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“The Americans” Project – MG Vallely, BG Jones

By Paul E. Vallely and Charles Jones

The AMERICANS strongly believe that life, liberty, citizenship and the pursuit of happiness are the unalienable RIGHTS of every American Citizen that cannot be taken or transferred. However, not until We the People become brutally frank with ourselves and with each other will the Constitution be taken off the shelf and once again become operational. Only then can the Republic can be restored and preserved in its original ordained Constitutional Power and form.

We The People have suffered enormously since 1913 under the combined rule of two domineering political parties of 537 elected politicians (100 Senators, 435 Representatives, the President/Vice President) along with those they have appointed. Tax and Spend, along with whatever it takes to rule, is the quest of one of the domineering parties.



In the opposing party, weak backbones, failing to stand up and lead for what a majority of citizen voters want, coupled with the elite of the party stealth-fully blending in with the tax and spend party, have destructively allowed the confiscation of far too much of the wages and retirement incomes from the citizens who pay income taxes.

These facts are now becoming more recognized with the most recent dastardly additions of: countless political deceptions, lies, national economic destruction, purposeful job-killing, the stealthful demise of America’s middle class, no Administration help for the massive unemployment of Black Americans plus the politically purposeful illegal alien invasion of the United States. Along with forty percent of the people within the fifty state borders who are receiving food stamps.

This all is treason to each separate state and to the citizens within the several states and it is perpetuated by the elected and appointed inside the Washington DC workers

The Constitution requires that all laws must be faithfully executed, but far too many are not and have not been – – – specifically by the Executive Branch. Nor has the Oversight Power of Congress been exercised to ensure Executive Leadership enforcement of United States laws.

These self-serving political failures have become destructive to the well-being, liberty and happiness of most American citizens. It must be recognized that “New Guards” for future personal safety and National Security must peacefully be put into place by citizens beginning with votes at the ballot box.

Failed leadership can no longer stand if the Constitution and the Republic are to be preserved for our children and all future generations.

A deep look has been taken into the several national crises by “The Americans” leadership who care greatly about the Republic, the People and the Constitution. Necessary and workable solutions have been developed to help solve and fix what has without question stunted our Nation’s ability to clearly, legally and peacefully function as a Constitutional Republic.

KEY NATIONAL ISSUES that must be solved if the separate and collective States of The United States of America are to become economically solvent, remain peaceful and nationally secure are:

