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“The Americans” Project – MG Vallely, BG Jones

By Paul E. Vallely and Charles Jones

The AMERICANS strongly believe that life, liberty, citizenship and the pursuit of happiness are the unalienable RIGHTS of every American Citizen that cannot be taken or transferred. However, not until We the People become brutally frank with ourselves and with each other will the Constitution be taken off the shelf and once again become operational. Only then can the Republic can be restored and preserved in its original ordained Constitutional Power and form.

We The People have suffered enormously since 1913 under the combined rule of two domineering political parties of 537 elected politicians (100 Senators, 435 Representatives, the President/Vice President) along with those they have appointed. Tax and Spend, along with whatever it takes to rule, is the quest of one of the domineering parties.



In the opposing party, weak backbones, failing to stand up and lead for what a majority of citizen voters want, coupled with the elite of the party stealth-fully blending in with the tax and spend party, have destructively allowed the confiscation of far too much of the wages and retirement incomes from the citizens who pay income taxes.

These facts are now becoming more recognized with the most recent dastardly additions of: countless political deceptions, lies, national economic destruction, purposeful job-killing, the stealthful demise of America’s middle class, no Administration help for the massive unemployment of Black Americans plus the politically purposeful illegal alien invasion of the United States. Along with forty percent of the people within the fifty state borders who are receiving food stamps.

This all is treason to each separate state and to the citizens within the several states and it is perpetuated by the elected and appointed inside the Washington DC workers

The Constitution requires that all laws must be faithfully executed, but far too many are not and have not been – – – specifically by the Executive Branch. Nor has the Oversight Power of Congress been exercised to ensure Executive Leadership enforcement of United States laws.

These self-serving political failures have become destructive to the well-being, liberty and happiness of most American citizens. It must be recognized that “New Guards” for future personal safety and National Security must peacefully be put into place by citizens beginning with votes at the ballot box.

Failed leadership can no longer stand if the Constitution and the Republic are to be preserved for our children and all future generations.

A deep look has been taken into the several national crises by “The Americans” leadership who care greatly about the Republic, the People and the Constitution. Necessary and workable solutions have been developed to help solve and fix what has without question stunted our Nation’s ability to clearly, legally and peacefully function as a Constitutional Republic.

KEY NATIONAL ISSUES that must be solved if the separate and collective States of The United States of America are to become economically solvent, remain peaceful and nationally secure are:

  • The Constitution of the United States as originally established and amended will remain in absolute and total effect. The original XIII Amendment as written and ratified is an operational Amendment and will be adhered to immediately. (The original XIII Amendment was falsely hidden by less than honorable men of the times). Congress shall make all laws necessary for carrying into execution the Powers authorized in the Constitution and that all bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives. Constant Congressional leadership oversight will be maintained at all times.All Laws requiring Executive action will be faithfully executed upon receipt from Congress by the President and appropriate departments and selected agencies of Government under the President’s sworn responsibility and authority.
  • A strong National Defense of well-trained Active Duty, Guard and Reserve Forces maintained with proper equipment that can deter any enemy activism, or fight and win if deterrence fails will be assured by both the House and Senate of the US Congress for the protection of “We the People” and the preservation of the Constitution and the Republic. Readiness at all times will include a nuclear capability to win if Congress declares war against an enemy aggressor.United States ConstitutionThe United States Military will in no way be used against United States Citizens. To do so will trigger expeditious Congressional actions to immediately and permanently remove anyone exercising such orders from elected or appointed office.
  • The United States Government cannot rebound from the man-made economic crises without satisfactory employment for a majority of American citizens. In turn, satisfactory and sustainable employment for American citizens simply cannot be achieved with the excessive tax rates that now exist for US businesses and the American people.All political plundering of the people’s wealth via taxation will be stopped. Our banking system and wealth management have been corrupted with the 1913 establishment of the Federal Reserve System, placing monetary and economic control in the hands of a few (now partisan) individuals.The Federal Reserve System will be abolished and all US Government financial and economic functions will be turned over to the US Treasury, including the coining and printing of currency and the issuing of currency. US green-back bills will be printed and a one –for- one exchange to replace Federal Reserve notes will take place.
  • The IRS will immediately be abolished and that form of US government taxation will cease and desist. A zero-interest National Debt will be established at the US Treasury and a GDP annual growth limit not to exceed 3% will be tied to the previous year GDP growth. A transition to a “fair or flat” tax must be accomplished as a priority.
  • The Illegal Alien Invasion of the United States will be stopped with a Secured Borders Double Fence on The US Southern Border and more Border Guards stationed on the Northern Border. All US borders will be further controlled and severe penalties (financial and incarceration) for employers who hire illegal aliens. Foreign countries will have named financial and trade restriction obligations to the United States for all of their citizens who come over US Borders illegally.irs-scandalThere will be absolutely no jobs, no social services, no welfare nor medical services allowed to be provided to illegal alien invaders. (Emergency medical care only will be provided until they are deported to home from which departed). American jobs are for US citizens, returning military veterans, part time high school students and the elderly. When US employers cannot find workers and can fully justify seeking foreign workers, Government permission will be granted for hiring temporary foreign workers.
  • The DHS with functions for national security and FEMA for emergencies have both grown far beyond the intentions of reasonable and responsible leadership control, budgeting, manpower, equipment and facilities. Deceptive political intentions for the potential use of facilities, weapons, massive purchases of ammunition plus military-type vehicles and railroad cars are greatly objectionable to American citizens and an insult to the economic deficit of the Nation.America’s leadership needs to be well-versed with the Active Military, County Sheriffs, Local Law Enforcement and National Guard overall capabilities within the continental limits of the United States that can handle any and all emergency situations, foreign or domestic, that might be faced. The DHS will be disbanded and certain functions will be merged into the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Interior (DOI).The FEMA name will be changed to “The National Emergency Agency” (TNEA) and manpower will be greatly reduced and merged into the DOI to be used for national emergency situations only. Their budget and emergency dispatch activities in the east, central and western parts of the country will be managed through the three numbered Air Forces of the Air Force Reserve Command.All weapons, munitions and military-type vehicles will be transferred to the DOD immediately. All holding and or compound-type facilities will be closed and transferred permanently to local governments for non-detention uses only.
  • The Department of Energy will be abolished and certain specified oversight functions would be moved to the Department of Commerce.Shuttered Depattments
  • The Department of Education will be abolished and its functions and all funding responsibility will be returned to each individual state, territory and the District of Columbia.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be abolished with responsibilities and functions removed to each individual state. Conflicts will be resolved at the Department of Commerce while working with the states.
  • In addition, selected Agencies will be moved from the National Capitol area and disbursed into the interior for cost-effective and long-term security reasons as well as seeking more diversified hiring of high quality civilian personnel throughout a larger portion of the Nation. (Rust-belt areas of high unemployment in the mid-west and other locations of far greater physical expansion capability will be given priority consideration for these moves and jobs.
  • The partisan and destructive Democrat Affordable Health Care Plan will be repealed and pre-2009 Medicare Programs will be fully reconstituted. Necessary changes and revisions to the existing Social Security System to ensure self-funding.
  • The Executive order that allows unions to exist in government and do collective bargaining in any and all tax-payer funded government jobs will be rescinded.
  • It will be the policy and understanding within the entire Republic to recognize each County Sheriff as the Elected Senior Law Enforcement Officer in each respective County and that a well-regulated militia, if formed, will be responsive to his Constitutional Sworn Oath as necessary requirements for security of a free state.
  • The United Nations will be defunded from the excessive monetary proportions US taxpayers have been forced to fund and a strong effort will be made to move this overbearing activity out of the United States. Politicians must come to realize that no United Nations deliberations can override the US Constitution.
  • Education, kindergarten through grade twelve, is a fundamental right for American school-age children and is a responsibility of county or city taxpayers to insure funding for that right. Citizen school children in far too many public schools have been denied that fundamental right to an education due to handicaps in classroom and interferences caused by countless non-English speaking children plus overcrowding and scarce tax dollars used to accommodate illegal alien school children. order_today_dvd1In addition to US Borders becoming secure, the 5 to 4 decision by the Burger Supreme Court that allowed all who choose to attend American taxpayer-funded schools regardless of citizenship will be revisited using Chief Justice Burger’s dissenting opinion as grounds for new litigation.
  • Begin a systematic process to reorganize the Department of Defense into an organization of National Security that can prepare us for today and tomorrow with “forward strategies” that secure America.

It is the general consensus of The Americans Project that If the Republican Party does not hold the line in the US House of Representatives to secure the Southern US Border, plus demand existing immigration laws be faithfully executed by the Executive Branch, then stop all Senate Immigration Reform and also stand firm for defunding Obama-care, the results will be the demise of the Republican Party in the 2014 and 2016 elections.

The 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections were lost because many Republican and Independent voters stayed home. There must be Honest National Leadership in place for the America First voters who care about the Constitution, the Republic and a secure future for their children.

Independent Constitutional Leadership selected by The Americans Project will be that Leadership. It will also become more evident to the voters that the course the Democrats have planned for America is destructive far beyond the imagination.

This nation is being torn apart daily as the crises facts become known. Also most disturbing to Americans who care is the fact many are not confident We the People have a Constitutional Government in place because to this date absolutely no one has seen one document verifying Constitutional qualification of the person occupying the White House.

Congress ignores all petitions for a redress of grievances and the Judiciaries at all levels of government have dismissed every attempt at addressing a legal option. The Democrat Party leadership signed two separate and different documents certifying eligibility to run for office as well as re-election eligibility.

This is pure and simple elected and appointed sworn politicians run amok. Enough is enough. If the United States of America and the separate states are to survive these greedy self-serving destructive political onslaughts, new leadership in existing elective offices is a must for every citizen.

Our government (all branches) of, by and for the people has lost control and has led us down a very destructive path of tyranny, ineptness, corruption, cover-ups and deceit. We have to a degree lost the necessary checks and balances designed to provide an essential balance of power.

That has led to a far-reaching federal government and an infringement on states’ rights. We must save the Republic and the country before we get to the point of no return. A National Call to Action is required by all of us to get our country on track! God save the Republic!


Paul Vallely, Major General, US Army (Ret.)

Charles Jones, Brigadier General, US Air Force (Ret.)


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  1. General Please read the link to a blog article I wrote in June, 2012… and then look at what our veterans created political party is trying to accomplish. We need to talk sir please reach out to me at 352-327-1151 we are of one mind.

    • Suzanne C. Short

      I have sent an e-mail regarding this topic. Yes, this man must be removed, Obama is an illegal president….he should not be treated as the president. All those within the House and the Senate who participated in his nomination and election must also be removed. We cannot allow this travesty of travesties to continue.

      God Bless our America.

      Suzanne C. Short

    • Clarence Brangard

      If you find merit in this, freely make it your own an run with it!! Far to many around me are asking me to teach them my skills. I presented this to State level rank and file leaders…not sure of the outcome.

      (State)Training Aid Act

      Keeping within the spirit of modern social conduct which gives reasonable acceptability to the concept that “services rendered, merit compensation”, coupled with multiple media covered events of actual action by outside agency’s, not wholly indigenous to a communities’ acknowledged geographical boundaries. Who have not been given,: opportunity of willful participation nor decline, compensation for their forced participation after the fact, nor “feed-back” to the communities shortcoming when confronted with a possible situation it has been subjected to, along with measure to overcome them. As a result of these actions which can’t not be argued, indeed this purposed Act merits being championed and with reasonable steadfast conviction seek that it be established and declared common knowledge prior to such events take place. That in doing so, gives the condition and compensation to the residence of Pennsylvania in the event of such none complied to, coordinated events should befall our residents thus pre-establish measure which is in the best interest of the residence residing within the boundaries of the State of Pennsylvania. Furthermore such an Act would temper ever growing fears generated by the conduct this Act addresses as evident in several areas of measurable occurrences citizens are taken such as, but not limited, to the explosive increase in firearms sales. I purpose the following outline to the adopted, made known to all, and entered into common law the Pennsylvania Training Aid Act.

      Any resident who does not individually agree upon the participation of training events held by, or part by, an agency not wholly indigenous the that communities established boundaries, will be compensated by that training agency.
      1) Wholly Indigenous Agency – is best defined as an agency, which does not, exists by jurisdictional authority outside the boundaries of an infringed area.
      2) “Held by, or in part” – is a necessary clause to establish the elimination of possibly loopholes that may be exploited by using the premise that it was invited by the indigenous agency of the infected area, that the inference of being the same as the indigenous agency.
      3) Area Affected, Infringed Area, or Used Area for Training- will not be reduced below the size of county or parish. By the established or this definition does not negate the individual consent mandated to that effected areas to be utilized.
      4) 4) Individual agreement or residents consent – granted for the purpose of recusing an agency the obligation of providing compensation is not a power granted a given communities Representative’s neither powers nor abilities granted them by their elected office to speak in a residents stead, unless granted through the residents hand-signed power of attorney to do so for this purpose.

      Once an area’s boundary is breached whether whole or in part, and utilized as a training event without the consent of each individual within the area, it acknowledges and agrees to pay the residences within that area the sum of $2,500.00 per resident, per block time of 3 hours, during it’s duration of its occupational presences.
      1) Area’s boundary as defined by State established geographical limits, not to be reduced lower the size of county or parish.
      2) Breached – the crossing of established area limits by land or area, in the function or purpose of training. Arial training is not considered if above the height of that community’s highest structure, or no physical effects are experiences on the ground level by their flight pattern (rotor wash, air turbulence, moving of debris) which ever is lowest.
      3) Acknowledges and Agrees – is established by the adoption and implementation of this Act which has been place into effect as a precursor of future events yet to happen, and public knowledge to all.
      4) Individual Resident – Every man, woman, and child who’s primary residence is held to be true within the subject area.

      5) Block Time – is a duration not reduced or prorated below the period spanning 3 hours. The dollar amount associated with this established time period will be granted a value no less then $2,500.00 for the first 48-hour period, or 16 “block time” periods. After which, it is within the training agencies rights to address community officials of its reduction there after, but not of the protected initial amount granted the initial minimum 16 blocks. This do not infers upon the obligation of the officials a reduction fees, but rather provides the means to display the communities spirit in further assisting the agency of their continued use of their use.
      6) Occupational Duration – is not to be limited to the active conduct of objectives being trained on, but rather the inclusion of presence during staging, organization, and maneuvering in the preparation and recovery of the training.

      This Act further grants fees to be assessed for the soul purpose of establishing an oversight board who’s duties are to the collection, distribution, and accountability that all residence have received their earned compensation for their services rendered, and clear any further obligations of the training agency further obligations.
      1) Fees assessed – included (upon investigation by indigenous law enforcement within the community of showing merit) damages sustained during all stages of the agencies presence, but excludes the right in the claiming of emotional related injuries, which has been factored into the block period amount.
      2) Fees to be granted for the operation of this oversight board will be calculated dependent of population numbers affected, area utilized, investigation of damages filed.
      3) The Oversight Board made up of the community, will be a fair and balanced make-up of the community with equal representation of gender, race, and political affiliation.
      4) The duration – which the training agency is obligated to fund the oversight board will continue until the certificate of fulfillment has been granted having completed the charge of ensure all compensation of services rendered as defined by this Act have been fulfilled.

      Legal filings, nor motion for the purpose of temporarily delaying compensation will grant the interruption of compensation of this Pre-Existing Act, nor permit stagnation of payment to those entitled under this act to be compensated.
      *State adoption holds the ultimate authority over this Act, which is only implemented within the given States sovereign boundaries and jurisdiction, as a result not privy to federal level courts to scrutinize, nor them to impose upon it their opinion, nor denial of legitimacy. In the event the refusal of compliance, the state grants residence within it sovereign limits the right to delay payment of taxes (not to be lower than State exemption if they should be the incurred obligators) until compensation they are entitled to be satisfied first.

