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America Has Come to a Crossroads

By MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret.)

MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret.)

MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret.)

America is imploding and we are at a critical crossroads. It is now obvious; from the ObamaCare debacle, to the myriad scandals, to our ever burgeoning debt, to the neutering of our world power status, to the rise of our enemies, and the demise of our allies’ trust in America; implosion is imminent.

Obama has taken the seeds of our demise, planted by progressives for over a century now, and amplified their growth at an astonishing rate. We are in a death spiral in terms of whom and what America is, was, and will become. Our ‘exceptionalism’ is the first casualty; we are imploding from within as past Soviet leaders predicted would be the only way we could be vanquished.

How, or better yet, can America recover from it its economic, political, and cultural death spiral? It appears to many of us, at home and abroad, that the United States is in a continual downward spiral, but the challenges can be overcome and we can recover and reverse that death spiral!

Even Hillary Clinton said in an interview with CNN yesterday that the world is now “de-Americanizing”; they don’t trust us anymore. Clearly she is separating herself from the very actions of the Obama Regime that she helped create but she should have also said that Obama is “de-Americanizing” the USA as well. In addition, Obama, through John Kerry has just now destabilized the entire Middle East with the newly announced P5+1 agreement with the Mullahs of Iran. The Sunni world, along with the Israelis, is now in more danger, not less.

Here at home, the stakes are very high for us now as well. But for our forthcoming younger generations it is rapidly getting worse. Therefore, our youth need to be more involved, they need to be included, and they must become self-motivated to understand this critical intersection we have arrived upon. If not, we will implode, and it will be quick. But how do we get there, and what do we do collectively?

The answer is leadership; people with vision and common sense, people who are not politics first, rather they are America first. They are needed more than ever to chart a new roadmap for America, both domestically and internationally. They need to be cultivated into leadership.delays

Having had the opportunity to meet with many members of our younger generations over the past year, I am encouraged by their changing vision of America. To steal a part of a phrase from a past television show, I call this group the “thirty-do-somethings” (25 -40 years of age), they are the future of this great country. There is a catch though. If they are to be the new leaders, they cannot be the “Kool-Aid” drinkers of the current leadership. They must become intimately aware and knowledgeable of the true intent of our founding fathers, not people who blithely couch talk of the Constitution, twisting and torturing its tenets to persuade people to buy fraudulent ideas like ObamaCare.

Encouragingly, I notice a more serious discussion of our country’s dilemmas and concern for their future and that of their children. I am not an alarmist by nature, but when I turn on the TV each day and watch the news, I see and hear very few positive reports of our government leadership and their stark inability to solve the nation’s problems. But now, alarmingly, I worry more than any time in my life. The amount of TV/radio and newspaper interviews that I do per month forces me each day to keep up with the national and international news more than ever.

The most serious questions I get are variations on a few different themes:

  • Are we approaching the end of the United States as we have known it, as it was designed?
  • Can we ever recover, how do we recover, and how long will it take?
  • Are we fast becoming a ‘statist’ nation, a ‘mob-ocracy’ of centralized control?
  • Can we overcome the current establishment two-party politics, where party comes first instead of “We the People”?
  • Where do we stand in the global political sphere now?

America is asking these questions more regularly and with more urgency and anxiety. These are not normal times and the stakes ARE VERY HIGH and time is of the essence. Just in the past few weeks, with the unveiling of all the lies and deceptions, I can feel the temperature rise among listeners asking these questions of me. They are deeply fearful now, though I have been trying to warn folks for a long time, they are now feeling the heat and it’s not a pretty picture, for millions. That number will be rising as many predict, now that people see the harm, to themselves and their young ones.

Harry Reid, Majority Leader of Democratic-led Senate

Harry Reid, Majority Leader of Democratic-led Senate

The Constitution requires that all laws ‘be faithfully executed’, but far too many are not by the Executive Branch. In fact, the ‘rule-of-law’ and the ‘balance of powers’ has for all intents and purposes been cast aside by an executive that picks winners and losers. They decide which laws to enforce, and which to ignore. In fact, they legislate from the executive pen and bench; rule by fiat is now the norm. In fact, it has also spread to the Senate where one man, Majority Leader Harry Reid has effectively become the sole Senator. Dare not cross the man from Nevada, or be labeled and neutered.

In addition, the ‘oversight power’ of Congress has been neutered as well. In the House of Representatives, it is no longer about enacting legislation, it is all about investigations. Why, because they have been overwhelmed by the Executive Branch with an almost unquantifiable amount of scandals. The hearings are so numerous, yet achieve so little, even with the power of the subpoena. Why, because witnesses stone-wall, they claim no knowledge, they hide under the Fifth Amendment, and the documents they receive are useless so often because of redactions or they just are not provided. What do the other party’s representatives, supporters of Obama do instead; they claim it’s all just politics. At some point, we need to understand that a lie is no longer just a political tool, it’s a crime.

Overwhelming the system is now the standard and there is no way to ensure that Executive Leadership faithfully enforces our laws or is held accountable.  These self-serving political failures have become destructive to the well-being, liberty and happiness of most American citizens. It must be recognized that “New Guards” for future personal safety and National Security must peacefully be put into place by citizens beginning with votes at the ballot box. Failed leadership can no longer stand if the Constitution and the Republic are to be preserved for our children and all future generations.

Cicero said it best:

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.

But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.

He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

The facts (factoids – like Obamacare) are now becoming more recognized with the most recent dastardly additions of: countless political deceptions, lies, national economic destruction, manipulation of statistics, purposeful job-killing, and the demise of America’s middle class.Obama-constitution-burning

There is no Administration help for the massive unemployment of Black Americans, and the politically purposeful illegal alien invasion of the United States is killing us all. With over forty percent of the people within the fifty state borders now receiving food stamps, we have become a nation of ‘entitlement’. If you add up all these facets, the only conclusion is treason; treason to the sovereignty of each separate state and to the citizens within the several states, all perpetuated by the elected and appointed inside the Washington DC beltway.

An extensive analysis has been undertaken into the several national crises by Stand Up America US and its “Americans Project”. We who care greatly about the Republic, the People and the Constitution know now that action must be taken immediately. Necessary and workable solutions have been developed to help solve and fix what has without question stunted our Nation’s ability to clearly, legally, and peacefully function as a Constitutional Republic.

To begin the process of reclaiming America, we are establishing the ‘American Leadership Council’. The idea is to identify twelve people who hold America’s interests first, not their own. These must be people from proven leadership positions, not ‘talking heads’ and ‘community organizers’. These must be people who have led large businesses and/or held military positions of consequence. These must be people who hold loyalty, fealty, and love for this country first, and most of all, they must be trustworthy.

