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The Plausible Terror Connection – MH370

THE PLAUSIBLE TERROR CONNECTION WITH MISSING MALAYSIAN FLIGHT. By Tom Wyld – SUA Contributor Does the mystery of missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 have anything to do with terrorism? Theories abound, evidence is scant, but the U.S. Intelligence Community is well aware that that the region is a haven for terrorists. Last May, a C-146A […]

Saudis Declare MB as a Terrorist Organization

UPDATE – 6pm Eastern – In addition to the article below, our friends at BareNakedIslam wanted to inform you of the following: Look at all the [Illinois/Indiana Chicagoland] Representatives who support [the] terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR: Senator Dick Durban (D) Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL 2nd) Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL 5th) Rep. Danny K. […]

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Culpeper and counterterrorism: Sheriff’s decision brings national attention

By Tom Wyld - Culpeper Times Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins’ plan for “advanced counterterrorism training” for 20 of his staff has erupted in controversy and sparked a wave of criticism by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the liberal Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). At the center of the dispute: John Guandolo, the lecturer […]

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Terror in USA – 22 Training Camps, Minneapolis Explosion

Editor’s Note – If you did not already know, it is now obvious, the Obama Administration has ordered all federal agencies to hide any connection, or deny any exist between violent events and anyone or any any entity in the Islamic community in America. Therefore, we do no have any official terror attacks but we […]

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Resurgent, Morphing al Qaeda, ISIL Currency Printed

Editor’s Note – Once again we ask the President, what did you say about the demise of al Qaeda? You may want to ask your own intel agencies because they are singing a different tune. In addition, that wonderful foreign policy blunder in Iraq is showing how brazen they are becoming. In Anbar Province, al Qaeda […]

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Sochi – ‘Ring of Steel’ Breached by ‘Black Widows’?

Editor’s Note – Apparently Vladimir Putin’s “Ring of Steel” is not so steely as it is now being reported that ‘Black Widow’ terrorists are reported to be in the area of Sochi already. The threats are great and are coming daily it seems as NBC and others report that a credible threat to the ‘Torch […]

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How well do you know your neighbor? Muslim Brotherhood in America

Editor’s Note – How well do you know your neighbor? Should you fear them? Do they run a “meth-lab” in their basement, or trade in pedophilia on the internet? Well, likely you have little to go on there, but when someone gives you a list, say the registration for sex offenders, you pay attention, don’t […]

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Iraqi WMD – Yes, it was there – Hussein’s Nuclear Program

Editor’s Note – Once again, we see proof emerge explaining what SUA always knew to be true, there were WMD in Iraq when we invaded both times. Unfortunately, its like that retraction we occasionally see in newspapers were a correction has to be made. The trouble is it shows up on page B-26 at the […]

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High Security for Ft. Hood ‘Work Place Violence’ Offender

Editor’s Note - Barack Obama called the tragedy at Ft. Hood, the murders committed my Major Nidal Hassan, work place violence, when in fact it was a domestic terror attack on our warriors within the military. Or was it even domestic since he was a soldier shouting Islamic praise on his God as he pulled his […]

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Celebrate our Benghazi heroes – “Blue Ribbon Cavalry”

Editor’s Note – We originally posted this article in October of 2012. In light of recent events and the Congressional hearings last Wednesday, we thought it would be a great time to re-post it in honor of our fallen heroes. Please consider making this a movement gone viral! The “Blue Ribbon Cavalry” Honoring our Heroes By Denise […]

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