editor: Ray DiLorenzo


Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely served 32 years in the Army, having retired as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific


What To Do About Trump

Ray DiLorenzo

There is no question, the Left is trying to destroy Trump and his presidency. The media reporting has been outrageous. The finger pointing and venom thrown at President Trump by Democrats, even before any decisions are made, has become routine.  They are spending almost no time legislating and heaps of time scheming.

With the help of the media, the Left has set up a false narrative of Trump’s presidency; “Trump Establishes Anti-Islamic Immigration Policy.” “Trump’s New SCOTUS Pick Is Anti Little Guy and Pro Big Corporations.” “Trump Is In Cahoots with Russia.” “Trump’s Prescription for America: Don’t Get Sick.” It goes on and on.  Breitbart reports that 88% of media reporting is anti-Trump.

Democrats set the stage while the media acts immediately to legitimize the lies: “Townhall Meetings [phony as they were] Show Anti-Trump Reaction.” “Trump’s Poll Numbers Falling.” “Trump’s Defenders Face Worries.”  Michael Moore even suggested that the “Democratic Party must declare a national emergency until the FBI discovers the truth about Trump.” Headlines and statements like these are designed to create a negative picture of Trump and his administration so as to bombard the public with fantasy and distortion.

Make no mistake, the Left feels that Trump is illegitimate and must be removed by resignation or impeachment and is actively working toward that goal. They see Trump as severely threatening their rice bowl, a carefully built Washington bureaucracy that spends a trillion dollars a year more than it takes in. They are not going to let any outsider come in and destroy what they have built these many years with efficiency, competence and fiscal responsibility.

What has Democrats seething is that Trump is staying close to his supporters. His rallies are packed, with more people waiting outside. Polling has shown that Trump enjoys backing for his executive orders and praise for getting things done. In the meantime, the Legislative branch has become dysfunctional while the Left is working overtime to build a political Supreme Court and judicial system. People are now seeing plainly that the Democrat’s and media’s outrage has no connection with reality and is far from what they expect from their government.

This is the Left’s peril. They must sell this deception to the people or they face greater, more infective defeat that could easily spread to even liberal strongholds.  What to do, what to do?

Expect this ‘war’ to be intensified with much of the government in paralysis for the foreseeable future.


Liberals don’t like the hateful things Trump and Conservatives say:







Stand Up America US Foundation

Depends on your support to help the many organizations that work tirelessly to preserve our nation as founded


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News You Can Use

London Killer Was Muslim Convert


Getty Images

The Islamic terrorist, Khalid Masood, who killed 5 people and injured 50, some critically, was a Muslim convert who was possibly radicalized in prison. He was born Adrian Russell Ajao in Dartford, Kent and brought up by a single mother in Rye, East Sussex.  He has been in prison at least twice and has a history of violent knife crime.  In a related story: The top U.S. military commander in Europe said Thursday at a Senate hearing that the terrorist threat is higher in Europe than anywhere else on the globe with the exception of war zones.  Breitbart, UK Telegraph

Editor’s note: It’s become apparent that liberal London is dictating policy to the rest of Britain. While the British people are outraged, Londoners are still asking, “How could this happen?” America needs to sit up and take notice of this. We’ve seen stories of terrorism in the Middle East, Israel, and now Europe and the United States. Since when did we become so paralyzed and inept that we can’t see that winter is coming?

Blasphemy Motion Passed

Canada’s House of Commons just passed the liberal Blasphemy Motion M103.  The law is designed to outlaw Islamophobia.  Brigitte Gabriel

Editor’s note: Yes, they want to outlaw Islamohobia, but they never define what Islamophobia is. Opponents are calling it “Sharia creep.” Where is Canada’s freedom of speech and freedom of conscience guaranteed by their Charter of Rights and Freedoms? The liberal craziness is everywhere.

Democrats Hoped to Hurt Trump, But Raised Suspicions Of Obama

In the Democrats’ zeal to hurt President Trump, Democrats inadvertently revealed that senior Obama officials could have known the identities of the surveillance targets.  A recent hearing debunked Trump’s wiretapping tweets, but left his underlying claim intact: that there was surveillance of the Trump campaign, that the results were shared throughout the government–even possibly reaching the Obama White House, and that the intelligence was leaked, illegally, to the mainstraem media.  Breitbart

Editor’s note:  Rocks are now being thrown back at Obama’s glass house.

