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Lies, more lies, lies to cover lies – criminality, fraud?

By Scott W. Winchell, SUA Editor-in-Chief

Who knew and when? Criminal fraud, conspiracy, RICO?

Lies, then lies to cover lies -all encased in political rhetoric, all designed to confuse the public and the media. It’s another case of misdirection, a plan to overwhelm us all with information and disinformation – all more proof of criminal fraud, criminal conspiracy, conspiracy to defraud, and fraud in the inducement in the name of ObamaCare.

All of this borders on the application of the RICO statutes in our opinion – as well as the culpability of others since so many supporters and toadies parroted his words and aided and abetted in this conspiracy and the fraud. It looks and feels like racketeering because there is also the matter of all the ‘crony capitalism’ we now witness in this charade through the associations with insurance providers and ObamaCare contractors with close associations with the Obama, et al. Again, we call for a criminal investigation.CriminalObamaCare

Andy McCarthy, a prolific writer on the subject of ObamaCare from a legal perspective, thankfully a man with impeccable credentials, legal experience beyond most, and the ability to clearly define the case at hand with ObamaCare was on Fox News last night with Megyn Kelly regarding his latest article “Obama’s 5% Con Job“.

This article followed his great work on describing “The Lawlessness of the ‘Fix‘” and thereby followed with the release of a new bomb shell, and it has been followed up by two more articles cited below). In his article and interview, he revealed that the Obama DOJ was arguing a case in which they submitted proof contrary to the President’s assertions, thus proving further lies to cover previous lies – again, all criminal fraud. In his article he states the following two points about the specious “5%” issue that severely minimizes the ill-effects we are witnessing, but also that the document Megyn Kelly was showing all from the DOJ’s own arguments:

During all these years, while Obama was repeatedly assuring Americans, “If you like your health-insurance plan, you can keep your health-insurance plan,” he actually expected as many as seven out of every ten Americans covered by employer plans to lose their coverage. For small business, he expected at least one out of every two Americans, or as many as four out of every five, to lose their coverage.

Followed shortly thereafter by this:

It gets worse. My friends at the American Freedom Law Center (on whose advisory board I sit) are representing Priests for Life, a group aggrieved by Obamacare’s denial of religious liberty — specifically, the ACA’s mandate that believers, despite their faith-based objections, provide their employees with coverage for the use of abortifacients and contraceptives. On October 17, [2013] the Obama Department of Health and Human Services, represented by the Obama Justice Department, submitted a brief to the federal district court in Washington, opposing Priests for Life’s summary judgment motion.

The [ACA’s] grandfathering provision’s incremental transition does not undermine the government’s interests in a significant way. [Citing, among other sources, the Federal Register.] Even under the grandfathering provision, it is projected that more group health plans will transition to the requirements under the regulations as time goes on. Defendants have estimated that a majority of group health plans will have lost their grandfather status by the end of 2013.

After watching the interview that clearly showed there is a comprehensive conspiracy to defraud, we pointed out to Andy in an email that there was this following tidbit: the CBO never scored for financial purposes the now infamous “risk corridor” and it’s impact on tax payers, a larger one now that the website debacle occured and so many lost their policies but also by the ‘fix’:rico

Yet even though it exposes American taxpayers to potentially massive financial liabilities, the Congressional Budget Office never calculated the potential costs of this program as part of its original Obamacare cost estimate, let alone an expanded version of it.

The “risk corridor” program is one of several within Obamacare that were designed [to] protect insurers against the threat of excessive losses stemming from the new requirement that they must cover individuals with pre-existing conditions. (Read the rest here at the Washington Examiner.)

Every day that passes we see new revelations of this conspiracy; now it’s what they knew and when again. This time it was as late as last March. The President had to know know implicitly, read on:

White House, HHS warned about ObamaCare website in March, documents show

By Fox News Team

The Obama administration was warned as early as March about potential risks with the implementation of, according to documents released by the House Energy and Commerce Committee Monday night.

Key administration officials at the White House and Department of Health and Human Services received briefings this past spring from McKinsey & Co., a private consulting firm that reviewed more than 200 documents and conducted interviews with HHS staff to identify potential problems before the Oct. 1 rollout.

obama-secretA report prepared by McKinsey in late March discussed several issues that could hamper the implementation of ObamaCare, including insufficient testing and evolving requirements. The report also warned that the program relied too heavily on outside contractors.

At a hearing held Tuesday by the Energy and Commerce Committee, Chairman Fred Upton, R-Mich., used the report to challenge the accuracy of April testimony by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius that the site was “on track.”

“But we now know that the secretary’s testimony did not match what was happening behind the scenes,” Upton said, claiming the site was on track “for disaster.”

Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., said the reports reveal “chaos in the Obama administration.”

