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‘Bloody Friday’ – FBI Elevates Warning for Ramadan, July 4th

Editor’s Note – Ramadan – a month of fear thanks to ISIS threats, with several attacks carried out on “Bloody Friday.” Were they coordinated, most say no, but does that make it less dangerous, or perhaps more so? As we have seen repeatedly, ISIS’s ability to incite believers across the globe, militant Jihadism can occur […]

CAIR Says Muslim Innocent – Planned To Behead Geller

Editor’s note – We at SUA stand by our 1st Amendment Rights. Here we have a case of an Islamist’s planning on beheading one of our citizens – Pam Geller.  In Boston again, we see their ugly head arise once again, but now the push back – the police moved to fast? Islam and their leftist counterparts are wanting […]

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“Massive Threat” Warns Scotland Yard – Surge in Terror Arrests

Editor’s Note – As we debate and prepare for the rise of ISIS influence on our youth in this country, and deal with the ever growing threat to our culture and way of life, we need to observe what is happening in Europe and especially in the UK. We also need to identify the problem […]

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ISIS – Warning, Threat Level Raised for US Military Bases

Editor’s Note – Since the terror attack on Pam Geller’s “Cartoon Contest” in Garland, Texas, death threats from ISIS are not the only problem she is having. Many in the press are assailing her for even staging the event; on that, you be the judge, but here at SUA, we support her efforts. As usual, […]

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Italy Raids Terrorist Haven, Sardinia, Vatican Attack Planned

Editor’s Note – In yet another example of the spread of al Qaeda type terrorists and similar terror forces across the globe, Italy joins the list following the attack in France, and Denmark to name the most recent cases. The island of Sardinia was an al Qaeda haven since 2005 it now appears. With the […]

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Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Tunis Terror

Editor’s Note – The tendrils of Da’esh (ISIS) are reaching out, and we all have a price to pay. As Iranian forces bog down in Tikrit, the ideology of Sunni terror spreads. Will it happen here? ISIS Claims Responsibility For Tunisia Museum Attack In Audio Message By the AP – Huffington Post TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) […]

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French Arrest Cop in Paris Kosher Deli Attack – Infiltration!

Editor’s Note – Infiltration was one of the themes of Bruce Bawer’s 2006 book, “While Europe Slept,” where he spoke to the numbers that are causing each European nation to lose their identities. This is due in large measure to the influx of Muslims. Here in the United States, the infiltration has been ongoing for […]

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Tripoli Province of the IS Beheads Coptics – Video Released

Editor’s Note – As ISIS (Daesh) spreads its venomous ways beyond the Islamic State, it grows stronger, not weaker as we were told by the President and Susan Rice, his National Security Advisor. Their tentacles reach far and wide and are a threat to all freedom loving peoples. That means Christian and Jew alike, and […]

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Update – Denmark Terror – Second Shooting at Synagogue

UPDATE 8:15 (Eastern) PM, 02.14.15 DENMARK – This evening, what is being called a second terror event has occurred in Denmark with shots being fired at a synagogue in Copenhagen. Nearby a Metro stations was evacuated as the gunman left on foot. At least three more people, two of them police officers have been wounded, but […]

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Moussaoui Accuses Saudi Royal Family of 9/11 Support

Editor’s Note – Described by many, including the judge in the court in which he he was tried, Zacarias Moussaoui is a very intelligent human being, he is also a convicted terrorist. So why would we believe anything he has to say now, especially when he accuses our ‘allies and friends’ in Saudi Arabia of […]

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