      This proposed Act does not grant implementation of movement within community boundaries for the purpose of moving to and from location of origin.

      This Act does not grant officials holding power over given territories, indigenous agencies, nor false allegation for the purpose of meriting such infringement’s, right to grant exclusion to this Act. If as a result of such actions taken by these lesser agencies, they themselves willfully, by act, accept all entitlements, which this Act grants. This act does not give permission of the violation of Constitutional and Local rights granted, not the authorization of seizure of any properties.

      Personal Footnote:
      As of this moment, up until this type of protection is in place, I would present, as argument, that in the absence of this or similar protection given the current media verified events, the value of a single paperclip holds more value then given an entire community by representative’s failure to act.
      You show me an Elected Official that, upon recovering from laughter this is sure to initiate, but then permit its reasoning honest consideration, then move forward to implement this kind of protection to their voters…. I’ll show you a leader with the ability to show reason, forward thinking, and dedication to their duties to their constituents, and someone having the leadership abilities that I would blindly support void of party affiliations, or any other alienating barriers they may hold.
      Please grant forgiveness to any grammar or punctuation errors, as a result of rushing to get this out to you as the necessity holding priority.

      • Jan Brown

        Kudos, General!! With strong patriots with knowledge & leadership such as you and your staff…We CAN do this! Thomas Paine in around 1778 said in essence…”When there is nothing left but hope & virtue survives, a city & a country, alarmed at one common danger, came forth to meet & repel it.”…..Do what you’ve done so well…lead on

      • wendy genua

        I agree with you, we need to have leadership, we need training, with an estimated 300 sharia bootcamps within our borders as we speak, I see no alternative except to fight fire with fire.

    • Pat Gideon

      Excellent!! We can get behind this completely. Clean up Washington and back to the constitution. Thank you

  2. All we need is “one” Senator or Representative to introduce the call for the Article V Amendment Convention. All other requirements have been met: 746 applications by 49 states. “One,” just one Patriot!

    If interested in knowing more, contact me.

    • Tim Tuthill


    • Catherine ``Phelps

      More people have to wake up and contact their Senator or representative to stop the nonsense in Washington. Thank God for Generals Valley and Jones.

    • David A. Wissler

      Sam Gallo, are you refering to THE Convention of States???

    • Jan

      Being that all states are ready for the convention to fix the cesspool in DC, What we need to do is require that any Senator that won’t submit it should be forced to resign, as they are commiting treason by ignoring the constitution. Forget waiting for an election. We don’t have time.

      Have you checked into the restored republic of America? They say that all true government offices are “vacant” as the so-called “government” is a corporation posing as the real one and the politicians are corporate officers of the private corp. See Department of corporations website for Delaware- UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a registered corp in Delaware.

    • Definitely NO CON CON until we have taken back our original laws we already have but aren’t using or enforcing. A Con Con would be redundant… no sense to “amending” something that works fine, but is being ignored by the beast government. They will seek to destroy it, which would likely bring a civil war very quickly. Act locally and bring the constitution back to your local county areas…,

    • Jim Suits

      I’d really like to know more about this to see if I want to be involved and help.

      James Suits, USAF (Ret)

    • ben paulsen

      I’m a trucker with a big radio…feed me.


  3. All we need is “one” Senator or Representative to introduce the call for the Article V Amendment Convention. All other requirements have been met: 746 applications by 49 states. “One,” just one Patriot!

    If interested in knowing more, contact the Conservative Party

    • Marlen Morgan

      Please sir, change the email or the title from
      If you enter that in google, you will be immediately directed to the Communist Party USA.
      I’m sure that is an oversight but it sure needs to be changed as I’m quite sure none of us wants to be associated with that group.
      These are the very people we don’t want to influence us at all.
      Marlen Morgan

  4. Fixing what’s broke in our government!
    What no Democrat or Republican will admit needs to be done or how to do it!

    In listening to the latest back and forth from both sides with the Democrats lying and the GOP responding, it is obvious that neither side of this equation is willing or equipped to put forth the plan that we need to stop the progressive socialist utopian destruction of America. I have shown that since the “Great Society” legislation of 1965 the government has grown 464.4% from 411 federal agencies and offices to 1909 federal agencies and offices while the population from the 1960 census to 2010 census shows a population growth from 179,323,175 to 308,745,538. or 45.36%.
    That is a growth differential of 409% yes our government has grown more than 4 1/2 times larger than it was in 1965 to perform the new duties it took away from the states. The federal government over the last 47 years under the umbrella of that legislation and the massive federal government build up has added more than 100,000 new laws and federal regulations to enforce it and its subsequent socialist utopian programs with only one intended net effect, keep the ruling classes ruling while subjugating our rights and freedoms. And to implement and manage them they created a vast departmental bureaucracy to control it and us that has been choking the life from this Republic. This massive federal bureaucracy must either be reduced or completely phased out or we will never recover completely and we will be forced to watch as we become the very thing they want us to be, subjects of a socialist Marxist state. (“we already are”)
    The 1500 agencies and offices that have been created since then have been adding trillions to the cost of government and are now so fiscally insolvent that we currently borrow 40 cents on every dollar just to pay their bills.
    In 1965 the federal debt was $317,273,898,983.64. That’s billion with a B.
    Today it is 15,728,863,898,758.00 that’s trillion with a T.
    Yes that is correct while our population has grown by 45% our debt per person has grown by 500%! Our debt thanks to the unchecked and unregulated growth of our federal government is 25 times more per man, woman and child even with the offset of the population growth. That is a staggering number almost 16 trillion dollars in less than 50 years with the democrats running the show for 40 of them. The debt burden in 1965 for every man, woman and child was less than $2000, it is now $50,108.00 or 25 times more than it was before their legislation started us down the path to the progressive socialist utopian nightmare we are now living in.
    There are other factors as well like the fact that it now costs business’ more in regulatory expenses than their tax burden. In 2010 the tax burden to business’ in both state and local taxes was 1.4 trillion dollars, the cost of compliance of federal regulations was 1.75 trillion. Yes we as Americans now absorb the expense of 3 TRILLION DOLLARS of pass thru costs from business’ in America with 80% being federal tax and regulatory based.
    The Federal Register is the document that compiles all the federal rules and regulations that businesses are required to comply with. As of 2010 the Federal Register was 81,405 pages long. Federal regulations serve as a hidden tax on the economy. Costs imposed by regulation do not end up on any Federal budget, nor do they add to the national deficit. However, 81,405 pages of regulations strain the economy by creating huge costs that business are obligated to meet.
    To fix the problem we must start down sizing and eliminating multiple agencies and departments to match our population growth and actual regulatory needs not the political infrastructure created by the Democrats to enforce their socialist agenda onto America.
    I would start by eliminating the departments of Education, Energy,Environmental Protection, Transportation, Health and Human Services, Agriculture, Labor, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development and the General Services Administration and pass their operations and funding back to the states with the states keeping the tax funding they now send to Washington to be wasted and abused. I have identified these 10 agencies because they have all demonstrated extreme fiscal malfeasance and since their inception have all had a negative effect on every single area where they have imposed themselves. Since the Dept. of Ed. H.S. graduation rates and over all science and math scores are down over 40%, since the dept. of energy the cost of energy has increased 326% while the reduction in domestic energy production of all types has decreased by 29%. I can continue this fact based performance evaluation for several thousand pages but it would only re-enforce their incompetence.
    I would downsize all other agencies and offices that are not deemed necessary to carry out the Constitutional Responsibilities as defined by the Federalist papers to be necessary for the functioning of the government. I would eliminate the base line budgeting mechanisms and roll back spending to 2000 levels and then introduce a balanced budget amendment that only allows budgetary increases to match stated inflation based on preceding years inflation numbers.
    All federal regulations enacted that have not been voted on by both houses and the POTUS will be suspended until reviewed for their cause and effect and any that can and should be the purview of the states shall be returned to the states for individual consideration and enforcement or annulment. All future federal regulations must pass house over sight and be deemed necessary by the states affected by them.
    End Presidential Executive orders and czars, all “cabinet posts” will be vetted and approved by both houses with majority vote rules in effect.
    Now no where in this have I stated that Social Security or Medicare and Medicaid have to be eliminated or changed but they should be removed from their federal bureaucratic oversight and re-instituted as stand alone departments with both state and federal oversight shared and administered. Their fiscal mismanagement and the use of the sequestered funds being diverted to the general fund must not go unpunished and must be monitored by outside auditing agencies that are directly answerable to the voter, that is why state run auditors responsible for all of the accounting is necessary. Also an immediate return of all of the funds diverted from Social Security and the guilty parties forced to make restitution, even their heirs and beneficiaries should be held responsible just like any other fiduciary would be.
    As the title indicated fixing what’s broke in our government will take the effort of every American who believes in the Republic and the Constitution and its return to Rule of Law from rule of man. Until we elect citizen statesmen in lieu of career politicians who are not part of the ruling class that is destroying us as the current 2 party system is, solutions based on the facts will not be presented and our decline will continue.
    In Freedom,
    Dr. Keith C. Westbrook Ph.D.
    President Conservative Party Florida

    • You have hit the nail on the head as to why I am running for the US Senate. Everyone says we need citizens to go to Washington to serve, not career politicians. I am willing to serve one term. I want to replace Dick Durbin, but I’m not getting donations for my campaign and I’m not wealthy. I am a grandmother worried for the future of my grandson. I will be on the ballot. I just need to get elected.

    • Dr. Westbrook, I like what you have written. I’d add only one department to your list of departments that need to be eliminated/constrained and that is the BATFE. This is another that is way out of line.

      Thank you for your insights, lots of good info.

    • Agent Ofgood

      We need to have highly paid—from our donations – young, bright spokesman who will go out to the media and become the face of the Tea Party.
      Each and every channel and news outlet, and demand our responses be heard.
      They will read responses to the demonization of the day against us, or disagreements with the evil being done to the country.
      They will be sharp and truthful, written by Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and others.
      They can quickly email it to each other, sign off on it, and have our spokesman contact news outlets and read the statements.

      For example: Mitch McConnell wants to punch the Tea Party in the nose, he is a disgrace that needs to be responded to.
      They say no one has any other solutions for healthcare. – We say buy across state lines and have a huge health charity foundation.
      They say were racist.. We could say we reject anyone who is racist and claims to be with us. – But we never have??
      They tell lies about us—these are going unchallenged – this must not continue.

      The republican Party has failed to fight back against this communist subversion. I believe many of them agree with communism.

      Each response should start off – I’m not the Tea Party’s leader, I am a Spokesman and this is our official response (today’s issue here).

      Any media outlet who refuses to carry the response will be slammed with calls from each and every Tea Party member.. it will be a requirement
      that if you want to say you are a Tea Partier you must make calls, email and write letters- if needed go out and protest.

      We can sign up people who are willing to fight and give them marching orders, they will provide verification of the work being completed.

      After all, if they want to demonize the Tea Party and blame the problems they are creating on us – don’t they want to hear the demons speak?

      Each response or message should start and finish the same way—with something pithy like, this is a call to arms against those who have attempted to enslave a free nation. If you agree then join us.

      All we need to do is give this mission to our established leaders and DO IT. Our resources are in place and will love this!

    • Paul Wade


      Go back in history and note when all of these departments were created. It was (roughly)after the communist party got [one foot on the road] in our nation… and they’ve gained more control of the government one step at a time.

    • Jan

      We need to start over. The Declaration of Independance is the peoples rights and under that document we have the right to abolish the government and create a new one. Let’s make the founding fathers and signors of this document proud and stand up like true patriots for freedom. There are 300,000,000 of us and only 545 of the ones that are making our lives miserable! Note- there are some in DC that care and will help us, but get drowned out by the den of thieves.

    • Walter

      To Professor Keith,

      Though the ptb want to keep the public in the dark, they have not succeeded. It is only a matter of time before the financial system goes into chaos, where famine has the potential to spread world wide, where the supply chain structure may not be able to keep up with basic demand.

      It is now important for people to start discussing options for the new paradigm. Our forefathers did some good things, the great middle class experiment demonstrated that each one of us with a GOD Fearing mind, a good work ethic, can make it. The goal of life is to seek GOD Enlightenment, for those that have not figured that out, may GOD have mercy on your soul.

      1. Elections have been discussed for centuries, and the writers were right, elections only go to corruption. We do remember the days of old when GOD choose great Kings or Queens, but GOD did not select their bratty selfish children. Thus, a lottery is the solution for leaders. SELECTION DAY.
      We need to implement this idea on the next go around. We are all on one team, political parties only divide us. Government is not to rule our lives, it is but an infrastructure to conduct business and life. With a lottery system, the selected leaders will give the randomness needed to do what is right in the glory of GOD.

      2. Government workers, max of 5 years, no more. With career government workers, only corruption occurs. 5 years is more than enough.

      3. With Media such as news papers, news shows, etc, each media outlet must be owned by a single person. They cannot be owned by a group of people or a company or any such thing. A person can only own a single media outlet, no more. We need as many checks and balances as possible. Today, 95% of main stream media is owned by a few people, how can anyone expect truth to surface with these statistics. This is why the individual media outlets on the internet are much more popular. The only people that believe the MSM, are the communists and those with IQs less than 50.

      4. A company can have 100 employees maximum, no more. In order for freedome and true capitalism to be in place, we need many small companies. Huge companies are communistic by nature, it is still hard for me to understand “planned obsolescence.”
      A company of 100 people or less would never think like that. Standards would naturally occur, because the small companies would have to work together to build big products. And many of the parts would be interchangeable, as this would be the way of things. Necessity is the mother of invention, and with many, many small companies, the universe will open up.

      5. This 100 employee rule, goes all the way to the top. Government included.
      Yes, it may take 10,000 100 employee companies to make our Army, but what a great natural set of checks and balances.

      With these ideas in place, we may be able to control the natural greed of we humans. Again, it may take many generations to get it right, but we need to start looking at the next time around, because the Almighty Lord is going to let us know that the next time around is what we have to plan for.



    • Jonathan David Mooers

      Dr. Westbrook,

      First time I have seen critical thinking posted on blog sites in quite some time. Thanks for taking the time to educate me/us.

      Our federal government is out of control, no debate on this required.

      Only We the People can “engineer”, that’s right, rationally engineer a partial demolition and restructuring of our federal-state governments.

      See it as a fine stately mansion, our government building, our Republic, with live loads on each sagging floor well-exceeding code, a depressing neglected exterior, broken windows, leaking roof, doors settled shut, a Detroit-like edifice teetering on collapse, unsafe and condemned for human habitation, all as an end-product of the 1960’s Great Sewer Society.

      What to do among the half of our society that is drug-free and legally un-fettered and care about this once-venerable structure? Completely demolish it (violent revolution) or rejuvenate it (rationally engineer immediate clean-ups, sanitation and repairs)for our grand-children?

      I’m with you and the Generals herein; let’s rejuvenate this century’s old American-made structure by working around the established static career politicians in Washington, Deceit.

      Jonathan Mooers, PE, F.ASCE,MBA, LT (Ret.) US Army Corps of Engineers
      Naples, FL

  5. Clausvons

    I am forwarding this to some fifty patriots across the country for them to forward to everyone on their mailing lists.

    Kudos for addressing the major problems we face and the core cause for those problems. The proposed solutions would return return the Republic to the condition intended by the Framers of The Constitution and to We The People.

