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Now Missouri – Obama eligibility hearing – Hector Maldonado speaks

Editor’s Note – Here we are, four years later, almost; another Presidential election season underway and the vetting process for eligibility is still incomplete for all candidates involved. After the debacle in Georgia in recent weeks when the Obama legal team just ignored a legal court mandate; where Judge Malihi considered, not decreed, that Obama was eligible to be placed on that state’s ballot, a challenge arises in Missouri.

Tomorrow morning, folks like Hector Maldonado will be in attendance at a hearing on Obama’s eligibility in the very state that questioned a  decorated war hero, Hector Maldonado’s own eligibility to be placed on the ballot as a Senatorial candidate. A matter that was question by Claire McCaskill, the Missouri Secretary of State who never looked into Obama’s much more miasmic credentials. Please read the following posting by Hector Maldonado and his submission to the legal process in Missouri below.

It is also of interest that the Judge in Georgia, Michael Malihi, is now under intense scrutiny for his actions in declaring Obama eligible. Why, because he tripped all over the legal procedures and far out-stepped his way to get around the explosive issue, and what may more intriguing, is his own story. No one seems to know much about him, and his ties raise red flags across the board.

Who is he, how did he get where he is…the list just keeps getting ‘curiouser’, and ‘curiouser’!

Obama Ballot Challenge Filed in Missouri


by Hector Maldonado

The Post & Email

Dear Patriots,

Hector Maldonado - US Citizen, decorated veteran ran for the Senate for Missouri in 2008, but was questioned on his eligibility by Claire McCaskill, Missouri Secretary of State - Challenges Obama again!

I am dedicated to the ideal that each of us can impact the outcome of the 2012 elections. This Tuesday ironically Valentine’s Day 2012, at 08:15am in hearing room 5, in the basement of the Missouri state capitol building there will be a hearing on the second attempt to force the Missouri Secretary of State to properly have vetted and certify with best evidence available, the credentials of the President and the Vice President in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.

In 2010, during my campaign for the U.S. Senate; I was required to provide evidence of eligibility to run for office. If I had failed to do so by such date, I was going to be removed from the primary ballot by the Secretary of State. In my case she was doing her job and I proudly obliged. Later, I found out that I was singled out or flagged according to the person at the elections office.

The president continues to profess that we are all to play by the same set of rules. As such I have taken it my personal responsibility to ensure that all candidates running for federal office this year play by the same set of rules. All candidates, including the President and Vice President need to provide irrefutable proof of eligibility. Furthermore, in spite of the 2000 report from the inspectors general office published in Kansas City, all documents must be submitted and verified for authenticity. No exceptions will be made if we are all to truly play by the same set of rules.

Within all of us, as true Americans, there lies a common thread. A thread that has been pulled, twisted, and frayed for over 235 years and yet, it remains unbroken. Through the years, this common thread has given those who walked before us the strength to build a nation, and the courage to guard and defend it from all challenges, foreign as well as domestic. Generation after generation, despite all their faults and differences, their imperfections and prejudices, our ancestors always found a way to band together as one nation in a time of need or peril, until now.

Today we are more divided than we ever have been in American history. We find elected state and federal officials take an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution but then turn a check to suit political interest. As an officer in the United States Army, I have taken that same oath five times in my 15 years of service. The first time I took the oath was on August 14, 1995 when I became an American citizen. American Military men and women like me take that oath seriously and we are willing to give our lives to defend it. It’s a personal insult to Veterans when politicians ignore their duty to support and defend the U.S. Constitution and they don’t. There is a complete lack of true transparency and oversight in our political process.

McCaskill - third from left!

Our founders believed in the need for transparency so much that they started Declaration of Independence with it. Engaging in true transparency, they made everyone aware of the problem, told everyone how they were going fix the problem and then as a kicker, they let everyone know why the problem had to be fixed. Thanks to our fore-fathers, their victorious fight for independence gave them and all generations to follow the freedom and responsibility to form a more perfect union. Shortly after, in establishing that more perfect union, they wrote the U.S. Constitution which mandated, in part, that the Federal Government defend our borders from our enemies, foreign as well as domestic. Thanks to the Bill of Rights, we as Americans no longer have to take up arms to express and solve our differences. We are now able to do that through freedom of speech and with our vote.

