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Petraeus, Panetta to testify; Select Committee on Benghazi

Editor’s Note – Special Operations Speaks, Thank you for sharing this article. Panetta, Petraeus to address Benghazi Committee behind closed doors By Julian Hattem – The Hill Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and ex-CIA Director David Petraeus will be interviewed this week in a pair of closed-door sessions of the House’s Select Committee on Benghazi, the […]

Annual Fund Drive Message – MG Vallely

Editor’s note – Fund Raising Message from: MG Paul E. Vallely. US Army Ret. To all my friends, supporters and all who are Americans and Patriots First. We continue to witness America at a crossroads. Our country has been ‘fundamentally changed’ for the worse but we can Restore America and the Republic. We cannot stand by idly […]

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Desertion Charge Faces Bergdahl in General Court Martial

Editor’s Note – As we all saw President Obama celebrate the recovery of Bowe Bergdahl in a Rose Garden press conference May 31, 2014, it became clear that it was a political ploy. The White House smeared those who spoke to the press who were his fellow soldiers and even Susan Rice was interviewed about Bergdahl the […]

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Adm. Lyons – Obama Undermining Our Military, World Standing

Editor’s Note – James A. (Ace) Lyons is a retired US Navy Admiral who was the one-time commander-in-chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and a senior U.S. military representative to the United Nations. Adm. Lyons is also a Stand Up America US “Kitchen Cabinet” member and co-founded the Citizens Commission on Benghazi with MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret.), organized […]

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Pentagon Warns Recruit Stations to Report Civilian Guards

Editor’s Note – In the wake of the Chattanooga terror attack, many civilians have voluntarily begun protecting many recruitment offices across the land; that is, in states where carrying a loaded firearm in the open is still legal. An honorable thing for sure, especially since the Pentagon ordered the increased security at such installations, but […]

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DC Court Rewinds Counter Terrorism Clock

Editor’s Note – What the DC Circuit Court just did, was to rewind the counter terrorism clock back to Bill Clinton. All the advancements that have taken place in dealing with terrorists have just become null and void. Considering most of these terrorists are not US citizens. Should we really be treating them with all the rights afforded to a […]

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Veteran’s ‘Death By Suicide’ Out-number War Casualties

Editor’s Note – SUA has noted our Veterans, after going off to war, tend to bring the war back home in their personal lives. For many it is a very difficult situation. They return home only to find there are no jobs, no way to make a decent living – it is difficult to ‘fit back in.’  They […]

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2015 Memorial Day Message – MG Paul Vallely

By MG Paul E. Vallely, We pause this day in America to remember our fallen heroes, the men and women who answered the call of freedom and paid the ultimate sacrifice. We lament our losses, the losses of our friends, the losses from our communities and our nation as a whole – we bow our […]

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Air Supremacy? Are We Still the Best? Most Expensive Fighter

Editor’s Note – With the most expensive fighter in history, the F-35, is our Air Force still the dominant force across the globe? Is the F-35 really the leading edge? What about the F-22 Raptor? Is Russia or China that far behind, or are we falling behind? If you watched the interview Shepard Smith of […]

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What Would General Haig Do? – McInerney Honored, Speech

Editor’s Note –  The following are the remarks made by Lt Gen (Ret) Thomas G. McInerney, USMA ’59, former Asst Vice Chief of Staff, USAF, upon presentation to him of the GEN Alexander M. Haig, Jr., Guardian of Liberty Award, at the 2015 Founder’s Day Dinner of the West Point Society of Philadelphia, on Saturday, […]

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