I intend to begin the process by acting as the inaugural chairman of the council under the banner of ‘The Americans Project’ and I am currently talking with people with these critical characteristics to join us. Our goal is to provide an alternate core of leadership to that which governs us so badly now, in both major parties, across all levels of government. We want you, the people, to have another choice, a place to go that you can trust.

A place where fellow constitutionalists, young and old, inclusive of all races and creeds, can go to ask questions, knowing the answer will not be some political primrose path or Potemkin village. It will be the place where prospective candidates can come for the best advice, and if they fit the mold, they will gain our blessing and backing. Independent constitutional leadership, selected by ‘American Leadership Council’ will be that leadership.

The council will have a set of goals based upon the KEY NATIONAL ISSUES that must be solved if the United States of America are to become economically solvent, remain peaceful, to once again become nationally secure, and to reclaim our standing on the global stage. When the council is fully populated, we will then post position and policy papers that address these issues:

  • Constitution of the United States – The Constitution as it was originally established and amended in the Bill of Rights must remain in absolute and total effect. We must get back to this first before we can attend to any single issue.
  • National Defense – A strong national defense of well-trained Active Duty, Guard and Reserve Forces must be reconstituted and realigned with readiness, technology, and speed as its core. Posse Comitatus shall be the backbone and social experimentation must end.
  • Economic Issues – Government is not the cure, it is the problem. Big government’s days must end now. The Federal Reserve must be abolished and big banks must be broken up just like Standard Oil was long ago. All economic functions will be turned back over to the US Treasury including the power to coin and to print and issue currency.
  • Internal Revenue Service – The IRS must eventually be abolished. How? We must revisit and abolish the 17th Amendment and employ a “fair” or “flat” tax system where all have skin in the game. Income taxes are a control mechanism, not a wise device to fund the government, anywhere in the USA.
  • Immigration – The illegal alien invasion of the United States will be stopped with secure borders finally established where no one can get through illegally. Our visa system must be revamped with more thorough vetting and tracking. Severe penalties (financial and criminal) for employers who hire illegal aliens must be enforced and there should be zero services provided other than emergency medical care, then deportation.
  • Homeland Security – The DHS and FEMA have both grown far beyond the intentions of reasonable and responsible leadership control. Law enforcement shall be a state, county, or local function only. The DHS will be disbanded and certain functions will be merged into other departments more suited to the task.
  • Energy – The Department of Energy must be abolished and certain specified oversight functions would be moved to the Department of Commerce and/or to the States. No more ‘crony green capitalism’ and ‘junk science’ fear tactics that enrich charlatans.
  • Education – The Department of Education must be abolished (Along with “Common Core” or any other foreign born design) and its functions and all funding responsibility will be returned to each individual state, territory and the District of Columbia.
  • EPA – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must be abolished with responsibilities and functions to revert to each individual state. Conflicts will be resolved at the Department of Commerce while working with the states. “Regulation Nation” must end because the law of diminishing returns is crushing our economy.
  • Federal Agency Locations – Selected Agencies will be moved from the ‘beltway’and disbursed into the interior for cost-effective and long-term security reasons as well as seeking more diversified hiring of highly qualified civilians.
  • Federal Property – All unused or unneeded federal facilities must be re-purposed in the redistribution of agencies to the interior and special attention must be paid to areas in decline. All other facilities shall be sold to the highest bidders. All federal lands will revert to the state except for the park systems, national security, and military bases.
  • Entitlements
    • ObamaCare – The partisan and destructive Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care ACT (PPACA, aka ObamaCare) will be repealed and replaced with a market based system that crosses state borders. Tort reform shall be a priority.
    • Medicare and Medicaid will revert to pre-2009 status.
    • Social Security – Necessary changes and revisions will be made to the existing Social Security System to ensure self-funding.
  • Public Service Employee Unions – The Executive order that allows unions to exist in government will be rescinded. Government unions must be made illegal through Legislative action.
  • The United Nations – The United States must reduce its funding levels commensurate with an egalitarian system. The US should then work to move the UN to another nation and consider withdrawal in full.
  • Department of Defense – Begin a systematic process to reorganize the Department of Defense into an organization of National Security that can prepare us for today and tomorrow with “forward strategies” that secure America. Redundancies must be removed, reunification of branches must be investigated, and all security aspects of Foreign Service protection shall fall back into the DoD.

Enough is Enough.

Our national call to action requires all of us to get our country on back on track, join us today! God save the Republic!



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100 Responses to America Has Come to a Crossroads

  1. Gary Wahoff

    Please include me as an absolute supporter of these ideals.
    I am a veteran and am sickened by the present direction of this country, controlled by the people behind the federal reserve, and their elected puppets.

  2. S White

    Yesterday, I found hope in our country’s future again when I found this website. It encourages me to know that there are people, like General Vallely, with experience that will finally stand up with the US citizens to the terrorists who have infiltrated the White House. Everyday there are more unspeakable treasonous acts that our executive branch commits. The Congress is totally impotent under the leadership of the likes of Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi. They will go down in history as traitors! I have come to the sad conclusion that Congress will do nothing! I have reached out my state leaders and they say what can a little red state in the south do? The only hope I had in local leadership is a true patriot who is the Sheriff of my county. My family has felt that we would be fending for ourselves and have prepared for the worse, while asking how is this happening in our beloved country. I am so grateful to know that you are preparing and standing with us! This Thanksgiving I give thanks for the true patriots of our country and their willingness to stand up to the corruption in Washington DC! Praise God for you and your willingness!

    • Paul Keith

      I am proud to know their are patriots working to restore our constitution. No question the rule of law does not apply to our government. That must end and many, many of them go to jail or worse. As for finding trustworthy patriots in large business, proceed with caution. Many are in with the bankers and will be a direct pipeline to their board rooms. Their is not a big banker to be trusted and many business leaders set on their boards and vice versa. I know you know this, but when I read your criteria for selection red flags went up, and the were not false flags. Honesty and integrity first, high IQ, loyalty to America and the constitution, highly moral, and willing to subject themselves to any and all required scrutiny to protect the mission. When I read you intend to restore of the original 13th amendment, abolish 16 and 17th amendment, and end the fed, I was sold. Actually you had me at the 13th amendment. Anyone willing to bring up that subject is my kind of organization. I am in for the ultimate goal whatever it takes.

    • Carol Chirafisi

      Yes, I agree. Thank God that General Vallely and others are leading in a clear effort to turn this whole mess around. We’re in.

