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Exclusive – Veteran speaks out to MG Vallely on Obama

Dear General Vallely,

I’ve been in contact with you a number of times in the past four years, being similarly concerned about our Nation and the illegal alien who has been installed in office and what we must do about this.

I found it interesting you opening your column with the story of another criminal liberal needing to be a criminal in order to accomplish her goal, and to hell with laws, common courtesy, principle, all the founding stones of a civil society.  That we can now identify a substantial part of our domestic enemy merely by the fraud committed in names and life history is in essence, the working expansion of the Islamic principle of “taqiy’ya” the principle lying and every associated principle is legitimate if it is to deceive nonmuslims, and it shows an ever increasing proportion of Americans are not so much approving of it, but simply getting accustomed to it, and the more we do so, the closer we get to failing to even note blatant lies and fabrications.

Marine Corps - Gunnery Sergeant Collar Chevrons

As a retired Marine, with a tour of recruiting duty from 91 to 94, I’ve been very active against this illegal alien, and having lived from 67 to 76 right on the edge of Chicago, and having actually “community organized” under Dr. Leonard Pellegrino, a compatriot of Alinsky, about ten or twelve blocks north, and about the same distance west of where Obama/Soetoro/Davis did some eight or so years later, I’ve been knowledgeable about his background, that of the Ayer’s, Dorn, Davis, having been in high school while the SDS was active, and being personally active in the group, mostly children of veterans, who fought against the war protesters, and did our best to make them fall and fail in their attacks, with O’Hare Airport where we were active mostly.

To cut to the chase, all who have knowledge of the fact this man is illegal, have been blown off by every part of the government with the singular exception of Sheriff Arpaio.  What he has assembled is legally defined as “substantial probable cause” sufficient in detail and fact to demand an indictment at any other time, for any other person, and with this, we, who are ardent in our quest to restore this Nation should have the capacity to cause this case to be taken up.

In my mind, there are several clearly identifiable conspiracies which have sufficient probable cause to adjudicate them, there is the conspiracy to forge “false official documents”, and given how those “documents” came out, it is apparent such a conspiracy involved people in Illinois, covering up the newspaper coverage of his election to the Illinois senate, which proclaimed “Our Kenyan born son” as the “New Party” senator, with a picture of a youthful Obama/Sotero sitting among his Kenyan relatives.  This story went out on UPI, and was top left, above the fold in the Chicago Tribune and the Sun Times, that I have personally seen in their archives, and which have been mentioned by foreign press and not picked up by our press in return.

The statements made by the director of Hawaii’s Department of Vital Statistics and Census were a flat out lie, I know this because of my time as a recruiter, having handled several hundred short forms, long forms, and taken these to get actual Birth Verification Documents, both for those I recruited, as well as for out of state recruiters who were recruiting someone born in Virginia, where I recruited out of.  With two tours of duty in Kaneohe, Hawaii, I can verify they had to abide by the same regulations of the “federal” department of Vital Statistics and Census precisely as every other state.

To my own mind, allowing a known fraud to remain on the ballot is tantamount to putting the last nail in the coffin of the U.S. Constitution, and at a time when we should be pulling it out of the casket, giving it mouth to mouth resuscitation, and perhaps putting nails in other’s coffins, after they have been hanged for treason, and themselves put in a box.

I left the Marine Corps for two years precisely because of the deaths of a couple Marines among the several who died in the Iran rescue attempt, not because of equipment failure, but precisely because the Peanut inserted himself as chief planner of the mission, and by using Air Force CH-53’s instead of Navy or Marine Corps birds, and demanding they do what the Air Force equivalent of NATOPS states they must not do, the crash was inevitable, as was the totally unserviceable status of the other bird, simply because we commonly did “knap of the earth” flying, and had EAPS- “electro-static air-particle separators” which allow us to fly over desert while Air Force birds are restricted to about 1000 feet, except at established landing fields and areas where there is no danger of inhaling dust or dirt.