  • The Constitution of the United States as originally established and amended will remain in absolute and total effect. The original XIII Amendment as written and ratified is an operational Amendment and will be adhered to immediately. (The original XIII Amendment was falsely hidden by less than honorable men of the times). Congress shall make all laws necessary for carrying into execution the Powers authorized in the Constitution and that all bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives. Constant Congressional leadership oversight will be maintained at all times.All Laws requiring Executive action will be faithfully executed upon receipt from Congress by the President and appropriate departments and selected agencies of Government under the President’s sworn responsibility and authority.
  • A strong National Defense of well-trained Active Duty, Guard and Reserve Forces maintained with proper equipment that can deter any enemy activism, or fight and win if deterrence fails will be assured by both the House and Senate of the US Congress for the protection of “We the People” and the preservation of the Constitution and the Republic. Readiness at all times will include a nuclear capability to win if Congress declares war against an enemy aggressor.United States ConstitutionThe United States Military will in no way be used against United States Citizens. To do so will trigger expeditious Congressional actions to immediately and permanently remove anyone exercising such orders from elected or appointed office.
  • The United States Government cannot rebound from the man-made economic crises without satisfactory employment for a majority of American citizens. In turn, satisfactory and sustainable employment for American citizens simply cannot be achieved with the excessive tax rates that now exist for US businesses and the American people.All political plundering of the people’s wealth via taxation will be stopped. Our banking system and wealth management have been corrupted with the 1913 establishment of the Federal Reserve System, placing monetary and economic control in the hands of a few (now partisan) individuals.The Federal Reserve System will be abolished and all US Government financial and economic functions will be turned over to the US Treasury, including the coining and printing of currency and the issuing of currency. US green-back bills will be printed and a one –for- one exchange to replace Federal Reserve notes will take place.
  • The IRS will immediately be abolished and that form of US government taxation will cease and desist. A zero-interest National Debt will be established at the US Treasury and a GDP annual growth limit not to exceed 3% will be tied to the previous year GDP growth. A transition to a “fair or flat” tax must be accomplished as a priority.
  • The Illegal Alien Invasion of the United States will be stopped with a Secured Borders Double Fence on The US Southern Border and more Border Guards stationed on the Northern Border. All US borders will be further controlled and severe penalties (financial and incarceration) for employers who hire illegal aliens. Foreign countries will have named financial and trade restriction obligations to the United States for all of their citizens who come over US Borders illegally.irs-scandalThere will be absolutely no jobs, no social services, no welfare nor medical services allowed to be provided to illegal alien invaders. (Emergency medical care only will be provided until they are deported to home from which departed). American jobs are for US citizens, returning military veterans, part time high school students and the elderly. When US employers cannot find workers and can fully justify seeking foreign workers, Government permission will be granted for hiring temporary foreign workers.
  • The DHS with functions for national security and FEMA for emergencies have both grown far beyond the intentions of reasonable and responsible leadership control, budgeting, manpower, equipment and facilities. Deceptive political intentions for the potential use of facilities, weapons, massive purchases of ammunition plus military-type vehicles and railroad cars are greatly objectionable to American citizens and an insult to the economic deficit of the Nation.America’s leadership needs to be well-versed with the Active Military, County Sheriffs, Local Law Enforcement and National Guard overall capabilities within the continental limits of the United States that can handle any and all emergency situations, foreign or domestic, that might be faced. The DHS will be disbanded and certain functions will be merged into the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Interior (DOI).The FEMA name will be changed to “The National Emergency Agency” (TNEA) and manpower will be greatly reduced and merged into the DOI to be used for national emergency situations only. Their budget and emergency dispatch activities in the east, central and western parts of the country will be managed through the three numbered Air Forces of the Air Force Reserve Command.All weapons, munitions and military-type vehicles will be transferred to the DOD immediately. All holding and or compound-type facilities will be closed and transferred permanently to local governments for non-detention uses only.
  • The Department of Energy will be abolished and certain specified oversight functions would be moved to the Department of Commerce.Shuttered Depattments
  • The Department of Education will be abolished and its functions and all funding responsibility will be returned to each individual state, territory and the District of Columbia.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be abolished with responsibilities and functions removed to each individual state. Conflicts will be resolved at the Department of Commerce while working with the states.
  • In addition, selected Agencies will be moved from the National Capitol area and disbursed into the interior for cost-effective and long-term security reasons as well as seeking more diversified hiring of high quality civilian personnel throughout a larger portion of the Nation. (Rust-belt areas of high unemployment in the mid-west and other locations of far greater physical expansion capability will be given priority consideration for these moves and jobs.
  • The partisan and destructive Democrat Affordable Health Care Plan will be repealed and pre-2009 Medicare Programs will be fully reconstituted. Necessary changes and revisions to the existing Social Security System to ensure self-funding.
  • The Executive order that allows unions to exist in government and do collective bargaining in any and all tax-payer funded government jobs will be rescinded.
  • It will be the policy and understanding within the entire Republic to recognize each County Sheriff as the Elected Senior Law Enforcement Officer in each respective County and that a well-regulated militia, if formed, will be responsive to his Constitutional Sworn Oath as necessary requirements for security of a free state.
  • The United Nations will be defunded from the excessive monetary proportions US taxpayers have been forced to fund and a strong effort will be made to move this overbearing activity out of the United States. Politicians must come to realize that no United Nations deliberations can override the US Constitution.
  • Education, kindergarten through grade twelve, is a fundamental right for American school-age children and is a responsibility of county or city taxpayers to insure funding for that right. Citizen school children in far too many public schools have been denied that fundamental right to an education due to handicaps in classroom and interferences caused by countless non-English speaking children plus overcrowding and scarce tax dollars used to accommodate illegal alien school children. order_today_dvd1In addition to US Borders becoming secure, the 5 to 4 decision by the Burger Supreme Court that allowed all who choose to attend American taxpayer-funded schools regardless of citizenship will be revisited using Chief Justice Burger’s dissenting opinion as grounds for new litigation.
  • Begin a systematic process to reorganize the Department of Defense into an organization of National Security that can prepare us for today and tomorrow with “forward strategies” that secure America.

It is the general consensus of The Americans Project that If the Republican Party does not hold the line in the US House of Representatives to secure the Southern US Border, plus demand existing immigration laws be faithfully executed by the Executive Branch, then stop all Senate Immigration Reform and also stand firm for defunding Obama-care, the results will be the demise of the Republican Party in the 2014 and 2016 elections.

The 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections were lost because many Republican and Independent voters stayed home. There must be Honest National Leadership in place for the America First voters who care about the Constitution, the Republic and a secure future for their children.

Independent Constitutional Leadership selected by The Americans Project will be that Leadership. It will also become more evident to the voters that the course the Democrats have planned for America is destructive far beyond the imagination.

This nation is being torn apart daily as the crises facts become known. Also most disturbing to Americans who care is the fact many are not confident We the People have a Constitutional Government in place because to this date absolutely no one has seen one document verifying Constitutional qualification of the person occupying the White House.

Congress ignores all petitions for a redress of grievances and the Judiciaries at all levels of government have dismissed every attempt at addressing a legal option. The Democrat Party leadership signed two separate and different documents certifying eligibility to run for office as well as re-election eligibility.

This is pure and simple elected and appointed sworn politicians run amok. Enough is enough. If the United States of America and the separate states are to survive these greedy self-serving destructive political onslaughts, new leadership in existing elective offices is a must for every citizen.