  3. Jodi Hamm

    God bless salute with you 200%

  4. Paul Kusack

    GM Vallely, The only way we can save our country now is through a military coup and a massive uprising/revolution by the American people. Please get your fellow officers to lead us NOW so that we can save America! There will be MILLIONS of armed patriotic Americans who will join you! WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

    Paul Kusack

  5. notahero

    I am glad that it is finally getting the attention that it deserves. A “politically correct” military cannot be an effective military. Please believe me when I tell you that WE do not know who we can trust anymore. Please, please get on the bandwagon to “bring our troops home now.” Our best military leaders are being systematically removed and replaced by only those whose allegiance is to the current administration. Our allegiance is to the Constitution and the United (now divided) States of America. Our oath is to “…defend from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. We need to get home NOW, before it is too late. Most Americans don’t realize how much the national security of our country is in danger, and how close we are to peril. Please, please start demanding that our active duty personnel be returned home now, so we can protect our own “borders.” We are desperately seeking help from any, and all, organizations and/or websites that can get an online petition drive going. “Return our troops home” should be something of a bipartisan issue that most in congress should want to get behind.

  6. Brenda Gregory


  7. Steve MacMillan

    Amen and thank heaven for men like General valley.
    Steve MacMillan
    Ltjg Navy (Vietanm era)

  8. Monty Hansen

    I cannot agree more ! Please let me know what I and all of those that feel the same way, can do to support the cause! Time is if the essence!

    Monty Hansen
    Civil Engineer, Chico Ca

  9. David Ward

    Obama is the most vile, loathsome, racist, feckless, petulant, nefarious, narcissistic, arrogant, detestable, anti US Constitution, anti-military, pathological lying, integrity stricken, morally corrupt, divisive, destructive sociopath to have ever soiled OUR Oval Office.
    I stand by my remarks.

    • Deb Reeves

      I love your remarks!! I agree with your remarks!! Time for action!!

    • Kathryn Halliday

      Wish I could take credit for your very accurate description of the now self-proclaimed dictator “adminstrator” of our once great country before BO and the other current and previous destroyers gained control.

  10. Mike


    I totally agree! I’m afraid though we are on the steep downward piral of financial ruin brought upon by the Federal Reserve Banking cartel and in your face out of control corruption. TREASON is the best word for this, but I’m afraid we as a people moral character is so distorded we simply don’t have the balls to do what is right any longer.

    COL Mike Braner

  11. Song of Strength: INDEPENDENCE – Raising Our Constitutional Consciousness! Play iT

  12. Freedom Song

    Finally; this effort has been needed for years! I am happy to help in any way that I can.

  13. I am a small business owner in Chico, CA and I completely agree with you, Sir. My husband and I are in a struggle just to keep our 28 year old family tool business and I believe through a great deal of hard work that we are succeeding in spite of this recession. Also, I am a sober person, not drinking, not smoking pot and not taking any prescription or street drugs. We have a terrible problem in this country with people who are on prescription drugs, are completely insane, yet are placed in positions of authority. We should require all members of the House, Senate, and the Administration to undergo regular drug testing to make sure they are making clearheaded decisions. Our business has been so undermined by this terrible economy, an economy in which men cannot get work, that we don’t have any money to donate, but I will support your position and I will share this article with others.

  14. Chad Myers

    Thank you MG Vallely for your attention to these issues and your leadership toward solutions.
    It is high time that leaders in this nation step forward to form citizen roundtables that will address these issues; apply legal and peaceful force and assert purposeful efforts toward immediate and meaningful change in this nation. If we do not do something soon…we will no longer be capable of stopping the enemy within. If things continue the way they have been going for the last 20 plus years we will not only become a shadow of our former selves…we may be left extremely vulnerable and potentially subject to foreign dominance or invasion.

    Fellow Montanan and Fellow Patriot

  15. John Z. Bohach

    “We must revisit and abolish the 17th Amendment…” Yes, but in the context of abolishing the IRS, its the 16th Amendment that is relevant, though abolishing the 17th and getting back some States’ Rights is also needed.

    Second minor point, the Power to Coin money and Regulate the value thereof is Art. I, Section 8, not the US Treasury, which is Executive Branch stuff (Art. II and the current source of most of our county’s ills).

    But other than that, I’m all in. Please let me know what I can do to help. I am already considering running for local office in Bonner County, Idaho, as an independent, as I cannot stomach the thought of signing up with any political party.

    John Z. Bohach
    USMA, ’89

    • John,
      I’m USMA ’78.
      Like it or not, we have a two-party system.
      Go here for more info:
      And see my comments below.
      A march on DC isn’t going to change a thing.
      You are on the right track. The ONLY thing that will change who represents us is changing them out at the ballot box. We have the numbers to do that, but we aren’t sufficiently organized and united at the basic building block of political activity: our own precincts.
      Thank you,
      Cold Warrior

  16. Cold Warrior

    Here’s what to do:

    There’s 400,000 Republican Party precinct committeeman slots. Here we are five years after having elected a Marxist to the presidency. 200,000 of those PC slots remain vacant.

    We had lower conservative voter turnout in the 2012 election than we did in 2008. And the same 3 million or so of conservatives who sat out the 2008 election did the same in 2012.

    The reason the Republican Party is not “conservative enough” and the reason we conservatives do not elect enough conservatives in the primary election is because not enough of us are actually in the Party filling up the 200,000 vacant Republican Party PC slots where we live.

    Much easier to complain on the internet and spin out “well, we ought to do this” or “we ought to do that” ideas that have not a snow ball’s chance in hell of ever coming to fruition.

    Bottom line: we conservatives have a perfectly good political party apparatus in the Republican Party. Not enough conservatives are in it. Here in AZ, we’ve got 12,082 Republican Party precinct committeeman slots, and only about 5,720 of them are filled. 47%.

    My precinct has 12 PC slots. All 12 are filled with conservatives. In the 2012 general election, we worked together to target the Republicans who vote 50% or less of the time and the new voters. It only took each of us 3 to 4 hours to call those folks (about 35 to 45 per PC) and then drop a sample ballot and candidate literature on their doorsteps. We did it in the primary, too.

    In the 2012 general election, we got 86+% of Republicans to the polls.

    If conservatives had done that in EVERY precinct in America, Romney would now be in the White House. And we’d have greater numbers of conservatives in the House and Senate and in our state legilatures.

    Get involved. Get out of your “internet chair” and occupy a seat at your next monthly Republican Party committee meeting. It’s not hard. It’s not rocket science. Take every conservative you know along with you.

    Or continue to lose your liberties.

    And prepare for what you’re going to say to your kids and grandkids when they ask, “Why didn’t you do something that mattered? Like organizing and uniting for real political action inside the Republican Party in your own precinct with other conservatives — by becoming voting members of the Party — precinct committeemen. Why didn’t you do that for yourself and us?”

    If you need more information, search on Google and YouTube for coldwarrior neighborhood precinct committeeman strategy.