All that you lay out shows the complete loss of any form of control of government by The Sovereign Citizens, and as such, we who have taken oaths to the Constitution before God, must consider this current government precisely a “domestic enemy”, and being run by an illegal alien, there is no aspect of that government which should not be fenced in and captive, while we set about re-constituting a “federal government”, something which would have to come as a matter of The People rising up, and the Armed Forces backing The People, and standing on their oaths, as proper and legitimate cause to inter the whole of this central government for the purpose of winnowing out those who have committed civil crimes, and should be adjudicated in civil courts, and those who have been party to high treason, all of whom should be tried by military tribunal, and those found guilty, hanged.

I suggest such tribunals should be held on the National Mall, with the gallows set before the White House, and that it is of the utmost importance to see this come about before the elections, the fact this traitor’s name has been allowed on ballots is an indictment of those who have control of the ballots, generally considered to be state representatives, but in fact, being party officials who are part and parcel to the fraudulent central government we have.

If we do not remove this man for the crimes which are clear, impossible to rebut rationally, well including many of his executive orders and executive acts, we will have allowed the most egregious violation of our first principles take place, and getting an American People to consider the Constitution as “the law of the land” as it remains in name, will be gone, and while it has been violated countless times, over almost every issue available in it, there has never been a time when the government simply refused to acknowledge the most fundamental parts, those which define how we select our government, and to pursue facts clearly in evidence showing the Constitution has been abrogated.

I have had a strong understanding of how important this is since I was a small child, because I was a Navy brat, moved to Spain at one and a half, walked into the aftermath of a Red Brigade bombing of our local market minutes after it happened, right as the ambulances showed up, and I heard about or saw news of such bombings half a dozen times in the next two years.  We were stationed in Naples for the following two years, and it was immediately obvious the Italian government had far less control over their Red Brigade attacks than Spain did, as they occurred about three times as often.

When I returned state-side, at six, I knew communism was evil, pure and simple, and spent all my years in state side schools standing up to protest the blatant lies reading out of our textbooks, and from the news.  When I arrived in Chicago at nine, I had no question of right or wrong about what was going on in 67 and the years following, I’d seen it before.

I don’t believe this Nation can be saved except that we veterans bring about a coup, and physically remove the traitors from power, and hold them for trial.  I believe if obama/sotero/davis name is on the ballot in November, he will be elected without regard to how The People vote.  He showed no compunction about bullying at the polls, and his workers have been out raising the dead and registering them already.

The outcome of the preliminaries with regard to Wisconsin are heartening, and show the unions and the other communist organizations don’t own control, however that is just about Wisconsin, and the main press has always been to break our principles away for our Nation, and allow our Nation to become one established by a government, as other nations are, because our Declaration of Independence precludes all other forms of government as illegitimate, without being deliberately established by the words and the will of “The People”.

Our official stance that governments are established for the exact purpose of securing our Natural Rights Endowed upon us by our Creator, and we not only have the right to alter or abolish such forms as we see failing, but we have a sworn duty to do so.  Our principles establish as a fact, each generation has a duty to posterity to assure they receive the same form and rights our founders assured us, and in this, we deny any legitimate world government, because it is a physical impossibility to get “the consent of the people of the whole world” on any form or type of government.

The simple fact no other Nation has chosen to follow our lead on this, and predicate their government on the fact people with rights pre-exist government, and government is a construct of a people, and can’t exist before people choose to make it demonstrates the fact no consensual world government can ever exist except under God Himself.

If we don’t restore our Nation, we assure the world it will see a compelling government which ordinary people have no say in what so ever, and which will most likely preside over the greatest atrocities in history, eclipsing the Holocaust, because there will never under any other circumstances be so many “enemies of the state”, as there will be at the time a world government collects its first tax.

I have called this man “The Manchurian Candidate” from the first, and I believe it is as accurate a description as is possible given the circumstances and way he has been put in power.  I have never had any cause to believe Senator McCain was there for any purpose but to provide a credible loser, the animus against Sarah Palin shows this, in there was no need to attack her in any way unless she might be sufficient to make the pair of them a real challenge to a “shoe-in”.

