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Gruber Much Greater in ACA, King v. Burwell Decision Looms

Editor’s Note – As the Supreme Court gets set to hand down its ruling in the King v. Burwell case concerning subsidies for Obamacare in states without their own exchanges, much consternation has gripped Washington, D.C. The ruling could came any day now. The case here isn’t about the law in general, it’s about the […]

Clinton Campaign Manager Mooks Spews Doozy

Editor’s Note – Hillary’s Campaign is using the old tactic – keep telling the same lie and eventually people will believe it. There is proof from many major polls that show Hillary is not believed to be honest, and tells lies to the public – so does her campaign manager, Robby Mook. We need to use […]

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Democrats Accuse Gowdy of Politicizing Investigations

Editor’s Note – Democrats are accusing Rep. Gowdy, Chairmen of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, of using the investigation for fundraising. Elijah Cummings and his troops are once again trying to take the focus off of Hillary. Once again, they are doing a great disservice to those they represent; all for political ends in their now […]

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Obama – Muslim Brotherhood Allegiance

Editor’s Note – As we here at SUA have witnessed, with more and more evidence coming to light, this administration is working “against” our American values. He has made our allies enemies and our enemies friends. They are not our friends. They hope to take our Nation over. The Muslim Brotherhood is working to take over […]

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Labor Report Shows Gains, The Market Impact, EU Troubles

Editor’s Note – The monthly jobs report is in and many are calling it an improvement while others are much more skeptical. Yes, there was a sizable gain in jobs, and the U1 rate stayed at 5.5%, but those are deceptive because of the numbers that underlie the broader picture. Americans are finding jobs, but […]

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Alan Keyes – GOP Complicit in Benghazi Coverup

Editor’s Note – Much is owed the men who sacrificed their all at Benghazi.  This is especially the case concerning uncovering the truth in getting to the answers to the critical questions of the families of “THE BENGHAZI FOUR”. Is the GOP complicit, you decide! After all, why has it taken so long? GOP COMPLICIT IN BENGHAZI COVERUP What […]

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Clinton Foundation Tied To Yet Another Scandal – FIFA

Editor’s Note – The Clinton Foundation, (Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton) has once again been tied to corruption, racketeering (RICO), and bribery. In our Nation of laws, where NO person is above the law of the land, will the Clinton’s, once and for all face a jury of their peers? Or will the DOJ ignore the […]

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Obama CG Speech – Cruise at Low Tide Near the Rocks

By Scott W. Winchell, SUA Editor A speech to the Coast Guard Graduates – It is a low tide, along a very rocky shore line – America is cruising in a very low tide, with the ‘Skipper-from-Behind’ on the bridge. Talk about a “Rear” Admiral; beware the rocks dead-ahead! Apparently everything that goes wrong for the […]

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Saudi Snub has Deeper Meaning as Iran Nixes Inspections

Editor’s Note – Regardless how the White House spun the story of being snubbed by Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and three other leaders of Gulf States at the Camp David summit, it was obvious to clear thinking people that it was just that; a snub. The article below explains why it is actually even worse. […]

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BoA Warns Of Scary Summer Ahead In Stock Market

Editor’s Note –  This “Twilight Zone”—the transition period between the end of quantitative easing and the first rate hike by the Fed, as it tries to normalize its fiscal policy. SUA Staff  feel it is necessary to warn of the possibility that this could cause great volatility for any investor or pension fund holder and […]

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