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‘Smoking Memo’ Belies Denials On Non-Citizen Ebola Patients

Editor’s Note – Once again, the White House and the State Department are misleading the public over Ebola. Many believe they are flat out lying, but you be the judge. One thing is certain, the story always changes with this administration. The State Department denied that there was any plan to bring non-citizens here for treatment […]

“Stonewalled” – Sharyl Attkisson’s Book Unloads on Media Bias

Editor’s Note – The subject of media bias is not new, nor is it new that many in the media are closely tied to this administration through marriage, familial relationships, or as close friends. The Washington Post ran a story back in 2013 about these relationships and posted the following excerpts: It’s all but a […]

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Valerie Jarrett – ‘Cover-up Czar’ or Advisor to POTUS

Editor’s Note – We now have yet another Czar reporting to the White House, this time, a political hack to oversee the Ebola crisis. Did you know we have another unnamed Czar in charge of cover-ups? It appears we have had an unannounced Czar, the “Cover-up Czar” who goes by another title: “Senior Advisor to […]

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UPDATE: Iran Wins, the World Loses – Goodbye Kobani

UPDATE 8:30 PM Eastern, 10/10/14 – SUA has received further information in regard to the analysis in this posted article from multiple, high ranking sources in the Middle East that affirm that the United States, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Turkey have agreed to allow Kobani to fall to the ISIS (Daesh) forces. They have decided to deal […]

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Daesh (ISIS) Closes in on Baghdad Airport, Kobani – Obama Fail

Editor’s Note – The charade that is Obama’s assault on Daesh (ISIS), meant to degrade and destroy is obvious now – it is just a political ploy to get him through the midterms. Once again, Obama and team place politics ahead of policy, and sadly, American and allied national security. In addition to the article […]

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Job Report 5.9% – Why the Malaise? The Numbers Game

Editor’s Note – Once again we have a ‘Jobs Report’ emerge with mixed messages, but is it truly mixed?  The September report came out this morning and showed growth and on that positive number, we are sure we will hear Obama continue to brag about the longest cycle of job growth in our entire history. […]

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Veils Cast Over Truth – Terror, ‘Khorosan’ and Islam

By Scott W. Winchell and Denise Simon What’s in a name? No! We are not discussing the rose, rather Islam. More specifically, who “IS” the “Khorosan Group?” Invent a name, hide the past. That is what resulted from an aide referring to the location this group from al Qaeda in Afghanistan came from sources tell us. Conveniently […]

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D’Souza Sentenced – ‘Community Confinement,’ DOJ Misled Judge

By Scott W. Winchell, SUA Editor Noted Obama critic and conservative icon Dinesh D’Souza was spared actual prison time for pleading guilty to election law violations. He was fined a healthy sum, sentenced to probation for a lengthy period, and must serve an eight month stint in a ‘community confinement center’ as part of his […]

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Jihad Terror Is Here In America – Tevlin Murder in NJ

Editor’s Note – Is homegrown Jihadi Terror active here at home? Of course it is and now we can see that not only did we have the Boston Marathon Bombing and the Fort Hood Massacre – we now see that a young man, Brendan Tevlin was killed in South Orange, NJ. There are many more instances, […]

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McCarthy – Obama ISIS “Management” – A National Discussion?

Editor’s Note – So what will our illustrious leader, President Obama, tell us tonight regarding ISIS, Iraq, Syria, and terror threats the day before the second anniversary of Benghazi and the 13th anniversary of 9/11/01? Are we in for a ‘fireside chat’, or a ‘come to Jesus moment’, maybe this is when Obama becomes an […]

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