    JHN, Lt Col, USAF
    Vietnam and Desert Storm Veteran
    Combat Talon Special Ops Command Pilot

  6. Bruce a Viet Nam Vet

    I agree with the General’s ideas and most Americans would agree with if made aware of his plan.
    I fear that President Obama plans to cut funding of all Veteran’s benefits in November but not Welfare to keep the recipient’s support. I believe he is doing this to outrage Veterans into protesting in DC and around the country. He will then use his FEMA armed troops against the Veterans as a start to marshal law. Obama may then Detain these Veterans, in holding facilities. He views Veterans as a threat to his plan for Dictatorship, calling it necessary for National Security, thus not requiring them to have Constitutional rights, just like real Terrorists.

    • Linda

      its very possible that the scenario you describe could happen. I hope with all that I have that it will not go that far, but look at where we are now.. every day brings a new outrage. With the targeting of Americans by this socialist and illegal president, divide and conquer strategy that has worked on a great many of the uninformed of this country. I despair for my once-great country, but I will not give up speaking the truth to all that I can.

    • Kevin

      @Bruce, I couldn’t agree more like during the gov. shutdown and Obama putting up the barriers to keep the Vets and others out. He was trying to provoke a fight so he could lock up the Vets.

  7. Jim

    So when do we get started!?

  8. Adrian (Tim)

    I am retired Army. I have been really shocked and amazed that Obama has taken such liberty with the United States Military and the Congress has done nothing to stop him. That tells me the Congress, especially Harry Reid, is complacent in this shameful conduct of Obama. He has made, and is making, this Country most vulnerable to some growing military powers in the world. It seems to me he is working toward the demise of this Great Nation. God Bless this organization, Stand up for America, and I hope you succeed in your endeavors.

    • Paul Wade


      Congress is in the “game” with him. It was obvious he wasn’t eligible for that office but no one in Congress mentioned one word about his ineligibility.

      I wrote my senators asking them why the Senate questioned John McCain but didn’t question Barack Obama. I never received an answer from Bob Corker but Lamar Alexander wrote me stating he was “investigated” and was was eligible.

      I wrote back asking where they had gotten that information and why it wasn’t passed down to the general population who would obviously want to know. I’m still waiting on his answer.

      How can he be a natural born citizen if he’s a dual-citizen with a British subject his father?

    • Jan

      See Article II, Section 4 of Constitution, and also the President’s oath he must preserve to protect and defend the constitution. If not it is treason. Plain and simple!

  9. mrsgunnut110

    This is just what I have been hoping for since Obama started the first purge. Thank You Generals/Admirals, and other Field Grade Officers that are willing to take up the fight to stop America’s downward spiral caused by Obama and his Handlers. TSgt., USAF Retired.

    • Kevin

      I can’t believe how many military leaders he has fired or removed from command because he doesn’t want anyone to stand up to the Muslims around the world. The war on terrorism isn’t over Obama just quit fighting them. Like the leaders that wanted to send in troops to fight in Benghazi, they have been fired for even trying to organize a recuse mission.

  10. Pat

    Several million people didn’t vote in the 2012 elections because they felt their votes didn’t matter. Young people went to the polls and voted for their “rock star wannabe”, the “gimmes” voted to keep their goodies coming in and America lost. In my neighborhood, retired people were told that if Romney won, he would do away with Social Security.

    There is a tremendous battle ahead to take back the country, do you believe that “we, the people” can unite and mobilize as America did after December 7, 1941? We are being attacked by a force that seeks to destroy us as the enemies in WWII would have without the sacrifice and work of Americans to fight for their country. Can we do it, or was the “Greatest Generation” the last generation of Americans with courage and the will to fight?

    • Sharon Kidwell

      You are correct about the voting! I had a student a number of years ago that is now voting age. She told me she did not like Obama but she voted him anyway – here reasoning was Mitt Romney was going to take her food stamps away. What a bunch of idiots we have in our great nation that would vote for someone who has nearly destroyed America for a few dollars in food stamps!

    • Sharon Kidwell

      You are correct about the voting! I had a student a number of years ago that is now voting age. She told me she did not like Obama but she voted him anyway – here reasoning was Mitt Romney was going to take her food stamps away. What a bunch of idiots we have in our great nation that would vote for someone who has nearly destroyed America for a few dollars in food stamps!

    • T Scott

      Many didn’t vote because they thought their vote didn’t count. Many others didn’t vote because they thought the last four years had been so obviously egregious that it would be a landslide the other way. Many didn’t vote because they were too lazy and indifferent. Many didn’t vote because we’ve spent our time complaining about the endless insults to our republic among ourselves and not reaching the uninformed and indifferent.

      However, the nation surrendered passively to the lunatic rants that requiring positive voter ID was somehow racist and targeted the poor. What? I couldn’t believe anyone was moronic enough to suggested it, but even more shocked and appalled that millions, including our “leaders” bought into it. Obama won in every precinct that rejected positive voter ID and lost in every precinct that insisted on knowing who was voting and insured they only voted once. To have precincts where 148% of the population voted and virtually 100% voted for Obama says it all. Still, it took the tens of million of “digital” votes from dead people, people that have not yet been born, illegals and incarcerated felons to tip the scales enough to win. The response from the “conservatives” were drowned out by the chirping of crickets. That’s because they are on the same team.

      If the ballot box is not protected, and starting NOW, then only the bullet box remains. The next few years are more than dangerous for the republic. However, I think these are the moments before the defining days that will reestablish America to Her days of honor, integrity, power and purpose She once held before the villains of Woodrow Wilson and his ilk stained the halls of American power.

      Whatever it takes, I’m in.

      Tony Scott
      Vietnam Era Vet
      One among millions that took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

      • Gene S.

        I didn’t vote because:
        1. There wasn’t anybody to vote for.
        2. Those who count the votes “count” them any way they choose.

        Our only hope at this point, I believe, would be for the military to intervene on our behalf. This country has been taken over from within.

      • Just wanted to echo your good points and info, Tony. I refused to vote in the last election because of the lack of integrity in the voting process, and not wanting to be a part of a farce, and thus seeming to support it as is. There needs to be a major cleaning-up of the voting system – including going back to paper votes, and thus a clearly identifiable paper trail – before we play that Game of Pretend another time.

        And if it has to come down to dipping a voter’s index finger in purple dye, then thats what it has to come down to. Of all embarrassing things, to have to use some of the same techniques of third world countries, in order to try to ‘true the vote’ in the world’s leading democracy. (Read, in actual fact, republic; but to emphasize the point about our government being one of We the People. Not of The People Controllers.)

    • Pat,

      It is true that almost 4 million didn’t show up to vote against the Democrats candidate, but I have found that a large portion of those(approx 3 million)who stayed home were Evangelists, Fundamentalists,and Pentecostal Christians. They stayed home because they don’t look kindly on Mormons. In fact, they treat Mormons as a Cult, not a religion.

      I’m not trying to pick a fight or start any trouble, I just think we should always be honest no matter the subject. If we never look at issues honestly we will never fix those issues. PC has run amok in this country and we must stop it before we become afraid to speak freely.

  11. B.T. Ward

    We do need their resignations. America1st/Americans 1st. Hope we can find future leaders who are for our country n people before a party. Please keep me apprised of your progress and upcoming rallies and events.


  12. Rich Hall

    “Common Sense” in the 21st century!

  13. SGT retired robert green


    • Vickie

      I’m the daughter of a WW2 paratrooper 596 Airborn Engineer Company. I’m 63 years old but I’m ready to serve in any way I can. I was just at a meeting last Tuesday here in GA for a call for a modern day Artical V Amendments Convention. We are getting ready. I read Virgina is going to address this first thing in 2014. They want to be the first to call since they were the first in 1789. I think most of the southern states are ready. The speaker said he thought 7 states were getting ready here in the south. I think it will take 34 states for action. If anyone wants to know more about the subjeck Mark Levin’s book The Libery Amendments will imform you on all you need to know.

      • Dennis

        You folks with your amendments better think about that. It is a can of worms.

        Federalist Paper 45, Madison; the “powers delegated are few and defined”.

        Federalist Paper 33, Hamilton; The necessary and proper clause that is referenced to expand federal authority must have been directly related to one of the specified few and defined delegations.

        Federalist Paper 57, Hamilton; Congress is not to make laws that they or their friends are not subject to.

        The Federalist Papers have been use over 1500 times as a basis to find the intent of the Constitution. This has not changed there have been no amendments giving these criminals any further authority, they have taken it unlawfully.

        We need to enforce what is written not open Pandora’s Box. The reason we are in this mess is because no one studies the Founding Documents. The Declaration of resolves; The Declaration of Independence, Elliott’s Debates of the Constitution; The Federalist Papers, The United States Constitution.

        Just about the turn of the century we were inundated with Marxist Communists finding a way into our educational system. Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter both justices on the Supermen Court, both devout Communists. FDR said that there was nothing wrong with Communism and that many of his friends were Communists. Look at the methodology of the Communist/Marxists.

        They have undermined our system by creating ignorance but the American People have become “Political Welfare” recipients. Just like any other welfare recipient, they whine about what the politicians will or will not do for them. The Framers knew that the only way for the republic to survive was to put the authority in the hands of the people so the authority could not be centralized and usurped.

        Well the price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance… we have just been lazy and wanted to have someone to do it for us. Now here we are.

        You better think twice about opening up the Constitution. We don’t need to we already have the authority, it belongs to us, we simply have to enforce what is already there. The fact that you don’t know it is there speaks volumes. It’s your ignorance not theirs that keeps you in chains. In fact it is your belief that they have some authority that the Constitution does not give then that creates the belief that they have such authority. Its only in your mind….

        “My People are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6

    • LeVerne Doran

      I concur with your oath! I have been a mechanic, mason and a teacher. I am “retired” as of now. I have had the best experience when I was teaching. I am experienced in setting up a program of teaching refrigeration. When I taught this subject I was given a book and was told, “This is your subject, go teach.” I have taught children who were labeled as Severly Emotionally Disturebed as well. I am willing to serve in any way I can. I like what I have read in this window.

  14. Richard Wagener

    General, I don’t know how I can be of help, but sign me on. I was Navy enlisted YN3 and served on a Destroyer Escort from Sept61 to Sept 63 with JFK as my Commander in Chief. If I can be of any use to you, please let me know. Getting up there in age, but something has to be done. My wife and I have 13 grandchildren and l greatgrandchild. I want them to have the same great country that we had the opportunity to grow up in. This present administration is destroying everything we believe in. Guess, like everybody else, I am looking for a leader. At any rate will be glad to offer my services if there is anything I can do. I did take an oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution from all its enemies both Foreign and DOMESTIC. Never in my wildest imagination did I think that would mean the ???President??? and his party. Please let me know if I can help. I believe time is short. The President knows it and will be pressed to push his evil plans through. I am reading an excellent book that was given me by a friend. “They Fired The First Shot 2012″ by a Friend of Medjugoije that explains what is going on. Richard Wagener

  15. Steve

    Steve EOD Nam Vet. Lets get er done. Set up heads in each state and web to sign Patriots. Once orginized , give call to arms and we wont let this country down…

  16. Stephen Wallingsford

    RA 18736847…SIR..!!!
    Deputy Chief JUSMAG Thailand 1966 – 1968
    Where will 6:00am fallout be held. I am ready.

  17. Ron Binnie

    I am a Vietnam vet (2tours) and my oath expires when I die. I will stand with our Veterans and all citizens that want to return this country to its original vision and purpose. We have traitors in our government and they need to support our Constitution or go to jail for life.
    I call all our so called reps in DC as often as possible and I don’t cut them any slack on the truth.
    Gen. Vallely, I’m with you. Thank you for your service and standing up for our country.

  18. wayne

    lets get ur done. I’m on board. we need to fix the rigged voting machines first. Set up monitoring at every poll. Get the sheriffs in every county on board. just to start. find volunteers to run for federal office quickly

  19. This is the best news yet. There is some muscle behind this group which I can support. The Muslin in Chief has got to go. His foreign policy favors the wrong interests.

  20. thestorm

    I continue to see posts on blogs calling for a Con-Con. For everyone calling for an Article V Con-Con have you thought this thing out?

    The Representatives are elected

    1. How do you weed out the lies? Politicians want power and money. They stop at nothing to get it.
    2.We have proven that voter machines are rigged. Has everyone forgotten about all of the people who voted for Romney & the machine showed that they had voted for bho?
    3. With 45 to 65 million illegal aliens here,how do you plan to be sure that they do not vote?
    3.a. Look at all of the sanctuary cities in America where illegals are granted drivers licenses & automatically register to vote.
    3.b. What are you going to do about states that require no voter ID?
    3.c. Have you considered the fact that both controlling party’s will try to sneak people in to deceive voters?
    Just asking because we have learned an extremely hard lesson. That power corrupts. If this is done wrong,we are in worse shape afterwards than when we began!!

    • Kevin

      I think we can rule out anyone affiliated with the Dems. Clinton, Biden, Durbin, Rangel etc. They want everyone to vote without any ID. Power is intoxicating. It used to be when a politician was found doing something they shouldn’t be doing they resigned in disgrace and went away, but not now they do anything to stay in power and the limelight. Rod Blagojevich former governor of Illinois until he was finally locked away, Kwame Kilpatrick former mayor of Detroit until he was locked away, Bob Filner former mayor of San Diego, Jessie Jackson Jr and the list goes on. These people get hooked on power and never want to leave. We need people that will do what is right “for the people” and not self-serving. If you pass a law, you should have to live under it also.

  21. Sir,
    “You have hit the nail on the head! Thank you for your excellent summary..

  22. Rede Batcheller

    This is quite a remarkable document. I must give it a closer read, but what I’ve taken in in an online scan is just excellent. I feel compelled, however, to comment now because I would add to the list of cabinet-level departments to be abolished, to wit: Commerce, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Labor, Transportation, and Veterans Affairs. On the White House website the Attorney General is listed “as well as” the Cabinet-level departments — meaning that Justice is not a Cabinet-level department? Or that the White House doesn’t see fit to list it and instead highlights the individual who heads it? The individual occupying the post of Attorney General is, of course, reprehensible and the Justice Department (as well as State, etc.) will need serious remediation if anything worthwhile is ever to come from them again . . . . but (as usual) I have digressed. I am very grateful that some responsible and thoughtful AMERICANS have come to the same conclusion I have, that what has happened, is happening, will happen to America if our heritage and our honor are not resuscitated and the breath of life given back to liberty and truth… Thanks you, gentlemen.

  23. Aubryn

    We are now six weeks later, and still the horrors continue and increase. We have just betrayed Israel and made a deal with the devil himself. At what point do we stop simply talking and move?! By what method, sirs, and in what time, will we proceed to take back out country? Is there organization to this? It appears that only 300 patriots were in DC to stand with Larry Klayman and Reclaiming America. There are millions of us out here needing direction. Look what waiting has done.

  24. Generals: Lets get the party started, your ideas need to go viral, I’m sending this to all my contacts. If we don’t do something peacefully and stop this rodeo we’re in it will end with the patriots taking this country back and there will be bloodshed for sure. I believe that is the reason the traitor in the whitehouse is gutting our high ranking officers of the old school that honor their vows and not order their men to fire on “wE THE PEOPLE”. Good luck with your endeavors and Gods Speed~Happy Trails~Dave

  25. I am 78 years young, USAF Vet. I’ve watched the dismemberment of my Beloved USA taking place and do not like what I’ve witnessed. I’m ready to do whatever I can in my town and at least start “procedures” to correct the course my Nation seems to be heading back to constitutional ‘Rule-of-Law’ that guided us for 200 + years.

