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Threats in the Skies – 5 Airline Incidents in 2 Days

By Scott W. Winchell In just two days over the weekend, tensions and a flurry of action took hold over the skies of America once again. Fighter jets were scrambled, and security personnel went into high gear in five separate airline threat incidents. The threats came at a time of heightened awareness over the many […]

New Black Panthers, Holder, and St. Louis – Discretion Again?

Editor’s Note – In the age of prosecutorial discretion in use as a political tool, with selective enforcement and the “pen,” coupled with acts of terror renamed “work place violence,” is it any wonder that what appears to clearly be a terror plot is treated otherwise in St; Louis? When Holder and his DOJ refused to […]

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Al Qaeda’s 6-Year Descent Into Obscurity – Tom Wyld

Editor’s Note –  About the author: A former Navy Commander, Tom Wyld has served since 2008 as director of intelligence for a private security firm specializing in Naval Special Warfare training and operational support.  He continues to provide intelligence and investigative support to former SEALs.  Prior assignments include Communications Coordinator, Swift Boat Veterans & POWs […]

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Daesh (ISIL) Terror Plot Foiled in the UK – Fears Rise

Editor’s Note – Four suspects were arrested, alleged ISIL members, in the UK under suspicion that they were planning public beheadings in the streets of London or some similar terror acts. Britain has seen it before when Lee Rigby, a soldier, was hacked to death in the street while a video recorded the event showing […]

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‘Workplace Jihad’ – Beheading in OK – Home Grown Terror?

Editor’s Note – Our federal administration and law enforcement may not want to say it, but Da’esh (ISIS) appears to be having an effect on at least one 2011 convert to Islam here in America, and therefore presents a very real threat here. There never really is a “lone wolf’ in the cause of Jihad when […]

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Radicals Tracked by FBI After Return from ISIL – Dem Rep

Editor’s Note – The President and his administration keep telling us there are no credible instances where ISIS attempted to enter the US via the south western border, especially DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson in his testimony this week before Congress. We also have heard about the thousands of people who over stayed their visas and are […]

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Surviving ISIS Massacre – VIDEO (Graphic Warning)

Editor’s Note – This story of escape from an ISIS massacre is incredible and it is a ‘must see/read’ that is not only important to all non-Muslims, but also to all non-ISIS Muslims as well. ISIS, like all Jihadist terror groups will always kill the ‘apostate’ first (the Muslims they hate), then the ‘kafir’ (infidel) […]

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EXPERT: ISIS Threat ‘Imminent’ on Power Grid

Editor’s Note – Regardless of what the President is willing to say about the ISIS threat, he is in the distinct minority. He is minimizing the threat to the USA, not because of intelligence analysis, advice from his military and agencies, nor expert opinion, but rather, like all else he does – it’s politics first, […]

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Reminder – 5 Ways Muslims Contributed to building America

Editor’s Note – As we watch Islamic Hamas terrorists launch thousands of missiles into Israel, creep from tunnels to commit acts of terror, and get rich from our tax dollars, Obama and the White House published the following: “In the United States, Eid also reminds us of the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans […]

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Blowing the Whistle on Qatar

By Denise Simon C’mon people it is Qatar! That terrorist financing state – our U.S. Treasury and State Department has confirmed this status. Several months ago, many members in the Gulf States declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terror organization, but Qatar is a devout host and supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, the epicenter it seems of global […]

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