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Obama’s Unexplainable Stance on Iran – Threads Connect

Obama’s Swaps Israel for Iran Connecting Events Across the Globe that Prove Iran is a Grave Threat to America By Scott W. Winchell and Denise Simon, SUA Staff Several stories in the news of late are seemingly unrelated but when we take a closer view, one thread connects them, Iran. Now ask yourself, is Iran a […]

Obama Vs. Reality – State of the Union 2015

Editor’s Note – With yet another diminished number of people watching Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Address (SOTU), Obama rambled on for more than an hour and never once mentioned al Qaida. Like his term “violent extremists,” he just cannot say the words “militant Islam” or similar phrases because he sees the world as he […]

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Obama – Damage Control After Paris Snub

Editor’s Note – In the historic rally in Paris, the United States was represented by its Ambassador to France, Jane Hartley. When the world’s leaders, like Israel’s Bibi Netyanyahu and up to 40 others do attend openly, the Obama Administration embarrassed our nation by not sending a higher ranked official. Stand Up America’s sources tell […]

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“Year of Action” – Obama’s ‘Success’ – Regulate More

Editor’s Note – Recently we saw yet another email from the fund raising arm of the DNC touting the Presidents ‘year of action’ and that they need yet more money to help him have another success in 2015. Looking at his previous six years of action, the country really cannot afford any more ‘action’ by this President, especially […]

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NPR Interview – Obama Talks About Iran, Embassy?

Editor’s Note – In an interview with NPR, one delayed for over 11 days, Obama reveals his true intent once again toward despots, strongmen, and tyrants.  Obama shocked the world many times with his appeasement mentality, but just recently Cuba was perhaps the biggest – now Iran? He talks about Iran with ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ […]

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McCarthy – “Knives Come Out for Senators Cruz and Lee”

The Knives Come Out for Senators Cruz and Lee Republican leaders don’t want them to derail Obama’s amnesty. By Andrew C. McCarthy – NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE Last weekend, Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee forced every senator to vote, on the public record, regarding the constitutionality of President Obama’s unilateral decree of effective amnesty for millions […]

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‘Fourth Quarters,’ Sony, and ‘I’m Not Done’ – Hawaii

Editor’s Note – As Obama conducted his end of the year press conferences, several catch phrases emerged and each tell us a great deal about what he is thinking as he goes on vacation to Hawaii. Not in any particular order, the first is ‘I’m not done,’ and then there is the ‘fourth quarter,’ and […]

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Obama Immigration Action Ruled Unconstitutional By Court

Editor’s Note – Ruling that Obama’s decree was “beyond prosecutorial discretion,” we now have a court agreeing with what we all knew – Obama overstepped his authority. Alas, we are so used to his misdeeds (being nice) it should be cheers, but until he is stopped we await the next shoe to drop from the administration. […]

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Judicial Watch – Docs Confirm Congress Approved EITs

Editor’s Note – As expected, evidence that Diane Feinstein and others in Congress like Nancy Pelosi that they were indeed briefed and signed off on interrogations for years despite blatant denials. Subsequently we know that the enhanced techniques were last used in December of 2007, long before Obama banned them in 2009. It is just […]

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Brennan on CIA – Refutes Report Conclusions, Definitions

Editor’s Note – John Brennan, CIA director had to take to the interview stage thanks to the furor raised over the release of the Senate Select Committee’s one-sided report on the CIA as presented by Chairwoman Diane Feinstein. It was unprecedented and very rare indeed, but that is the level to which this explosive story […]

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