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Kerry’s Folly – While We Become the Prey

Editor’s Note – Lions, and tigers, and bears…Oh my! Everywhere on Earth looks like a place for “Dorothy” to be frightened, and we all should be as well. Iran, Pakistan, China, North Korea, Russia, Syria… there are lot more than just the three animals of Dorothy’s dread to fear. It certainly may be a tongue-in-cheek […]

Obama Saudi Trip Cut Short, Saudis Kick Him Out? – Cover Up?

Editor’s Note – Barack Obama began his career in the world of Foreign Policy by bowing to foreign leaders, especially the Saudi royal family, to getting kicked out of the very same place far short of planned events. Obama travels all the way to Saudi Arabia with 900 or so in his entourage for what […]

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Mr. Obama – Putin Called, He Wants His Cold War Back!

By Paul E. Vallely In that famous debate in the 2012 Presidential race on Foreign Policy, Obama famously quipped in a severely condescending tone to Romney: “the 80′s are calling, they want their foreign policy back.” What Romney should have responded with is: “Mr. Obama, Putin called, and he wants his Cold War back.” The proof is in […]

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Vietnam: Possible Sighting of 777 Wreckage

Editor’s Note – No one knows how this happened but all the circumstantial evidence points to a terrorist act. Late word tells us one last maneuver, a turn was taking place, but since it happened so fast, and went off the radar so quickly, it is hard to think otherwise. Add to these notions that […]

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1994 Treaty – Will the USA, UK have to Come to the Aid of Ukraine

Editor’s Note – Vladimir Putin, the ringmaster of the latest ‘fright’ circus that is Ukraine, is a very calculating, bold, and cunning man and he wants to reclaim the might that once rivaled that of the USA. Of course, we all see the connective tissue, and since the fall of the Soviet Union, the world […]

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Dangerous World, Now More So – Clark S. Judge

Editor’s Note – Hugh Hewitt ran a great column yesterday that we highly recommend. The author, Clark S. Judge gives us yet another look at history, and if it is not heeded, we end up relearning old lessons. But then again, it is clear to us that President Obama always disliked the military and always […]

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SOLG Instrumental in Release of Swedish Journalists from Syria

Free Syrian Army Command – Syrian Opposition Liaison Group (SOLG) Press Release The Syrian Opposition Liaison Group (Stand Up America US Project) is pleased to announce the successful release of Swedish journalists Niclas Hammarstrom and Magnus Falkehed from captivity in Syria. Both freelance journalists were abducted by a group of bandits in the Qalamoun mountains, […]

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White House Foreign Policy Blasted as ‘Amateur’ – MG Vallely

Editor’s Note – MG Vallely is the Chairman and Founder of Stand Up America US. Vallely has been to the Syrian civil war region several times and was even escorted into the war torn city of Aleppo last summer. Read about his trip and interaction with rebel commanders here. MORE - Unlocking the facts in Syria […]

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Al Qaeda, the battlefield is expanding, we face more danger than ever

Editor’s Note – The author of this report, former Navy Commander Tom Wyld, is a contributing researcher/writer to SUA. He is the creator and sole analyst and author of the Forward-Leaning Insider publications he crafted for a private security firm led by former Tier-1 U.S. Navy SEALs. His near-daily intelligence features and frequent intelligence spot […]

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Iran has ‘punked’ Obama, why?

Editor’s Note – So Obama has made a deal with Iran – pardon us if we are not pleased. Is this is another’ Neville Chamberlain Moment’? Peace in our time? What is Israel to do? Why are the Saudis so mad? What were the side deals Mr. Kerry? This naked effort to get a deal […]

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