This hearing to me is not about any single person. Rather it’s about the integrity of our complete governing system. As evident in the 2000 report, document fraud is prevalent in all aspects of our lives. Of which the most prevalent is birth certificate fraud and identity theft. Document fraud cost Missouri Taxpayers millions of dollars every year, it cost the U.S. Government billions of dollars every year. If we are to protect our political, economic, and national security interest whilst at the same time save tax-payer dollars by cracking down on welfare fraud, voter fraud, identity theft, healthcare fraud what better place to start than at the top if we are all to play by the same set of rules? We have established long ago, during the Nixon Administration that no one, including the President is above the law.

It is my belief as it was our fore-fathers…A person whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant, is unfit to be a ruler of a free people.

If you can make it to Jefferson City this Tuesday Feb 14, 2012 at 08:15am in Hearing room 5, Pease join me to show our Love for America on Valentine’s day. I would greatly appreciate your support. If you cannot make it, please pray that the Holy Spirit give those whom we elect the political courage to do what is right for the betterment of America and the American way of life.

Also, coming soon, Help us fight for true transparency, accountability and pure 100% Americanism.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. ~Abraham Lincoln



Hector Maldonado; Combat Veteran ;True American Patriot; Proud American


Mr. Maldonado had submitted the following for a public hearing on a bill contemplated by the Missouri legislature last year:

Statement to Elections committee March 2011.

Thank you for including me as part of this discussion on Missouri HB 283.

Buenos Diaz. My Name is Hector Manuel Maldonado and like many Americans life has left me far from my original roots. My journey started as a small boy, born in Mexico, brought to the United States by my father. As a migrant worker participating in the guest worker program from 1952 through the late 1960’s, my father was granted the opportunity to sponsor his wife and family. Like many immigrants of their time, my parents conveyed the importance of learning English as a stepping stone toward a better life. To my parents’ credit, I can proudly come before you today and say, we are living our lives and the American Dream in the United States as proud, naturalized American citizens.

As a student at California State University San Bernardino I joined the ROTC program. I soon found out that I had to be an American citizen to receive a commission through the ROTC program. Upon review, my ROTC director allowed me to stay in the program with the understanding that I would be able to be given a commission only if I graduated from the course as an American citizen. On August 14, 1995, with the help of COL. James Holmes and a couple higher-ranking officers in my chain of command, I had the honor of becoming an American citizen. The following year I graduated from Cal-State San Bernardino and from the Claremont Colleges’ ROTC Army Program. And though I had done everything required of me to graduate from college and receive my commission at a state level, the 4th Regional ROTC Command required that I verify that I was indeed a U.S. Citizen. Once again I proudly provided them with my Naturalization Certificate. Upon doing so, I was commissioned as an Officer in the United States Army. Fifteen years later, and after three decorated combat tours in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan and after commanding a unit of 9-11 First Responders at the World Trade Center in New York City, I found myself, as a 2010 candidate for U.S. Senate for the great state of Missouri, being asked once again to show proof of U.S. citizenship.

Out of a total of 18 candidates, I was the only one on the Republican Ballot and asked by the Secretary of State to show proof of citizenship. Later I found out that Constitution Party Candidate, Joe Montellaro was also asked to show Proof of Citizenship but not all candidates. Initially I felt that Joe and I had been singled out. I asked the Secretary of State’s Office what caused my application to be red-flagged. I was told that it was because I had a two year voting history in the state of Missouri. That did not make sense to me, using criteria that only required a utility bill and no photo ID to raise suspicion of one’s citizenship. It made less sense when I found out that Joe Martellero had an eight year Missouri voting record. Since no other candidate’s application was red-flagged, could it stand to reason that the only way that a candidate’s citizenship could come under scrutiny in Missouri was by the length of their voting record? After researching this matter, I have come to the following conclusions:

1) Regardless of the person holding the office of Secretary of State, current Missouri statutes are too lenient and subject to broad interpretation for that person to verify any candidate’s validity to run for office. Such ambiguity can leave and has left the public wondering if a decision to question one candidate’s citizenship and not another’s was made with a personal, political, or racial bias. The biggest current example of public doubt caused by such ambiguity would be the computerized Certification of Live Birth of President Obama presented on the internet and accepted by the Secretary of State thru the Democratic National Committee as proof of his citizenship in 2008. Citizens of Missouri would only have to go down to their local DMV office to see a sign posted that says a certification of live birth is not acceptable as a proof of identity. Should not what applies to the citizens of Missouri be applicable to their President?