I became active against our government while in high school, due to an English assignment to write to my Senators and representative about a timely, important issue, which impacted the Nation, and needed to be addressed.  I chose to write on the issue of our surpassing I believe it was the billion mark in our National debt, in any case, it was about breaking a benchmark which was major news at the time, around 71 or 72, and the response I got was exactly the same response I’ve gotten with every letter to every congress critter which I’ve written several hundred of since then:  the debt was acquired over many congresses, we can’t help it right now, but we are going to make some changes, and over the next few congresses we will be fixing the problem unless a war comes along and we have to continue in debt.

I thought as a teenager, between we activist conservative youth and the strongly conservative adults, we could deliberately reverse our course and incrementally restore our republic.  I was gratified when President Reagan took office, and took heart, but in noting he had done what he said he would, but with congress spending two dollars for every one saved, he proved the most dedicated President cannot do it without a law abiding congress, with the founder’s principles guiding them.

At this point, I am strongly against any attempt to reverse course and turn back, as so many suggest can be done with Romney or some other choices, because I feel certain that were we to roll things back even a decade’s worth, those on the left who would see themselves as having allowed this to happen would immediately claim it was more than far enough, and we would see strong backlash, leading us right back to where we are.

Sir, I know you have had occasion to be sent to a unit that was all screwed up and you were sent because you had a reputation for fixing and leading.  I’ve done this, on occasion been tasked with it, and on occasion saw the problem, couldn’t go through the chain of command because the Maintenance officer and the Production Control officer were party to the crimes, and simply took what they had done before I got there, and continued while I was sent on deployment, pulled all the evidence out of the hole it was hidden in, and inducted it into the maintenance system, on mid-crew, so my Gunny could show up in the morning and wonder how some seven hundred line items for repair showed up on his board when he left with three items showing, the evening before.  He and the two officers were court martialed and sent to Leavenworth, and I was sent to be the piss test NCO.

We have to clean house, and my personal experience, and the training the Corps gave says you have shut things down, tear everything out, down to parade rest, and get all the dirt out of every corner, no nook or cranny left untouched, and that which is not fit for duty, not returned inside, but turned in as unserviceable, and replaced.  We cannot restore our Republic piecemeal without killing or driving off every enemy of the republic you and I spent our lives providing for.  At fifty four, I am too old to believe in reversing evil by piece-meal anymore.

I have no desire to bring war to our Nation, but I would far rather do so, than take the chance of having to rise in rebellion, after even greater damage is done, and after even greater control has been compiled by this enemy within us.  The government is criminal in every aspect and Constitutional in none.  The three estates all routinely violate every principle our Nation was established upon, and the “fourth estate” is completely taken over by those driving this slow insurrection from within, the communists which were welcomed by FDR, and his predecessors.

I have known a few Generals in my time, and understand the games played by both Presidents and congress, with the intent of having Generals they can control, and how so many Generals, or Colonels who would be promoted, just resign because they will not be political, leaving behind those who will, to be those who act on the behalf of in this case, the illegal alien, and it is from among those of high principle such as General Mundy, General Krulak, and the many I don’t know, that I would expect plans, communications, and a preparation to do something that had to be done in Spain in the late thirties.

I am writing this to you, because I expect you know some of those who have the testicular fortitude and the honor of principle, and realize they must step forward and cannot sit back.  I know I am willing to be the one who lights the match and starts the fire, with hopes the little bit I can do will be sufficient to start others forward, but I also know it would be far cleaner, and probably shorter, if it is led by someone the active duty personnel can rally around, with their heart fully in it.

With hope and Faith in God, and all due respect,

John McClain

GySgt, USMC, ret.

Vanceboro, NC


Editor’s Note – This letter was penned by a very concerned veteran this week and sent to MG Vallely via email. It is posted here with the permission of the author, edited only for minor spelling corrections and formatting for web posting.


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9 Responses to Exclusive – Veteran speaks out to MG Vallely on Obama

  1. Craig Brown

    I agree 100% with MG Vallely and John McClain. They both show a thorough understanding of the problem,and of the correction needed. Thanks to them both for their candid articles!

