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ObamaCare Security – Trust anything anymore from the WH?

Editor’s Note – How can anyone trust anything from the White House now? The IRS Scandal, Benghazi, NSA, AP/Rosen, ObamaCare, Fast & Furious… The list just goes on and on, but now, proof that the ObamaCare web site is a security nightmare.

Are you going to sign up? What if America just voted with their “mouse” – and decided not to click on

But it goes further, no matter how you sign-up, by paper, navigator, the web, by phone, etc., all applications eventually go through the same system and the following story should send shivers up your “identity theft” spine. Remember also the story of the man who never signed up for MedicAid but the site did anyway, and he did not qualify.

Exclusive to the Heritage Foundation: Users Warn of Security Risk, Breach of Privacy

Justin Hadley logged on to to evaluate his insurance options after his health plan was canceled. What he discovered was an apparent security flaw that disclosed eligibility letters addressed to individuals from another state.

“I was in complete shock,” said Hadley, who contacted Heritage after becoming alarmed at the breach of privacy.

Hadley, a North Carolina father, buys his insurance on the individual market. His insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, directed him to in a cancellation letter he received in September.

After multiple attempts to access the problem-plagued website, Hadley finally made it past the registration page Thursday. That’s when he was greeted with a downloadable letter about eligibility — for two people in South Carolina. (Screenshot below.)


The letter, dated October 8, acknowledges receipt of an application to the Health Insurance Marketplace and the eligibility of family members to purchase health coverage. The letter was addressed to Thomas Dougall, a lawyer from Elgin, SC.

Hadley shared a screenshot and copy of the letter with redacted personal information.


Hadley wrote to Heritage on Thursday night and also contacted the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which administers, as well as elected officials in his state. He has yet to hear back from HHS, even though still displays the personal information of the South Carolina residents on his account.

Hadley reached out to Dougall on Friday to notify him of the breach. Dougall, who spoke to Heritage this evening, said he was evaluating health care options in early October. Dougall said he was able to register on, but decided not to sign up for insurance.

“The plans they offered were grossly expensive and didn’t provide the level of care I have now,” he said.

Dougall said he never saw the October 8 letter until Hadley sent it to him Friday.

After learning of the privacy breach, Dougall spent Friday evening trying to contact representatives from to no avail; he spent an hour waiting on the telephone and an online chat session was unhelpful. He also wrote to Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Tim Scott (R-SC), along with Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC).

“I want my personal information off of that website,” Dougall said.

Security Risk

Last week, the Associated Press disclosed a government memo revealing the “high” security risk for Those concerns surfaced at Wednesday’s hearing with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who claimed the system was secure.

HHS spokeswoman Joanne Peters told the AP, “When consumers fill out their online … applications, they can trust that the information they’re providing is protected by stringent security standards and that the technology underlying the application process has been tested and is secure.”

However, that didn’t stop members of Congress from voicing alarm.

“You accepted a risk on behalf of every user … that put their personal financial information at risk,” Representative Mike Rogers (R-MI) told Sebelius. “Amazon would never do this. ProFlowers would never do this. Kayak would never do this. This is completely an unacceptable level of security.”

Heritage cyber-security expert Steven Bucci, director of the Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies, said users of are leaving their personal information unsecured.

“Once it goes out over the system, it is vulnerable,” Bucci said. “There appears to have been a singular lack of concern for security. The site needs to receive and transmit sensitive personal information, yet it has less than state of the art security.”

Bucci said if a doctor’s receptionist speaks too loudly about personal information so that others could hear it, that’s a violation of the law.

“Functionality and security have to be the hallmark of programs like this one,” Bucci said. “The site has failed on both counts and has further weakened the confidence of the American people.”

Unanswered Questions

Hadley’s experience has left him unsure about what to do next. He said he was frustrated by the difficulty contacting the Department of Health and Human Services and lack of response from his elected representatives.

Dougall said grateful that Hadley made the call to him Friday, but voiced similar frustration with HHS. But while Dougall will continue with his current health plan, Hadley isn’t so fortunate.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina informed Hadley that his current plan is no longer available and offered to auto-enroll him in a new health insurance plan. But that option would increase his monthly premiums by 92 percent and double his deductible. Hadley said he doesn’t qualify for any subsidies and won’t continue the process on because of the privacy breach.

“If I have their information, then who else has my information now?” Hadley worried.

After examining the letter Hadley downloaded, Heritage health policy analyst Chris Jacobs noted the irony of HHS’ promise: “The Health Insurance Marketplace protects the privacy and security of personally identifiable information.”

“Justin’s story demonstrates how Obamacare’s flaws go well beyond a bungled website,” Jacobs said. “From canceled coverage to skyrocketing premiums to the federal government’s failing to protect Americans’ personal data, the damage Obamacare has inflicted is becoming more and more clear each day.”

UPDATE: The screenshot above shows links to two downloadable letters, although Hadley says they are identical. Both are addressed to Dougall.


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2 Responses to ObamaCare Security – Trust anything anymore from the WH?

  1. NoChip4Me

    Trust anything anymore from the WH?

    Reply: No, I no longer trust anything or anyone in the White House, Senate or Congress.

    Further more, I now fear for my life and that of my neighbors and countrymen.

    We have hit the point we were warned about in Naomi Wolf’s two books, “The End of America” and “Give Me Liberty”.

    It is time for a 2nd American Revolution.

    We need not a couple thousand, a couple million but tens of millions of Americans that have had enough to take up arms and march to the White House, Senate, Congress and Federal Reserve buildings, yank these traitors out of their seats and hang the lot of them.

    The penalty for high treason is death.

    I have had it with the current fascism regime.

  2. SadAmerican4America

    When BO WARNED America, “We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” half this Nation should have heeded the warning and should have NEVER trusted him. Anyone who takes an oath to defend and protect the Constitution but has every intention of destroying it is a liar and a traitor. Five years of this is ENOUGH!!! We REALLY need to CHANGE it back!!! America has been blessed for 237 years, until BO!! Why anyone ever trusted him to begin with is beyond me. His cult followers are brainwashed.

    What can we all do to take back America for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren?!

    I’ve posted this site on my FB, my Twitter, and my website, but EVERYONE must get off the couch and out of the basement and do their part or we WILL lose America. Three more years of the BO regime, and all the King’s horses and all the King’s men won’t be able to put America back together again.

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