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Hillary’s Fall from Grace Continues as More Shoes Drop

Editor’s Note – The once seemingly inevitable Democrat Party nominee now appears more like a meteor burning through the atmosphere on the way to an impact of epic proportions if the shoes keep on dropping over her email lies. People in New Hampshire are sure seeing it as Bernie Sanders has surpassed in her in […]

Aronoff Responds to Shameful HuffPo Attack On Adm. Lyons

Editor’s Note – Stand Up America US (SUA) is in complete agreement with Roger Aronoff from Accuracy in Media (AIM) regarding the malfeasance of the left in media as witnessed in a column written by Sam Stein at the Huffington Post. Aronoff responds to his slam of Admiral James “Ace” Lyons in a very thorough […]

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IAPAC, the Iran Deal, and Democrat Supporters

Editor’s Note – Have you heard of the Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC)? Apparently many Democrats in Congress have because they received monetary support from the group. But just who is the IAPAC and why are they so supportive of Obama’s Iranian deal? Their Mission Statement reads: To support and promote the election of candidates […]

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Should Obama Have The Honor Of Having A Presidential Library?

By Suzanne M. Price Question; Should Mr. Obama even have the honor of having a Presidential Library? Would it not be a constant reminder to “We The People” of his hate for our Great Nation, and his ambitious actions to fundamentally change our country? Not for the better I might add. There shouldn’t be any public […]

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Weak USA Emboldens China – S. China Sea World Court Case

Editor’s Note – Recently, Stand Up America US Far East/Asia Advisor, Col. John Paul Spickelmier sent us the following article while in Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam that thoroughly describes the curious claims that China is making in its pursuit to expand in the South China Sea. This very scholarly and well documented article shows how […]

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Retired Command and Flag Staff Remain Quiet on Iran Deal

Editor’s Note – Many recent retirees from our military remain on the sidelines concerning the Iran Deal but the following article does not address the opinions of longer term retirees who have been very vocal in their opposition. Of the many retired generals, admirals, and other command staff, several stand out in stark opposition to […]

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Theology of Rape -ISIS and Minority Populations

Editor’s Note – The plight of the Yazidi and other minorities at the hands of the Islamic State was captured well by the New York Times and also Dr. Mordecai Kedar in his opinion piece published in Arutz Sheva called “How to Ensure the Future of Iraq’s Minority Groups“. He begins his discourse with some […]

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Bill To Get U.S. Out Of UN Introduced in House

Editor’s Note – The United States is responsible for almost one quarter of the U.N.’s funding and taxpayers have the pleasure of supporting some of our biggest enemies, and those of our allies, most especially Israel. The “Dictators Club” is rife with rip-offs, fraud, and scandals that reach back decades, yet we furnish the location as well. We could not […]

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Iraq War Veterans Disagree Mr. Obama – Bad Deal!

Editor’s Note – (SUA) stands by all veterans and especially the “Veterans Against the Deal” and we agree with their message. Our Chairman and Founder, MG Paul Vallely has been very out spoken on the Iranian Deal and was one of the speakers at the ‘Stop Iran Rally’ in Times Square, NYC and lauds this fine group of heroes. […]

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Obama and Kerry – Delusional and Insulting, ‘Iran’s Lawyers’

By Scott W. Winchell Events concerning the Iran Deal revealed a new low in the Presidency of Obama, and his equally “delusional” Secretary of State, John Kerry. A speech Obama gave yesterday and an interview John Kerry also had this week both insult our intelligence and show how utterly contemptuous and naive each is – all […]

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