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Russian Cyberattacks, Bucket Lists, and Anger Translators

Editor’s Note – In last night’s White House Correspondent’s Annual Dinner, Obama was quite the comedian, but this moment of levity belies the very serious nature of the current state of world affairs. Especially after learning how severe the recent Russian email hack was. Mr. Obama tweaked his former secretary of state for her woman-of-the-people […]

Gowdy Letter to Clinton Lawyer – 2 Appearances Now

Editor’s Note – As the recent bombshells dropping in anticipation of Peter Schweizer’s book “Clinton Cash,” the pressure is mounting on the Clinton campaign and the Clinton Foundation. Last month the pressure was on Gowdy as well, when he apologized for taking six months to subpoena her emails. With the new revelations about the Clinton […]

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RICO – McCarthy Calls Clinton Foundation a Racket

Editor’s Note – Once again, Andy McCarthy hits the nail on the head. The Clinton Foundation IS best defined as a RICO operation from all we are now learning. Maybe they can “justify” their actions individually, but when you collect all the parts, it is a racket. The trouble is, would the Department of Justice […]

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Goodwin – “Oh Hill No!” America Cannot Afford Four-More

Editor’s Note – Four more years! Four more years! Wait, sorry, she isn’t Obama, she’s worse! As America’s media breathless awaits for the Democrat Party “coronation” to officially begin today, we at SUA renew our long held position on Hillary Clinton – HELL NO! Let the “twitter” trending begin. We predict a backlash on her overly […]

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Ft. Hood Victims Finally Receive the Honors So Deserved

Editor’s Note – Put very simply; it’s about time. After almost 5 1/2 years, the proper recognition has been bestowed upon the fallen and injured from the 2009 terror attack  at Ft. Hood. The radical Islamic terror event was not officially recognized as such all this time but rather was called ‘workplace violence.’ That was an […]

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Greek Tragedies, Bursting Bubbles, China and the AIIF

Editor’s Note – Is another Greek Tragedy about to rock the European Union? Has the United States lost its ‘Superpower’ status in the universe of global economics? Is there another bubble about to burst in the U.S. stock Market? If you say yes to all three, we have much more than a Greek Tragedy; we […]

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‘The world is on fire’ – Boehner Interview in Israel

Editor’s Note – Lost in the anticipation of the “Iran Deal” completion which came today, John Boehner was interviewed in a wide ranging manner about his visit to Israel published yesterday and we recommend it highly for perspective. John Boehner in Israel: ‘The world is on fire’ In an exclusive interview, the House speaker offers a […]

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NATO Demo – Separate Euro & Arab Unified Forces Possible?

Editor’s Note – With Obama’s foreign policy failures came a great vacuum of leadership and the world took notice. Apparently few now trust the US or rely on it despite recent NATO maneuvers including US forces in a show of strength for Putin and his resurgent military in Russia. A convoy of U.S. troops driving […]

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13 Words Only? Abedin Under Sen. Judiciary Comm. Scrutiny

Editor’s Note – Hillary, Hillary, Hillary! At what point does America as a whole declare the Clinton era over – once and for all? Democrats, is this the best your party can offer? Everything associated with the Clintons reeks, and yet, so many in America still support Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President. She cannot be trusted […]

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Ralph Peters’ Freedom Center Speech – New “Persian Empire”

Editor’s Note – Below are the video and transcript to Ralph Peter’s speech at the Freedom Center’s 2015 West Coast Retreat. The event was held March 6-8 in Palos Verdes, CA.  Ralph Peters: Iran Building a New Persian Empire From Frontpage Magazine Ralph Peters: First of all, what are we going to do about those Jews?  […]

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