Immigration Lawyer Sentenced to 15 Months In Prison

An Illinois immigration lawyer has been sentenced to 15 months in prison on Wednesday for cheating the immigration system to make sure his clients were given asylum in the U.S. Prosecutors say Robert Deklaita would forge the names of his clients and fabricate their life stories with horrific stories of kidhappings, bombings and religious persecution. Two translators who worked for Deklaita were also charged for intentionally mistranslating answers given by clients and adding testimony they had not given to make sure they were granted asylum. Breitbart

Editor’s note: Deklaita called himself the “Robin Hood” for refugees. This ‘Robin Hood’ has been caught.  

Illegal Aliens Brutally Rape 14-year Old Girl


Montgomery County Police Department


Two illegal aliens from Guatemala and El Salvador allegedly brutally raped and sondomized a 14-year old girl in a Montgomery County, Maryland high school bathroom. The suspects are 17 and 18 years old with one awaiting deportation. One of them reportedly referred to the girl as ‘fresh meat.’ The official statement from Montgomery County officials came four days after the incident with no mention that the rapists were here illegally. Townhall, Conservative Review

Joint Statement on Immigration Policy from Montgomery County

“Police do not enforce federal immigration law…Understanding, tolerance, and respect are hallmarks of the Montgomery County way.  Social justice [sound familiar?] for all is what we strive to achieve..”

Editor’s note: The American legal system is now in chaos! The aliens were enrolled as freshman which would put 17 and 18 year olds in classes with 14 year old girls. A 30 year teaching veteran has reported that it is not unusual to see 21 year old illegal aliens in classes with 13 year old girls. These are illegal aliens from countries with the highest murder rates in the world! Even with the terrible events and all the bad publicity, the school board INSISTS their policies are appropriate. The political class, education system and national media in much of the country is corrupt and degenerate. Too many of them are willing to serve up our children on the altar of liberalism. They will, without difficulty, watch as Americans die or are severely injured before they will admit they are wrong. The mainstream media, save Fox News, did not even cover the story on their morning or evening news. The Left has become as dangerous as the criminal aliens they protect. The American people will keep seeing this as long as they are willing to put up with it.  We say enough!!  

Late breaking: Another illegal immigrant from El Salvador has been arrested in Nassau County, NY, after he allegedly stabbed two women and SEXUALLY ASSAULTED A 2-YEAR OLD GIRL. He had been deported four times in the last 5 years.  Fox News


51 Jihad Terrorist-Linked Groups Operating In Brussels  

Brussels neighborhood of Molenbeek has become home to 51 Jihad terrorist-linked groups. Molenbeek rose to fame after the terror attacks in Paris in 2015 and the Brussels attacks in 2016. Both attacks were planned in Molenbeek.  Jihad Watch

Editor’s note:  Those attacks left 169 dead and 669 wounded. Don’t worry, it can never happen in the United States…yeah, right. Liberals are doing their best to prove they are morally superior to conservatives, while exposing all of us to terrorists. Religious freedom ends when a significant segment of a religion wants you dead. When best estimates say 20 – 25% of Muslims support jihad (about 400 million people), that becomes a significant segment.



Trump’s EPA Awards Flint, MI $100 Million to Fix Water System

The EPA Awarded Flint, Michigan $100 million to fix Flint’s badly eroded and damaged water infrastructure. The state of Michigan will add a 20% match to bring the total to $120 million. In a Congressional Research Service report, it was found that the EPA failed to force state regulators to comply with federal drinking water laws. The new EPA  administrator, Scott Pruitt said, “The people of Flint and all Americans deserve a more responsive federal government.” Daily Caller

Editor’s note: Thousands of Flint citizens had to sue the Obama administration to fix the system, but still received nothing but red tape. I suppose the administration thought there were no votes to be gained. This award is part of Trump’s promise to fix the nation’s infrastructure.



For The Record

Liberal Dictionary

As a public service, to cut through the haze of liberal-speak, we will present in the coming weeks a handy dictionary of favorite liberal buzz words to clarify their true meanings.

