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Holder – Clemency is an Old Game he has Played Well

Editor’s Note – Once again, Eric Holder, Obama’s Henchman, is subverting the law and therefore, the Constitution. Why? They do not like the law, and are now stretching prosecutorial discretion to lengths that defy standards. These subversives, clothed in ‘progressive’ terms, are nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing. They may skirt the lines of […]

When the Cows Came Home – A Rancher’s Story, Our Story

UPDATE – April 19 – Since this report was filed, we have learned that there never was any discussion of putting women and children in front to stymie federal authorities as had been reported across many outlets. Former Sheriff Mack did not, nor did any of the protesters ever discussed this tactic. It appears it […]

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Exec. Order on Minimum Wage – Illegal, Kills Jobs (CBO)

Editor’s Note – When the President gave his 2014 State of the Union speech in January, one of the major announcements was that he was going to unilaterally increase the minimum wage on government contract workers. Of course this was meant to show he was going to do things, despite Congress. After all, he said: […]

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Prisons Making America Less Safe – DOJ Inspector’s Report

Editor’s Note – Apparently, Eric Holder, Attorney General, is more inept as well as being corrupt and ideological – all leading to the most anti-constitutional and inept Department of Justice ever. Now an Inspector General’s report exposes how inept, to the point of having to spend more than double the amount needed to deal with […]

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McCarthy – The Lawlessness of the ‘Fix’

Editor’s Note – Dictatorial powers, imperial presidency, fascist, deserter, war criminal, out-of-control, and racist were just some of the epithets hurled a George W. Bush when he was president; all from the left and Hollywood, but now, we hear crickets. Utter silence from the left now when Obama actually does what Bush was accused of […]

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DOJ Argues that Treaties Give Legal Basis for Gun Control

Editor’s Note – Secretary of State John Kerry assured America that his acceptance of the recent UN Arms Treaty would not affect our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms but apparently Eric Holder and his DoJ are angling to use it after all. Most Senators vowed that they will not vote to accept the treaty […]

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What’s in your government ‘jacket’? Columnist tried to find out.

Editor’s Note – Many of us in the ‘vast right wing conspiracy’, or as we are referred to by the DHS; possible domestic terrorists, it is a common thing to wonder just how big our individual and collective ‘jackets’ are at any number of federal, state, and local law enforcement and administrative agencies. Did you […]

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Hey, DoJ, Just the Facts Please

Posted By Denise Simon As a nation of laws, arguably the most important division of the Executive Branch of federal government in this regard is the Department of Justice (DoJ). Yet, in the last five years, we have witnessed volumes of enforcement and prosecution violations by the head of the DoJ, Attorney General Eric Holder. […]

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Obama’s ‘Gun Control’ Tour and the UN Arms Trade Treaty

By Scott W. Winchell, SUA Editor As Obama plods along through Connecticut and Colorado on his ‘Gun Control’ Tour prior to the US Senate taking a vote on new gun legislation, he is trotting out the same old tired arguments that remind one of German propaganda by Joseph Goebbels from early in the 20th century. He […]

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Gun Control Measures – Comparing Apples and Oranges

Editor’s Note – In Obama’s State of the Union address, he made headlines over the manner in which he delivered his message about gun control. He repeatedly asked for a ‘simple vote’ on gun measures from Congress on behalf of each major set of shooting victims over recent times. Employing one of his favorite tools, […]

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