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IRS Report from House – Lerner and Treasury Totally Exposed

Editor’s Note – The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee released its report this morning on the IRS Scandal, specifically for the areas in which Lois Lerner is involved. It is 141 pages long, but well worth the read. Since most in the country’s citizens do not have the time, it becomes abundantly clear how […]

‘Ultimate Fight Between Left and Right’ – Terrorist Ayers vs. D’Souza

Editor’s Note – Billed as the “Ultimate Fight Between Left and Right,” Dartmouth University’s “Dartmouth Review” hosted the debate between Bill Ayers and Dinesh D’Souza last night, streamed on many web sites. Of course, no one would call Dinesh D’Souza the ultimate conservative, but we surely know Bill Ayers is the epitome of the “uber-left.” […]

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EBT Card Fiasco a Test Run for Planned Program Suspension in Nov.?

Editor’s Note – The shutdown pain will continue apparently. The White House and Harry Reid have long term plans for it as well it appears. What else do they have up their sleeve to hurt the American people all to make political hay. Blame those dastardly “Tea Party zealots” those “extremists”. Was that EBT card […]

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Obama Admin Missed 50% of Deadlines on Obamacare to Date

Editor’s Note – As Republicans wrangle over how to stop the full implementation of Obamacare, one thing is certain, even Obama is having trouble implementing his own signature legislation. That in and of itself is reason to conclude that it was a failure out of the gate. Obama is making unilateral changes, unlawfully, with lame […]

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Media Silent on Legal War Against Them

Editor’s Note -  The First Amendment and the Shield Law that both include protections of the media and their sources are under attack by the Department of Justice and this administration continues its seemingly official declared war on investigative journalists hence the reason there are very few left. Sadly, the media is too spineless to fight back with voicing opposition and […]

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Unions Express Anger Over Obamacare

Editor’s Note -  Selective application or execution of the law is not permitted within the Oath taken by anyone in government, most especially by President Barack Obama. Only recently, via a government blog, was it noticed that the White House has chosen to suspend for a year the employer mandate effective date. Yesterday, the people’s […]

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SCOTUS effectively kills Prop 8, gay marriage okay in California

Editor’s Note - Voters are the enemy of the state. Today, the high court once again dealt a defeating blow to the Defense of Marriage Act with two rulings. Powerful lobbies have snatched the power of the voter in California under Proposition 8 where the liberal 9th Circuit destroyed the legitimate vote against gay marriage in […]

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InBloom, Common Core – the Gates’ Ambitions – Data Collection

Editor’s Note – Have you heard about Common Core yet? If you have school aged children you may already know about it but if you don’t already know what it represents, perhaps you need to look closer. Also, remember that even if you do not have children in school, these people are teaching future voters […]

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Rice to be replaced by Power at U.N. – Beware Israel

Editor’s Note – The number one representative to the U.N. should be the most ardent supporter of the USA and her allies, no…? That’s right, the same woman who is married to Cass Sunstein, the former “Information Tsar” or more precisely, Director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs! Cass Sunstein who is the author […]

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Promises not kept, subpoenas issued to Kerry

Editor’s Note – When in his confirmation hearings, John Kerry, now Secretary of State made certain promises, yet now the House Oversight and Reform Committee had to subpoena more records not yet forthcoming: In his congressional debut as secretary of state, Mr. Kerry promised to work with Rep. Edward R. Royce, California Republican and committee chairman, “to have […]

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