Right-Wing:  Anywhere to the right of Karl Marx

Spending Cut:  Smaller tax increase than desired

Tolerance:  Demanding approval, not mere acceptance

Un-feeling:  Being conservative and responsible. What I thought my parents were when I didn’t get my way as a child

Wealthy:  Everyone above poverty level.  Evil, greedy, winner of life’s lottery, whatever that is. Source of funding for every hare-brained program to keep liberals in power

Commonly Used Phrases or Political Speak and Their True Meanings

We have decided to exercise our options:  We have done nothing

Global Warming:  Now Climate Change, just in case it’s really cooling

We’re making investments:  Throwing money at it…spend, spend, spend

Weapons of War:  Scary looking guns

Illegal Immigrants:  Now undocumented workers or displaced travelers

Protecting Our Borders:  Being racist

Judicial Restraint: Not legislating from the bench, especially from one’s personal mores, whatever that may be

Judicial Activism:  Legislating from the bench…deciding what laws should be followed or ignored depending on the judge’s personal view, subject to be vastly different from one judge to another, making equal justice under the law a thing of the past

Judicial Tyranny:  See above

Work-place Violence: Domestic terror attack, except by government employee


In Case You Missed It


A Federal System Within a Constitutional Republic



Comedy Break…Sort Of






What Say You?

None Dare Call It Conspiracy – 3/18/2017

“Excellent, Paul! Indeed your most extraordinary reasoned & ohhh so meaningful VOICE is a glorious gift to the very heart, spirit & soul of our citizenry and nation!  Far beyond words.”   TB

“Ray, you are on a roll!!!  Another great article. I believe you meant $19.999 trillion deficit.”  RF

Editor’s note: You are correct, but I was referring to the national debt, not the deficit. The national debt after Obama was $19.9 trillion, not $9.99 trillion. Ooops, I should have caught that.


Comments are greatly appreciated.

If you would like to comment, just respond to this newsletter.


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Timeless Quotes

Sen. Everett Dirksen (R) Illinois


“A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon, you’re talking real money.”

Editor’s note: Commonly attributed to Senator Everett Dirksen. But, he never actually said that. What he did say was, “A billion here, a billion there.” Someone else filled in the rest. Dirksen liked it so much, he never bothered to deny it.  But, for the sake of legend, we’ll give it to him. That’s what he probably meant anyway.


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Gen. Vallely: US Now ‘Dealing Peace Through Strength’

Gen. Vallely: US Now ‘Dealing Peace Through Strength’

Newsmax TV’s “America Talks Live”

By Bill Hoffmann   |   Monday, 17 Apr 2017 03:52 PM

President Donald Trump has put saber-rattling countries on notice the United States is ready to use military action against its aggressors, retired U.S. Army Major Gen. Paul Vallely told Newsmax TV.

With his attack on a Syrian missile base and the dropping of “the mother of bombs” on Islamic State targets in Afghanistan, Trump has shown the U.S. is a strong nation once again, Vallely said Monday.

“It’s a strong message that we have a strong president now where we’ve been void of any strength on the international scene for the last eight or nine years,” he told Bill Tucker on “America Talks Live.”

“It’s very important that our allies particularly see us – and any other nation in the world – as a strong nation now that is dealing peace through strength, and that’s a good message.”

Vallely – who chairs Stand Up America, which promotes the principles of America’s founding fathers – said he is impressed by Trump’s deployment of Vice President Mike Pence to address national security.

“President Trump is using the vice president in national security, probably more so than any other past administrations have done,” he told Tucker.

During a visit Monday to South Korea, Pence stopped at the demilitarized zone and warned North Korea the U.S. “era of strategic patience is over” in regard to its nuclear missile program.

“That is great to get over on the DMZ and see actually what the situation is. I think [National Security Adviser] Gen. McMaster and Vice President Pence are really saying the same thing,” Vallely said. “That this strategic patience and trying to work with the North Koreans and the Chinese on this has not gone well because North Korea has strengthened its nuclear missile capability.

“We’ve been watching that for years, but no one’s ever taken any positive action. . . . What is going to happen, though, if they are conducting a direct threat against the U.S. or its allies or the fleets, then we will take military action against them.”

Asked by Tucker if the United States risks taking on too many military engagements against its enemies, Vallely said: “I think you have to look really in an analytical way and from the strategic position of the United States and the world. Really you can identify the real threats on one hand.

“It’s not like we have all these threats all over. We have them with Korea, we have ISIS, and we have Iran. Those are the primary threats.

“So, from that standpoint, we can really focus on identifying those threats, adapting particular actions, strategic actions against each of those threats, and we can do it simultaneously if we have to.”

Vallely is the author of “Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror,” written with retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney and published by Regnery.

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Syrian Renaissance Plan by MG Paul Vallely, USA (ret.)

