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Speech We Wish He Gave – Netanyahu Email Hoax

Editor’s Note – Like many of you, we received an email about a supposed speech Bibi Netanyahu gave about the recent turmoil in Gaza and across Israel. Many thought it was real, but unfortunately, it was just a wish. But there is a powerful message and sentiment in it many of us share and Allen […]

Iran’s Evil Hand in Gaza – Israel Prepares for Invasion – Videos

Editor’s Note – Once again we witness the evil hand of Iran in the affairs of Israel, mainly from Hamas and similar terror organizations in Gaza. Now they can reach much further and they hide behind women and children. As usual, the knee jerk reaction for much of the world and the supporters of Hamas […]

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The Southern Border – Time to Boldly Lead

By Paul E. Vallely Back in 2011, we at Stand Up America US raised the alarm on the threat level of Mexico and the Southern Border. We rated the threat from our Southern Border just as great as the Middle East (except for Iran and proxies, along with the Afghanistan/Pakistan conflict). We raised the alarm […]

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Symantec – Dragonfly Unleashed, Grids at Risk

Editor’s Note - In an ever increasingly dangerous world, a cyber attack may be our undoing. It may be an attack from anywhere; China, Russia, the Syrian Electronic Army, ISIS (Now they called themselves just IS, and are also known as ISIL), Iran, or any number of other enemies. It could take our entire nation down […]

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Who Really Lost Iraq? – A Much Needed History Lesson

Editor’s Note – When seeing reports on the ISIS/ISIL rampage across large portions of both Iraq and earlier in Syria, the blame game abounds. One thing that we hear ad nauseum, especially from the left, is that this was George W. Bush’s war based on lies that we never should have fought. “Bush lied, troops […]

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China Filling Power Vacuum In S. China Sea

Editor’s Note – China flexes! As the vacuum grows from the lack of leadership and loss of reputation thanks to Obama’s failed foreign policies, others are filling the void – in rapid fashion. As Iraq falls to those seeking a Caliphate, China is flexing its muscles in the Spratly Islands and the entire South China […]

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WWA Update – Ibrahim Held at Airport after Release

We are not backing down – We must push to immediately and permanently set Ibrahim free and bring her family home to the U.S. For immediate release, June 24, 2014 We celebrated too soon, it is not over. The abhorrent Sudanese Government had released Meriam Ibrahim only for her to be held again at the […]

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Press Release – WWA Celebrates Release of Meriam Ibrahim

We Celebrate Her Release Now: Push to immediately bring Meriam Ibrahim and her family to the U.S. For immediate release, June 22, 2014 (Detroit) – The great news that Meriam Ibrahim was released from a Sudanese prison is an answer to our prayers, but we will not stop until her entire family is brought safely to […]

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Press Release – WWA Push for the Release of Meriam Ibrahim

 The ‘Women at War for America’ - Push for the release of Meriam Ibrahim For Immediate Release – June 21, 2014 (Detroit) –‘Women At War For America’, a national women’s organization and branch of Stand Up America US is insisting the governments of Sudan and the United States of America immediately respond to the numerous appeals […]

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At the Altar of Treason

Where are Obama’s Loyalties? Questioned for Years, now Obviously NOT America By Denise Simon All dedicated patriots across America have questioned the loyalty of Barack Obama or are now beginning to, and includes those in his administration, past and present . Much has been written challenging his allegiance to what really is America and what […]

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