    Unite and organize for real political action where you live by attending your monthly Republican Party committee meeting. You’ve got a telephone and an internet connection and a web browser. Find out where your meeting takes place and go there. You’ll probably find that your precinct has zero precinct committeeman and the committee is at half strength. Fix that problem in every precinct, conservatives, and you’ll be in a position to fix our problems peacefully through the ballot box.

    I hope this helps.
    Thank you.
    Cold Warrior

    • Carol Chirafisi

      Here in Illinois, a highly qualified friend of ours ran in the last primary as a candidate for representative in our district. Not ONE, and I repeat, Not ONE dime came from the Illinois Republican party to support his campaign. Only one new Republican candidate in Illinois received funding from the Repubs. Imagine that. Here in Madigan-land and his machine.

  17. I heartily and firmly support the ideals and practical application of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights you have invoked and intend to restore. I will be most happy to support this effort in any manner of which I am capable.

    To start, I appreciate your recognition of the illegal and unratified 17th Amendment (prohibited by Article V unless every State consented, and ten did not) as being a linchpin to restoration of the U.S. Constitution. As a Constitutional scholar of some thirty years, it is my considered opinion the 17th Amendment can be nullified by any State on its own initiative with or without the participation of any other State, though I believe other States will jump on the bandwagon as soon as the first one nullifies it and holds its ground. The 17th WAS NOT RATIFIED — it is therefore null and void. All any State has to do is pass a resolution declaring it null and void for the reason given above, PUBLISH the resolution like the Declaration of Independence was published so other States know the facts, recall its current Senators, legislatively choose Senators pursuant to Article I Section 3 and make them accountable to the State instead of the people (could even be the same Senators), send the to Washington and demand they be seated. Then the State should figuratively speaking fold its arms, dig in its heels, and wait for the dust to settle.

  18. dixie hart

    Congratulations to you maj gen vallely; I thoroughly agree with your list of government departments to be abolished/reorganized.

    First thing happen ; impeachment of the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. As well as his cabinet and and VP. They are all traitors to the Constitution and the American people.

    Next throw out theMuslim Brotherhood out of all facets of government.

    Return our to the Judeo-Christian heritage our founding fathers began. We are a nation ovf laws from the Bible

  19. Esther Holbrook

    We are ready and willing to go as far as we have to.

  20. Nancy

    Thank you sir for your past military service to our country and for your selfless service to our struggling nation now. You and the American Leadership Council are an answer to prayer. I will continue to hold you all up in prayer as His wisdom be necessary to guide us through the murky road ahead.
    If I can ever be of any help please don’t hesitate to call. This nation belongs to all of us and we all must take responsibility and do our part, whatever that may be.
    American Citizen, Nancy Smith

  21. We are certainly in a defining moment. Some years ago I was in a state leadership role (Ks.) with Concerned Women for America. Lobbying for conservative/family causes on both a state and national level was eye-opening. We could barely talk people into donating (at all) and when I realized the deep pockets of our opposition I knew it was an arduous uphill climb. The second realization was watching people who heard our messages, got involved long enough to realize that with the information was an accountability to act on it, and then back out the door and run. Last night I posted a link to the movie Agenda. I had one share and few responses, but I am posting it here in hopes people might want to watch it and see what we are up against. As they say in the end – it isn’t over until it’s over. Thank you! The book The Naked Communist that is mentioned in the movie is available if you Google the book’s name. It is so vital we begin to educate ourselves…no war was ever won without understanding the adversary.

  22. Paul Weaver

    Tyranny is real. I have lived it and have been run out of my own home because I have spoken the truth. Until our elected officials on the republican side band together to defend the constitution and stand against the idealism of the left like Dirty Harry Ried all will be lost. When we have senators like McConnell attacking fellow republicans and conservatives when he should be on the offensive against Harry Ried, and not acting shocked and upset when the majority leader went nuclear and changed the rules in the middle of the game. He should of had the fortitude to see it coming and stoped it dead in its tracks, yet he was too busy playing the blame game and blaming conservatives for his own short comings. I was never in the military but come from a military family. I agree with what both retired generals have to say we think alot alike. Good ole common sense. The threat to our nation our values and our very way of life and existence is at risk. We are not the defective thinkers, the potus and his political cronies are he’ll bent on altering and destroying this great nation. They can keep their one world order I refuse to conform or to be assimilated into their ideology. Stand by the Constitution the written law of the land, I carry a pocket version with me along with the bill of rights at all time. If we cannot prevail to stop this idiocy and the unravelling of our moral fabric, then all will be lost. May God have mercy on our souls and God Bless America.

  23. Jeff Hart

    LEAD,FOLLOW OR GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY! Any time, any where, you just say the word. I’m ready to get back in a foxhole if I have to! Gods speed sir.

  24. Howard Capps

    Total Agreement here, and I will do whatever I can to help you. God Bless and be with you.

  25. Dominic

    Thanks for what you’re doing. I am happy to do my part any way i can as i feel we the people need to take our country and civil liberties back from these criminal politicians. One thing i would suggest is ending the war on drugs as it would benefit our country many ways. We need honest and intelligent people who can recognize and admit if they make a mistake. Im willing to fight and die for the constitution if i have to. If someone is willing to give up freedom for safety deserves neither

  26. Warren "renn" Bodeker

    I am a 91 year old w.w 11, airborne combat Vet. At last I see hope for the restoration of this once great Nation. May we all jump behind enemy lines and show all traitors, our wrath, at our corrupt Government.

  27. Paulette Morgan

    I support you Mr. General Vallely 100% After reading your statement I didn’t think there was any hope left for this wonderful Country, I just hope pray that its not to late. Thank you General and God Bless!

  28. Major General Vallely Sir-we have the utmost respect for you. Waiting for your lead Sir.

  29. Claire Sills

    Although I agree strongly with all you printed, it sickens me that we allowed this to happen. I pray to God that we can turn our country back around. God Bless America!

  30. Carolyn Markham

    I, too, support these ideals. However, let’s not forget that our Founding Fathers intended that our government be composed of “We, the People” – citizens who volunteer to serve and then return home – not to create laws, exempting themselves, and wax fat over a lifetime of deal-making at public expense. Term limits and the abolishment of Lobbyists are essential to return government to American citizens.

  31. lori block

    I think contact with above emails to help …?
    I thought our government had procedures in place to stop an enemy from within like O. The soviets warned us that’s how they’d get us.

  32. lori block

    I nominate Jesse Ventura or Rand Paul For provisional president!