Syrian Renaissance Plan


 Reconstructing Syria After Its Devastation by War and Destruction





Proposed by

Paul E. Vallely MG US Army (Ret)


Chairman Stand Up America, Legacy National

Security Advisory Group and Syrian Liaison Group


  • Syria Statistics after 6 years of war:  470,000 dead; 1+ million injured; 11.3 million driven out of their homes.  According to UNICEF – 8.4 Million, more than 80% of Syria’s child population, have been seriously affected, whether in Syria or as refugees. Tens of thousands of children have died.
  • The most important element of this plan is to create the first Safe Zones for returning refugees and displaced citizens from within, from such places as Aleppo and throughout the devastated regions of the country.
  • Infrastructure for the entire Syrian Renaissance must be identified in outline, even though the time horizon for the infrastructure is much longer term and the scope of creation much farther and broader reaching to eventually encompass the entire nation.
  • Vital infrastructure will include: roads, electrical, solar, digital, ports, bridges, airports, water, desalinization, dry-land agriculture, transportation and so much more.  Consider the mobile grid and its relation to the internet, for example.  There are many new technologies available to leap frog aging platforms to embrace the new.  This vision points toward a new Syria that rises to fulfill the full potential of the nation in its glorious history, of the wonderful people in all their diversity of religion and culture.  The term “Renaissance” (rebirth) is in NO way exaggerated.
  • BUT FIRST: The safe return of the dispersed refugees in their millions, as well as the displaced and hopeless due to the devastating war, must be facilitated, and the overwhelming process of making them whole for the short term must be faced and accomplished.
  • A large Re-entry Assessment Facility will be necessary to process returning Syrian refugees. Assuming the refugees will be entering through the Syrian Mediterranean ports, busing may be required to a central facility where a thorough questioning, identification and clearing of individuals and family’s needs to take place.
  • Very importantly, within the facility, medical assessments must occur, requiring nurses, nurse practitioners and doctors on site.  According to the Save the Children Report on Syria 2014, measles, meningitis and polio are on the rise with as many as 80,000 Syrian children who may be carriers.
  • At least one-third of children under 5 have not received their vaccinations. Every child, age 15 years and under must be issued vaccination booklets detailing vaccinations needed, given with dates.  Parents will keep these booklets safe and bring them to doctor visits.  The information should be electronically maintained in hospitals/clinics, as well.
  • Malnutrition and resulting medical issues need to be identified. Many adults and children may be suffering from skin conditions.
  • It has been shown in refugee camps in Lebanon that disbursement of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) by volunteer medical professionals through donations by the Vaseline company, have been successful in mitigating many skin conditions presented. Disbursement of this simple emollient at the re-entry facility would be beneficial. Tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment and other contagious medical issues, possibly requiring the implementation of quarantine protocols, must be immediately addressed.
  • Vouchers for food and clothing, packages of personal hygiene sundries, small cash disbursements, etc. should be distributed at the assessment center.
  • All information must be electronically preserved.
  • Once this initial process is underway, the most important part of the plan will be the Safe Zones which MUST be created.  A commitment to the nation, its sovereignty, the safety of its citizens within their own country, and to their future as proud, productive citizens must be expressed in transformational action.
  • This is equally important for the stabilization of the region as it is for the security of other places such as Europe, currently bearing a load of human need vastly beyond their means to serve, let alone to secure.  The entire world needs to see that the War has ended, a plan has commenced and that a future can be envisioned.
  • Following processing, a destination is required.  The first step is to identify areas for mixed-used development – outside Latakia and Tartous on the Mediterranean in Western Syria would be ideal initial locations.
  • Bus will be the main mode of transportation for returning refugees.  Ideally, travel will be restricted, for the protection of the people. T ravel between the resettlement communities and Latakia, in the north, and Tartous, in the south, should be sufficient range for the people to move around and possibly find work.  Obviously, a bus terminal may need to be constructed and possibly, temporary bus passes issued to those seeking work.
  • Housing, daily life supply, education, work, recreation and worship, all must be addressed as quickly as possible.  It is not enough to house the body, or even provide safety and physical security.  Productivity is every bit as important for the health and wellbeing of both individual and community.
  • The mixed-use community model employed calls for businesses to also be created so that inhabitants may find work and income as well as enjoy daily life activities. These must run the gamut from local eateries and other such retail and support services, to more advanced businesses and light manufacturing.