    Is there any effort to gather small groups of like minded folks and build a grassroots effort to bring sanity back to “government”? How/who can I contact for guidance?

  26. Louie

    It’s about time. I was wondering how long it was gonna take for the military to begin noticing the relentless atrocities committed by this government , led by this man called Obama. We need a complete and TOTAL revamping of our government and those in leadership. We need to go back to the FOUNDING PRINCIPLES and what the FOUNDING FATHERS had in mind. Those in power today are fools and unraveling our Nation right down to it’s very core. I am racing now towards my 70th birthday … am an old military veteran. I wish you the best, Gods speed, wisdom, and determination. May you be blessed and may The Good Lord guide your hand in all you do. GOD BLESS AMERICA and protect our Nation from the fools and the socialist, that have this determination to “Fundamentally Transform” our country. TRANSFORM NOTHING. WE need to “transform” NOTHING. We need AMERICAN LEADERSHIP to straighten this mess out. The sooner the better. I wanna live to see it.

  27. Jason Nelson

    Let’s do this.

  28. I question only one point at this time, that being the deterring of the GDP from over 3% growth. We have near 50% of the people in the USA unemployed or underemployed. Let the free enterprise be free, no more unemployment pooling by interest rates and by the way, if money is fiat, why we have to pay interest?

    Here is a path that will bring a Blessing:

  29. Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (ret)

    Why No Impeachment?

    Why has the House of Representatives in the 111th, 112th and 113th Congresses NOT impeached the faux president Obama and many other administrative appointees? They clearly have the authority to do so. In the manual, “House Practice” an entire chapter is devoted to the subject of impeachment.
    Chapter 27 states quite explicitly that certain practices or acts constitute grounds for impeachment. On several occasions I have called the Office of Speaker Boehner and asked, “Why has the Speaker not presented articles of Impeachment to the House for action?” one of the Speaker’s office staff informed me, “We don’t have enough votes to do that.” I informed him that he was incorrect, that a simple majority was sufficient to “Impeach.” He hung up on me! I called back immediately and chose to leave a voice message for the speaker. I reported the erroneous information imparted by that one member of his staff. I received no reply.
    I have sent many, many letters and faxes to the speaker, to the House Judiciary committee and to various members of the House and at least five petitions to the Clerk of the House seeking the impeachment of Mr. Obama and others. To date over a period of more than two years, I have yet to receive even a cursory acknowledgment of my messages. This certainly constitutes government sleepwalking, inattention to business and worse, a callous disregard for the High Crimes and Misdemeanors of Obama, Holder, Clinton, Panetta, Dempsey, Jarrett, Napolitano, Lerner and others.
    The inaction on the part of those who took an oath to uphold the Constitution constitutes gross dereliction of duty by every member of the House of Representatives and every United States Senator. Each of these individuals has failed to obey the oath of office that they took at their swearing in ceremony.
    Following is a “Laundry List” of the High Crimes and Misdemeanors committed by Obama and or his minions. Obama’s first acts following his inauguration were in the form of Executive Orders which are for the most part, Extra Constitutional.
    1. Obama, by executive order, suspended all military tribunals thus permitting terrorists to be tried in American courts.
    2. Obama virtually neutered the American military’s efforts to obtain information from detainees in Guantanamo by putting in place stringent protections for the detainees.
    3. Obama’s first phone call to a foreign leader was to Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Palestinian Authority rather than to an ally.
    4. Obama began appointing Czars, not subject to Senate confirmation and in most cases individuals with records as Communist or Socialist backgrounds and in some cases, some who had failed to pay huge tax debt.
    5. Obama supports the Gay lifestyle to the exclusion of Christian, Jewish or other traditional marriage.
    6. Obama, a self-proclaimed Constitutional scholar, lied when he and Holder declared SB 1070 unconstitutional because, according to them, ONLY the federal government could expel illegal aliens. WRONG! Article I, Section 10, Paragraph 3 is quite explicit. Any sovereign state has the authority to take such protective measures as are necessary to defend the state.
    7. On Saturday, March 19, 2011 Obama ordered American warplanes to bomb Libya, an undeclared act of war unauthorized by Congress, an impeachable offense.
    8. From 2009 to 2011, during Operation Fast and Furious, the ATF Phoenix Field Division lost an estimated 1400 weapons in Mexico. 2 of those weapons showed up at an Arizona murder scene in which US order Agent Brian Terry was the victim. Obama and Holder were thus culpable in the crime. An Impeachable offense.
    9. On September 11, 2012 Obama and others were reportedly watching a live TV feed from CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, depicting the attack byAl Qaeda terrorists on the American Embassy building in Benghazi, Libya. Military records and high ranking American military and consular officers, active and retired, indicate that there was sufficient time for American Military intervention that could have likely saved all or some of the personnel tortured and murdered that day. Obama reportedly took to his bed, some reports speculate that he was using cocaine, slept the night away and flew to Las Vegas, Nevada on the 12th to participate in a fund raiser. To date there has been but one publicly televised committee hearing regarding this gross Dereliction of Duty by the Faux President, his Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, Vice-President Joe Biden and likely the Secretary of State and most certainly, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey. During the Testimony of Hillary Clinton she made the gross and distasteful remark “What difference, at this time, does it make?” or words to that effect. It made and does make one big difference. If someone had prepared for as requested or reacted as necessary lives may have been saved. Impeachable offenses all.
    10. Finally, Mr. Obama has lied repeatedly relative to Obamacare. These lies certainly fall into the category of Perjury. An impeachable offense.
    So, I ask again, “Why no Impeachment?” There most certainly is sufficient cause.
    If this poor excuse for a leader cannot be impeached, he most certainly can and should be indicted, charged with multiple crimes, tried, found guilty and be executed as should some or all his complicit associates.

    Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (ret)
    326 F Nantucket Lane
    Monroe Twp, NJ 08831
    Ph: 609-395-7951

    • Vickie

      Colonel, Sir, I suggest you read the book by Peter Schweizer EXTORTION.

      I think it will sum up all your questions as to why the members of congress are not willing to do anything about what is happening to our country. You will find the chapter called America’s Most Expensive Tollbooth very enlighting as to why Speaker Boehner has no intrest in speaking to you. Just follow the money!

    • Meathead

      Count me in. WHATEVER it takes to restore America to a Republic under the Constitution instead of the corrupt Democracy that we currently have ruling over us in Washington, DC.
      America today IS NOT what our Founders fought for and established. The federal government is operating far outside the boundaries of the Constitution and would be unrecognizable by them, especially John Adams.
      Senior Chief, USN-Ret.

    • Meathead

      Thank you, Colonel. Outstanding list of violations.

      I copied your posting and am sending it to my Congress Critters, to my contacts and posting to my groups.

    • ghhillbilly

      i sure agree with you dr.colonel and have been wondering and been crying out for sometime now and many other patriots like myself and hoping that the military would stand up to this anti american communist muslim misfit bastard obama aka barry seems our god is truly listening and we the people will do whatever is necasary to restore our country and our constitution.obama is a traitor and needs to answer for his crimes.

    • Sharon Kidwell

      Yes, the House can bring up impeachment but the Senate has to vote on it. Do you honestly think that the democratic Senate is going to impeach Obama? Geez, our country is falling apart with Obamacare and these people are still saying what a wonderful law it is! There will be no impeachment until the republicans take back the Senate and then I guarantee you see some action. The House can’t do anything other than bring it up and then I’m not sure if they will be able to bring it up again after the democratic Senate lets Obama continue in his ways. I believe this is why we haven’t seen any action on the House’s part. Believe me, I am wanting this man out of office so badly – he has nearly destroyed our great country and now his negotiations with Iran! He has lied about Obamacare, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, and Fast and Furious – he has hindered the ability to invetigage these issues. Yes, I want him out of office real bad!

    • Kim Sturrdevant

      I could not agree more but until we can convince Congress that the people are serious about impeachment Obama will continue to conduct himself as King Dictator of America

    • Carlene

      Impeachment is a political process, and there is no stomach for the process in Congress. Furthermore, the House brings impeachment, but the Senate tries the case. Dictator Harry Reid will never allow his minions to vote Guilty. Thus, Gen. Vallely proposes “forced resignation.” When does the million person march on Washington begin? Can we coordinate with the multitude of Tea Party organizations, Bill Whittle at, and other Conservative organizations to spread the word? A million people on the Mall will make quite a statement AND fire up fellow conservatives to work toward a successful 2014 election result.

    • Duane Branson

      Remember: Impeachment is only the First Step. He must then be Convicted by the Senate before he (they) can be thrown from office.

  30. Richard D Volkman

    There aren’t the votes for impeachment, so get the JAG corps to bring courts martial charges against the commander in chief. Just enumerating the charges would be dramatic. What NEWS that would bring.

  31. Sean


    You say “The AMERICANS strongly believe that life, liberty, citizenship and the pursuit of happiness are the unalienable RIGHTS of every American Citizen that cannot be taken or transferred.”

    We that are quite awake know and understand that our “citizenship” has been altered and transferred into a corporation named the “UNITED STATES”.

    So what exactly is the jurisdiction of, and the status of, the “citizenship” you are suggesting?

    A Citizen

    • Jan

      Your “corporate” citizen you resides in UNITED STATES in DC. Your Natural Citizenship is you, the flesh and blood ,is where you live, within the continental united states of America. They have no authority OVER the people as they operate UNDER the constitution, which is UNDER the People. The people are the creators of government, that is why we have the right and ability to re-create it or abolish it. The “people” in DC have no more rights than anyone else. They are supposed to be managing the affairs of the country with the limitations of the constitution, not dictating to us.

  32. The Guardian

    Sign me up!

  33. Jerry W Harbin

    Dear Generals:

    God bless both of you and all our men in uniform. I am a Vietnam War veteran having enlisted in both the USAF and the US ARMY. I was no hero but I certainly did my job. It was an honor to serve my beloved country. Like the majority of US citizens, I am sickened at the treasonous actions of our ‘elected’ self-serving officials and the vile pit of corruption our national government has devolved into. Washington D.C. has become the biggest political brothel in the world; everyone is for sell.

    Our government is totally run by modern day Bolsheviks, pure and simple. If sufficient numbers of our people do not get together and stop this treasonous insanity, our beloved country will go through the same kind of LIVING HELL that befell Russia under Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin from 1917-1950. Solzhenitsyn has said that more than 60 million Russians, mostly Christians, were brutally murdered by these despicable tyrants. These pathological monsters will gladly do the same thing to Americans when the opportunity arises. Of that, I have no doubts. They are doing everything in their power to set us up for annihilation. Those damned FEMA Camps are for people like us who support the US Constitution and human dignity. The Obama crowd calls us ‘terrorists’. People who served in the US military are called ‘terrorists’ by our own government! That just boils my blood.

    Obama is simple-minded puppet doing the bidding of his Marxist masters. They just don’t use the words ‘communism’ and ‘Marxism’ anymore but they are the same damned black-hearted snakes.

    I support your efforts. I am 70 years old but I will do anything I can to help you in your inspired quest to restore America and bring ALL these greedy, vicious, traitors to justice. They should all be tried, whipped through the streets, and hanged.

    We must take the entire mass media away from the Zionists who control it. What passes for ‘news’ is a travesty. Might I strongly recommend AMERICAN FREE PRESS. I am tired of seeing my country going down the tube and being destroyed by Obama parasites like Perlosi, Hillary, Schumer, Napolitano, Feinstein, and droves of equally disgusting criminal-minded cretins.

    Wake up Americans and Fight!

    Jerry Harbin,
    Vietnam War Veteran
    USAF and US ARMY

    • Jan

      It is sad what you say, but oh so true. I think it was more like 100 million Christian Russians that were murdered after the Lenin, etc. took away their right to have their own farm and took their guns. FYI, Putin has declared Russia a Christian nation today. That is what we need to declare for America. The legal color of law system needs to be changed and we need to bring back common law of the land, and fund the courts from sales tax and not from the proceeds of court cases like the foreclosure fiasco that is allowing bribery of judges. Their pensions are funded by investment in the banking industry. Guess whose side they will rule in the case?
      It is such a mess, we need to at least start somewhere and millions of Americans are behind you guys. We need to UNITE, and not be divided like they have done to us with their stupid party system. We are ALL Americans, and we are ALL the People.

    • heroay

      Jerry, how come your post was not censored (deleted), and 5 of mine WERE?? And mine, unlike yours, were not as direct to the real cancer sore as you have so explicitly expressed here.

      BTW, most commendable use of words, adjectives, subjects, targets. And constitutional punishment. Did you copy my posts elsewhere?? Really surprised you wrote that much, and ‘survived’ ‘moderation’, while i have been blocked from posting by zio-bolshevik assets incrusted in pseudo-patriot blogs.

      Thanks. Your post and my reply will go into another world-wide email (as the article by the Generals), To, Cc, and Bcc, to keep them alert to infiltration. You’ll get your copy of it.

  34. Wally

    We’re with you Generals! We all want our utopia’s to happen, that’s the problem with the Tea Party leadership. I can’t stand them anymore. This is by far the best thing I have seen and it’s from not one, but two retired officers! I have been waiting for someone to say something like this.

    Finally we have a Nationalist leadership! I’m with you all the way!

  35. Judith Oliver

    My husband was a Marine in the Vietnam era. My father was a Naval Aviator during WWII. I’m encouraged by this and am willing to do whatever is necessary. I want my country back!

  36. William Childress

    How can I help? Let me know . . .

  37. stymie222

    The only time we can alter the course of politics is when we vote every 2 or 4 years.
    Politicians will not answer our questions or hold personal town meetings before an election.
    After they hold office, they continue to avoid questions. We have no way to evict them even after they commit serious offenses.
    Washington has shrouded itself by passing an enormous amount of laws protecting them from us.
    So what kind of Democracy do we really have ?
    We need a citizens committee that will keep these Politicians in check. No secrets shall be kept from the American people any longer.

  38. Darryl L. Hinkle

    I’m retired Navy. I’m with you sirs!

  39. Davie Jones

    Unless you have GOD in this, it is a waste of time! You know the one mentioned in the Constitution! He has made laws that all other laws are based on and until we get back to grass roots laws based on these laws, we are never ever going to get this nation back in the proper way it needs to go. Along with freedom comes responsibilities that dictate direction. Without proper direction, the ship is heading into disaster. A like minded nation is a nation no other nation can defeat! Too many have rights not handed down by GOD! It’s like a spoiled child wanting candy everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Feminism is a plight on America that needs be addressed! GOD never gave a woman the right to assert authority over a man ever! This is something man has given to women and now pay’s dearly for! Man on the other had never had the right to beat his wife. Man never had the right to deny women the right to hold title to land! So if you think for one minute that your going to even try to fix this country without really fixing this country following what GOD wants, then your wasting your time. GOD will never show you favor in the eyes of the people. You won’t be blessed by GOD and you shall fail miserably! Now what shall it be? The choice is yours to decide on your direction. I wish you well and GOD speed. I will be watching from a distance.



  41. The growing of the GDP today is not the economy picking up, but inflation raising the number. It is time we got the government out of manipulating the economy and let it ride as free enterprise. The 1930s depression would have lasted about a year and a half had the government been out of the way. It is historical to have gone into a depression cycle every 76 years or so.

    It is stated by all economists that if we ended the corporate income tax, investment would pour into this Union. Imagine if we eliminated all production taxes lowering our domestic product price about 17%.