In one page of the presentation, the company specifically warned about a “failure to resolve post-launch issues rapidly” — a scenario that ended up playing out last month. The company cautioned that a “compressed testing window and volume uncertainty,” coupled with the fact that response teams were not yet in place, would drag out the process of fixing problems after launch.

Sebelius, Medicare Chief Marilyn Tavenner, and Gary Cohen, a Medicare and Medicaid oversight official, attended a briefing on the firm’s analysis on April 4, a Capitol Hill source said. Sebelius then testified at an oversight committee hearing two weeks after being briefed on the McKinsey report that the implementation of ObamaCare was on track, according to the Hill source.

Tim Murphy, R-Pa., a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, called into question the administration’s assurances, arguing that the report suggests the administration was aware the implementation was in trouble months before the fall rollout.

“Despite assurances from Secretary Sebelius, Marilyn Tavenner, and Gary Cohen that ‘all was well’ and ‘on track’ with the launch of the Affordable Care Act, we now have documents dating back to April that call into question what they told us,” Murphy said.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz acknowledged late Monday that red flags were raised as the website was being developed and recommendations were taken up by a development team at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

“But nobody anticipated the size and scope of the problems we experienced once the site launched. Since that time, experts have been working night and day to get it functioning – and that is where our focus is, and should be, right now,” Schultz told Fox News in a statement.

CMS pushed back against the release of the report late Monday, stating that the agency has “continually evaluated progress” and has taken steps to mitigate risks and address concerns with the ObamaCare website rollout.

“The review was completed six months before the beginning of open enrollment, was in line with industry best practices, and was followed by concrete action to address potential risks—as was intended,” the agency said in a statement.

Fox News’ Mike Emanuel contributed to this report.


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7 Responses to Lies, more lies, lies to cover lies – criminality, fraud?

  1. pops

    Why is he still in office!

  2. BarbNC

    I can’t wait to see ALL of these FOOLS in this Administration in ORANGE JUMPSUITS! What the HELL are we waiting for?!

  3. Lisa Dinkel

    Let us know what we can do to help get this pathological liar out of office please..I would LOVE to see Mr.Barry gone!!! Enough is enough

  4. Jean Landry

    I agree completely with the excellently written article, but am left wondering when will a Leader say the word for us to take care of business….

    Depression has become the country’s best friend NOW, and soon no one will believe anything that is said by good people either!

    There seems to be total apathy and Yet, I know in My heart of hearts , this is simply not the way it is, or is it?

  5. Aaron Armstrong

    Are we really a “Nation of Laws”?

    American society is governed in part by both civil and criminal laws. Violations of law carry specific penalties, which often include corrective action, court imposed mandatory program participation, fines, and/or imprisonment. Our elected officials (local, state, and federal) enact laws through the legislative process within specified guidelines and previously enacted laws. Unless exclusions exist, the “Laws of the land”, apply to all members of society, including the legislators.

    Today, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is front and center in the news and according to President Obama, is the, “Law of the Land”. Passed by both federal legislative institutions (House and Senate) and signed into law by the President, it is the, “Law of the land”, and we are all subject to it. Whether you like the law or not is not in question.

    The real question; Who is subject to the, “Laws of the Land”?

    Being subject to the law benefits a civilized society and prevents
    lawlessness and anarchy. Because one law is not necessarily superior to another, responsible law-abiding citizens who honor the concept of law, realize the importance of compliance. We are subject to All applicable laws and may be held accountable if in violation.

    Legislators, elected officials, and their appointees are also subject to the, “Laws of the Land”, unless specifically exempted. Obamacare attempts to exempt certain elected officials and their appointees from the law (the Affordable Care Act). Obamacare however, does not make any attempt to exempt these legislators, politicians, and their appointees from other applicable, “Laws of the land”.

    If we truly are a “Nation of Laws” as the President says, then we must comply with the law. Enforcement must take place because it is the, “Law of the Land”. Other laws are also considered the, “Law of the Land” and require enforcement. This President disregards US Immigration Law even though it is the, “Law of the Land”. His “Executive Orders” to not enforce the, “Laws of the Land” are illegal.

    Furthermore, criminal laws are in place to protect citizens and ensure a civilized manner for dealing with those who violate persons or property. “Laws of the Land” are important and must be complied with to prevent lawlessness, anarchy, and rebellion. President Obama and many of his political party have violated our criminal, “Law of the Land” which defines “FRAUD” by knowingly and willingly misleading the American People and making false claims related to Obamacare and how it is affecting the Health Care system in the United States. Millions of Americans are being negatively impacted by the Fraud.

    If we truly are a “Nation of Laws”, then those elected officials, their appointees, and even the President of the United States of America need to be held accountable by swift enforcement of the, “Laws of the Land” as related to the Fraudulent conduct to pass and implement the “Affordable Care Act”. America is a, “Nation of Laws”, and not one person, not even the President, is above the law.

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