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Dr. Ed Berry


SUA – Chief Science Advisor


BS in Engineering, Caltech, under Pauling and other eminent scientists.MA in Physics, Dartmouth College, under Kemeny (PhD at 18, special assistant to Albert Einstein)

MA thesis on radio wave propagation in the ionosphere

PhD in Physics, Nevada, under Winterberg (top student of Heisenberg)

PhD thesis was breakthrough in cloud physics and numerical modeling and is summarized in cloud physics textbooks

University of Nevada Alumni Association Professional Achievement Award


AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist #180

Chief scientist of Desert Research Institute airborne research facility

Led research flights inside Alberta hailstorms and Sierra Nevada storms

Airborne research experiments in South Africa, Puerto Rico, St. Croix

Only civilian in DOD’s Top-Secret Operation Popeye that taught pilots how to produce rain to wash out Ho Chi Min trail.

NSF Program Manager for Weather Modification

Managed METROMEX on how urban areas modify weather

Designed method to reduce wind-shear accidents used at major airports

Managed the wind-energy study for the Calif. Energy Commission

Identified Altamont Pass and Tehachapi Pass as wind energy areas

Managed meteorological team to provide 24-hour weather forecasting for the US Customs Aerostat project along the southern US border

Made courtroom history by developing and defending the first computer model to generate new evidence in a criminal trial.

Software won People’s Choice Award at Microsoft Windows World Open

Small sailboat racing

US National Champion

North American champion

Gold Medal in Canadian Olympic-Training Regatta, Kingston, Ontario


Pilot with glider, power, and instrument ratings

Member of Sigma Delta Psi National Honorary Athletic Society