  33. Ross Wesley

    Hello, General Paul E. Vallely,
    I am on board for what you stand for as a good step in the right direction. Most of the better people will still put their needs and appetite first. Do to the influence from teachers and philosophers that have put too much attention on self out of balance and their own human nature having not developed to the point of seeing greater light. They have failed to recognize the proper balance between the love of self, the love of neighbor and the love for a government that would be a father in serving and protecting everybody’s rights. The love for correct government is how you can serve the greater good or God according to the original unadulterated scriptures.
    The original base meaning of the first Commandment was how you served the people in protecting their rights was how you served God the only or greatest everlasting good. The second Commandment with its original intent you were not to bow down and serve any deceptive or defective or those that were an image or reflection or professed to do good that were not a true government of good or God in protecting people and their rights. And I will repeat, you were not to bow down and serve them in anyway this would mean in today’s language that you do not pay any taxes that support corruption or takes away the rights of your neighbor, as Franklin D. R. socialism does which robs the producer and rewards the idler the roots of crime. Such laws do away with the two great Commandments as Christ taught them. The love of God is how you protect people rights thru government service. The love of neighbor is having a government that protects the rights of your neighbor instead of taking them away. If you support corrupt government in any way you do not love your neighbor. If we want to win over tyranny and corrupt government we are going to have to invest into mankind and lose some of ourselves in the service of others.
    Some of the ways this can be done is showing the people how they can make a good living and be independent under their own vine and fig tree and this in turn will break the powers of the monopolies and cartels weakening their corrupt institutions power base in several ways and straightening those who would support Constitutional and Bill of Rights which can help build real or true and righteous government. One of the seeds that gave the American the advantage over the British was their ability to go out and farm and feed themselves. We now have great opportunities to do the same by getting out of the cities and going to the land or the country.
    Keys that can help us be a great success by putting together new technologies. You can get a piece of land where you have no established water or a pipe line of such and you can create a real economical fish tanks that collect all precipitation and hold it. It will create a surplus of water after a while. With new types of technology with green houses or working the open fields with new technology you can produce abundant crops and a large amount of fish where there is little rain with little cost. With new technology which is cheap you can extend the growing season in high elevations where it is cold by two month and get abundance of fruitful crops. This can happen on different types of land some of which are currently considered waste land. Along with putting other technologies together you can harvest surplus algae from your fish tanks and other left over produce to create your own fuel, gas and diesel for almost nothing. With materials that are available you can make a very simple apparatus that would turn algae, manure and other things into gas with a combination of Fresnel lenses and parabolic sun reflectors you could produce enough gas in a day to last you a year. And the surplus natural gas that comes off above your more stable fuels and gasses could be used directly heating the fish tanks which would create more algae growth and more fish. Algae being the mother source of faucal fuels to start with, it is one of the easiest and most economical things to make fuel out of.
    It is much more cost effective then Alcohol and the Biodiesel they are making. The algae which would be a byproduct from growing fish could be very profitable. I am out to prove we can grow tropical fruits in high, cold elevation with stability, cheaper than they can be freighted in. I also intend to prove that it is an economical waste for the bigger part to truck food and produce across country and long distances as we are doing today which rewards the curtails. I have the technologies to build better homes that are self-cooling and heating without any energy cost for half the price. The technologies that I have developed could save this nation billions of dollars monthly and replace the monopolies and curtails that are in bed with corrupt government.
    If we want to win we need to get as far away from corruption as possible and get as independent as possible as a people. We will not have the economic power to win, succeed and survive without a lot of us gathering to the wilderness in and around the Rocky Mountains. Just storing food will not accomplish the job. We have to create an economic base if we want to win and I can only help open the door. This is the way we can break down the iron gates of Babylon and turn or create a better water source for greater life and freedom.
    Just think every little farmer along with the big farmers and other could be independent from those who have monopolies and control of the energy. Millions of people becoming free are going to be hard to stop. Corrupt governments are in bed with corrupt powers pretending to go green. They are staying away from a lot of the ways that would really help people go green and be independent from faucal fuels. Few are thinking in terms to liberate the people. They are thinking in terms of ways to get an edge by knocking out competition which leads to monopolies. This easier way which puts you on a broad path will leads to the destruction and death of the nation or the people that choose that direction and stays on it for very long.
    Right now on a one to one I will help those that really want to help others and themselves make this a better world. So all of you that support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights feel free to ask and I will give you advice on ways to have a better livelihood and be more independent. Those that support Obama and socialism and corrupt monopolies can look that direction for a fool’s paradise.
    You can email me at but be sure and mention right off the bat why you are emailing me so you are not treated as spam.
    It is time we help the destitute and the deserts to blossom as a rose this will replace the socialistic state.
    Thank you for listening
    Ross Wesley

  34. Leslie H. Long

    I am a retired Naval Officer, count me in.

  35. is pleased to post Major General Palu E. Vallely’s feature at

  36. Thank u for all u do. We need more that will stand up and help take our country back… what can I do to help?

  37. Dearest Sirs,
    I /we Thank you sooooo much for your efforts as they are truly needed and genuinely appreciated.

    I was beginning to think all hope was lost for our nation under God. You’ve restored our hope!!!
    You are truly the work of God and may He protect, bless, and strengthen you all through this difficult time. I pray Godspeed on all your efforts in Jesus mighty name, Amen!!!!
    You’ve restored our joy in knowing God has not abandoned us…………… He gave us YOU!!!
    We THANK GOD and we THANK YOU!!!!
    Please know we are committed to praying for you all each day.

  38. Rebekah

    It’s about time we hear from people like you- thank you for posting this. Letters like these help restore my faith in this country… I stand with you in all this! Let God be our guide to getting America back on its feet!

  39. GBrown

    I support the above stated goals 100%, but after the years of deception and lies from the U.S. Federal Govt. and a complacent (either very inept and stupid or completely corrupt) Congress, how can the American people believe anything coming from the mouth of a would be politician? The average American citizen with an ounce of common sense and a non progressive education can see the planned and purposeful destruction of our country. I do not believe the ballot box, politics, or the sham two party political system can or will change the downward spiral of our country. We are being hit from all sides and NO ONE is doing anything of real substance to stop the assault once and for all. Our country and our lives are not something we can bargain over. It is not a give and take issue. It’s do what’s right for America and the American people first and foremost, now and always. No compromise. I’d like to have the confidence to get behind you and stand with you in the fight to save our country. I know you can talk the talk, but are you ready and willing to act? If so, when? How will you unite the American people and break through the fog of lies and ignorance a good portion of America is lost in? How can you restore the people’s faith in government, law, and true justice? I have many questions that need answers. Thank you, G. Brown

  40. Douglas Russell

    This man has A real plan I am all for it hope I can help.