    It takes a year for FairTax to be implemented on a start date of January 1st. In that year of setting up FairTax, GDP growth is expected to be north of 10% from investment pouring in from offshore. What the General spoke to of limiting the GDP growth would be done by bankers getting rich raising interest rates, the same old shell game, to keep wages from causing inflation, something we have not had since 1913.

    When wages lead inflation, the employee is in charge of his labor, employers bidding for it. 0% unemployment of eligible workers is possible(had we work ethics).

  42. Mike Scupin

    Like millions of the people I recognize the truths stated here. I too am a former member of the USAF and agree the time has come to return this nation to its founding concepts before we go deeper into the abyss of the issims and move to collapse as did Russia. I am working hard in my community now to do what I can to awaken my friends and neighbours. I helped to get my state to pass the first Health Care Compact Agreement in the nation and I would consider it an honor and privelege to work with you to put a stop to what both parties are doing to America.

    I have concluded that a large part of the Republican leadership are in reality Progressives. We know Progressives infiltrated the Democrats until they have gained total control of that party and I see the same thing occuring in the Republican party. Time to reverse what has been occurring for over 100 years is becoming critical. If things continue much longer this country will be lost and we will find our nation under control of possibly the United Nations or some other entity.

    Let me know how I can be of service.

  43. Suzanne Buikema-Seloover


    I do not understand why the provost general or any sherif have not arrested this fraud? Time is too short. You saved millions of lives w/the nuclear false flag, you know it’s short. What is needed???

  44. Joseph Murray

    There has been no impeachment, Colonel Davis since it would be a pyrrhic victory in the current strategic environment. All the Republicans control is the House where a bill of impeachment can be generated. But the trial body is the Senate and a conviction of Captain Zero would never happen under his puppet party hack, Harry Reid. On a brighter note, I suspect that if the R’s hold the House and take a serious majority in the Senate in 2014 our desire for impeachment, trial and ejection can occur in 2015 PROVIDED the R’s grow a set of cajones, get their Washington “establishment” under control and act FOR the Constitution rather than their own power and money interests.

    • Jan

      It’s been 100 years and it has gotten worse, not better, hoping that electing the “next guy” will fix the mess. We need a major overhaul, as this car is headed for the graveyard if we wait another year.

      It is the SYSTEM that is corrupt. The banksters are destroying it and they pay no tax for the $400+billion in interest we pay every year.

      That kind of money could get this coutry back on track in no time.

      We need to do what Kennedy wanted to do and print our own money at 0 interest. And have a jubilee and forgive ALL debt. Greenland did it! And arrested the bankers and politicians! Check it out, it’s true!

  45. Gilbert Murray

    I agree and support Gen Valley, I my self am a retired Army Command Sergeant Major and also took the oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States for A life time against all enemies.
    I feel that we have both communist and Nazis and muslin s serving in our gov’t from top to bottom and no effort will be made to impeach anyone until they are kicked out of office. you should con
    General Valley you should consider running for President or maybe talking Mike Huckabee into running and then you could maybe get vice President slot.
    Gil Murray
    US ARM CSM Retired

  46. Karen Marston

    I have been trying to reach Mr.Vallely. I want to have a nationwide protest against Obama and all of his followers in congress. I would like for us to stand together and demand impeachment. I am unable to do this alone as I have no clue where to begin. I would appreciate any and all help!!

  47. Brenda C Beyer

    I commend you for taking a stand to finally take steps necessary to take our country back and although everyone will not agree in all aspects, we the people will know that the ideas, choices and decisions made will be in the best interest of the people, for the people and most importantly by the people as a whole. There is one thing that does concern me.
    I agree to abolish the federal reserve, I ask that you take care in this being done as I believe the ones with the money are the real ones with the power and they will not take it lightly. This is just my opinion from the knowledge I have acquired about the federal reserve.
    I feel moat Americans have been fed up for quite a long time, just not knowing what to do and where to start. Now with you we have that. I am just an average American but I will do what ever I am able to in order to see this change come to pass. I would like my grandchildren to have the freedom within the America I once knew. Thank you. BC Beyer

  48. One thought to keep in mind: America is afflicted by treachery from within. Enemies and criminals have infiltrated every sphere of activity. One may predict, with assurance, that they will infiltrate HERE. I hope this has been thought of already. It should be well known by now that everything we try is sabotaged shortly after we set something up. I’m not sure what kind of self-policing system would be needed, but corrupt individuals cannot be allowed into the forward end of this process. If anyone can be compromised, they will be compromised. Again and again, our leaders say one thing and do the opposite. We should know by now why this happens. It also has to be understood that this business is dangerous in every sense of the word. We need leadership, it is true; but a leader is by definition the first to take a hit. And we must have no illusions on this score. The enemy has the upper hand through criminal and clandestine methods. They will hit, and hit again. What is being opposed is an enormous system of corruption that was not built in a day. And we should have no illusions, as well, that the tentacles of the monster reach back to Moscow and Beijing.

    • Mike Keating

      I must reinforce Mr. Nyquist’s concerns with some additions. This effort cannot afford to be ignorant of or ignore very real organizations such as the Illuminati, TLC, CFR & Bilderberg who through secrecy and subversion are principally responsible for the FED and our manufactured economic drain-off over a century’s time. Until these 50 thousand pound elephants in the room are dealt with, no effort to restore America can permanently succeed. To that effect, here are some suggestions to strongly consider:

      1) Prior to restoring a sound currency under the US Congress, legislation must be passed cancelling all taxation of private property and debts owed to the current banking system in the event of a collapse of the present dollar-based fiat currency. Wealth is never destroyed, only transferred and the internationalists responsible for the Federal Reserve System have positioned themselves as beneficiaries of any manufactured economic crisis. Without this protection, serious attempts to return to a legitimate economy will likely provoke an intentional collapse, transferring much of the assets of the American people into the hands of these internationalists when current obligations cannot be met. En Route to fulfilling their stated objective of a one-world economic system, these forces have undertaken the progressive destruction of every national economy worldwide.

      2) Pass legislation prompting the immediate return of all federally held land to their respective States in the event of a collapse of the US economy (except Washington DC proper). In this event all federal ownership of land must be banned (as originally intended) to prevent the confiscation of public & personal property through intentional economic collapse and taxation. Use of any land deemed necessary for maintenance of a sound national military should be granted for that purpose on an annual basis by the respective State legislatures.

      3) Pass legislation requiring candidates for public office to fully disclose past and present involvement with globalist groups hostile to a sovereign America such as the Illuminati, TLC, CFR & Bilderberg (possibly higher level Masonry) and exclude from office any candidate with proven affiliations. Until globalists hostile to a sovereign America are rooted out of our political institutions, attempts to restore America will be blocked on every front.

      4) Recall US Military forces from most foreign service and rebuild respect for Constitutional boundaries within the branches. Immediately restore Posse Comitatus, defund & disband the DHS and dismantle the massive surveillance network established not to detect external threats, but to control internal threats to a globalist takeover. End the demonization of law abiding citizens and patriots seeking to restore & preserve our Constitutional Republic defining the only authority ever granted to the federal government by the people.

      5) Progressively repeal all unconstitutional laws (NAFTA, GATT, Patriot Act, Obamacare, Executive Orders ….. etc.) and rebuild all needed functions within the individual State agencies.

      Failure to address these concerns in a stated or similar manner will leave this restoration effort short in the most vital areas and brings to light the momumental task at hand.

  49. Brian Weddle


    Brian Weddle @ Face Book
    November 23

  50. Greg Bacon

    You clowns wanted to make GW Bush president for life, now you want to toss out Obama and then you’ll select who will rule?

    I’ve seen this movie before and it doesn’t have a happy ending.

    Yes, the FED is illegal and corrupt, but why the sudden interest now?

    Is it because your buds in the Pentagon might have to do a little belt tightening?

    • Mark Berg

      Our actual debt is perhaps 220 trillion, few people know the details about the activities of the FED, but the entire system could crash any moment. WAKE

  51. Thomas Fullford

    Even though out of the Marine Corps, I will support the Generals and others any way I can. When people take the oath to join the military as an officer or enlisted, they take an oath to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. The domestic enemy is the Obama Administration and it is the peoples right and DUTY to get rid of individuals that are detroying the United States from within.

    “Don’t Tread on Me” was a clause and flag that the Colonist’s created and projeced to the King of England. I have that sticker on my vehicle, not projected toward enemies of the United States, they can be taken care of appropriately, but toward internal oppression which is my own government. Our own government is the enemy (domestic) and there is no way possible that our own military will ever go against it’s own people. “When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty.”

    Semper Fi

  52. Mark Berg

    About time, I thought it would never happen. The fed must be audited, and stopped. The congress is helpless, since 96, the pork in all bills has exploded, they are all stealing, and care not for the people, nor the republic. History shows the path we are on, it is Nazi Germany about 1936 right now according to this historian. God Speed, US Military, before Israel takes em out.

  53. Marty

    This is the one and only way WE THE PEOPLE shall proceed in order for our children to have a chance at a viable future !

    Victory Through Knowledge is the true demonstration of a powerful well
    lived life !

  54. The American Political Party

    Excellent work gentlemen. Please keep it up. I will be paying attention, and discussing this with the people in my life. The citizenry need facts. We get skewed information from ALL media sources. There always seems to be an angle or agenda which manipulates and divides. I will help you in any way I can

  55. R. Lee

    I love this country beyond words to describe.
    I agree. We need to bring sanity back into our lives, sooner than later.

    Have been studying our true/factual Constitutional Law. The Original one. Doing so is imperative. God bless Rod Class for putting this information out there. One of only a few I know who is NOT working and putting his work out there for political or $$$ gain. Also, he’s the only person I know banned from entering Washington D.C. The judges in D.C. courts have ankle bracelet on Rod, not house arrest, but to forewarn them if he’s coming into Washington D.C. limits. He’s got the D.C. courts running for cover! He KNOWS the Constitutional Law, and what’s being done to subjugate it.

    Any questions? Answers found at:
    Also at: AIB RADIO on (keep some headache remedies handy!)

    Rod Class is not into “partys” per se, he’s sincere in helping America survive the damages done by teaching those with the will and patience to learn our true law as it was originally written and interpreted. It’s difficult comprehending the efforts, time, and details that went into subverting and wrongly translating the principles our Founders put forth in black ink on white paper, for their proceeding generations’ education.

    The rats who crawled on board the ships which carried our ancestors to this young continent’s shores all those years past, never left. They’ve multiplied and grown fat off our sweat! Most never held a real job. Lazy and arrogant they’ve been busy keeping us all as blind and ignorant as possible.

    Enough good men and women with knowledge, moral duty and calm continence are now and will continue to correct where correction is necessary.

    An American

  56. Peter Snow

    Your situation is worse than portrayed above. If every man of fighting age in the U.S. took to the streets tomorrow and was armed, you could not prevail. Why? Because the forces you will be fighting are not your own country men.

    Sure, for the first few hours they will be, but Obama is not relying on Americans to execute his plan. He has signed a secret deal with China to provide a full-scale land invasion from the sea at a moments notice. They’re just waiting for the nod.

    He has also signed a deal with Russia to provide an enormous army to be delivered by rail, through Canada, also at a moments notice.

    These foreign armies will be cruel. You can’t even negotiate with them, due to the language barrier. I’m not trying to just scare you, I’m trying to motivate you to come up with a plan to liberate yourselves, but bear-in-mind, Obama is expecting you. You have to find something he’s NOT expecting or planned for and do that.

    I believe you have just days (not months), maybe weeks if you are very lucky. Time is so short. What were you doing to let it come to this? If you do nothing, it will still happen. That’s the plan.

    I’m praying for you.

  57. Charles Barclay

    Solution to both the middle east “crisis” and our objection to the cost of supporting the UN in New York, USA – force them to move out of the US to Tel Aviv.

  58. Darrell R. Golliher Sr.

    I’m former Air Force, 1953-1961 There is no expiration date on the oath I took in 1953 and I will still honor it today. Let’s get started. What can I do NOW before things get even worse than they are?

  59. Apollinair

    Great ideas. The concepts should be supported by everyone making over a million dollars a year (or have a billion stashed) as that is what it will take to live under the proposed emotional but anachronistic nonsense.

  60. James L Farrell, DMD

    Keeping it short: What can I do to help? Where? How? When? Money? Respond and I will respond in kind.

  61. John N. Sampson

    General Vallely, General Jones,

    God Bless the both of you and may He keep you safe from those who would wish you harm. You gentlemen, have and continue to honor your oaths of office, unlike the vast majority of “elected” politicians who violate their oaths every single day.

    Keep up the fight, for we need you to if the Republic is to survive.

    Semper Paratus,

    John N. Sampson
    Veteran US Coast Guard Reserve
    Desert Shield / Desert Storm

  62. Linda Shaw

    I concur.

  63. Kim Sturdevant

    There is more than cause to impeach Obama, he had declared himself to be King Dictator of America and no one is doing anything to stop him or let him know he can’t do that.
    As it stands now, America will soon have no military leaders and be comopletely vulnerable to terrorists forces — Egypt has charges of terrorism against Obama in the world court so why not impeach him now and get back on track?

  64. Wayne Gadow

    Thank You Generals Vallely and Jones for starting this effort. We need to get the USA back on firm footing…the current Administration is obviously not interested in doing that. I’m retired USAF plus 16 years as an AF Civilian and have always respected the fact that any General Officer I came in contact with, struck me with their belief in God and love for their country. Is there anything I may do, besides moral support?

  65. HughS

    Is this in the talking phase or is there somewhere we can go to hear more about it and help get the word out – Time is Short….

  66. Don

    MG, Sir. Here’s what you do. (Once this is over and according to what you have said you would do or have done) Once the Fed reserve is eliminated, have everyone turn in there fed reserve notes for Treasury notes. Then take the fed reserve notes we no longer use or honor and pay China and the bankers back. That will bankrupt them, not us.

    Also, give to yrs for all manufacturers to move back in the US. Then put a heavy import tax on everything coming in. So a 12 dollar lamp will cost 1,200.00 That will get people working again.

    Also, A Citizens bill of Rights. 1. Have all non citizens thrown out until all Americans are working.

    2. Any non citizen or company must sell their property and it can only be sold to a citizen. Non citizens can not buy property or own any and also stocks of any kind.

    3. No non U.S. banks of any kind can operate in the US.

    4. Puerto Rico, give 6 mo’s if they don’t want to become a state, they are out!

    5. No Pension, SS or tax return checks are to be sent out of the country.

    I can go on and on.

    Right now, we need big names to be walking and talking in the halls of congress and reporting back to the people. If they don’t do what we want, we can call, protest at their houses if need be. We have to start making it personal.

  67. John D

    I believe any attempt to remove the 537 parasites now in elected positions in our government will be met with any available action to quash this uprising. We need massive numbers to be successful and leadership from our military is an excellent first step, so now is the time for “We the People” to come forward and provide the numbers required to make this happen.

  68. Christine Stout

    In regard to item “Education, kindergarten through grade twelve, is a fundamental right for American school-age children…” – there is no place in the US Constitution that discusses this issue at all. Education as a right has led, in IL, to the formation of disciplinary “schools” solely because children cannot be expelled, even for violent behavior. Education is an entirely local matter, primarily the responsibility of the parents of said children, and should so be considered.

  69. davefilms

    I agree totally

  70. Scott

    Thank you for your continued service to America, Behind you 100%. I am sick of watching our service man and women die because of this administrations policy’s never mind everything else they have screwed up.

