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Clinton Foundation Tied To Yet Another Scandal – FIFA

Editor’s Note – The Clinton Foundation, (Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton) has once again been tied to corruption, racketeering (RICO), and bribery. In our Nation of laws, where NO person is above the law of the land, will the Clinton’s, once and for all face a jury of their peers? Or will the DOJ ignore the […]

Obama CG Speech – Cruise at Low Tide Near the Rocks

By Scott W. Winchell, SUA Editor A speech to the Coast Guard Graduates – It is a low tide, along a very rocky shore line – America is cruising in a very low tide, with the ‘Skipper-from-Behind’ on the bridge. Talk about a “Rear” Admiral; beware the rocks dead-ahead! Apparently everything that goes wrong for the […]

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Saudi Snub has Deeper Meaning as Iran Nixes Inspections

Editor’s Note – Regardless how the White House spun the story of being snubbed by Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and three other leaders of Gulf States at the Camp David summit, it was obvious to clear thinking people that it was just that; a snub. The article below explains why it is actually even worse. […]

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BoA Warns Of Scary Summer Ahead In Stock Market

Editor’s Note –  This “Twilight Zone”—the transition period between the end of quantitative easing and the first rate hike by the Fed, as it tries to normalize its fiscal policy. SUA Staff  feel it is necessary to warn of the possibility that this could cause great volatility for any investor or pension fund holder and […]

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Air Supremacy? Are We Still the Best? Most Expensive Fighter

Editor’s Note – With the most expensive fighter in history, the F-35, is our Air Force still the dominant force across the globe? Is the F-35 really the leading edge? What about the F-22 Raptor? Is Russia or China that far behind, or are we falling behind? If you watched the interview Shepard Smith of […]

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DHS Fails to Account for Number of Illegals Allowed to Stay

Editor’s Note – It does not surprise us that the DHS is so shoddy in accounting for the number of illegal immigrants it allows to stay in the country. After all, the Obama administration has totally subverted our immigration system and fails our citizenry to be secure within our borders. Once again, we only find […]

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Russia Flexes Might – The Fearsome Armata T-14 Tank

Editor’s Note – In the relentless build-up of his military, Putin and Russia are growing as a threat and are filling the leadership vacuum created by President Obama. Putin rolled out a fierce new armored titan, the Armata T-14 tank on their Victory Day Parade. The Western allies though, stayed away this time, in protest […]

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Inside the ‘Clinton Cash’ war room – The Attack Plan

Editor’s Note – When the NY Times broke the story about Peter Schweizer’s book entitled ‘Clinton Cash,’ the attacks came immediately from The Clinton camp. Their talking points were flying fast and furiously and many asked how they knew what was in the book when it had not been released in full. The answer – the […]

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“Pander-bear” Audio Emerges, Clinton Flip-Flops

Editor’s Note – The Clintons and their advisors sure are cocky, or is it dense, to think they could walk out “Hillary-2015 talk,” knowing full well, her “Hillary-2003 talk” is diametrically opposed. Who is she now? What will “Hillary-2016″ be, or the following versions in later years? The are cocky, because they think America will forget […]

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Jade Helm 15 – Something to Fear? Gaining Perspective

By Scott W. Winchell Jade Helm 15! A story with legs? A conspiracy theory minefield? Or is it a real threat like the way the Obama administration has ‘weaponized’ so many agencies of our Federal government? Many people see smoke here and therefore believe a fire must be around the corner. But are the theories […]

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