  41. Denise Garbis

    As the granddaughter , daughter , wife and mother in law of men who have served our great nation from WWI , WWII, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia & Somalia I salute you and all your efforts 100%.
    Please add my name as a proud supporter of your new “The Americas Project “. If you need a forum to acquaint more citizens with your new endeavor I volunteer my home or venue. Blessings to you and a Blessed Thanksgiving.

  42. Our forefathers fought and died to give us freedom. They took it by force from an illegitimate and tyrannical government, and maintained it through the God inspired writings of our Bill of Rights.

    Today we face a similar threat. One that our founders warned us about long ago. This is why our military takes an oath to defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic. The founders realized that the greatest threat to our freedom was wicked and powerful men who would seek to undermine our rights and destroy us from within in order to serve their own selfish motives.

    We as free men, must rise up against the wickedness and tyranny and evil men. Some pastors will argue that Romans 13 is a commandment not to resist government “gone wrong”. The text, as spoken by the Lord Jesus Christ reads as follows, “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” In the book of Mark, Chapter 12, verse 17 Jesus also said, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.” Now, let us realize that in a government of the people, for the people and by the people, we the people are Caesar, and those in power who would corrupt our system of governance for their own agenda are the ones in rebellion. It is the duty of every able citizen to counter this threat in whatever form the situation requires.

    Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

  43. Shannon

    Sign me up!! This nearly brought tears to my eys. “HOPE”

  44. Leslie a. Parypa

    Genral [or General(s) be there more than 1 such men like you],

    military service CV repectfully submitted:
    Vietnam 1967 – 1968 – 1969; 1st LOG command, U.S. Army [tech] – 1st Marine Div., U.S. Marine Corps [honored as a “doggie”] – 1st Cavalry Div., U.S. Army [trained killer].

    I will fight to my death at your side in any way you might order me, or for any mission you would find me suitably worthy. We must now fight for a cause that is right, to this end I am committed.

    Semper Fi – you are not alone.

  45. Kenneth L. Wilson,Jr. Ret. MoArng

    Include this soldier ! Ready and willing to fight to stop the Evil in Our house in DC !!!

  46. Forrest Horn, Sr.

    Horn, Forrest L., CPT, INF, USA ( Retired/Disabled ), BS/BA, MA, Vietnam (SEP67-SEP68), reporting for duty.

  47. Ray Sheehy

    I am a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant and fully agree with the content of your letter and feel the time has come to find ways to stop this slide into the cliff leading to the end or our nation and government we have defended and spent a life time creating.
    Please include me in the fight to save the nation one more time. We have to lead our younger people and form a strong leadership to save what we have and enjoyed.

    Ray Sheehy
    Retired USAF, Diamondhead, MS

  48. Robert Reese

    Agreed, How can i help

  49. Norma J Fenimore

    We must also try this administration for the treasenous act they has commited against our people!

  50. Is it going to take a military coup to oust Obama? Why are we waiting? I have heard and read talk of impeachment, indictment for treason but, I have seen no absolute action. What will be the final push to get rid of hiim?

  51. T Steele

    I am behind you, In front , and beside you… American Sniper OIF…

  52. Judith Kirtner

    I couldn’t agree more. I think time is of the essence. if we wait any longer there will be nothing left to save. We have to arrest him in order to rid ourselves of Obamacare. You have my support and I truly appreciate you and the General for stepping up and taking on this task. We need the military with us also. Would it be possible to bring them home? There will be struggles to work through however we need rid of all of the ones you listed first. Together we as Americans are willing to go through what we have to just to have our country back.

    Judith Kirtner
    AT&T Communications (RET)

  53. D Dixon

    God be with you MG! We stand with You!

  54. Rafael

    Only by unity and cooperation the people will be able to eliminate the parasites affecting our country. We, the Veterans, active members of the Armed Forces and civilians must act together with one goal. There is no need for violence. WE can do it by collectively refuse to play their game. Stop consuming. Take your money out of the big banks. Rebel!

  55. Well stated article. I do have one question, though, and that has to do with the Money Power. You write, “All economic functions will be turned back over to the US Treasury including the power to coin and to print and issue currency.”

    I see no provision in the US Constitution that gives any “economic function” to the Fed Govt other than very limited authority to, for example, “regulate” (make regular, not prohibit or restrict) interstate commerce and to “coin” money.

    There is no provision allowing the Fed Govt to “print” money.

    The Constitution prohibits Congress from “issuing bills” (which means emitting fiat currency) and limits Constitutional Legal Tender to Gold and Silver Coin.

    We need the Free Market to engage in economic functions, not the Fed Govt. We need to return the Money Power to the market and get the Govt out of the “business” of money manipulation!

    See: Heyek,

  56. Thomas Scheveck

    May I add just a couple things to your List Mr. Vallely : Term Limits for Congress… Too Many PROFFESIONAL Politicians!
    Second, Outlaw The LOBBY in DC. The Rich have been Purchasing Politicians and Elections for YEARS!!! It must be Stopped.
    And I would like to suggest a couple names for the Council…
    Herman Cain and Allen West. They Both Love this Nation.

  57. Aubryn

    Please do not assume Sir, that the dearth of comments here reflect the real number of us. It is only that most have not heard this message yet. There are millions and millions and millions of us out here waiting and watching. I am seeing RedNationRising like never before.I will continue to post links to grow awareness that there is a move underfoot. We are the majority, we have not had a voice. Reporting for duty Sir.

  58. Concerned Veteran

    I am a veteran and have spoken to many active duty personnel and to a man they do not respect Obama. I told one when I was in we used to gather in the hall before work and discuss politics and talk about the leaders of this country. On active duty remarked, “We have to be careful what we say.” Obama has stifled initiative, curtailed free speech and is repeatedly violating our own Constitution nearly on a daily basis. One can call me a racist or a “Birther” but I franky don’t care, I have been called a cracker and many things worse but it’s not the words, it is the actions and Obama’s actions are making this country weak and our military even less weak. He has reduced our nuclear warheads at ta time when Russia and China are spending billions increasing their nuclear weaponry and military.
    A few years back, Obama told Russia how many nuclear warheads we have and then he told them-against Great Britain’s wishes-how many nuclear warheads they have. He has inflamed tensions in the middle east by supporting and funding the Muslim Brotherhood with our tax dollars and after the Brotherhood was pushed out of leadership in Egypt Obama aided and funded the Syrian Rebels who had Muslim Brotherhood AND Al Quaida members fighting within the rebels. Our enemy is no longer in a distant land, the greatest thing we have to fear is our own President! I support MG Valley and the other senior members here and will be ready to do whatever I have to to reclaim the dignity and respect that this once great country had!