  71. tjack

    Love this!! Thank God I found this. I am in full agreement. Following…TJ

  72. david goff

    Dear sir’s
    Our founders and forefather warned of these dangers and fought to stave off the central banking system which has so dramatically changed this
    nation. I believe that President Andrew Jackson was the last to conquer the central banking and he was very proud of that victory. It needs to be done again, along with the IRS as it’s only purpose is support of the interest payments. Do not forget to confiscate all the gold in the Federal Reserve vaults as it belongs to the citizens of this great nation.

    BMC USN Retired, 1962-1986

    A central bank is more dangerous than a standing army. (Thomas Jefferson)
    This comment has been proven true.

  73. Nanse Browne

    Please let me know what can be done to help make this platform a high-profile, aggressively promoted movement that will attract tens of millions of Americans! The time is NOW!! Window is closing !

  74. Diane

    Thank you for this. We must band together and get the word out and stay on it. Fear will be our enemy, so overcome that, get more Americans involved and it will work! God Bless America, Land That I Love!!

  75. Karlton Criswell

    Major General Vallely, I’m with you sir. As a former Marine, I am sickened and ashamed of our government and what it has become. It is past time for the American people to take back their country. Although I am unable to give any financial support, I will gladly and freely give my time, energy, and life if need be to get this country back on track. I still stand behind the oath I took to support and defend our Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic! Ooh Rah America, Semper Fi!

  76. Dr Lynn J Anderson, ,COL USA retired


    I just finished reading Thomas Paine’s Common Sense To say the least, he most assuredly made common sense in his great and immortal piece of literature. If he were here today, and he is in spirit, he would sustain what has been said in this article and by those who have commented. On the very first page he said “Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one…”

    Under the current administration, we are certainly in government’s “worst state” and it is unequivoccally intolerable!

    I am impressed by what has been stated in the comments to this article. The majority are of one mind in recognition of the existing pending disaster unless something is done. Not only that, there have been many suggestions given that demonstrate the highest level of analytical thinking. I am proud to be associated with such a group and hope that there is some way in which I can actively contribute to this cause.

    Dr. Lynn J Anderson, USA COL Retired

  77. Mike Travis

    Standing at ready Sir. I do hereby solemnly pledge my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor to our original Constitution, and to the Republic for which it was created.

  78. Donna Boston

    I hope we are not creating a list for the Obama followers to come after all of us a little later.

    That said, we are ready here. Lets stop this government that has made all the lives taken on all the battlefields of this great country to have all died in vain.

    We are ready to vote, contribute, carry whatever is needed. Lets get it done.

  79. Robby Phillips

    We are with you General’s!! Someone needs to hold those who violate the constitution accountable. I suggest you get in touch with some of the other generals who have been purged to join the cause. Here is a link to a site with some of the many names:
    Here is a good list (although somewhat incomplete) of a lot of the violations of the constitution the current administration has committed:
    And now here is my personal list of things that I believe should be done in government (you may have to take some with a grain of salt). Feel free to use/ incorporate them into your platform as desired/ needed. You all are very brave and this is long overdue. Thank you for your service and love for our country!! Here is my list…


    Maybe shutting down the government is exactly what we need. It will force the government to live within it’s means. We have got to stop piling up the debt and the sooner the better. So what if there is a short term reaction to the government being put on a budget. The end result will be that the government will have to live within it’s means. And when it does things will get better because the problem is beginning to be fixed. Government is like an out of control teenager that has run up the credit card bill until they cannot afford the interest only payment. With every debt ceiling increase, that day when we will face that same irresponsible situation as a nation gets closer. Technically, the way the government is acting now is TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION (the unrepresented, some of which are not even born yet). One of the main reasons our country was founded to begin with.
    1. Have a Nonpartisan Budget Committee Whose Job It Is to Balance the Budget, Making it Unlawful for Government to Borrow Money
    2, Cut Federal spending to 1989 levels
    3. Cut federal employees salaries by 50% for everyone except military personnel
    4. Cut ALL federal employees retirement by 50% retroactively
    5. Cap Federal Employee Salary at the average of similar private sector positions (not to exceed $85,000)
    6. Retroactively Adjust Values of Retirement Accounts/ Benefits for Government Employees and Polititians to be Exactly Average of All Working People in the U.S.
    7. Cut the remainder of the federal government by 50% and start paying off that debt with the surplus
    8. Confiscate assets from government employees, officials, congress both past and present who have gotten rich while in congress or afterword illegally.
    9. Seize Assets of Any Government Official That Has Ever Voted for/ Implemented an Unconstitutional Tax Increase.
    10. Confiscate all the money from the bailouts that was not disclosed and apply it towards the debt
    11. Abolish/ Ban Federal/ State/ Government Employee Unions
    12. NO BONUSES For Any Person Whatsoever Working for Any Company Asking for Public Assistance,
    13. No more Black Budgets: Congresional Oversight for Sensitive Items in Military Budget and no undisclosed projects anywhere else.
    14. Just cut government, period. For every government employee you eliminate, the private sector can afford to hire 2 employees. DO THE MATH!!


    Do what it takes to put the federal government back to it’s smaller constitutionally acceptable role. We don’t like being broke and being a laughing stock because of the stupidity of our government.
    1. Define the Federal Governments Limits according to the constitution and nullify any laws, regulations or departments of governent or government funded institutions that are illegally operating under or enforcing
    unconstitutional mandates.
    2. Put a limit on the number of laws that can be in force by the Federal Government. The government should not be allowed to have more laws in force than the average citizen can reasonably be expected to have the
    mental capability to be aware of and have a working knowlege of.
    3, Eliminate the EPA, DHS, HHS, FDA, NEA, FTC, BATF, NSA, TSA and IRS and or funding thereof. Transfer their remaining skeleton duties to a PUBLIC interest commission made up of citizen volunteers.
    4, Eliminate every new program and agency created since 1995.
    5, Beginning immediately (with no exemptions), automatic and retroactive sunset provisions on all Federal regulations and laws that must be voted on individually, by congress in order to be re-instated.

    ACCOUNTABILITY PAST LAWS (Fix what is wrong with what has already been done)

    1. Retroactively and going forward, make congress subject to ALL laws and regulations the general public is subject to. No exemptions for anyone.
    2. Outlaw elected or public officials’ owning of any stock/ shares/ mutual funds, etc…
    3. Make possible to recall lifelong judicial appointments based on their record and remove activist judges from the bench.
    4. Make it a Federal crime PUNISHABLE BY MINIMUM FEDERAL PRISON TIME for any politician or bureaucrat to try and implement any legislation that is fraudulently being used to deceive the people and control them such
    the lie/ religion of manmade global warming being used to implement CAP AND TRADE LEGISLATION.
    5. Immediately rescind any laws/ fees/ taxes/ regulations instituted by any person in government who was not elected and ban this practice for the future.
    6, Have a Politician Review Board that Polices Promises Made During Campaigns & Jail Those Who Breach Contract (Promises to People) and remove them from office and disqualify them from working for any form
    of government or companies that do business with any government.
    7. Make Infringement on Constitutional Rights Such As Second Ammendment Punishable By Minimum Prison Terms
    8. Enforce The 10th Ammendment and Punish w/ Prison Time anyone in the Federal Government Violating it.
    9. Eliminate any bureaucracies that have been infiltrated by left wing activists.
    10. Audit/ End the Federal Reserve
    11. BAN ALL lobbying at the Federal level.
    12. Outlaw Special Interest Groups From Contributing Any Money to Any Politiitan For Any Reason.
    13. Prosecute congressional members who participate in insider trading or any other means of enriching themselves through their office/ authority/ approval.

    FUTURE LAWS (Fix the way laws can be passed)

    1. Congress must read any bill before voting and the Public must be allowed to ready the bill before voting can occur.
    2. Any new regulation must be voted on by local people before being implemented in that area.
    3. Require that any science performed/ endorsed by the government must be open to the public and before it is insisted that it is fact, it must be able to be replicated by others in the scientific field who may disagree with the
    conclusions reached by the initial government findings.
    4. Constitutionality must be proven before bills can be voted on.
    5. End/ Ban snooping/ spying on the public at large without just cause and a warrant.
    6. Limit Bills/ Laws to 10 pages


    1. ALL Tax Increases MUST Be Approved By The People w/ 70% approval
    2. No more representation without taxation, period. Everyone must have some skin in the game, period.
    3. End Speculation in Markets Unless You Put Up 75% of the Money.
    4. Institute the Fair Tax ( and abolish the IRS, thus removing the ability of the government to selectively persecute politcal oppenents.


    1. Repeal/ Strike Down Obama Care
    2. Implement RobbyCare 101 Immediately with the following features:
    a. Have Standard electronic forms that a given medical provider fills out with the appropriate medical codes. Get several estimates from different providers. The insurance pays a given dollar amount towards a given
    b. Use a discount program such as Careington 500 or an advocate in the case of surgery or hospitalization to get the best possible rate. Never show the provider your insurance or tell them how much they will pay. Accept the
    discounted rate and use insurance to pay the discounted rate. Market forces prevail. Problem solved!!
    c. Make it illegal for the government to attempt to regulate any natural product/ vitiamin, etc…
    d. Ban the use of Bromide in food in any form for any reason.
    e. Ban the manufacture and use of BPA in anything.
    f. Outlaw High Fructose Corn Syrup in it’s present or future iterations or names from any food.
    g. Make it illegal to alter the chemical structure of any natural hormone or natural substance for the purpose of making a patentable product to be used in the treatment of illness in humans or animals, when the hormone or
    natural substance is available in natural/ bioidentical form. Make this retroactive to remove from the market substances that have been manufactured in the past and may or may not still be currently prescribed.
    h. Overturn FDA ruling on not requiring or preventing labeling for Genetically Modified Organisms and require that all GMO’s be labeled, no exceptions.
    i. Rescind the laws allowing the federal government to experiment on the public at large w/ drugs/ chemical weapons or any other means.


    And here are some eternal, though simple, yet inconvenient (for liberatls) truths:

    • All the planets are heating up, not just earth. If planets more than twice as far as the earth from the sun can heat up due to solar activity, it strongly suggests that the earth heating up/ cooling is mostly due to the solar cycles as well.
    • Man did not affect the first 97% of rising ocean levels. Why do ignorant people think we are going to be responsible for the last 3% of rising ocean levels. These same people have the audacity to believe we not only can cause it, but could actually do something to stop it as well.
    • The sun puts over one million times as much energy into earth’s atmosphere every second of every day than man puts into earth’s atmosphere in an entire year.
    • One major volcano can easily put more pollution into the atmosphere than mankind has in his entire existance.
    • Why should any of my tax money go towards a fraud that has been forced upon us, ignoring simple science, basic facts and common sense. Oppressors and tyrants want to impose taxes amounting to a significant proportion of the fruits of my labor to (they say) help alleviate the problem that we cannot even begin to put a dent in.
    • When you cut down trees, the level of carbon dioxide goes up because the trees are not there to process it into oxygen. What does this do in turn? It promotes the growth of plants, which, when grown enough, will lower the carbon dioxide level.
    • The tyrants and oppressors truly cannot see the forest for the trees.

    • Mary

      2, Cut Federal spending to 1989 levels
      3. Cut federal employees salaries by 50% for everyone except military personnel
      4. Cut ALL federal employees retirement by 50% retroactively
      5. Cap Federal Employee Salary at the average of similar private sector positions (not to exceed $85,000)

      I have to comment on these items that you listed above from your post because they are not even feasible.

      1. Can you run your personal household on a 1989 budget?
      2. Most Federal employee salaries (WG and GS system) are no higher than a private sector job; many times it is less. The exception to this is the SES (senior executive) system.
      3. I am retired after working for the Federal Government for 30 years. I live on $1400/month. That is all I have to live on. I don’t think I am living in a lavish retirement. Now if you cut my retirement by 50% that would be $700/month. I would not be able to eat. Therefore I would have to seek public assistance via food stamps. Is that reasonable?
      4. You need to educate yourself on what Federal employee salaries are. Go to and you can find the table of salaries for both the WG and GS system and you will find that it is not what you imagine it is.
      5. After working for 30 years for the Federal government I never even came close to reaching the cap that you have proposed.

      In addition I supported our troops during Desert Storm and other front line missions I can’t mention. Can you say you have done that?

      If you don’t have first hand knowledge of a topic, I suggest you do your homework first.

  80. Michael Nakahara

    Served 26 yrs. in the Army. Call on me anytime!! I got your back!!!

  81. terry kemmet

    the only problem in all of this is the money system. the government needs to be constitutionally responsible and issue money into the system based on our gnp. if we allow the bankers to control the issuance of money based on debt as it is now, in a few short years they will have control of us once again. count on me to be one of your soldiers. lead will need to fly but it would serve us better if it came out of our pencils instead of a gun.

  82. tonyn

    Heres a Federal Reserve Power Grab that Coupled with the Trade Policy called the TPP needs some stiff debate !!!!!

    We the People are being Isolated from our sovereign means to produce and be a self reliant society !!!!!!
    The Founders wrote the word ” Independence ” for the meaning of Don’t become Dependent on someones else foreign or domestic or they will use that Dependency against you !!!!!! Today our Financial and durable self reliance has been out sourced to the point we are nothing but a Paper trade economy dependent on a Foreign supply and those BRICS nations are calling for and end to Our dollar which is the paper in the trade that our economy is ONLY running on !!!!! This is a National security threat NO ONE in Power is doing anything about !!!!!
    If we lose our parts supplies from these Foreign Suppliers while we are trying to Retool a Tool and die durable parts supply chain , which we have not even started to do yet , something Obama said we would do and won 2 elections on , this Threat to the nations is grounds by itself for Impeachment !!!! Even your Military is dependent on foreign parts supplies to the point that we are Vulnerable to keeping our Military might dependable if these parts are cutoff !!!!!!!

    Report Says U.S. Military Dangerously Dependent on Foreign Suppliers – See more at:

  83. General Sir,

    What is an “American Citizen” as per the Constitution?

  84. george

    “We find these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal…”
    Don’t that part.

  85. george

    *don’t ‘forget’ that part.

  86. tonyn

    How can this be ??? The Obama administration said it was a LIE , oh but they lie too right ???? Halperin: Death Panels Built Into Obamacare (Video)

    • tonyn

      Listen at 8:00 about the Liberal Reporter saying Yes Death Panels exist and that they are needed to Bend the cost curve on end of life care . Oh Boy a overpopulation Ideology deciding about who lives and who dies sounds like a politically influenced future for USA .
      Mark Halperin – Senior Political Analyst for Time magazine.

  87. george

    A noble endeavor, unfortunately its well beyond the point of no return.
    I noticed in your opening statement,that you conveniently left a few things out and added a little of your own.
    “We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights” Most are unaware of the events set in motion with the signing of the Peace Accord in 1988. Those events started a chain reaction that cannot be stopped. This is about the NWO; this is about global government control. This is about a world power with Israel at the reins and the United States spearheading the effort. This is about biblical prophesy; the Words of The Almighty Son of The Almighty God coming to pass. And as a woman in labor, once the contractions begin, she cannot escape the inevitable. It only gets worse and worse from this point on.
    There is hope…Jesus said, those that endure to the end, the same shall be saved.
    If I were you, I would invest in the survival of yourself and your family, while you still can. The U.N. is buying up all the land around the country and deeming it “sustainable development”…if you know what that means and its not what it sounds. 1Thessalonians 5:3, “…and they shall not escape.”

