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ISIL Claims Missing Photog, Jame Foley, Beheaded on Video

Editor’s Note – It is not certain, but it does appear that James Foley, the missing photo-journalist, has been slain, in a most gruesome ISIL fashion. They claim to have beheaded him and have video-taped it. He went missing in the war torn area of Syria long under the control of ISIL in the northwest. […]

Foreign Policy – Obama’s Lack of Vision and Bungling

Editor’s Note – Simply defined, a President’s foreign policy is a strategy in which he plans to deal with other nations (and often now, non-nation entities) on behalf of the United States to maintain or elevate our national security and economic interests, both at home and abroad. It is meant to maintain and/or enhance our relations with allies […]

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IS and the threat to the Yazidi – What will Obama do?

Editor’s Note – While so many in the west demonstrate against Israel, and in Europe Jews are openly attacked, all because Israel had to defend herself, where are the demonstrations about the horror befalling Christians in Syria and Iraq? Open season on Christianity and Judaism seems to have been declared. But don’t ever say anything bad […]

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Gaza – Netanyahu speaks – a look at the numbers

Editor’s Note – Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to his nation today and delivered a bolstering message to his countrymen that they should be proud of their soldiers who have valiantly battled the terrorists in Gaza, but the job is not over and must be seen through to its end. We thank the Israeli people for […]

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Confirmed – Russia Attacks Ukraine From Inside Russia

Editor’s Note – Since the Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and his Cabinet announced their resignation Thursday, apparently Vladimir Putin saw a green light. It is now confirmed, Russian military forces are indeed attacking the Ukraine from Russian Territory. CNN reports: Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and his Cabinet announced their resignation Thursday. “I announce my resignation […]

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Hamas and the Cement – Remember the 2012 Agreement?

Editor’s Note – The blockade that Hamas demands must be dissolved as a prerequisite to peace talks was meant to prevent Hamas from getting arms and munitions. Obviously that did not work. All Israel demands is that Hamas disarm and stop trying to kill Israeli civilians. Meanwhile Israel ships in thousands of tons of goods […]

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Gaza – Who is Really to Blame? Hamas Plan to Win

By Denise Simon and Scott Winchell Remember in 2012 when the Gazans said the Israelis “opened the gates of hell,” well those gates never really closed but are now being thoroughly rooted out by one “hell of a pinpoint operation.” Those are John Kerry’s words from a conversation Kerry was having with an aide, spoken in a tone of […]

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BRICS Create Reserve Funds – Path Ahead Forged

Editor’s Note – Once again, world events of great magnitude have descended upon us and the air waves and blogosphere are filled beyond capacity. But it is important to understand that these things are not happening in a vacuum. Other events are also occurring apace, many well below the radar and we all need to […]

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Speech We Wish He Gave – Netanyahu Email Hoax

Editor’s Note – Like many of you, we received an email about a supposed speech Bibi Netanyahu gave about the recent turmoil in Gaza and across Israel. Many thought it was real, but unfortunately, it was just a wish. But there is a powerful message and sentiment in it many of us share and Allen […]

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Iran’s Evil Hand in Gaza – Israel Prepares for Invasion – Videos

Editor’s Note – Once again we witness the evil hand of Iran in the affairs of Israel, mainly from Hamas and similar terror organizations in Gaza. Now they can reach much further and they hide behind women and children. As usual, the knee jerk reaction for much of the world and the supporters of Hamas […]

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