Our government (all branches) of, by and for the people has lost control and has led us down a very destructive path of tyranny, ineptness, corruption, cover-ups and deceit. We have to a degree lost the necessary checks and balances designed to provide an essential balance of power.

That has led to a far-reaching federal government and an infringement on states’ rights. We must save the Republic and the country before we get to the point of no return. A National Call to Action is required by all of us to get our country on track! God save the Republic!


Paul Vallely, Major General, US Army (Ret.)

Charles Jones, Brigadier General, US Air Force (Ret.)


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8 Responses to “The Americans” Project – MG Vallely, BG Jones

  1. Gen. Vallely,

    You have rightly sounded the alarm. With a presidential election looming, who do you recommend?

    I think Ben Carson would be a good VP, but I doubt he could get elected as Pres. after Obama.

    I am 70, with a successful small business. How can I help this country?

    I am in a remote wilderness, un-served by US Mail. My employees and I are preparing for social collapse and EMP. Anything else we should be preparing for?


    Paul Mason
    Adobe Springs Water Co.

    • I commend you on the American Project. You are an American Hero. I’ve lived many years. Under the Clinton/UN Administration America started down the exact same path, selling away our country to foreign entities by way of the UN “business” cartel. Under Clinton UN crippling socialist programs, infiltrated our State & Federal government legislation. Adopted UN community programs. Feet in the door? they developed into collector directers. Congress bought the funding set-up taxing scams. Same thing the POTUS is pulling today but with 11 more countries on board to sell out to. The duration of his term has been spent on homosexual preferences forcing immoral behavior among the nation and pay for sex changes? Bulling Americans (unprofessional and disgraceful finger pointing and allowing immigration of any kind to continue, that might risk our nations,national security in a time of terrorism and economical crisis of this magnitude.He has offended me.He has offended America. He’s recreating racial discrimination with total blatant disregard for life, for American values and our American laws. Is Congress drugged? Under the influence of mind control? Never in this God loving country have I ever witnessed such treachery and neglect of a President,a Congress or a justice system. There was a time a traitor did set up camp in the White House, a huge mob of patriots citizens stormed it, removed the president and set the house on fire! Angry their wealth was stolen too. A great piece of history. This is a repeat revolutionary event that needs to be dealt with. As you say a peaceful mob, who will stand behind the American Projects brave U.S.military patriots that know what enemies are. It’s important to get the word out to those unaware now serving in the armed forces. Military freedom of information is censored and so might be their mail. Some may not be aware that they are actually fighting for a treasonous traitor. Make it happen.

      • Alfredo Pasamant

        I agree 100%, I am not perfect as I have skeletons in my closet. I served for our country I am willing, available and ready to defend our country when needed!! Let know what I can do for my country!!

  2. I totally agree with this movement. I am 75 years old and have seen this start and pray it doesn’t end this country. but I fear O’Bama’s goal is to wipe out our Constitution and make sure that we all are Muslim. No I did not vote for him and nothing can change my mind.
    I want a President who believes in our rights as our forefathers designed them.
    I very much want our current “Emperor” out of that office. He belongs in jail for most of what he has done. A President is not supposed make laws….he is to enforce them. In that way alone he is destroying our entire justice system.
    Please carry on a good fight. If I had any money I woud send it to you group but when my husband passed he left me prrety much broke. I can’t efford to get a electric scooter as my doctor prescribed.

  3. Mellissa

    For years, I have been frustrated with the seeming complacency of my Fellow Americans.

    As I have watched the erosion of our society and our government, I have been amazed at the lack of courage to stand for truth and morality and demand the corrupt practices be eliminated from government, news media, Wall Street and corporations.

    I was so pleased to find this website and learn that we do have leaders who understand (I’m sure far more than I do.) the dire circumstances of our future as a free nation. And more importantly, that there is a solution – a plan to restore America and our Constitution.

    We are now in the month of September 2015 and I am increasingly more concerned for the plight of our nation. We are approaching what should be the end of President Obama’s second term in office. However, with world conditions ripe for another war, it would appear to be the perfect opportunity for this president to remain in office and further his take-over of our American Republic making democracy obsolete.

    Should we successfully complete an election in 2016, what will this next president inherit? Will it be too late or can we reverse the damage?

    I sense an urgency in my spirit to have this situation corrected as quickly as possible. Is there a time line for action? Can we hope to see change soon?

  4. Scott Purdy

    Not so lean almost as mean BUT STILL A MARINE. You want to be fed B/S talk to a politician, want the Truth talk to a marine. Keep this E-Mail i am ready!
    Double expert 1371,excellent back ground

  5. Robert Kill

    I am ready, open up the flood gates.
    For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people, but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and His glory shall be seen upon thee.
    Without God as our leader, all our efforts will be in vain. We need a total turning to God for our guidance, there can be no other way.

  6. Robert Kill

    Give us help from trouble: for vain is the help of man. Through God we shall do valiantly: for He it is that shall tread down our enemies. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do His commandments: His praise endureth forever.

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