  2. God Bless you John McClain and God Bless America!

  3. DEEP

    To John McClain:

    How refreshing it is to know that there are people like you out there who are willing to step forward…my children have been telling me for sometime now, that when they come, they will come for me for sure because I grew weary of being silent….we have all been too silent for too long….but we are out here John..never doubt it….and I know many people just like me…it seems the older we are the less silent we become…..these monsters represent perhaps 10% but that 10% have placed themselves and entrenched themselves in the right places to silence the little lambs who are about to be slaughtered….

  4. Eric

    One principle unwritten in America is we do not martyr our public to despotism out of fear. I return often to read Hamilton’s letter “The Farmer Refuted” and draw from it the conviction that the laws of man have no authority over the laws of nature. In nature the lie is unjust and no amount of reasoning can remove that condemnation. Refusing redress is equal to the lie for it is the process seeking truth that makes and keeps civil society at peace and not answering it is a violation of the law of nature just as answering a lie with another. P.6 of Federalist 28 describes the scenario we are in. Cabal is long established and connecting it’s several interloping parties to succeed in replacing our natural and inviolable rights with those afforded us by them. Once consolidated the only path to securing ones natural rights will be through many generations of martyrdom. I sincerely hope those who understand this do their duty, those ignorant of it simply get out of the way and those who challenge the natural law do so like men not snakes.

  5. Wayne Rose


  6. A “coup” has already occurred in the placing of the despicable illegal fraud, fake, usurper and traitor 0bama as “We the People’s” POTUS.

    A Traitor’s signature is Null and Void on ALL Executive Orders, Legislature, Treaties, Laws, and Appointments.

    Truth Is Truth!

    Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of the Constitution of the United States says:

    “No Person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President;”

    Everyone in Our government knows the Truth that 0bama does Not qualify to be POTUS.

    This complete lack of respect to “We the People” and Our beloved Constitution is both disgusting and repulsive. They make me sick!

    Corruption, deception, fraud, lies and lack of Integrity can no-longer be tolerated.

    Our Beloved Constitution solves ALL of our problems and must be Enforced, Respected and Restored.

    0bama Must Be Arrested as a Terrorist to “We the People’ and Our Beloved Constitution for charges including Treason, Espionage, Sedition and Fraud.

    A Traitor’s signature is Null and Void on ALL Executive Orders, Legislature, Treaties, Laws, and Appointments.

  7. BarbNC

    My grandmother was from Vanceboro and I was raised in New Bern. I can tell you from experience that people from Vanceboro are of some TOUGH STOCK!

    I completely agree with Mr McClain. We need a RESET…not a reboot because a reboot just shuts down and restarts with all the GIGA crap the system had to start with. Coming from a financial background with experience with this sort of thing I KNOW what I would reccomend but nobody has asked me….yet, lol. You have my email so email me if you have questions and I’ll send you my resume.

    I am also in my 50’s and have NEVER seen anything like what has become of our Federal Govt in the past 3 years. It’s been a real eye opener and yes…there WAS a COUP ALREADY when the seat of the presidency changed over in 2008. About 2 hours ago my husband said “There will be bloodshed if he gets elected again and it won’t be HIS, it will be OURS.”. Neither of us want that. We want him prosecuted for his FRAUDS, yes plural, against the American People!

    Here is a clincher for you from this weeks news alone…I wrote this on a blog earlier and I think it sums things up pretty well….

    LOGIC gets a LIBERAL off their game EVERY TIME so here goes……

    Obama: I lied when I told my Lit Agent I was born in Kenya back in 1991. You know I HAD to give a GOOD BIO because I had plans to go into Politics. Saying I was born in Kenya made my personal story, let’s say….more interesting and folks would be inclined to buy my books.

    Reporter: So a few years later you DID go into politics and did you ask your Agent to correct the story to reflect that you were REALLY born in Hawaii?

    Obama: Well….no, not exactly. I mean there were articles written about me when I ran for office in Chicago that referenced I was born in Kenya as well. I didn’t see the need to change it at that time.

