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‘Ultimate Fight Between Left and Right’ – Terrorist Ayers vs. D’Souza

Editor’s Note – Billed as the “Ultimate Fight Between Left and Right,” Dartmouth University’s “Dartmouth Review” hosted the debate between Bill Ayers and Dinesh D’Souza last night, streamed on many web sites. Of course, no one would call Dinesh D’Souza the ultimate conservative, but we surely know Bill Ayers is the epitome of the “uber-left.”

Initially, we cringed that the left had no issue aligning itself with a far-left domestic terrorist as it’s standard barer, but we quickly understood that there was no better way to define the left more precisely than through a person who openly tried to destroy America. Why? Because that is what the Progressives are doing by means other than what Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground attempted long ago.Dinesh-DSouza-debates-Bill-Ayers

Of course, it must also be noted that it happened at an elite university, an Ivy League school where D’Souza attended as an undergraduate and was on the “Dartmouth Review”, graduating in 1983.

Here, an elite university had no issues with a terrorist (Obama’s book author and friend) debating one of their alumni because that alumni is a conservative. How ironic from the very start?

The topic was “What’s so great about America?”

Dartmouth Junior, Nick Desatnick, introduced the event and was the Master of Cermeonies, and was open and honest in describing the history of each man, then handed off the opening to Bill Ayer’s for 18 minutes, then Mr. D’Souza followed with his own opening 18 minutes, each with a shorter rebuttal after.

ayers-dsouzaFrom there, the event content was hardly a debate, but more of a great demonstration of Saul Alinsky tactics versus the cogency of fact and opinion based in such.

Ayer’s displayed the DNA of his cause from those who cried for “democracy, liberty, and justice,” each defined in a way so well-known more as “social justice” and “mob-ocracy,” while D’Souza called for “intellectual precision”. Ayer’s bellowed “white supremacy” while D’Souza discussed “wealth creation as America’s gift to the world, growing the pie instead of just slicing it up.”

Ayers was quick to point out the errors of the right, and though D’Souza did not precisely mention it, Ayers ignored the people who created the Jim Crow laws, the left, the Southern Democrats who controlled the south for over 100 years. Again, “intellectual precision” on the right, “hate America” on the left.

Ayer’s accused D’Souza of setting up “straw men” while D’Souza asked the audience to look at America as whole, despite her failings. She is still the only country that invented an alternative to conquest and looting, and elevating what was considered the lowest caste, the entrepreneur, the scientist, and the trader, to their rightful place as the answer to the world’s long and storied history of gaining wealth through conquest..

You be the judge, but we at SUA would ask as you watch and pay close attention to the tactics employed by Ayers and the people each brings forward to the audience as the ones who helped mold their futures. Jane Adams, Ella Baker, Emma Goldman on the Ayers’ side to Ben Franklin, Jefferson, and Steve Jobs on D’Souza’s side.


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  1. Jean Landry

    Excellent story and well defined.
    Enjoyed it immensely.

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