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Gaza Tunnel – Source of Infiltrators Killing Egyptian Soldiers

Editor’s Note – Under the radar and seemingly out of mind, Gaza is still using tunnels, this time into Egypt. As usual, as soon as the fighting stops, Hamas and other terrorists in Gaza just start digging again, or maybe they used an undiscovered tunnel the Israelis missed. In either case, Hamas is still doing […]

It is Qatar, Stupid: Part 2

By Denise Simon – SUA Associate Editor Originally posted at Founders Code If you live in Houston, the person next to you may be a Qatari either in country for medical care or working for a petroleum company either owned or partially owned by Qatar like Golden Pass Products. If you live in Chicago, you […]

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Nurse in Madrid Contracts Ebola Treating Stricken Priest

Editor’s Note – The virus is spreading, even in the top level medical institutions. Case in point – SPAIN. The news briefings in Dallas, and now the journalist Ashoka Mukpo is in the Nebraska Medical Center after contracting Ebola in Liberia: The American journalist with Ebola who arrived at a Nebraska hospital today believes that he may have gotten infected […]

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ISIS Again! – Alan Henning Beheaded, A Message to UK

Editor’s Note – We knew it was coming but it is no less horrific. ISIS makes a threat and carries it out – of this we must be sure always. The air strikes seemingly are doing little, and despite Turkey voting to join in the front against ISIS, they appear to be undaunted – sticking […]

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Netanyahu to UN, “It’s not militants, it’s not Islam, it’s militant Islam”

Editor’s Note – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his much anticipated speech today to the United Nations General Assembly and forcefully educated the world on several points. Perhaps the most strident part of the speech was calling the United Nations Human Rights Council an oxymoron citing, “the Council’s biased treatment of Israel is only […]

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EBOLA – Dangers Now Include Attacks from Locals

Editor’s Note – The President considers the Ebola scourge to be so important that he is going to spend twice what he requested for fighting ISIS and will send 3,000 troops to West Africa. They will start arriving this weekend. It may well be smart to cut the scourge down as soon as possible so it […]

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Al Qaeda Urges Unity While Obama Suggests Pinned Notes

Editor’s Note – Does Obama have any clue whatsoever, or is he just inept and naive, or maybe he actually… well, we won’t keep going there. We have mentioned it ad nauseum for ages, but what he says, does, and thinks just does not compute when it comes to ISIS, or ISIL as he prefers […]

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Jets Missing from Libyan Airlines – 9/11 Fears Abound

Editor’s Note – It is being reported that two state owned Libyan airlines have lost at least 11 airliners, some as big as Air Bus A-300 jets. The jets may not be able to reach the USA but they do have significant range and could be used anywhere. The question is, where are they now? […]

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ISIS Beheads Steven Sotloff as a ‘Second Message’ to USA

Editor’s Note -“Jihad Johnny” strikes again. The State Department has just verified that Steven Sotloff, the American journalist held by ISIS has been beheaded as they threatened in a ‘second message’ to the United States. They have also threatened to behead a British journalist, David Cawthorne Haines, in what can only be determined as a […]

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‘Dawn of Libya’ now in control of US Embassy Compound in Tripoli

Editor’s Note – It has been only a few weeks since the US diplomatic mission left Libya on July 26th and now across the airwaves and the blogosphere, the breaking news is that another US Embassy compound has been taken over. The group that claims it is protecting the very same compound recently evacuated and […]

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