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Yemen Chaos – WH “Model,” Saudis Attack, Iran Condemns

Editor’s Note – As the White continues to insist that Yemen is a “model for successful counterterrorism“, the President of Yemen flees the country by boat. Like many of the aspects of the Obama Administration’s foreign policy and “overseas contingency” operations, failure is obvious but they just will not admit failure and continue to cover […]

Petulant POTUS – Threatens Bibi with UN over 2-State Issue

Editor’s Note – Now that Netanyahu has stunned both his country’s leftist media and ours, and set Obama into a tirade, Obama is threatening Netanyahu before he even calls to congratulate him on his stunning victory. We and many others have chronicled Obama’s loathe for Netanyahu for years, but now, it is not even arguable […]

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Senate To Probe Possible Obama Intrusion Of Israeli Election

Editor’s Note – With the election in Israel due this week; with Netanyahu facing a vote that seems to have turned from his favor, were the efforts by “One Voice” and associated groups successful in their efforts to unseat Netanyahu? We will find out, but right now some in the Senate think so and they […]

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Najjar Updates Full House on ME – Glacier Forum Series

By Scott W. Winchell SUA and MG Vallely’s Middle East expert, Nagi N. Najjar, gave an excellent presentation on the current state affairs regarding Syria, al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Middle East at the Glacial Forum in Montana. The event was sponsored by Stand Up America US and is the latest in its series of […]

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“Netanyahu’s Moment” – The “Deal,” a “Chamberlain Moment?”

By SUA Staff Come Tuesday, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel will give his much discussed speech to a joint session of Congress. Netanyahu has already arrived in Washington, D. C. and the anticipation builds. No matter what side of the aisle you reside, this is a momentous time for the Middle East, and […]

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al Qaeda frees six of its own, Houthis, Yemen – Iran big winner

Editor’s Note – With the closing of the United State’s embassy in Yemen this week, and the subsequent report that while leaving the Marines defending the staff and installation had to disarm prior to exiting the country, conflicting reports abound. What it does show though, with alarming clarity, the Obama administration has yet another stark […]

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Israelis Reveal Hamas War Crime Evidence

Editor’s Note – As the world continues to lay blame on Israel, for a whole host of charges, we ask again, do you know who the real criminals are? Is there true evil in Gaza? Is the U.N. capable and ready to look at the scene in a sincere and justified fashion? We doubt it. […]

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Gaza – War Crimes Against Humanity, Who are the True Culprits?

Editor’s Note – With all the hand wringing and accusations that Israel was committing war crimes in Gaza, who really is the war criminal? Palestinian supporters who act as if Hamas is a legitimate governmental entity need to learn a lot about the laws of war and what it means to provide support for a […]

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Kerry’s Cease-fire Plan – Has he just “disembarked his spaceship”

Editor’s Note – The usually left-leaning Haaretz publication in Israel posted an article from one of their few less left-leaning journalists today about John Kerry’s latest ventures over structuring a cease fire in Gaza. Barak Ravid nails Kerry but leaves him some wiggle room that we at SUA will not abide, but suffice it to […]

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US Judge Finds Iran/NK Liable in 2006 Missile Attacks on Israel

Editor’s Note – Who is responsible for the latest missile barrages from Gaza on the innocents in Israel? The same folks as in 2006, 2009, 2012… Iran, NK, but unnamed as yet, Qatar! At least someone in government understands what is happening in the Middle East. A Federal Judge in the US finds for the […]

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