    Reporter: When did you finally change your Bio?

    Obama: I changed it in 2007 just before I announced I was going to run for President. You see, I’m a Constitutional Attorney and I KNEW I would not be ELIGIBLE to run for President if I was born in a foreign country. So NOW it was not so interesting if I said I was born in Kenya. Yeah, I had to change that.

    Reporter: So WHERE were you born?

    Obama: Well since I am NOW the President of the US I think it’s better if we just leave it as Hawaii. You COOL with that?

    WHAT A FREAKIN CON ARTIST! And even the “good guy” reporters take the time to put a DISCLAIMER on their articles that “WE BELIEVE he was born in Hawaii, that’s been settled!”. YEAH RIGHT! The media are nothing more than COMMIE PROPAGANDISTS at this point and I don’t believe what ANY of them SAY anymore!

    I have a one year old granddaughter and I’ll just be DAMNED if she will be raised in the country THESE FRAUDS want for the GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH!


  8. Elegy

    I am a veteran as well, have deployed and have lost friends in Iraq and Afghanistan fulfilling their duties to support and defend the Constitution. The “election” of Obama/Soetoro was the primary reason I decided to ETS, which was a shame because I intended on making it a career when I enlisted. But I knew it was going to get bad in this nation and that the military was going to get decimated when: 1) He was even allowed on the ballot despite his public proclamation that his father was a Kenyan citizen at the time of his birth, hence not being a natural born citizen(the definition of which I learned in high school by the way) and 2) Around a dozen eligibility lawsuits were thrown out without evidence allowed to be presented.

    While I was still in the Army, I filed ballot challenges in 2008, and and also filed one this year in my home state of Alaska which was also rejected. Both were denied based on the lie that the Director of Elections, the beyond corrupt Gail Fenumiai, has no power to investigate a Pres candidates eligibility; basically saying they will allow anybody on the ballot as long as the political party hands them a piece of paper with a few signatures on it. I also sent a copy of the ballot challenge and a letter, in addition to probably 10 emails each, to Lt Gov Mead Treadwell and Gov Parnell, both of which I heard nothing to date.

    I have also written multiple hard copy letters to close to 50 “representatives” who I honestly thought were trustworthy and just misinformed to include Allen West, Jim DeMint, both Pauls, Mike Lee, Justin Amash and Michele Bachmann. I have yet to receive a response to any of them. But, I have seen responses from these people to their constituents basically saying they will do nothing.

    Basically, I’ve come to the conclusion that the powers that there is no possible way for the citizens to handle to take our nation back through the ballot box or through any other way our founding fathers gave us to handle issues like this. The powers that be have taken away every single peaceful option of redress that we have. All 535 members of Congress, all upper levels of state government, and our judicial system are corrupt.

    The citizens outnumber the people that have destroyed this nation at least 60,000:1 and we still allow them to do this. We better rise up, the citizens are going to have to take this nation back the old fashioned way. There should be millions of armed Americans parked in front of the WH and Congress telling these people to leave, there careers are over, but you can’t even get the majority of this nation to pick up the phone and call one of these traitors in Congress.

    We better do something and do it quick. I fear the next big 9/11 type false flag is going to be the point of no return. We need organization and we need to have millions of us, with weapons, taking to DC, it’s the last peaceful option I can think of. I can tell you, just from the large number of people that I know still on active duty, the military will not fire on us. I highly doubt the high majority will even go along with martial law. We do not need to fear them, we need to overcome the fear of stepping outside the box and realizing everything is not going to go back to normal, it’s just going to get worse. But, like I said, we need organization, we need, no so much a leader, but somebody that can rally the troops.

    I’m all ears, but we don’t have much time guys. The designed economic collapse is right on the horizon and it’s going to be mass chaos.

  9. This is a very inspiring letter from Mr McClain, Also, the 8 response’s were what i was hoping to read All positive, you all are on the same page, I Thank You And I applaud you For standing up, and speaking out,I would Love to shake you all’s hand some day

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