2) Missouri’s failure to take heed on report studies of document fraud, such as the 2000 Office of the Inspector General Report on Document Fraud, has not only left us with an incomplete method of vetting our political candidates but left our state susceptible to entitlement and I.D. fraud. This is no longer our fathers’ America, where 99 % of the population looked upon citizenship as an honor to be earned, not as an entitlement to be stolen on the presentation of false documents by law breakers and their sympathizers. To the tune of millions of dollars, Missouri loses revenue due to document fraud every year.

In closing, as the 2000 Office of the Inspector General Report on Document Fraud has pointed out 10 years ago, misuse of vital and personal documents are rampant and each year with better technology the battle against document fraud grows. The report’s recommendation to use several documents as to oppose just one for verification would be one good way to combat document fraud or misuse. Requiring the most information available from a document such as requiring a long form birth certificate over computer generated short form birth certificate is another way to combat misuse, insure proper identification and validate citizen status. Both recommendations are still valid today.

The time has come for Missouri and the nation as a whole to step up and improve its method of vetting its political candidates and entitlement recipients. In a time where virtually every state and Federal legislature is anguishing over cuts that need to be made to balance their budgets, it would be negligent not to improve and standardize identification requirements. With all the reported fraud in the entitlement programs alone, it could be compared to money lying on the ground. All we have to do is pick it up.

Thank you for your time

Hector M. Maldonado


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9 Responses to Now Missouri – Obama eligibility hearing – Hector Maldonado speaks

  1. Haven’t we been here before? Yawn. Yawn. It is time to Wake Up! and start playing by the Obama rules. The Constitution provides for a military option, and it is time someone “catches the flag” before it hits the ground. I would hope that this effort by Hector brings on an investigation, but Reality is that Obama and friends are Marxists and know that the best way to keep working citizens occupied and not thinking about politics is to keep them poor. Tax them to distraction. Make them work longer and harder to keep what is theirs. Thus making it nearly impossible to gather 100,000 Patriots in front of the WH in protest. The “writing is on the wall”, but it seems that few can read it. The “window of opportunity” is slowly closing and by November, of this year, it will be closed. It is Now Or Never Time.
    Lord Howard Hurts

    • SUAadmin

      Dear Lord,

      Of course its boring to you. But that is not the issue. What is important is that we don’t just preach to the choir, We must educate those less erudite than you! Get off the soap box and onto the dais and get out and scream about it. Sir, its up to us to change them, not to yell at ourselves, we are already there, and we agree!!! Yelling and whining about what we should do is just whining if there is no action to follow on!

      • As I sit in my new luxury “digs” near San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, surrounded by beauty in all shapes and forms, I lazily turn to my favorite web site: and find this:

        February 14, 2012 – 7:30 pm
        Dear Lord,

        Of course its boring to you. But that is not the issue. What is important is that we don’t just preach to the choir, We must educate those less erudite than you! Get off the soap box and onto the dais and get out and scream about it. Sir, its up to us to change them, not to yell at ourselves, we are already there, and we agree!!! Yelling and whining about what we should do is just whining if there is no action to follow on!

        Yawn. Yawn. I should expect such. This morning I had planned on working with my newly purchased parrot, an African Grey, that I have named Smoker. A name I chose in regards to his former owners habit of smoking a prodigious quantity of Jamaican ganja each and every day. The fact of the matter is that this poor bird was subject to those “vapors from hell” as he was, for most of the daylight hours, sitting on the shoulder of this uninspired loafer. It is most docile bird for sure, and I hope that the “vapors from Hell” have not rendered his “bird brain” unable to keep a thought. So just to keep the “uninformed” up to speed: I had wanted to purchase a parrot since I arrived here in Costa Rica; to sort of “blend in” with the locals; and as African Greys are noted to be the best of all talkers, I shall endeavor to train Smoker to say, “Obama must go, Now!”…….. to act as sort of a cheer leader to keep me on track with my mission.

        I will finally get to the matter of the “slight”, and I do apologize for my regression into personal tasks, but this balmy weather, and high elevation, makes it difficult to find fault with anyone. And this might be the reason for the famed disposition of the Ticos (what Costa Ricans refer to themselves as)…….. quiet, forgiving, and friendly to a fault.

        SUAadmin, I assure you that I stand on no soap box. My cries are driven by my Patriotism to the Constitution……and that for which it stands. I have chosen to be an American. I am not someone who was born here, and to whom citizenship is viewed as a means to gain monetary security by selling ones soul to the highest bidder……. or more to the point: The politician who will hand out the most tax money for doing nothing more than pulling a lever. I see both the problems and the solutions. Whereas most natural born citizens see only the problems.

