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‘Reclaim America’ Converges on the White House Today

Editor’s Note – MG Vallely was invited to speak at the event today but due to prior engagements he could not make it. However, some of his writings were to be read today at the event that he and Stand Up America US fully support and encourage you to as well. Stay tuned for follow-ups […]

‘Nanny’ Bloomberg – “Soda Jerk” Restrained by Judge

Editor’s Note – ‘Nanny’ Bloomberg just had a dose of reality hit him square in the chops. With such a complicated and immense city to run, his ban on large portion sodas was one of the more insane issues to focus upon, yet the third term Mayor chose this to be one of his signature […]

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Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin to Speak at Montana School Event

STILLWATER CHRISTIAN SCHOOL PRESENTS… For Such A Time As This, An Evening With Lieutenant General William “Jerry” Boykin, US Army (Ret) You are invited to join us for a special evening with Lieutenant General William “Jerry” Boykin, a highly decorated Three Star General, founding member of the US Army’s elite Delta Force, Executive Vice-President of the […]

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USPS – Financial Disaster, Cuts Saturday Deliveries

Editor’s Note – Its been said over and over, the Federal Government cannot run anything where competition is involved, especially in the open market. An integral part of our history, the US Postal Service, has been a very large part of the backbone of our legal system, a subject few make the connection to, but […]

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Piers Morgan – Even the Brits don’t want him back

BY SUA Staff – Earth to Piers Morgan – you are not a citizen of the United States of America, you have no skin in the game here – get off our airwaves, shut up, go home…what? Oh, they don’t want you either? “Piers Morgan: The man with no moral compass who found his destiny […]

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Detroit – Time to Dissolve it?

Editor’s Note – Its a sad story, one rife with the results of decades of mismanagement – liberal mismanagement. Here is a portion of a previous posting about the decline: The sad story of Detroit, which not all that long ago was one of America’s great cities, gets sadder still. Having lost 60% of its […]

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Militarization of Local Police – Continuing story

Editor’s Note – Once again, another chapter in the militarization of our police and sheriff’s departments across America. The military is forbidden by the Posse Comitatus Act from enforcing civilian law within the borders of the USA. That may be a moot point now as we see military grade equipment at home, even in small […]

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Zimmerman – Does the ‘One-Drop Rule’ apply?

Editor’s Note – What determines whether or not a person ‘qualifies’ as being “black”, or African-American? Does the “one-drop rule” apply? If it does, then is Zimmerman “Black.” President Obama is Kenyan, Arab, Irish and also English, Welsh, Swiss, French, Scottish and German. Is he a “white, black man” or a “black, white man”? The […]

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Hoodie Justice – Diana West

Death of the Grown-up By Diana West Is there any interest in discovering the facts about the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman? Facts, after all, can undermine ideology. They have the power to dispel fantasy. They can put the brakes on error. They lead, sometimes, to logical conclusions. All of which means, in […]

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Rush to judgment? – facts are a funny thing…Trayvon

Editor’s Note- When the story first emerged, and SUA staff began to discuss the issue, the first thing we all agreed upon was, WAIT…don’t post anything…this one is going to blossom into a life of its own. Wait for it…wait…. We decided there was far too much missing in terms of fact, and we all […]

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