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Sellin – “DC Arrogantly Dismisses Voter Sentiment”

Editor’s Note – What we witnessed in recent weeks and months in Congress regarding the Iran Deal is nothing short of atrocious, a complete debacle that allowed the Democrats to hand a victory over to Obama. This of course lends credence to the reasons many of us believe why three outsiders and one “Maverick” Senator […]

Obama, Clinton Donors Sell ‘Green’ Fuel to DOD for $149/Gal.

Editor’s Note – Every time we turn around there is another scandal that is directly related to the Clinton Family Foundation, Obama and/or the Democratic’s. With recent news about the FBI investigating the email server issue, we can get lost in the depth of the scandals. This is yet another example of the shake down […]

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Media Hiding News Of Black Mob Violence; Pittsburgh

Editor’s Note – When we watch the news about about major rampages like those that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri, or in Baltimore, Maryland, there was wall-to-wall coverage on most media. The problem is that those are not rare, but we only see the footage when it involved a white cop “killing” a black youth. What about the […]

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Flags Lowered as Seniors,Vets Feel the Bite of Gun Control

By SUA Staff – This week America takes yet another step toward totalitarianism thanks to Obama’s Progressive agenda and a spate of new regulations. All at a time of mourning. A day does not go by where more of our freedoms are not being taken away as our Country becomes a more dangerous place to live, a more […]

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Krauthammer On Iran ‘Deal’ – Rubin: Speech Simply ‘Ridiculous’

Editor’s note – Charles Krauthammer needs little in the way of introduction, in his brilliant column published this morning, he reduces the Iran deal Obama and Kerry are now defending, down to its core – an abysmal deal that cannot truly be defended without the audience cringing – even his ardent supporters. Krauthammer explains the deal […]

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“People Should and Do Trust Me” – Really? Liar, Shame CNN

Editor’s Note – As Hillary Clinton answers questions about her trustworthiness, she blames it on Republicans – as she flat out lies in the same interview! Again we ask, how is Mrs. Clinton even a viable candidate? She is just another case of being famous for being famous; there is no other explanation accept that she […]

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Obama’s Middle East Strategy

By Scott Adams – Bugle Call President Obama recently commented at the G7 Summit in Germany that he does not yet have a complete plan regarding how to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Obama cited that he is still waiting on an acceptable plan from the Pentagon as well as compliance with Iraqi leadership. […]

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Nation of Wimps? Hawkins Asks if this is What We’ve Become

Editor’s Note – MG Vallely came across this article and asked for it to be posted because it reflects his and the staff of SUA’s opinion on the decline of our nation. His National Call to Action has been heeded by so many, but to date, not enough to warrant the need for the article […]

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Cameron Surprising Win – Ex-Obama Advisors Involved Deeply

Editor’s Note – Few in America pay attention to foreign elections, but when countries like Israel and the United Kingdom hold one, we should pay close attention. The Obama people were sure involved, on both sides. In fact, political advisors from here seem to be quite the commodity in foreign elections as David Axelrod and […]

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Cheney Lambastes Obama – Playboy Interview Summary

Editor’s Note – Very simply, we could not agree more with Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney accused Obama of ‘playing the race card’ in a Playboy interview By COLIN CAMPBELL – Business Insider (James Rosen for Playboy) Former US Vice President Dick Cheney doesn’t mince words when it comes to President Barack Obama. In a new interview […]

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