        The main problem with the political system, of this nation, is that the two major parties are equally destructive. For education to create a change, there needs to be a third and distinctive political party. A “Banner” if you will,……….. so that the people of like mind can get behind it, and begin the Revolution. Again, not to be redundant for the sake of “hearing my own voice”, but take the examples of Joan of Arc, or King David. America needs someone to come forward and be the Standard-Bearer, and my choice today is Allen West, retired Lt. Col., of Florida.

        Now before I go back to working with Smoker, I want readers to know that I sometimes get information about Iran. It may be true, and it may be fiction. But here is the latest:

        Iran wants to be the power in the mid east, and revive the old Persian empire prestige. They know that they can not attack America in a conventional manner, so they employ simple tactics that can bring down this nation similar to the flying of planes into the Twin Trade Towers. They are employing forest fires throughout the west, and will be doing the same in the east, to accomplish what their bombs can not do. This summer will see more and more of these massive fires. Most military strategists know that if the enemy country is destroyed then why the war? But Iran wants to make a statement. Look for dirty nuclear bombs in high population areas of the nation. Also, let Europe fight their own wars, for once, and let them defend the Strait of Hormuz themselves. Keep American warships out of this future” Pearl Harbour”. Iran is gearing up, and with the support of China and Russia, this next year looks to be disruptive at best. American needs the Canadian pipeline now, and any congressman who is against it needs to go, Now! Israel will be history unless the U.S. takes offensive action against Iran immediately. There is no other option. It is either death by a thousand small cuts, or death in one big confrontation. Death by a thousand cuts just builds boldness on the part of other weaker nations, so: Confrontation Now!, is the only realistic option. Freedom is not Easy, and Easy is not Freedom.
        Lord Howard Hurts

  2. Linda

    Dear SUA Admin,

    gosh, I think I love you! Please keep informing us about the brave people like Mr. Maldonado, who are standing up. Please keep writing about the fraud, imposter they call obama! And please tell us what you are finding out about the latest bought-off judge – Malihi. I’m already as curious as I can be. This is the KEY! exposing the fraud and those covering for him, is truly our only hope to save this country. Not melodramatic, 100% serious. And I bet you had fun writing the “dear lord”, that gave me a chuckle! Mr. Lord, also thank you, I get what you’re saying, I feel your pain.

  3. keep your pantry full and your powder dry. aka obama is unraveling.

  4. I try not to be redundant, but sometimes I fail. I applaud Hector M. Maldonado, and his valiant attempt to see that all candidates for public office are vetted for eligibility to serve, but if the President of this great nation has been given a pass on providing proof of his Hawaiian birth certificate, why would any sane person believe that this same President, and his party, would let a bill be passed that would open Obama to criminal prosecution? Notice, I did not say, “IMPEACHMENT”, for if in fact Obama is not eligible to be President, he never was President, thus he could not be IMPEACHED. So far, we only have Obama’s word that the birth certificate he had posted on the Internet is a true copy of his actual document. But strange as it seems, when this posted document was examined by experts, it was concluded that it is a composite of many layers, and different fonts. And that the only way to ascertain the truth of this posted certificate is to have document experts view the original certificate in the vault in Hawaii. Of course President Obama says that “what was showed is all anyone gets”. He, and his co-conspirators, the Democrats, also “brand” anyone disputing this posted certificate to be a conspiracy theory, crazy, person, and they further deem “non believers” to be a threat to the national security of this nation. This said, we need to find a rational reason for Obama not wanting anyone to view his actual birth certificate. So we must assemble all the known facts and work from them.

    Not to further bore the reader, but the facts of the matter are: No marriage license has ever been found that makes legal the “marriage” between President Obama’s mother and Obama Sr. None of the personal friends of the couple had ever seen them together. All the known time elements make it clear that the couple never lived together, and the Hawaiian birth notices prove that Obama’s mother lived with her parents in Hawaii. Obama Sr. also, as noted in government documents, was going to be deported back to Kenya. The marriage between Obama’s mother and Obama Sr. is surly a planned fraud. Now the question is: Why? And what common unknown element could tie Obama’s mother and Obama Sr. together to perpetuate this lie?