  88. Vee Sixxe

    I came to this country coincident with its bicentennial celebration to serve in the U.S. military, and later on retire from federal civil service after 35 years. Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that in my lifetime, I will be witnessing this dear nation become economically deformed, legislatively perverse, a socialist bastion led by a documented pathological liar. The haughty grand impostor of the oval office needs to go sooner rather than later. To recast an apophthegm from William Roscoe Thayer’s (1919) book “Theodore Roosevelt: An Intimate Biography”, the works of this spineless incumbent regime and its self-serving minions “represent nothing but successful fraud in overriding the will” (p.368) of true American citizens. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead, “The Americans” Project!

  89. I came to this country coincident with its bicentennial celebration to serve in the U.S. military, and later on retire from federal civil service after 35 years. Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that in my lifetime, I will be witnessing this dear nation become economically deformed, legislatively perverse, a socialist bastion led by a documented pathological liar. The haughty grand impostor of the oval office needs to go sooner rather than later. To recast an apophthegm from William Roscoe Thayer’s (1919) book “Theodore Roosevelt: An Intimate Biography”, the works of this spineless incumbent regime and its self-serving minions “represent nothing but successful fraud in overriding the will” (p.368) of true American citizens. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead, “The Americans” Project!

  90. Mac

    So…what do we do as citizens? Aside from just sharing this, what can we do to help?

  91. David

    Sign me up to restore Liberty.

  92. This commission cannot come soon enough and it is long overdue.There is no longer any doubt that Barack HUSSEIN Obama (and surrogates) is willfully, with malice and forethought, deconstructing America as a hyper power. The first way to accomplish their goals is to destroy the military through various methods, as well as to bleed the economic coffers dry.

    That being said,the following is more than noteworthy –

    As such, forward march in order to take back America!!

  93. mutantone

    We need for those officers still in to follow their oaths of duty and the soldiers under their commands to follow suite.
    We all swore to defend the Constitution “from all enemies both foreign and domestic”
    Obama has shown his treasonous bent by his support and advancement of the Muslim Brotherhood,the enemy to all civilized nations, with their ties to the Iranian extremest. there ties to Hamas and other terrorist groups.
    It is time for a declaration of Martial Law suspend the congress remove the Communist-Marxist in office, stop the shipments of arms and funds to terrorist groups over seas, remove the Brotherhood members for positions inside of the government.
    stop it all reestablish the Constitution as the land.
    Make the term limits already written in the Constitution apply and not the current interpretation that is being used to make it a life time job.
    let the Military run things until the government is reformed and the new election results verified as accurate and honest by requiring a picture identification to vote.
    negate the National debt reestablish the currency backed by gold or other precious metal. A start over period that we need to reestablish the Republic to the glory it should be and not the less than third rate nation that the democrats are attempting to make the USA.
    enforce the immigration limits remove the undesirables close the borders. follow the laws.
    and then and only then allow the return of the government to the people.
    So once again we have a Nation for the people by the People for the People and not the Politicians.

  94. Ron Gibson

    100% SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ron Gibson

  95. James White

    I’m on board with the Generals. How can I help?

  96. CG_artist

    Wow! I am so impressed. This site is just what the Dr. ordered. Like another poster stated, they have been waiting for the military/retired/enlisted to step up to the plate. Thank you so much for this site and organization, Major General Vallely and General Jones. Your message is clear and just makes too much sense. I am hoping that it is not too late for our Country. Are there enough patriots left?

    I do not have the money to donate, however; if there is ever anything I can do or volunteer for please feel free. I would be honored…..

  97. Charles Edgar Warlick Junior, DDS

    Thank you for your initiative andl leadership. I am with you all the way to the regaining of awe and respect for our
    Creator by this nation.
    Please let me know how I may help in your initially stated goals

  98. Logan Killian

    I like this, however there is fundamental flaws that are quite frankly against what America is based on. Email me if you want more information, you have it in your system.

  99. charles

    Please direct how to join, or add my support for this cause. I am a veteran, and an old infantryman waiting on an opord for this mission. Me and a few million more like me are doing what we can individually, but we need to operate as part of a defined organized unit. We want to fight. We need defined objectives, and stated goals. Our enemy is the most insidious of all, our own brothers, sisters, relatives, co-workers, friends and neighbors who cluelessly support the head of the snake, our own government. Our situation is dire. I salute you Sir(s) for your love of this country and for your lifetime of service to her. Tell us how to help.

  100. Ron Palermo

    Generals Vallely and Jones,

    We support you 100%, I will stand with you BRAVE MEN on the Capital steps anytime to show these tyrants that we will not stand silent while the bravest and brightest among us are punished. Punished by people in this Administration no courage and “no good” character.

    This country has given too much blood and treasure, on too many distant battlefields, in the defense of freedom just to slip away at the hands of rank amateurs who punish brave and honorable men and women like you. I believe they look in the mirror and know they don’t measure up, you are a constant reminder of their personal weakness.

    I live in California where the endless line of mindless drones do not and will not understand that adhering the US Constitution is their only hope for a continued freedom that is rapidly slipping away.

    I was lucky to have served under President Reagan. This would have never happened on his watch. President Reagan seta high bar for decency, honesty, and love of country that these twisted Democrat and Rino leaders could never understand. You would have better luck teaching calculus to a dog.

    Am I fired up, you bet!!

    Ron J Palermo
    Captain USAF (sep)

  101. Junius Stearns

    I’m totally on board.

  102. Charles Wilkerson

    These propositions need to be aired and implemented. They need to be articulated over and over again to a desperate citizenry who are starved for leadership.

    We are in a war, a war for the hearts and minds of American citizens. We should have an advantage because we, on our side of the great American political divide, speak the truth against the lies of the statist Democrats and their GOP enablers.

    But that advantage needs to be given much more life than it currently enjoys. This can only be done with more people of leadership quality becoming involved in the fight. Citizens of all stripes, whether they are private sector employees, business owners, or government employees, need to become leaders. For many this means simply overcoming the fear of being “noticed”. Unless this fear is overcome, we will fail at this absolutely essential-for-survival task.

    We need to lend our energies and our money – yes our money! – to this task as we need to win this war on the only battlefield that counts: the mind of the voter. In today’s world of mass media and its powers of distraction, reaching those minds is the challenge. This will require using savvy media techniques to articulate our messages with repetition – and it will require citizens to connect with one another and organize for direct confrontation of the statist enemy.

  103. Charles Wilkerson

    These propositions need to be aired and implemented. They need to be articulated over and over again to a desperate citizenry who are starved for leadership.

    We are in a war, a war for the hearts and minds of American citizens. We should have an advantage because we, on our side of the great American political divide, speak the truth against the lies of the statist Democrats and their GOP enablers.

    But that advantage needs to be given much more life than it currently enjoys. This can only be done with more people of leadership quality becoming involved in the fight. Citizens of all stripes, whether they are private sector employees, business owners, or government employees, need to become leaders. For many this means simply overcoming the fear of being “noticed”. Unless this fear is overcome, we will fail at this absolutely essential-for-survival task.

    We need to lend our energies and our money – yes our money! – to this task as we need to win this war on the only battlefield that counts: the mind of the voter. In today’s world of mass media and its powers of distraction, reaching those minds is the challenge. This will require using savvy media techniques to articulate our messages with repetition

    It will also require citizens to connect with one another and organize for direct confrontation of the statist enemy in town hall and school board venues, in open rallies, within militias (as proposed by Vallely and Jones), and in the courts.

  104. Art Caesar

    Re Elect no one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  105. I can structure to make all the financed payments for all marketing/advertising. Make the payments for all travel, food, ect.

    If you want my help, send contact number and time available EST.


  106. Jack Dixon

    This runs into a big fear factor; will I still get my Social Security, etc. A military man would say, attack the weak point, not the strong one. How about a small modification, using a weak point:

    The Constitution clearly limits federal authority to defense, diplomacy, and regulation of duties between States (original intent of the Commerce Clause). This means 70-80% of supposed authority in the existing government rests on the Commerce Clause. Anyone can see the authority is not there. So, what I suggest is this:

    -Demand hearings in the House (where it is very possible) to establish actual limits of the Commerce Clause. Historical documents will clearly support our contention. This would throw open to review most Federal programs, and a great many court decisions.
    -This would be followed by legal challenges to remand illegal programs to the states, possibly with a three year transition The states would be entirely free to dispose of these programs however they, and their citizens, saw fit. The states are, after all, the “little laboratories” of government, much closer to the people, and its citizens can freely move to less tyrannical states as people now move from California to Texas. Competition makes for good governance.
    -To facilitate this process, the closing argument would be that it would then no longer be necessary to continue the thuggish and unaccountable IRS.. Most people are quite unaware of the hundreds of billions in taxes the federal government collects apart from the IRS. Then it will be an easy sell.
    -Some reform of the judicial system would be the final act. Going all the way back to Marbury, we have allowed Federal courts to supercede State courts. Perhaps a Constitutional Amendment is necessary to clearly set the limitations of Federal courts, specifically limited to questions of Federal authority as defined elsewhere in the Constitution, and further in cases of conflict with State courts to be settled only by the People thru a Constitutional Amendment. That should put a leash on the “Progressives”.

    The current tyranny, supported by a one party system (with a Democrat wing and a Republican wing) will face the arduous task of restarting their vote buying programs on 50 state levels.

  107. We have very few honest men and women left in the halls of congress and legislature. They are all concerned about how much of their piece of the pie they will lose!They are all cowards. Obama has been stacking the deck with all of his closet muslim cronies. Stacking the deck of judges and top offices in law enforcement. The nuclear option has already put a stop to fillibusters against appointments. 15 states already recognize sharia law. This is our country dammit! This is not a muslim country and never will be.If the powers that be have so much dirt in this administration how come nothing is being done? Bunch of gutless bastards.

  108. Wins

    Let’s roll!!

  109. Rose

    I agree with most all of your solutions. Not sold on one of them: Who says it’s a fundamental right for American school-age children to have an education and that county and city taxpayers are responsible to fund them? Isn’t that the God given responsibility of parents?! If parent’s CHOOSE to hand over their children to public educators then let THEM pay for it thus making it private. Let the responsibility fall where it belongs!

  110. Rose

    You’ve got to start somewhere though and it is a big move in the right direction.

  111. USAF Retired

    I cannot support this. The end goal is both desirable and admirable, and is, in fact, the reason I gave 24 years of my life to this country. However, the stated means are merely a continuation of what has been happening over the past 30 years. The American Dream is that every American has the chance to succeed; this agenda will deny most Americans that chance.

    The end effect of this agenda will be to finally remove all power from the people and give it to the corporations that already buy our legislators, while further burdening those who can least afford it with the funding of what’s left of our government. In short, it will make what we have today even worse than it already is, and ensure the final descent of the United States into third-world status.

  112. Billy Ray Wilson

    I read the remarks and found many upsetting.
    The President of the United States of America is the administrator of laws and policies originated by the US Congress and signed in to law by the President. Congress is the government of the United States of America; whereas, the President may be impeached and, if found guilty of charges, removed from office.
    Too many of writers, do not understand President Obama is complying with policies of previous administrations imposed by Congess. A prime example, draining the treasures of the United States; the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act that funded and ordered the President to remove the people’s elected President of Iraq.
    Unfortunately, the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act was one of many that Congress funded and ordered the President to replace regimes across the international community even though the designated countries had not harmed and/or attacked the Continental United States.
    Regarding the Acts of Treason, President Obama should be impeached or removed from office by whatever the source; I’m anxious to be enlightened.
    Moreover, the year 1913 brought Americans the Federal Reserve System which is a privately owned US Central Bank. One of the primary owners is the Rothschild Banking Dynasty, the same family that provided German troops against the American colonists. Another is David Rockfeller; should I say more.
    Currently, from the last CongressionalSession, a bill to Audit the Federal Reserve. This bill will never be voted up or down; the Rothschild’s wealth and political power made Israel.
    Regarding Israel, Israel was never a sovereign nation until former US President Harry S. Truman, Soviet Supreme Leader Joseph Stalin and the Rothschilds and the British Government’ Balfour Doctrine made it possible for the Jewish occupied country of Palestine to become a sovereign nation.
    A number of individuals referred to God. The United States is not nor or every been a Christian nation. However, the American people are guaranteed the right to worship or not a religious entity.
    With the failure of President William Jefferson Clinton to remove President Hussein, President George W. Bush told a number of foreign leaders that God told hime to remove Saddam Hussein.
    Moreover, as a USAF retired Air Operations Superintendent with expertise in aviation and flight training of Saudi Air Force personnel; no airliner struck the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.
    Sadly, President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney were complicit in the events of September 11, 2001 and the follow-up legislation to deny Americans rights under the US Constitution.
    Lastly,I know of no flag officers, allegedly, fired by President Obama. The title of Commander In Chief does not mean the President has operational control of the US Military; President George Washington explained the situation. Congress is required to Declare a Declaration of War against an enemy that harmed the United States.
    Please enlightmen me @ (606) 862-2847 or
    Billy Ray Wilson

  113. Larry

    Awesome! Someone finally got it right!

  114. Wes McKay

    Very, Very impressive and on target
    Does this website have a newsletter ?
    If so ………. SIGN ME UP

    Thank You in Advance

  115. Paul Keith

    Surprised reading the comments that the original 13th amendment seems to not hit a nerve with anyone. Our constitution was hijacked in 1812 and war was the result by the hiding and denying the 13th was ratified.
    General Vallely starts his comments with calling for the reinstatement of the original 13th. That is about all I need to know to know we are on the right track with his leadership. God speed. Abolishing the FED is icing on the cake.
    You know in January they all get together in one place to listen to lies and more lies about the state of our union. Joe Wilson had it right when he called Obama out in front of the world. This would be a good time to protest in the strongest possible way.

  116. General Vallely, I believe all 537 of the elected officials must be removed all at once. I feel our voting process doesn’t seem to clean out the cesspool fast enough, I. E. new officials seem to get infected with DC’s corruption. I agree with your abolishing and reassigning several departments as well as their respective gear.
    What is your take on indefinitely detaining these 537 officials and conducting grand jury investigations on each official and recouping any losses? I believe the officials should stay detained because they will interfere with all aspects of the investigation.
    What about reaching these grand jury investigations into our past (all the way to our founding)?
    Very respectfully,
    Robert H. Jerge, Jr
    QMC USN (ret)

  117. Carl Fritscher

    You have my support.

  118. Dick Daignault

    I find hope in these notions of taking OUR Nation back. Im sickened by the fact that these “politicians” (once called public servants) push thier personal agendas, ignoring the will of the people ON A REGULAR BASIS,they were hired to serve and defend. I have been, and remain convinced that current policies, and treasonous behavior IS destroying this country. Higher accountablility is greatly needed, and must occurr ASAP, ie they all take an oath sworn to “uphold and defend the Constitution of The United States of America”, and quickly ignore and smear the same. Where is the accountability for that simple notion I ask?? This needs to happen. I took that oach as a Veteran of Military service, and I will hold to it ’till my last breathe! Like the mand said, “From my cold dead hands”!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA

  119. Ron Patterson

    I have several concerns about your picking leaders and how and why you would keep the ecomomy at 3% ? This is one of the best sumations of our mess I’ve seen outside REASON magizine . I don’t commit easly but for now count me in.

  120. Jim King

    I am a retired (24 yrs) E8, 3 yrs in Vietnam, wounded twice. Although I am a “disabled veteran”, I’m able enough to serve my country when duty calls. Just let me know what you need and I’ll be there! I’ll do whatever it takes to take our nation back from this socialist, muslim-loving administration.

  121. I said it before, be careful Generals, If this administration can figure out a way to have you arrested or took out of the picture they will! They are so caught up in their lies they will do anything necessary to stop the opposition.The deck is already stacked against the people, assasination wouldn’t be too far out of their realm of possibility. I too am a Viet-Nam vet and will help in any way I can!

