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‘Open Season’ on Police – During Police Appreciation Week

Editor’s Note – When big city Mayors, politically motivated prosecutors and State’s Attorneys, coupled with race-baiters, and even the White House and DOJ continue to make the police the scapegoat for the plight of people living in our poorest areas, it appears that ‘open-season’ has been declared on police. Just this year, three NYPD officers […]

Prosecution That Threatens a City, McCarthy Explains

Editor’s Note – Once again, Andy McCarthy cuts through the political mire to clearly show us exactly what the City of Baltimore’s State Attorney is doing, and how egregious her actions were regarding the six police officers charged in the Freddie Gray death. It seems that she is following the lead of the Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, […]

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ATF Backs Off on Proposed Ban on AR-15 M855 Ammo

Editor’s Note – Obama and his administration continue to underestimate America, and worse, they keep trying to decimate the Constitution – we were not having any of it! The ATF heard you and they BACKED OFF! ATF Temporarily Pulls Proposal to Ban AR-15 “Green Tip” Ammunition By Katie Pavlich – After an unprecedented response, the Bureau […]

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Keep your “ammo dry” and hidden – Obama seeks to ban 5.56

Editor’s Note – Here we go with the “pen and the phone” again. In this lame duck period of Obama’s second term, we are witnessing a flood of “pen” projects to get his “fundamental change” goals into action before anyone can stop him. Obama has a rather extensive record of that ‘change and hope’ thing […]

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Do you trust the system of voting where you live?

Editor’s Note – What could possibly go wrong if we extend voting periods, use mail-in systems, or rely on electronic ballots? Maybe illegals getting registered and voting, or making a choice on an electronic screen only to see it change before your eyes or see a different vote on your printout, or seeing erroneous ballots […]

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DOJ to Count Federal Weapons – Accountability and Trust?

Editor’s Note – Why does the Federal Government have so much ammunition and so many guns, outside of the Defense Department? This could take a long time with the numbers we have been reporting upon. That question has been on the minds of most Americans, and especially gun owners and patriots for many years under […]

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Holder – Clemency is an Old Game he has Played Well

Editor’s Note – Once again, Eric Holder, Obama’s Henchman, is subverting the law and therefore, the Constitution. Why? They do not like the law, and are now stretching prosecutorial discretion to lengths that defy standards. These subversives, clothed in ‘progressive’ terms, are nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing. They may skirt the lines of […]

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When the Cows Came Home – A Rancher’s Story, Our Story

UPDATED April 27 Link to story from the Blaze added. By Denise Simon and Scott Winchell Cliven Bundy and his entire family are the last ranchers standing in their area of Nevada due to the heavy handedness of the Federal Government that began in the 1870’s. In what has become a battle for the ages, […]

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Exec. Order on Minimum Wage – Illegal, Kills Jobs (CBO)

Editor’s Note – When the President gave his 2014 State of the Union speech in January, one of the major announcements was that he was going to unilaterally increase the minimum wage on government contract workers. Of course this was meant to show he was going to do things, despite Congress. After all, he said: […]

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Prisons Making America Less Safe – DOJ Inspector’s Report

Editor’s Note – Apparently, Eric Holder, Attorney General, is more inept as well as being corrupt and ideological – all leading to the most anti-constitutional and inept Department of Justice ever. Now an Inspector General’s report exposes how inept, to the point of having to spend more than double the amount needed to deal with […]

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