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Hillary, The NY Times Called, What Successes?

Editor’s Note - It amazes us at SUA that people across the land still consider Hillary Rodham Clinton as a viable Presidential candidate anymore. The reasons must follow that too many people are still ill-informed, have willingly suspended disbelief, have a cognitive estrangement with the truth, and/or are so deeply ideological, even her failures do not count. […]

Voter ID Laws – Obama Decries Voter Fraud as Bogus

Editor’s Note – The left has chosen to champion an issue that does not exist while decrying facts of one that does – demonstrably. They say that Voter ID Laws curb voting and that real voter fraud does not exist to warrant such laws, all the while blaming the right. Obama, along with his henchman, […]

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Free Speech – Beware how you donate, get fired!

Editor’s Note – If you do not agree with the left and/or the LGBT Community on anything, they will find a way to exact retribution on you, so beware what you donate to as you exercise your right to free speech. The left is watching, and with a leaky federal government, your information may become […]

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Merkel Ranked so High on NSA Report List – Why?

Editor’s Note – Of all the people, and/or nations to watch closely, why was the NSA so focused on Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor? As Tyler Durden posted at Zerohedge: “With friends like these, who needs Russians?” The Obama Administration apparently ignores historical data like the Wikileaks cables we reported on this week that showed […]

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“The Road to Boston” – 2014, the Congressional Report

Editor’s Note – As we approach the running of the first Boston Marathon since that horrific day last year, security has been elevated to unprecedented levels. Just in time for this event, the Congressional Homeland Security Committee just published their investigation of the bombing at the hands of the Tsarnaev brothers. From this new report […]

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‘March Madness’ – Obama and Russia, What is Next?

By Scott Winchell and Denise Simon, Editors at SUA It is ‘March Madness’ here in the USA as the NCAA Tournament finalizes the ‘Sweet Sixteen’ on this Sunday, but the madness that really matters is what we see across the globe. It is also the total ineptitude in the White House and the State Department […]

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ObamaCare – More Bad News, Premiums to Skyrocket

Editor’s Note – Does anyone consider ObamaCare, or the PPACA an actual law anymore? It changes constantly, delays galore, lies about everything, and what ever happened to saving families $2,500 per year? Now we see that lie is worse than anticipated as well. Where will this all end? O-Care premiums to skyrocket By Elise Viebeck […]

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Rep. Gowdy – ENFORCE the Law Act – VIDEOS (Must see)

By Scott W. Winchell Yesterday we witnessed a seminal moment take place in the House of Representatives that all Americans need to take seriously. We are at a critical point defined best as a Constitutional Crisis because the rule-of-law is being replaced by the rule-of-man, the definition of tyranny. As Congressmen Trey Gowdy (R-SC) states […]

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IRS Hearing – The ‘Circus’ of the Left & the 5th by Lerner

By Scott W. Winchell, Editor Today’s House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on the IRS Scandal lasted less than 25 minutes, most of which was a ‘Circus’ with Elijah Cummings, the Ranking Member as the ‘Ring Master’, all to provide political cover to the IRS and the administration as new ‘smoking gun emails’ emerged. […]

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Judiciary Committee Hearing on ‘Failure to Execute the Laws’

UPDATE – As of 5PM Eastern, the House Judiciary Committee video is now view-able. Testimony begins at approximately minute 37. We have now embedded the video below. Editor’s Note – Constitutional Crisis? Egregious erosion of the balance of power? Failure of the Judiciary to secure the balance? Failure to faithfully execute the laws? Why is the […]

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