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‘Reclaim America’ Converges on the White House Today

Editor’s Note – MG Vallely was invited to speak at the event today but due to prior engagements he could not make it. However, some of his writings were to be read today at the event that he and Stand Up America US fully support and encourage you to as well. Stay tuned for follow-ups on the event.

The Second American Revolution” has begun, please join us today! Read the General’s message cross-posted here and, here.

It is time for “Forced Resignations” initiated by our Citizens! Our leaders have failed us miserably. The following individuals of America’s leadership team must resign by the “Demand Resignation” process. A revised process will be created to replace these leaders prior to new elections. – MG Vallely

(Read the General’s original ‘National Call to Action – 2013′ here as well on SUA)

Over 40 groups converge on WH to ‘Reclaim America’; MSM ignores

By  - BizPacReview (*Updated with photos as the event unfolds…)

Reclaim America

You probably won’t hear much in the media about the call for President Barack Obama‘s resignation during Tuesday’s rally in the nation’s capitol.

What’s being called “The Second American Revolution” is set to begin Tuesday as patriots from around the nation have joined forces with over 40 conservative groups and organizations to rally in front of the White House to demand President Obama’s resignation and “reclaim America.”


Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, has organized the “Reclaim America Now Coalition,” which seeks to “call out the administration for its unprecedented failure to represent We the People, to shine light upon what Barack Obama calls ‘phony scandals,’ and to allow people with legitimate grievances to finally be heard,” according to a press release published on Freedom Watch.

The event – hailed by Klayman as “the beginning of the peaceful, nonviolent second American revolution” – will be held in LaFayette Park, in front of the White House beginning at 10am on Tuesday.

Almost 30 guest speakers will join notable conservative groups like 2 Million Bikers to DC, Special Operations Speaks, Western Center for Journalism, several tea party organizations, former lawmakers, and actors like Pat Boone and Morgan Brittany are expected to attend the rally.

According to a press release published Monday on Freedom Watch:

As the Declaration of Independence requires of all Americans, it has now become necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands that have connected them with another. It is critical for us to rise up and confront the political establishment that has willfully and maliciously bound our hands and voices. We must invoke our unalienable right to liberty. Our government has become so destructive that, as our Founding Fathers expressed, it is our right and duty to alter or abolish it, while “instituting” a new government that truly represents We the People.

With the growing scandals of the Obama administration such as its utter indifference to the brutal murders in Benghazi, the willful targeting of conservative groups and others by the Internal Revenue Service, the unconstitutional, massive spying program instituted by Obama’s National Security Agency, and its blatant lies to the America people regarding ObamaCare in its egregious and dangerous attempt to socialize the United States of America, Reclaim America Now Coalition seeks to, in effect, “call out” the administration for its unprecedented failure to represent We the People, to shine light upon what Barack Obama calls “phony scandals,” and to allow people with legitimate grievances to finally be heard.

Reclaim America Now will host several prominent speakers such as former U.S. Attorney and Congressman Bob Barr, former U.S. Senator Gordon J. Humphrey, CEO of Joseph Farah and has the support of prominent coalition members such as the Tea Parties, Special Operations Speaks, Western Center for Journalism, Declaration Alliance, Gun Owners of America, John Ratzenberger, Carl Paladino, Pat Boone, Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, Political Media Inc., Renew America, and other major individuals and groups.

Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, former U.S. Justice Department prosecutor and an organizer of Reclaim America Now, said this: “The Second American Revolution begins November 19, 2013. Our country is headed into a potentially fatal downward spiral, under the tyrannical control of a hostile government that no longer represents We the People. I call upon all patriots – Democrats, Republicans and others – to peacefully descend on Washington D.C. on the 19th en masse, and reclaim our freedoms promised to us in our Constitution, the same Constitution that the Obama administration so frequently violates. We the People do not know where this road will lead us precisely, but we know that it is necessary to begin the process of having Americans stand up for their rights and not look to our compromised and corrupted executive, legislative and judicial branches of government to do what is our God-given duty; to restore freedom to the United States of America.”

