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Making BFFs – Obama Curries Favor with Big Business and 1%ers

Editor’s Note – For almost six years as President, along with his campaign rhetoric prior, and his short stint in the Senate, Obama has railed against big business, fat cats, bankers, Wall Street, and beyond. He always tried to appeal to the masses as being separate from the 1%, and for the 99%. The problem […]

Adm. Lyons – Foreign Policy Malfeasance and Nonfeasance

Editor’s Note – The author of the following article is James A. Lyons, a U.S. Navy retired admiral, was commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and senior U.S. military representative to the United Nations. Admiral Lyons is also a Kitchen Cabinet member of Stand Up America US. The fallout from foreign-policy malfeasance and nonfeasance […]

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Time to Think – Suing the Executive Branch, a Primer

Editor’s Note – Of late, the ‘I-word’ has been thrown about liberally in relation to not only Obama, but also in relation to some of his cabinet, including AG Eric Holder. Great legal and political minds correctly determined that today, impeachment is a political solution to a legal problem. They are thinkers, not emotional, ideological reactionaries. […]

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An ‘Insignificant Person’ – Pelosi Breaches Protocol, Decorum

Editor’s Note – Nancy Pelosi has been attributed with many off-the-wall comments, statements, speeches, and more. Now, she one-upped herself in a major breach of protocol and decorum. She has simply proven who the “insignificant person” is, and it is not Rep. Tom Marino R-PA, the Congressman she assailed as such! Can anyone justify her […]

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Senate goes on vacation as House passes a Border Bill

Editor’s Note – Border crisis – security or humanitarian issue? The answer depends on your political goals and/or ideology, but one thing is clear, our national security needs at the border have never been fully met, and the humanitarian crisis is a creation of the President. He has created a play on emotions for nefarious […]

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Leaked Tape – Did Obama Get Dismissive and Back Hamas?

Editor’s Note – Earlier today, a breaking news story from Israel, reported by numerous sources, claimed an American leaked a transcript and/or tape of the actual conversation between Obama and Netanyahu on Sunday that caught everyone’s attention. It also caused an almost immediate declaration from the White House and the Department of State, and then later […]

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Sellin – Why Obama fails and succeeds

By LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD - Family Security Matters Barack Obama fails because of the content of his character. He is amoral, lacking an ability to judge himself or his actions by any value or virtue. In his mind, Obama is good not because he is honest or wise; Obama is good because he is Obama. The […]

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‘Do Nothing’ Obama – The ‘Campaigner-In-Chief’

Let’s Give Him the Job He Really Wants and Maybe Save the World By Scott W. Winchell and Denise Simon, SUA Editors In light of recent tragedies, terror attacks, domestic scandals, wars in the Middle East, a new Caliphate terror state, voter fraud in Afghanistan, border humanitarian and national security lapses, what do we really […]

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“So, Sue Me” – Rules Comm. Hearing on ‘Standing’ Held

By SUA Staff Say what you will, but the proposed law suit against Obama being planned by Speaker Boehner on Executive Branch over reach was held its first hearing today on the authorization to initiate action bill and it was very enlightening to those who follow the law and constitutional issues closely. We are in […]

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EPA – Garnish Wages? Judge, Jury, Executioner!

Editor’s Note – The EPA is perhaps one the most powerful agencies in the US government when it comes to direct control over the individual. It is perhaps second only to the IRS in this regard and with the recent revelations of weaponization of our federal agencies, the EPA is just as famous for playing […]

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