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Amanda von Trapp

Amanda von Trapp

Amanda von Trapp

I am one of the great grand children of Captain Georg von Trapp of the family portrayed in The Sound of Music. My siblings and I have been performing worldwide for ten years representing our family story and carrying on the tradition of music and family. Through our world traveling, I discovered the underlying significance of my family’s history. Their saga of escape parallels the original ideals and people America was founded on.

The family story is as an American tale of defying tyranny, a silent battle that exists in the heart of every American who cherishes sovereignty. Captain von Trapp was attracted to America’s intolerance for oppression because he himself believed in the freedom of conscience. Subsequently, he left his military position, wealth, and home for the United States. Austria labeled him a national coward by his refusal to join the Nazi agenda. His principles cost him his homeland but gave him a new beginning in a like-minded nation that welcomed immigrants of such conviction.

Invariably, everyone in this nation has a similar story somewhere in their ancestry; this is why the movie captivated so many Americans. Today, the principles my great grandfather represented are still being challenged. His courage to defend liberty is an inspiration to keep that same resolve alive in America.

From my experiences working in other nations, I recognized and appreciated the unsurpassed attributes of my country. America truly inspires the world because of its outstanding independent ambition. The individual who respects accountability, self-motivation, independence, and common sense guided by virtue and character is the engine of this unique nation. Integrity and faith in God set this population apart, giving it the strength to battle the perpetual undermining. My great grandfather understood the necessity in preserving such concepts. I am the recipient of my family’s fateful decision and have inherited the motivation to acknowledge and endorse the principles they stood on.

The major trial America faces is the rejection and corrosion of our Constitution. The Constitution was ratified to restrict governments from becoming tyrannical. It needs to be re-instituted, as it is, into my generation to teach the truths and extent of liberties it represents. America cannot survive without the law of the land truly being the law of the land.

I grew up home schooled in Montana with the freedom to pursue music and grow under my parent’s moral compass. My upbringing instilled in me a foundation to defend truth, value responsibility, and discover the timeless principles on which the American dream rests. I am currently studying National Security in Ohio.