Watch Klayman here:

For more on today’s event, visit Reclaim America Now Coalition.

Update: Photos courtesy of 2 Million Bikers to DC via Facebook:


Pope Dan Johnson

Pope Dan Johnson Kentucky State Coordinator with Larry Klayman, event Coordinator

Via Maya Rhodan Twitter

Via Maya Rhodan Twitter


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13 Responses to ‘Reclaim America’ Converges on the White House Today

  1. Jean Landry

    Thank You, Thank You….Scott for putting this out….I have never lost faith that David would show up to slay Goliath, just got a little discouraged at times…..GOD IS SO GOOD!

  2. John F. Bergin

    I support this effort thank you for taking the lead!


    I can’t find anything that says how to get involved as a local community organizer. I don’t want to just donate, I want to get involved and be an activist.

  4. Ken Horton

    It’s time to evict obuma from the White House…………….

  5. Jaime Gomez

    The impeachment of the POS Obama, Pelosi, Jannett, Bieden, Senate (Patrick Leahy-D), then Secretary of State, (John Kerry-D), next is Secretary of the Treasury (Jacob Lew-D), then Secretary of Defense, (Chuck Hagel-R), Attorney General, (Eric Holder-D),Secretary of Interior, (Sally Jewell-D), Secretary of Agriculture, (Tom Vilsack-D.) Eric Candor (R) would be a beginning. Patriot Americans need to reclaim America and purge the socialist leadership in our goverment.

  6. Cat

    We need more and more of this! We have to take back our country!!!!!!!

  7. Vickie Scott

    I have been praying that someone would be able to take this action. I knew too that impeachment would never get through the senate but I always hoped there would be another way to take power away from this administration before Obama destroys our country, our economy and our American way of life. I am a very proud American veteran and I resent the way my fellow veterans and current military members are being treated by this administration. It is time to rise up and take action. Thank you for answering my prayers and initiating a procedure to accomplish this task. I want very much to help in any way I can. If there is anything I can do from South Dakota to contribute, please put me in contact with someone who can give me information on how I might do so. Thank you for your courage. America is with you and I firmly believe God is with you too.

  8. Walter L. Zimmerman

    As a Vietnam Veteran also, I am so glad to find this site, Thanks to Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely. If we just follow his lead and the American patriots in the organization plus, join and pay what ever you can afford monthly for Your Freedom. Many lives have been lost for Our freedom. It would be a shame to see it lost in vain. Stand Up America!!! God Bless America, Amen

  9. Tony Pickrell

    PLEASE! Let’s do more organizing in every city/town about this protest. Let’s all do it the same day. Enough talking and let’s do something!!!

  10. dmastone

    How do we march on Washington as we did over Obamacare three years ago?
    I didn’t know how that march was originated but I was there …. hundreds of thousands of good citizen patriots – we were right then and we are right now about reclaiming our country from the socialists and elitists alike.


  12. sherry eady

    I want to be apart of this. we must spread the word to all. i also believe the spying from our government is spying on the citizens of U.S. that disagree with his beliefs to punish us later. we must act swiftly and full force. Let it roll…

  13. Robert Lee Smoke

    Well how has this helped us (Citizens of the United States of America)?.
    Different people, groups, politicians etc. have been calling for info on fast and furious, Obama’s impeachment etc. All Obama is doing is creating a new problem to take center stage in hopes we’ll forget the previous center stage. I am on a fixed disability income but I have donated when I could hoping for Obama to be ousted before I ran out of money.Doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen any time soon unless someone grows a big pair and make it happen.

    it looks like Obama will get his wish and after he gets troops on the ground over in the middle east again and declares it a war he’ll stay as president as long as he likes.

    Well, that’s my 2 cents worth. I just wish I had more funds to help more.

    Thank you.

    Robert L. Smoke
    Viet Nam Veteran
    Member America Legion Post #44

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