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Kitchen Cabinet

The Kitchen Cabinet concept was first originated by the Reagan Campaign Team to bring together experienced advisors for Ronald Reagan. Paul E. Vallely, Chairman of Stand Up America, so admired that process that he brought the concept to life again. The Cabinet needs to be composed of a cross section of business, military, academic, and political leaders that can bring solid and well thought out advice to the organization. MG Vallely has done that for Stand Up America as you can see the broad spectrum of experienced people that have joined him in Stand Up America. The Stand Up America Kitchen Cabinet is a group of trusted advisers and supporters of the work we do at SUA.

Members in Good Standing

Andy Limbaugh
Political Analyst
Bob Beauprez
Fmr. Colorado Cong.
Bart Bechtel
Former CIA
LtG William G. “Jerry” Boykin
US Army – Ret.
Ron and Karen Lugo
Constitutional Law
John Beauchat
Livestock Businessman
Bob Broyles
Retired Businessman
Matt Bruce
Radio Comm./Host
Calvin Beringer
SUA Security Director
Herb London
Hudson Institute
MG Carroll Childers
Ret, Comm. 29th Inf. Div.
Lt. Col. Oliver North
Fox News Analyst
Tom Trento
The United West
Fred Gedrich
Ret. State Dept. & DoD
Diana West
Marian “Muffin” Vallely
Soldiers Memorial Fund
Dan Happel
Montana Businessman
Clare Lopez
Retired CIA
Nagi N. Najjar
SUA Director – Global Intelligence
BG Charles Jones
Retired USAF
Adm. James “Ace” Lyons
US Navy – Retired
J. Kevin Moore
SUA – Marketing Director
Col. Dale Kopas
Pharmaceuticals Professional
Don Neuen
LtG Tom McInerney
Fox News Military Analyst
Tera Dahl
Council on Global Security
Donna Fiducia
Ed Northrop
Elmo Overseth
Montana Businessman
Harry & Caroline Solomon
Larry Phillips
Retired PanAm Pilot
Colin Hanna
President – Let Freedom Ring
Barbara Winston
Center for Security Policy
Charlie Kirk
Turning Point USA
Roger Aronoff
Accuracy In Media (AIM)
James Benjamin
Denise Simon
Talk Show Host WDFP
Steve Rathje