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The Truth About Iraq – “Johnny Walker” Interview

Editor’s Note – We are inundated by political spin based in very deep divisions and emotions when it comes to Iraq. On the right, left, or anywhere on the political spectrum, opinions often trump fact. Since 2005, SUA has been striving to bring you the facts and why they matter, and that has never been […]

ME Intelligence Update – Iraq’s ‘King of Clubs’

Editor’s Note – The following report was the subject of last night’s “Cowboy Logic” radio program on WDFP, and was hosted by Donna Fiducia and Don Neuen. Their guests were the authors of the report and the show was riveting. You will learn things here that no outlet in the United States can provide. Col. […]

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US Undermined Egyptian Counter-Terrorism War on MB

Editor’s Note – The author of the following article, Tera Dahl is the Executive Director of the Council on Global Security. She is also a partner with Stand Up America US and recently planned and implemented the recent trip MG Vallely and a delegation of other national security experts and journalists made to meet with senior officials […]

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Israel Foe Robert Malley Obama’s New MidEast Man

Editor’s Note – From the “Shake My Head” files, Obama and Kerry want Robert Malley to be the new Middle East man. However this is not really new, he appears to have been retained all along as their man, and this goes all the way back to the Clinton Administration. Obama picked up that baton […]

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Brandeis Shuns Hirsi Ali and Free Speech

By Denise Simon – (Cross-posted at the web site) On the Brandeis University website it states the school is the only nonsectarian Jewish sponsored university in the country. The school was named for Louis Dembitz Brandeis, a former Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Then there is a sentence on the website that refers […]

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Israel, Gaza – Rockets Fly, We Must Not Lose Focus on Iran

Editor’s Note – It sure is a “noisy” world of late. Each week we see the overwhelming information fly by, and just when we think it got busy, events ramp up by an order of magnitude. The blur cannot be allowed to take focus off of important events that seem to have taken a back […]

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Vallely – The will of the Egyptian people should not be ignored

By Paul E. Vallely – Washington Examiner The U.S. Working Group on Egypt, a Carnegie Endowment for Peace creation, co-chaired by Robert Kagan of the Brookings Institution and Michele Dunne of Carnegie, recently wrote to President Obama expressing their profound concern over Egypt. If we choose the wrong policies toward this major ally, they write, it will […]

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Kerry Admits Failures in ME – “Boycott” Statement Blows Up

Editor’s Note – As we have pointed out in the past, many liberal leaning web sites are posting some interesting things of late – they are reporting failings of the Obama Administration. They are also conducting investigations that only a few short months or more ago would never even have been discussed prior to the […]

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Abbas is Barred from Peace Accord – ‘Palestinian’ Law

Editor’s Note – Paging John Kerry, paging Secretary of State John Kerry…there is an urgent call awaiting you. That call is a call to reality! You sir need to read history, read the laws of all involved, and have a reality check/intervention performed upon for you. Shouldn’t the Secretary of State be briefed on such […]

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ALERT – Update from Egypt, Correcting Western Media Reports

Editor’s Note – Stand Up America and our partners at The Westminster Institute have been in constant contact with their new friends in the government of Egypt under General al Sisi since their official visit last September with him and other high level state, church, and military leaders. Today, MG Vallely received an urgent update […]

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