  59. Caryn Hayes

    Sir at 71 I stand behind you and willing to do whatever I can to help restore this great nation….I will fight for freedom until my last breath and pray there will be justice done to the corrupt and evil that has been brought to this nation

    Caryn Hayes


  61. Brian Walker

    We know the USA is faultering this cannot be denied. The bigger problem no one speaks of, and to the average citizen is unrecognized is that our problem is larger than what meets the eye and I have yet to hear any military head address the true issue.

    This attack on America is a military plan and follows the standard military strategy and protocol, it did not start with one party, it did not start with Obama, it was not by chance they follow the military protocol. This was well thought out, well engineered tactical assault.

    Let me take the liberty to explain what we both know, but for those who don’t know it will become clear. War first starts in the mind, no general plans war without first considering the cost and loss. No war can we waged without the support of the people, no war can come to fruition without a perceived threat, or end game visualized. This being said I will tell in simplistic terms the outline of battle strategy.

    The first goal is to gather Intel and recon, the second is to mark the high value targets, the next is to move in stealth. The first goal is air superiority, next you take out communications, cut off supply lines, reduce mobility, demoralize the enemy, isolate the pockets of resistance, hit the strong holds, occupy and demonstrate with shock and awe, mope up resistance.

    This plan is how the powers that be took over our nation without a shot fired. They control the skies, the air waves, the supply lines, occupy the high value targets and offices, they are hitting with government goons the strongholds, demoralizing and isolating the resistance, and getting ready to mop up.

    This has been a military plan from a globalized entity and its tactics are textbook procedures. Why has no one mentioned this?

  62. TexasVetgal

    Millions of veterans support you General Vallely, the lawlessness of this regime is reprehensible. A congress who refuses to act against a PROVEN Usurper, Forger, and Fraud.
    A DOJ that ONLY upholds laws it agrees with? What are sane Americans who respect the Rule of Law to do? We’ve written our Representatives, and get lip service in return, i support several orgaizations to fight this criminal regime. When do we see criminal charges leveled agaisnt this fraud and embicile…. We’re getting sick watching our Country be destroyed by marxists, statists, and liberals. I’ll sign up to march on ObOzo, just let the 90 million of us know when.

  63. Donald M, Colburn

    I am behind him all the way. We need someone like him in a bad way.

  64. Roylee clouse Jr


  65. Patriotgal

    Gen Vallely I sent an email to you and asked where are the Pres George Washington. Thank you and the countless others that are speaking up. We can and will change our country if——->2Ch 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. This is my prayer and I pray others will start.

  66. don patterson

    When history writes about us, I want to be in the 3%.

    • Barbara

      It is NOT about us, it’s about rising up as individuals to form many. In great numbers we will be heard. These clowns in Washington do not see what is coming. We are coming to take America back before it’s to late. We no longer want to witness left & right lies or games. It’s about honoring the job you were elected to do & faithfully upholding our rule of law as they were sworn to do. Nothing more my friend.

  67. James Cox

    Outrage and anger are useful as motivational catalysts but inhibit clear thinking and warp the ability to solve passionate problems. I thank you Paul for thinking clearly and using your experience to quickly define the problem and outline a directed solution. It will be refreshing to see the true American Spirit revived and repurposed in courgeous defense of what is right and true.

    To those who would use God’s Word as a tool to provoke reactionary behavior, I must remind you that He is still sovereign and remains on the throne. The guiding principle of God’s salvation is love for all. “For God so loved the world”, sound familiar. That also means those who you are vehemently blaming for our current dilemma. He died for them too, so don’t be so quick to hate and cast stones. We may see them as hopeless, but perhaps they are not beyond God’s ability to change their hearts. Let us direct our effort toward this nation’s true enemies, the spirit of evil and self idolatry. Remember it was God’s providence which first established this country as unique in this lost world, it will only be through God’s returned favor that we will be reborn.

    We received our present rulers, and I say rulers rather than representatives because due to the effects of special interest corruption we have transformed from our once beloved representative democracy. Just as Israel demanded a King in Saul so that they did not have to be obedient to God, we have received a King in Obama, and his court who believe themselves above the Law. But they are just reflection of our own disobedience and desire for self-service. Our President emulates pride and self adoration, but he again is just a reflection of public behavior. Sit at any traffic light today and watch as we collectively have lost respect for the rule of Law by running lights we know to be red. We must first look to our own corruption, without self reflection, humility, repentence and forgiveness we cannot expect others to act righteously. God hated hypocrisy as much as he hated false religion, governments and commercialism.

    That being said, the time for action is near. A meek man recognizes the judicious use of strength and when circumstances call for defensive intervention to save the weak or unprotected. We have worn the shame of self service for way too long. I swore that oath once to protect and defend this country against all enemies, foreign or domestic and I take vows seriously. That being said I apologize for the role I have personally played in the weakening of America through my own greed and self importance. Alexis DeTocqueville said what made us great is the goodness preached from American pulpits. Just as he predicted we have ceased to be great because we have ceased being good. Let us check our own hearts and return to our first love, adhering to those principles which led us down the path to becoming and remaining a model for humanity.

    There are spots on our flag, and they can only be washed clean by doing the difficult reflection and actions which must be undertaken. We must stand up for what is right, regardless of the consequences. Then and only then will this valiant effort led by MG Vallely and others begin to make a difference. I pray that we take to heart the gravity of our present place in history. God forgive us for going astray, forgive us and turn your glorious face of healing and blessing once again upon this humble nation.

    • Patriotgal

      James Cox well said and thank you for such a great insight. I have felt this from the beginning of this regime (His words regime) I do not believe we have ever had a President call his administration a regime.

  68. Larry Smith

    You can count me in. Keep in touch & lets get with the task at hand.

  69. Joseph E. Chapman, Jr

    Please include me as an absolute supporter of these ideals.
    I am a veteran ( I have served in the A.F. and the Army) and am sickened by the present direction of this country, controlled by the people behind the federal reserve, and their elected puppets.
    I would happily and proudly join any Movement You would intend to launch in order for Us Americans to take our Country back!!

  70. Dan

    Count me in! U.S. Army Tanker 1983-1994 “Gunner-HEAT-Traitors…

    God Bless America, you Sir and all whom follow you!

  71. James Richards

    I spent a year in Vietnam fighting people I had no real reason to be fighting…as I realized only later. But now I, like all of you, know who the real enemy is. I’m just a simple 66 year old country boy down here in Texas and even though I am older…if I pull the trigger…I still hit my target! I’m in with all you other good men and women. AMERICANS! We have a mighty enemy with many followers.
    God bless us all.
    VIETNAM VET 68-69

  72. Mark Freeman

    MG Vallely,

    Count Me In! If we marched on Washington today I’d quit my job in a second to join my Brothers in a fight to save our Republic! I love my country. And because I do love my country and revere the principles and ideals which have made our country great, I feel compelled to action as I watch the gathering clouds of tyranny emanating from the Obama administration. Ever since his re-election he has solidified his stranglehold over the American people….bringing misery by his decrees, an ever tightening grip of governmental intrusion and control.

