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No Iranian Signage on Nuke Deal! What’s the Deal?

Editor’s Note – Obama and team, including the P5+1, are ‘trusting the untrustworthy,’ and that is putting it mildly at best – how utterly naive, or worse. Maybe Obama really does want that Caliphate to succeed – not with ISIS/ISIL/Daesh, but with Iran in charge, hmmm? (Read into that what you will.) Many retired generals, admirals, […]

Adm. Lyons – Can you tell whose side Obama is on?

Editor’s Note – When it comes to National Security we really should be listening to those that are experienced military advisors, not political advisors pretending to be National Security advisors. Obama’s distorted strategy The president soothes anti-Western grievances at great cost By Adm. James A. “Ace” Lyons (USN Ret.) – Washington Times While France remains in […]

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Obama Scolds, Kerry Says Hebdo Attackers Had ‘Legitimacy’

Legitimate Fears in US Over Da’esh Attacks Possibly Here Next By Scott W. Winchell John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and Bernie Sanders live in an alternate universe – it is no longer in doubt. If it were not so sad and dangerous, one would have to laugh. Talk about delusional people, it’s time we […]

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r/K Selection Theory, Which Are You? Liberals Explained

Editor’s Note – Did you ever wonder makes a liberal think and say what they do? Do you wonder why people like Obama, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton cannot bring themselves to utter the words Islamic terrorism? In the world of conservatives vesus liberals/progressives/socialists/Marxists, it’s “worry now, play later versus play now, worry later” genetic […]

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Critique of the 2nd Democrat Debate, from all sides

By Suzanne Price – When Hillary spoke after the debate, she announced to the small gathering, “The other side (meaning the Republicans) does not want young people to be involved, they don’t want young people to register and vote, they don’t want people of color, they don’t want elderly people, they want to prevent you from […]

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Appeals Court Upholds Decision on Obama Amnesty Ploy

Editor’s Note – It’s the rule-of-law Mr. Obama! Okay, maybe not for the Obama and Clinton types who rule by fiat and expect you to take the punishment and just ask for another one. Fortunately we have Texas, a state none-to-pleased with Obama’s unilateral executive orders, especially on illegal immigrants and numerous suits and attacks […]

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Uneven Candidate Vetting, HRC Signed Form, Carson Attacked

Editor’s Note – Vetting the candidates is hard work, you really have to dig hard into the past and pick apart everything that person ever did or said, that is unless you are Obama or a Clinton according to most on the left in media. Candidates often forget we have the internet, FOIA laws, and […]

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New Hillary emails don’t match her testimony – too big to jail?

Editor’s Note – It is clear that Hillary Clinton and her supporters have seemingly won a political victory but that does not erase the clear fact that she has lied, lied often, and lied about her lies under oath. Since Obama has ‘transformed’ the rule-of-law system we rely upon for a civil society and replaced it […]

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No Debate; CNBC Debate Moderators’ Abysmal Performance

Editor’s Note – Here at SUA we often find ourselves watching endless coverage of Congressional hearings, reading almost every headline published and devouring most of the more impactful articles in depth and you can bet the house on the fact that we watch every debate, sometimes more than once. But last night may prove to […]

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Establishment GOP, throws in towel? “A sign of weakness!”

Editor’s Note – The ‘Establishment’ GOP throws in the towel without even putting up a fight? Does the ‘Ol’ Guard’, establishment GOP,  represent “We the People” or even those that put them into their offices? The Senate GOP Plan to Surrender Debt Control to Obama By Mike Flynn – Breitbart News Senate Republicans, led by […]

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