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FCC votes in Regs on ‘Net Neutrality’ – Consequences?

By SUA Staff The Obama/Democrat Party “fundamental transformation of America” just visited another terrible blow on capitalism and further increased the size of government. It also sets the stage for international controls few can fathom. The repercussions of the new regulations created by the FCC, effectively taking control over the internet, passed on a party line vote […]

ObamaNet – FCC Hides Regs, WH Emails Prompt Hearing

Editor’s Note – The FCC commissioners are set to vote on new regulations that many are now calling “ObamaNet” on the “Net Neutrality” issue. But Republicans on the Commission want America to see what they are up against: “We respectfully request that FCC leadership immediately release the 332-page Internet regulation plan publicly and allow the […]

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Malls in Peril? – DHS Sec Warns of Al Shabaab Video Threat

Editor’s Note – In what is seemingly becoming a contest for supremacy of how evil a Militant Jihad group can be, some high profile terror organizations like Boko Haram and al Shabaab are ratcheting up the threats to possibly prove they can be even worse than Da’esh. Even though many other terror factions are uniting with […]

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Obama Hits a Legal Roadblock, ‘Normal Order’ – McCarthy on Shutdown

By Scott W. Winchell, SUA Editor A judge in Texas has put the brakes on the implementation of Obama’s unilateral orders which were set to begin tomorrow to aid states that are challenging that action in court. People like Cass Sunstein are furious. This could effectively stall Obama for a while and Andy C. McCarthy […]

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The jokes are on us, and so are the lies – Williams & Stewart

Editor’s Note – Over the weekend, the NY Post published an opinion piece by Kyle Smith that examined the way people get their news, who they believe, and why, in a manner that nails it on the head. Well done Kyle Smith! His piece addresses two major figures in the news recently, Brian Williams of […]

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“Net Neutrality” and “Internet Taxation” – How to Proceed?

Editor’s Note – “Net Neutrality” and “Internet Taxation” are hot topics once again and Obama is trying to force the concept through regulation by the FCC; he first mentioned the idea back in 2007. On one hand, his explanation sounds meritorious but once you look under the hood, some glaring issues emerge and opinions vary in […]

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Christiana – Climate Change, Remaking The World Economy

Editor’s Note – Who is the United Nation’s Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Executive Secretary, Christiana Figueres and why does it matter? Meet Chistiana – this abbreviated list of associations below will tell you a lot and her words place the capstone on why Obama, Susan Rice, and Kerry consider climate change so important and that […]

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Pierre Omidyar – The Lesser Known Soros Clone

Editor’s Note – We all know about Senator Harry Reid’s rants about the Koch Brothers and other big funding sources of Republicans, and we have all heard about the “Spooky Dude” George Soros and all his funding on the left. But one thing is clear, not all sides are even remotely transparent on where the money […]

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Gallup Gets It – U3 Unemployment Number is a ‘Big Lie’

Editor’s Note – Think as you will which polling group leans left or right. It is not uncommon to see some on the left like the Daily Kos accuse Gallup of being a right-wing shill, yet others think Gallup leans left and is more trustworthy than Rasmussen. Because Scott Rasmusson was seen in the company […]

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Frank Miele – Here’s why I haven’t forgotten Benghazi

Editor’s Note – Frequently, the Managing Editor at the Daily Interlake, Frank Miele has submitted and published some very concise and insightful editorials for his local paper in Northwest Montana, the area that SUA’s chairman, MG Paul E. Vallely calls home. Because of that connection, we here at SUA take special interest in that great […]

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