    Well, if one looks at Obama Sr. and then looks at Malcolm X, which of these two persons does President Obama favor? Not even close here. Then, when one finds out that Obama Sr., and President Obama’s mother, both knew, and were friends with Malcolm X, suddenly the unknown element might just be Malcolm X. There is zero possibility that Obama was born in Kenya, and this is just a “red herring” that Obama likes to “drag around” to make the Birthers go wild. So it is my opinion, that should “push come to shove”, Obama can prove that he was in fact born in Hawaii, gaining sympathy from all his supporters that the crazy Birthers made him show personal facts that he had rather had kept hidden. And thus, putting the real Constitutional issue of Natural Born Citizen as a closed matter. Because lets face it. Obama is not totally stupid. A gambler doesn’t show his “high” cards until all the bets are on the table. All of Obama’s cards that have been shown are “low” ones, but he continues to “push up” the bet. Odds are that he is not bluffing. He was born in Hawaii. Please understand that this is just one man’s opinion of an issue that makes little sense.

    Lord Howard Hurts

    • Eric

      The rule of law, Lex Rex, is the standard. To uphold art 2 qualifications is also to understand them. Being a NBC is not the end even if it appears to be. It is the lightning rod that attracts those who would learn the underlying reasons of this article and by default the entire constitution. One only sees what is on the surface of this issue if that’s what he is convinced of. Art 2 has another facet to explore and that is the time resident in the states. Why? Because the intent of that qualification is to make exceedingly difficult for a person to live side by side with his citizen peers, working or engaging in business where his daily interactions would leave a trail of communications, acts and insights to share. With Obama this is not so. His life is a narrative published in a book that upon detailed private investigation, not through the press or individual corroboration or even official records, has been shown to be a fiction with bits of fact scattered through it.

      There is a wall built between this man’s identity and our art 2 satisfaction. We the people need to know who built it before it can be removed and prevented from ever being rebuilt. That sir is education. The flag the demolition team bears is the American one, our banner, the constitution and our leader is the law. Those who built that wall are traitors. Those who maintain it are traitors. The list of violations of the law are long. Who understands those violations becomes the strongest leaders, the best teachers and the enemy of the usurpation. Great care must be taken to not “fire a shot in anger” but to defend our law as intended, justly. Lex Rex.

  5. Americans are waking up!

    As a retired Marine Corps Mustang Officer I salute Hector and others for their unwavering fortitude to continue the fight Americans across the country are starting to wake up to the fact that President Obama is constitutionally ineligible to hold the office of President, as substantiated by his newly released long-form Certificate of Live Birth, which shows that his father was in fact born in Kenya in 1936. At the time, Kenya was a British colony. Therefore Obama Senior was a British subject by birth (due to the fact that he was born within British-controlled territory). When President Obama was born in 1961, he acquired British nationality by descent, because his father was a British subject by birth. When Kenya gained its independence from Great Britain in 1963, President Obama became a citizen of the newly-formed nation.


    Additionally, Several new organizations, to include active websites, were established to educate and mobilize the American public on the significance of “natural born Citizen” and the 2012 Election, along with an initiative to assist ordinary registered voting citizens wishing to challenge President Obama’s constitutional eligibility and name placement on their state’s 2012 primary presidential ballot. The team that established and maintains this website is currently compiling election laws from all 50 states and in the near future will be providing forms, along with sample letters that registered voters can use to file a complaint. Also included is pertinent information regarding those lawsuits and/or complaints that have been filed by state, to include my own.


    Word of Caution: Although its great that many Americans are now beginning to wake up and are actively taking some action to have President Obama taken off the 2012 Presidential Election Ballots we need to keep in mind that those individuals with unlimited sources and/or resources, to include the deep pockets of anti-American George Soros, our own local and national elected officials and others, with the help of the MSM, who have spent years planning and successively perpetrating what I now believe could be the greatest fraud in American history are not going to go down without a fight and thus, as a result, I also believe that now more than ever we need to stick together as Americans (it’s no longer Democrat or Republican) at this crucial time when our country and/or Republic needs us more than ever to see this thru. A Republic for which so many Americans have and continue to give their all to uphold and defend.

    So the question is: Are you going to be part of the problem by continuing to keep your head in the sand hoping this issue goes away by itself or are you going to be part of the solution by stepping up to the plate and doing what ever it takes to uphold and defend our Republic before its too late?-You Decide.

    Continue Reading:

    “Food For Thought”

    God Bless Hector-God Bless the U.S.A.!

    Semper Fi!

  6. agree Jake! thankyou for your service Sir!

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