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Prosecutorial Discretion Justification? Twisted and Tortured Logic!

Editor’s Note – Once again Andy McCarthy has nailed the issue – this time on Obama’s upcoming justification for unilateral action on immigration. To put it simply, prosecutorial discretion as a basis for Obama’s upcoming action is tortured and twisted logic. On at least 25 occasions, Obama has been recorded telling an audience that he […]

Muslim Prayer Service at Nat. Cathedral – Gohmert Video

Editor’s Note – In recent days, prior to yesterday’s “inter-faith” Muslim prayer service at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., many Episcopalians and fellow Christians where righteously infuriated that their church would be used for such an event. Many knew that this would violate their church because under Sharia law, wherever Muslims hold prayer services, […]

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Obama Just Doesn’t Get It – Immigration Standoff and Elections

Editor’s Note – “Elections have consequences,” remember that Obama quote? Apparently only when he and his team win! Obama just doesn’t get how things must work by law and Constitution – either consciously or by complete disregard. It has always been his way or the highway where negotiation is never done in an honest manner […]

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‘Call it the stupidity of America’ – Gruber Video on ObamaCare

Editor’s Note – Most transparent administration ever…? ‘Fraud in the inducement‘ – Obama Care! The chief architect of this disaster now reveals that they relied on America to be “stupid’ and admitted it. We have reported and written about this crime on America so often, it is hard to choose which words to introduce this […]

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Valerie Jarrett – Time for the “Shadow COS” to go? Never!

Editor’s Note – Is it time to fire someone? Valerie Jarrett? It’ll never happen, but for the good of America, she never should have been in such a position of influence in the first place. No, especially since she had so little experience and ability other than being Michelle’s best buddy and confidant, and therefore […]

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Boehner and McConnell Speak – Mr. Obama, it’s about the People

Editor’s Note – As many pundits agreed, the President’s response to the historical drubbing his party took on Tuesday  was dubious at best. He spoke about hearing the 2/3 of America that spoke by staying home instead of the ones that actually voted. It was almost contempt for the people to swat away how the […]

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MG Vallely – Reining in National Insecurity

Editor’s Note – Paul E. Vallely is a retired U.S. Army major general and is chairman of Stand Up America. Obama’s policies pose dire threat to Americans’ safety By Paul E. Vallely – Washington Times This Election Day, patriotic Americans must vote to rein in President Obama. Informed and objective observers can only conclude our president […]

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Obama Unhappy? Rebound After Today? Should We Fear That?

Editor’s Note – Is Obama unhappy? Is he tired of being President anymore? Has he not gotten his way and now wants to take his ball and go home? Well, that is the talk we keep hearing across the board. Here is an excellent article that delves deep into the subject and with today’s election […]

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The 114th Congress – What must it address for the people first?

By Denise Simon We hesitate to count our chickens before they hatch when it comes to the midterm results on Tuesday night, November 4th, but it’s never too early to start planning for the positive outcome we hope for and America deserves. Additionally, by planning ahead, we feel that our message will help propel one […]

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Obama Iran Agenda – 2nd Term Legacy Item Akin to ObamaCare

Editor’s Note – It is now official, Iran is Obama’s legacy goal for his second term just as ObamaCare was his first term legacy item. How do we know this? Ben Rhodes, a White House advisor tells us so in the article below. This may be new to most of the country, but it has […]

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