    We must not be fooled by false illusions which mask the dark intentions of this administration and those who continue to empower it from the sidelines (those wretched souls in the House or Senate) who have sold their souls to hold onto power at any cost as they pass law after law to ensure their political stranglehold over the nation.

    One of our esteemed Founders, Sam Adamas said it best: The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men. I AM WITH YOU!!

  73. Todd D. Little

    Mr. Vallely,

    I sense an urgency. Muslim Brotherhood in our White House. Jihadi training groups all about the United States. An Unconstitutional Health care program. The White House hiring amnesty driven lawyers. Wasteful spending and unneccessary targeting of certain groups, while others get free passes.

    I would like to invite you to my humble abode. For if I am going to step out of my safety zone. I would want stalwarte patriots by my side. Granted I am a poor man, that has spent alot of time on the unemployment factory. It has been a struggle to make ends meet. I am not much, but I am thinking, I have an obligation to my country.

    I swore an oath to protect our constitution. Which I see violated every passing day.

    We, Sir, are at a crossroads. Inaction, will take us down the wrong path. To many lies are transparent from this administration. I realize that what may come to pass, is not something every American is looking for.

    I am ready to fight, if need be. But Mr. Vallely, we have a lot of soft spots. and the enemy is large.

    They test the resolve of our Country.

  74. Nam1

    Many of us took an Oath, no matter our age nor stature, the commitment never diminishes… For God and Country.

  75. Tony

    This doesn’t have to be this way , these guys are all Ideologically strung out on their belief that earth is Over populated and needs to be zeroed out !!!!!

    Tea party activist: Obamanauts will stage false flag financial collapse to prevent impeachment

  76. Stan Stewart

    Amen General!

    LTC, US Army Infantry, 1980-2005.

  77. Jeff

    The words, feelings, comments and tone of this article reflect a man fully invested in “what is best for America”….and I could not agree more with every point and objective suggested. Unfortunately the realistic truth is that his “30-do-somethings” have been raised and believe in self-first rather than country-first era and it is clear their selfish priorities will lead to the very implosion Mr. Vallely accurately predicts. The one thing not mentioned here and what I would like to see is term limits for ALL elected positions. The engineers of our Constitution never intended for elected representatives to make politics a “career”…rather a term of “service” to the betterment of this nation. One need look no further than the beltway to prove the adage “absolue power corrupts absolutely”….it is human nature.

  78. Harry Riley

    Is there a URL for American Leadership Council? Please provide.

  79. stef

    Thank you for serving, Sir.
    May I suggest abolishing the republican and democrat parties?

  80. Thomas Wells

    Cicero may have said it best; but the Trojans proved it. We need to slam the door on this administration.

  81. Art

    In 1967, my brother volunteered and served 2 tours in Vietnam. I finished high school in 1968. In my home, dinner was on the table at 6:pm – I realized later – to avoid the nightly news reports. So I never marched against the Vietnam War and was drafted in 1970. Only then did I begin to see just how screwed up our military was on that first day of boot camp. At the end of the day’s routine roughing-up, at the auditorium pep talk, inductees were invited to watch a movie at the base theater. It was “Alice’s Restaurant!” Talk about messing with our heads! The Kent State murders that year was a turning point when the gung-ho Generals had to admit their strategic blunder and began to pull troops out. A common motto soldiers chanted was FTA. Evidenced by this article, I doubt Gen Vallely is the kind of enlisted officer who represents our nation’s military honorably. STFU, General.

  82. TheSmartestPersonInTheRoom

    Anyone who believes this guy should be put in an asylum for lack of mental competance, these ramblings of removing all national standards and giving control to the states is an idiocy reminiscent of those in the south during the civil war. These ideas are nothing more than a stupid pipe dream, the courts decided that the aca and Medicare are constitional and attempting to create a new system because you didn’t get your way is petty and something a child would do and would speedily result in another civil war again among every state. The is exactly what the current Pope is against, for this would make this a country run only for the rich instead of only partly and would not be a nation of the people by the people, elections have consequences the Koch brothers billions couldn’t buy their way to power, so you need to grow up and face reality. For one who claims to believe in the constition you seem to be willing to destroy the whole system just because everything doesn’t go your way, the courts are the arbiters of the law made so by the constition.

  83. The only non hypocrite

    Don’t say anything about obama until you try bush and every member of government who supported him for war crimes

  84. Terry Trussell

    Talk is cheap. What we’re looking for is marching orders. Give us a date, time, and an objective. All this garbage about what we oughta do, what we have a right to do, what we shoulda done, is just that, garbage.

    It’s too late to ‘work through the system’. The system is so corrupted we’ll never get through the morass. We must work within the Constitution and the Constitution shows us the way and avoids chaos in the process.

    We must act and we must act NOW! Our failure is in leadership. We have enough people telling us what should or can be done, we need someone to step up and say, “FOLLOW ME!”

  85. Joe

    General Vallely, In the videos, you mention that the U.S. has been infiltrated by Muslims, but what will be done about the war-mongering Israelis who have taken over the US congress, i.e., gun-grabber Jews like Feinstein & Schumer, 30,000 drones and NDAA authoros the Levin brothers, and many others like Ayotte, Boxer, and warmongers Lieberman, McCain, and Lindsey Graham.

    The dual-citizen Israelis have been PLACED at the TOP LEVELS of virtually EVERY federal agency – every one of the illegal 65 POLICY CZARS busy destroying this country, the Israeli-owned congress VERY BUSY writing anti-American, anti-constitutional laws, our big-city jack-booted cops being trained by Israel, the jack-booted THUGS at DHS/ TSA/ FEMA (which need to be abolished). all the PRESIDENTIAL “ADVISORS” and DEFENSE “ADVISORS”, PNAC, the State Dept, the Pentagon, ALL the think-tanks, etc. These Khazar warmongering Jews OWN the Federal Reserve which is printing money ILLEGALLY under the constitution, they OWN every single one of the BIG-6 TOO-BIG-TO-FAIL BANKS, THEY “OWN” Hollywood & the music industry.


    Those so-called “rebels” in Syria, Egypt, Libya, etc. ARE CIA/MOSSAD/SAS and anybody they can hire for $100 a day to overthrow legitimate governments for the ROTHSCHILDS/ROCKEFELLER FEDERAL RESERVE BANKERS AND THE JESUITS/VATICAN WARMONGERS. WE WANT ALL OF THESE STOPPED, PERIOD!



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