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Obama Immigration Action Ruled Unconstitutional By Court

Editor’s Note – Ruling that Obama’s decree was “beyond prosecutorial discretion,” we now have a court agreeing with what we all knew – Obama overstepped his authority. Alas, we are so used to his misdeeds (being nice) it should be cheers, but until he is stopped we await the next shoe to drop from the administration. […]

Judicial Watch – Docs Confirm Congress Approved EITs

Editor’s Note – As expected, evidence that Diane Feinstein and others in Congress like Nancy Pelosi that they were indeed briefed and signed off on interrogations for years despite blatant denials. Subsequently we know that the enhanced techniques were last used in December of 2007, long before Obama banned them in 2009. It is just […]

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Brennan on CIA – Refutes Report Conclusions, Definitions

Editor’s Note – John Brennan, CIA director had to take to the interview stage thanks to the furor raised over the release of the Senate Select Committee’s one-sided report on the CIA as presented by Chairwoman Diane Feinstein. It was unprecedented and very rare indeed, but that is the level to which this explosive story […]

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Feinstein’s Acrimony for the CIA Revealed

By Denise Simon and Scott W. Winchell On Tuesday, December 9, Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Majority leader for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI), stood on the Senate floor for almost an hour and delivered a chilling verbal summary of the $40 million dollar investigation into the CIA Torture Report. She spoke in a measured […]

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Federal Spending by the Numbers – Heritage Foundation Report

Editor’s Note – The Heritage Foundation produced a report on federal spending and what it means to you. In the following post, several key points were listed and analyzed by the Daily Signal. However, the lengthy report has 22 charts to plainly show the true picture, without political talking points. We hope you read the […]

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An IRS ‘Cause of Action’ – WH Stonewalling a Court

Editor’s Note – In the latest twist or turn in the weaponization of the IRS Scandal, Cause of Action won a critical case regarding its FOIA requests that took over two years to adjudicate while the IRS stone-walled. Here is what Cause of Action lists as its focus on the IRS: Cause of Action is […]

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“Where’s the FBI?” Commies and their successors – Ferguson

Editor’s Note – This article was originally posted at FoundersCode.Com and has been edited for final posting here. Before reading the article, keep in mind her recurring question: “Where is the FBI” and the law as it is being enforced. The author refers to the law at 50 U.S. Code § 842 – Proscription of Communist […]

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Prosecutorial Discretion Justification? Twisted and Tortured Logic!

Editor’s Note – Once again Andy McCarthy has nailed the issue – this time on Obama’s upcoming justification for unilateral action on immigration. To put it simply, prosecutorial discretion as a basis for Obama’s upcoming action is tortured and twisted logic. On at least 25 occasions, Obama has been recorded telling an audience that he […]

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Muslim Prayer Service at Nat. Cathedral – Gohmert Video

Editor’s Note – In recent days, prior to yesterday’s “inter-faith” Muslim prayer service at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., many Episcopalians and fellow Christians where righteously infuriated that their church would be used for such an event. Many knew that this would violate their church because under Sharia law, wherever Muslims hold prayer services, […]

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Obama Just Doesn’t Get It – Immigration Standoff and Elections

Editor’s Note – “Elections have consequences,” remember that Obama quote? Apparently only when he and his team win! Obama just doesn’t get how things must work by law and Constitution – either consciously or by complete disregard. It has always been his way or the highway where negotiation is never done in an honest manner […]

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