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The Pope – Promoting Progressivism Around the World

Editor’s Note – There is a great dichotomy when the Pontiff visits the United States, especially after visiting Cuba and helping broker the deal Obama struck with the Castro brothers. Pope Francis mysteriously did not speak publicly about humanitarian issues while there but we certainly expect him to address our government politically. On the left, so […]

TPP ‘Trans-National Union’ – One World Order – Step 1

Editor’s Note – Sounds like the ushering in of the “One World Government”. Twelve Countries at a time. Why would anyone, in either party, be for the passage of such a bill? This would remove freedom in America, the very foundation this great nation was founded upon. Without it, we are no better than any 3rd world […]

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Venezuela Flexes Military Muscle in Response to Obama EO

Editor’s Note – As we approach the deadline in the P5+1 talks with Iran, we see their global connections and influence grow. Regardless of the now infamous letter to the Iranians from the Republican Senators, Iran has no intention slowing any of its intentions and goals down. For years they have been in concert with […]

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The Specter of the Falklands, Argentina – Iranian Involvement?

Editor’s Note – With all the hubbub over what appears be the murder of Argentine Prosecutor Alberto Nisman because he was about to testify that Iran was being protected by the Argentine government over its involvement in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center, more intrigue envelops Argentina. Now other things are getting dicey there […]

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Israel Calls Hezbollah Bluff, Kills IRGC Gen in Syria

Editor’s Note – Hasan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah, recently boasted of their arsenal of sophisticated weapons capable of reaching most of Israel. On Thursday, Hezbollah head Hassan Nasrallah said the group had Fateh-110 missiles, which have a minimum range of 200 kilometers (125 miles) and can hit the whole of Israel. (Read more here.) Israel then struck […]

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Europe Gets It, Obama & Kerry Out Of Touch

Editor’s Note – On Friday, President Obama appeared to be chastising European nations as he answered questions with David Cameron in a press conference at the White House. He spoke of the United States’ complete support in the European efforts to prevent future attacks similar to the recent terrorism that Paris recently suffered over the satirical […]

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Afghanistan – Dempsey Distances Himself from Obama Opinion

By DENISE SIMON – SUA Associate Editor, and radio talk show host at the “Denise Simon Experience” Can you list those in the Obama administration graveyard? The President and his inner core have only met rarely with any of the cabinet secretaries throughout the six years of his administration. Subsequently many top people have moved on to private business. […]

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3 Terror Suspects Dead – France Fights Back in Two Locations

UPDATE -5:15 PM (eastern) 1.9.15 – Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has publicly released a statement in which they claim responsibility for the Paris Terror Attack. Here is their statement from The Intercept by Jeremy Scahill: Some ask the relationship between Al-Qaeda Organization and the (brothers) who carried out the #CharlieHebdo operation. Was […]

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12 Killed by Islamist Radicals in Paris – Arrests, UPDATE

UPDATE – 2:30 PM (eastern) 1.8.15 – Reports of the capture of the two brothers identified as the Paris Hebdo assailants were captured was prematurely reported across the globe. French authorities are now searching for the Kouachi brothers. The 18-year old, Hamyd Mourad has reportedly turned himself in. One report had the two brothers robbing a gas […]

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Obama Sets More Sanctions on DPRK Over Sony Hack

Editor’s Note – When it came to the alleged hack of Sony by North Korea, there is still great dispute over the origin of the hack. Obama criticized Sony for their decisions and later called the matter ‘cyber-vandalism’. (H/T – Founders Code) The Israelis have one theory and the FBI has expressed initial and then amended […]

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