  • The modern term, “mixed-use development communities,” refers to the historic pattern of human settlements in their natural condition.  Residential (apartments, townhouses, individual homes) industrial, institutional (schools, hospitals, places of worship), shopping, entertainment areas (parks, soccer fields, playgrounds) are combined within walking distance for ease and cost reduction/profit enhancement. Many of these communities are also bicycle friendly. This type of development would be well suited for returning refugees because it provides for most human needs in one place, fosters a sense of community and connection to others. For example: laundromats where women may congregate with attached playrooms for the youngest children would contribute to the well-being of the family in several important ways.
  • Eco-friendly beehive homes are found across the Syrian landscape and have been keeping desert families cool for centuries. However, beehive dwellings have dark interiors due to a lack of windows. A small opening at the very top of the dwelling which allows heat and smoke to escape provides very little light.
  • There is a modern building process called rammed earth that is economical, allows for windows, can be used in at least 2 story construction, does not need to be painted, the materials utilized for interior and exterior walls are available locally and it is a visually beautiful product. Electricity and plumbing fittings can be readily placed within the walls. And upon completion this modern, natural housing would be environmentally attractive, physically comfortable and comforting to a traumatized people.
  • Another option is modified (windows and standard housing doors added) shipping containers. With the initial re-settlements being on the coast and near Syria’s main shipping ports, containers may be a very practical form of housing as well. Containers will need to be cleaned and painted, adding to the cost, but they are weather resistant. Desert rooftop cooling systems, such as those used on desert military bases, would be necessary. Their maintenance is low cost with minimal tools required. Containers are readily stackable using cranes and can easily be used to create more than satisfactory apartments or even individual homes.
  • Wooden shipping pallets are easily turned into tables and benches for interiors. With waterproof camping pads (which are also insect resistant) placed on top and a blanket they may be used as sleeping pallets.
  • Manufacturing buildings are of importance for the people to engage in development and productivity at earliest moment possible.
  • Along with the economic activity, a plan must be put in place to secure property rights for all inhabitants, so that the power of capitalism can be unleashed, and growth, further development and restoration of culture can root and take off on its own.
  • Going beyond robust property rights, low taxation for stable collection and the responsible creation of local government is critical.  Corruption must be, if not abolished, discouraged aggressively.  Public safety policing is necessary, and must be led by refugees themselves for integrity and acceptance.  Even when the number of such restorative communities is small, it will set a new tone for the future of the nation more broadly.  This combination of robust property rights, low and fair taxation and the stabilization of a growing economy create the basis for a stable, high value currency broadly throughout the nation.
  • For any of these economic directions to be viable, training and re-training will be critical.  Economic and technical training facilities to provide for this need will be constructed as soon as housing has been provided and the first people arrive.
  • Shipping containers that have been cleaned and modified with windows and doors and swamp coolers can be used, at least initially, for school classrooms. One-half of the 4.8 million registered refugees are children.  Presently 5 out of 10 children are out of school.  That number may be even higher among the returning refugees as education has not held the priority that it normally has in Syrian life.  Enrollment in schools outside of Syria often requires legal registered status and school fees, books/materials are certainly tertiary to the obvious priorities of housing and food.  Also, many older children have had to find employment to add to their families’ incomes, meager as they are.  In neighboring countries and in Europe, even living in tents often requires fees to be paid.
  • Clearly this is an enormous problem for Syria as the refugees arrive home. Schools have been damaged in the bombings. In the coastal area, where the refugees will locate until the country is safe for them to travel to their home cities, or possibly remain and establish themselves, thousands of children will need to be educated. If the children’s educations are neglected, Syria will be dealing with an uneducated populace in the future, from which many more serious problems would arise. To avoid that pitfall, children need to be in school until 14 years of age, minimum. Of course, Syrian parents, most of whom value education highly, would prefer their children to complete high school and move on to higher education.
  • Vocational schools for older students and for re-training adults are highly recommended. Skilled workmen will be needed to rebuild Syria and move it forward, eventually into the 21st century.
  • An early business that will be needed, for efficient supply, is an Amazon-style distribution center, allowing a leapfrog to modern logistics and online access, as well as efficient delivery.  This one business alone will be a model for other communities and for the entire nation as it reverts from a state of war to a state of peace and looks toward the future.
  • That vision, the vision of a new Syria arising, rebuilt and restored, will be rooted in the minds and hearts of the people, and will rapidly spread throughout the nation as source of hope and optimism.