  122. William Malion

    When do we start, I hear talk I want to see action. Let me know when a were we are to meet and get this ball moving.

  123. Please go to you tube and type in Thousands of Martial Law Now in Effect signs on trucks near Chicago. The driver of one of these trucks was not allowed to take pictures. See the video for yourselves.

  124. John W (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

    Sirs, I can not make a donation at this time because I’m on a fixed income: SS, Mil Ret., and Service-connected Disability. My Mil Ret. isn’t that much because of Carters double-dipping law my Disability is deduced from it.

    However, Sirs, if you ever need someone to watch your six you can count on the banged up old Sergeant.

    US Combat Veteran: Vietnam, ’68-’69; 228th Avn. Bn. (ASH), 1st Cav. Div. (AM) and former Armored Cavalry Scout (19D30) and damned proud to have served and would do it again. (However, not under BHO and his Socialist Regime.)

    May the Great Spirit watch over all of us and guide our steps through eternity.


  125. Barbara Roberts

    To any of you who are unaware of it, there is a site called From the site, “Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters who will fulfill the Oath we swore, with the support of like minded citizens who take an Oath to stand with us, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God. Our Oath is to the Constitution.” You can also join as a Citizen Associate Member if you don’t fall into any of the categories above.

    This is a list of the orders they will not obey:
    1. We will NOT obey orders to disarm the American people.

    2. We will NOT obey orders to conduct warrantless searches of the American people

    3. We will NOT obey orders to detain American citizens as “unlawful enemy combatants” or to subject them to military tribunal.

    4. We will NOT obey orders to impose martial law or a “state of emergency” on a state.

    5. We will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty.

    6. We will NOT obey any order to blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps.

    7. We will NOT obey any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext.

    8. We will NOT obey orders to assist or support the use of any foreign troops on U.S. soil against the American people to “keep the peace” or to “maintain control.”

    9. We will NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies.

    10.We will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.

  126. MarkOwen

    Glad to find that there is such a website, I for one am going sign up right now. As every patriot should, able bodied or not!The downward spiral of this once great nation has to stop before it’s too late. I only hope it’s not too late now.

  127. Paul Martin

    I stand behind this movement and God Bless the Generals.

  128. MikeMac

    I’m with you!

  129. Chris Brown

    We have many issues which require reversing unconstitutional actions, some of which are international treaties such as GATT and NAFTA. How does Vallely propose to get these things done? How does he propose to deal with the WTO?

    Then, there is this, which requires the same authority.

    “The DHS will be disbanded and certain functions will be merged into the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Interior (DOI).The FEMA name will be changed to “The National Emergency Agency” (TNEA) and manpower will be greatly reduced and merged into the DOI to be used for national emergency situations only.”

    Both the DHS and FEMA are operating under emergency orders or presidentual directives. They are not constitutional. Presidentual directives number about 10,000 and are secret. They are operating like secret laws. This needs to end, but how? How does Vallely propose to deal with these?

  130. robert

    Its time the military arrests the idiot and restore our constitution

  131. Paul Velasquez

    Dear Sirs:
    I’m an American citizen, born outside the US. I know at first hand what a tyrany is, I had have see it in my life more than once.

    One of the big problems in the United States is that a large number of the population has been brainwashed to become sheeps. The whole educational system need to be demolish and started all over.

    The enemies of the United States are using our own weapons to kill our Nation. Freedom, that precious concept that were born from the ideas rooted on the Bible, has been trampled by some generations now in name of a false freedom, the freedom of Anarchy: the promoting and legalizing of drugs, the destruction of millions of Americans who never got the chance to see the light of life, the destruction of the family as established by God, between one man and one woman.

    The coming of Barak Obama to power is the most GRAVE DANGER for the United States. Few Americans are aware, that the real man DESTROYING OUR NATION is a foreigner called GEORGE SOROS (former “Schwartz) His true last name mean :Obscure, Black.

    If Obama Obama is REMOVED from Office, as he HAS to be removed, George Soros must be accountable, without doubt, all Soros connections, business must be severed without mercy.
    Has been public, that Soros want the destruction of our way of life.


    I’m a former pastor,and missioanry in Latin America for many years. I’m Hispanic, and a whole work need to be done to educate the Hispanic community in this country.The Hispanics same as the Black population voted for Obama simply for ignoring the truth about what happen.

    I’m ready to defend, fight if necesary to SAVE our country from this evil.

    Paul Velasquez

  132. john

    Stand up and join this fight. It may very well be Americans last chance to preserve our constitution and way of life. Inaction means you allow others to act for you. Does anyone truly believe this current administration is acting on behalf of our national interests? Stop the destruction of freedoms we so love…

  133. Seth H. LaClair

    GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! It’s time to remind these suited up crooks who their boss is, and always has been. No more excuses, no more banter, no more lies, no more rhetoric, no more!!! We The People demand our country back, NOW!!! God bless you, MG P.E. VALLELY, and all of you soldiers and patriots who are joining this effort. WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT LOSE!!!!

  134. Seth H. LaClair

    Ok…so when ARE we going to FINALLY say enough is enough and converge on dc and all other state capitols? I WAS under the impression that Operation American Spring WAS that very opportunity. THE AMERICANS PROJECT is what exactly? Is this a mission statement? Is it a manifesto? Is it simply an informative tool. Frankly, at this point, i see zero cohesion to a plan from any group ive joined, just tons of what appears to be, rhetoric? Can somebody explain to me what we are actually getting behind here cuz right now im pretty confused. Ive been involved in this passionately for five years now and ive seen no solid tangible efforts other the date of may 16, 2014(operation american spring). We need to do something. All this talk and info shaering is great but meanwhile we are being destroyed and NOBODY SEEMS TO BE STOPPOING THEM, FOR REAL. SOMEBODY HELP ME STAY FOCUSSED, IM STARTING TO LOSE IT OVER HERE.

  135. Seth H. LaClair

    When ARE we going to organize and actually implement this plan? It seems to me the american public is beyond ready to flex this kind of muscle. We are ready to rise up now! Before it IS too late..

  136. Marsha K Arkebauer

    I did not see any specifics on the 2nd Amendment! I would like to know if you plan to take the 2nd Amendment back to the way it was written-that every person has the right to bear arms-to protect their family &/or to protect their country? I am particularly interested in this question at the present time-but, I am sure that I will have more! Please answer this question!

  137. Johan van Tonder

    Do something before it’s too late! Greetings from South Africa. :)

  138. R. Reagan

    You must get the word out in many places, or this will never gain any traction.

  139. John

    A few things missing here…


    The so called “war on drugs” is unconstitutional hence illegal. It is more destructive to individuals and society in general, than the drugs it pretends to protect us from. Every year we spend approximately 100 billion dollars fighting this “war”, not including the money spent treating addicts in emergency rooms, rehab centers..etc accross the country. Get rid of prohibition and you get rid of 90% of the societal problems related to substance abuse. The violence, the mass incarceration rates..etc Spend 1/10th of what we are now spending on this unconstitutional “drug war” ( $10 billion ) on educating people about the dangers of substance abuse and fund rehab programs for the fools that hurt themselves with drugs.

    GUN LAWS / Personal Self Defense..

    All gun laws should be lifted, including bans on carrying knives and other personal defense weapons. If a person is out of prison, all of their civil rights should be restored, including the right to defend one’s self and property with a weapon. Let’s make up our minds, if the person is free and out of prison, then he or she is a free man, free woman, with all of the same natural, God given rights everybody else has. If not, then throw them back in prison where they belong..Let’s make up our minds.

    No more international “FREE TRADE” agreements..They should all be abolished ( WE NEED FAIR TRADE, NOT FREE TRADE..). NAFTA, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement …etc etc These free trade agreements hurt everybody.

    American companies who want to profit off the American consumer, selling their manufactured goods in the USA, must manufacture their goods IN THE USA / MADE IN THE USA. 50,000 factories have closed in the last 30 years due to US companies looking for cheap labor abroad and quick, short-term profits. Well that’s a self-destructive, cannibalistic form of capitalism. They destroy the market ( the American consumer’s purchasing power, by stripping Americans of jobs..), the very market they’re trying to profit from. If Americans don’t have jobs, they can’t buy the products and services these companies are selling. Cannibalism.

    US companies that betray the American worker and consumer by closing factories here in America, should be charged very high tarrifs ( import taxes..) for all of their prodcuts. Foreign companies that want to export to America should of course also pay tarrifs, but less than those American companies that have betrayed the very market they seek to profit from. The American market/ the American consumer.

    BUY MADE IN THE USA. Let’s rebuiild our manufacturing base, let’s once again become the world’s manufacturing giant. Don’t you have more confidence in a product manufactured in the USA than in China? I sure do. I’m willing to pay more for such products, because I know 9 times out of 10 it’s going to be a better, more reliable product.

    Let’s also stop sending billions of our dollars to Saudi Arabia and other countries. Let’s stop supporting dictators around the world, that only hurts us in the long run and creates resentment for America around the world. BLOW BACK. Let’s stop it. No more Libyas, No More BS wars that only make the wealthy richer and the poor poorer.

    We must also take money out of politics. We need some very strict controls on government and stop the politicians from accepting bribes from big money interests. That results in politicians serving the interests of a few at the great expense of the many.

    That’s about all I can think off, I’m sure I missed a few things.

  140. CAMaven

    I like what you wrote, General. but what are the plans to make it a reality? The electoral, judicial, legislative and executive are so hopelessly corrupt and backed by powerful media that we cannot do it by traditional means.

  141. TapDogsDad

    Generals –
    You BOTH need to get on Fox News to promote this project.

    In my estimation, this administration is trying to bring down the USA, and is doing a pretty good job of it!

    There are PLENTY of current ex and retired military in this nation… literally millions … who would join in a march on Washington to enforce the Constitution.

    Someone needs to lead.

    Hopefully, it is you

  142. Ronald Herman MD

    You need to spread this far and wide and ask for very specific actions by those who read it.

  143. Rick Sanford

    Thank you. This is what I have been waiting 20 years to here.

  144. JacquesDM

    Just happened to stumble on this ALL.

    One Robert H Jerge, Jr stated get rid of them all, 537 total. Maybe so,
    many a drunks, have violance at home, have bad credit so the WH gives
    them a credit card. others excape penalties for law violations.

    Let me toss some on this fire, AND I MEAN FIRE!!!

    A little over 72 hour ago I was informed of a ssource inside Russia,
    that Putin has re-opended five war plants (going to full production)
    and scattered his missile forces across Russia.

    The whole world thinks Obama is stirring up trouble.


    No more money going o Islamic training camps, Kenya, Egpt, and the 15
    Muslim jihad training camps spred across this country.

  145. Les Larson

    Every time I read anything about this subject, my blood boils. Obama is a worthless piece of shit, a traitor to the core, and he deserves the worst that can happen to him. Our “representatives” in Washington are anything but, and most of them deserve the same end, Dems and Reps both. Our borders need to be secured, by violence if necessary, and all of the illegal immigrants need to given 30 day’s notice to exit the country or be eliminated. Wake up, America! Cancel, immediately, any claim by ANY foreign entity to ANY of OUR American soil. They won’t like that… fuck ‘em. Our government is screwing us over, and unless you’re personally willing to do WHATEVER is necessary to reclaim America, she will be lost forever. Yeah, I’ve had enough…

  146. Bruce

    I beg of every patriot to read with an open heart.

    We all agree on a common goal. We agree that the current government shall lead to the destruction of our precious union, our republic, our wonderful nation, our freedoms and I dare say our very lives. If we fail here then our nation will fall. There WILL be other nations lining up to take their portions of our land. A grim vision of countries ripping apart our land and people as they battle over owning us. This is a future that is going to happen if we do not wake up. We ARE divided and we WILL fall if we do not take immediate action.

    It starts with the fighting between the two parties. Constantly spewing hatred back and forth and widening the gap between our people. The people are buying what they are sold. They are clamoring to the pant legs of their team. It rips friendships and families apart. All of us have seen this first step of the division. Next is just around the corner. First steps has already happened. A party in office vows to ignore the other side and operate independently of the people or the checks and balances provided in our Constitution. Operating outside legal boundaries. A rouge government is now in office.

    The next obvious step is legal action banning those actions. Afterwards we will either see the military go in and restore the constitution by force once it can not be resolved peacefully. If the military fails to succeed by lack of might or resolve, then the people will start to revolt. With the strong divisions we will be face with likely another civil war. If the entire populous is agreeing that the government has overstepped it’s legal boundaries, then we would have a revolution. Both of which would become bloody and come at a great yet necessary cost.

    If you are reading this, please do not stop. All of us agree with what we have seen here. I seen MANY different suggestions on how to fix the problem. What I have not yet seen is everyone agreeing with the first simple steps. If we can all agree as to the next plan of action is to completely restore our government to be in legal standing with our constitution, then ALL of us need to promote this action to everyone.

    We can not nor should not try to solve all of the problems with America with this one action. We should not overly complicate this as it will bog it down and itself have to many facets that become controversial and divide us into fractions that will be ineffective by themselves. There needs to be a resounding voice that does not waiver from the truth of our cause. All of us that have had anything to add all seem to agree. There are some nuances that differ here and there. However if we try to figure out all of the details, our country will fail while we wait.

    Division is destroying our country and magnifying our voice is the only way that we can make this happen. This is not a list of what all we can do to fix everything. This is not a list of what all is wrong with our country. This is a cry out for cohesion and action. We need to rally under one name. We need to have one purpose. I have seen many pledge to reinstate our constitution. Many willing. I am willing. We can gather more. If we choose to fight, then we cry war and begin. However that is a drastic measure and should be used with great care and as the last resort. I say if it needs to be, we cry war!

    First let us ray that we can start with a simple solution. A rally that everyone can agree on to make a simple change. I suggest us voting. Each and every one of us voting. None of us vote for Red or Blue. We vote for NO party. We vote red white and blue. If a politician has a (D) or an (R) before his name, we do not vote for that one. We either write in a vote, or declare the election was invalid as it only allowed us to vote for a party to win, not the people, not a candidate. If we remove the votes, we remove their power and them from office. It is a hope that we can change this back to the way it was intended. Once party politics are gone, returning back to the constitution should not be very difficult.

    This being a simple and easy to understand first action, I suggest we all adhere to it. That we all state the we will not vote for ANY party this next election. We send a message to the parties that we refute their rule and require it to be returned to the rightful owners, the people of this once great nation. If they see this is a growing trend in America, politicians will flee fast from their party affiliation.

    We should not ever debate the party line issues that they have sold us on. We should wait for greater details of how to manage all of the other portions of our government. Yes we should know the eventual plan, but let us not hesitate to enact what needs to happen first. The greater we detail the plan, the more complex it is, the less likely it will be read or shared.

    In order for us to stop the likely dissection of our country, we must decide what is first. Keep it very simple. The next step is mobilizing the people to share that simple message. Step two we can worry about after step one is completed. Generals, you have my attention. I too wish to participate. I like the suggestions you gave. I propose you give us one direction. One path. Make your political battle plans and give the order. Many will follow. Make the order and give the constitution back to the people who so desperately want it to return in full force.

    Tell us the message to share with others. I will.
    I here pledge allegiance to the reinstatement of the constitution in order to restore and preserve our freedoms and our great country. If by duty or sacrifice of my own life, I pledge. I beg of every American who loves the freedoms that many before have died for, please pledge the same. Let’s not be the generation who failed during our watch.

    God bless and please be quick!

    A Patriot and a humble citizen,
    Part of the people,

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