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Kerry Pushes Deal as IAEA Reveals Iran Info Failures

Editor’s Note – As the clock winds down on deadline for a deal with Iran, John Kerry is once again heading to Switzerland to seal a deal. Of course that deal relies heavily the ability to monitor Iran’s nuclear program and just how the Gulf Arab states and Israel will view any such deal Kerry […]

WH: Israel Spied on Iran Deal – Boehner “baffled,” Israel denies

Editor’s Note – A report in the WSJ yesterday reports that the White House claims that Israel was spying on the US in the P5+1 negotiations with Iran. The White House was upset with the attempt to get support against Obama’s deal with Congressman. However, the Associated Press reports today that the Speaker of the House, […]

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Secret Iran Nuke Facility Revealed as Iran ‘Punks’ Obama

Editor’s Note – Yesterday many reports detailed new revelations of the talks in Geneva over Iran’s nuclear ambitions that forecast a nuclear Iran in ten years. Negotiators Weigh Plan to Phase Out Nuclear Limits on Iran – Iranian and American officials ended a round of high-level nuclear talks here on Monday considering a proposal that […]

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Iran Talks Underway – Deal said to be ‘taking shape’

Editor’s Note – Iran’s online mouthpiece, PressTV has reported that the United States is desperate to get a deal done and talks are ongoing as we post. Many in the U.S. already sensed Obama’s “Iran deal” obsession of late, but it is troubling to see they agree. US President Barack Obama is “under pressure” to reach […]

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Blind on Islamic Terror – Obama, Poverty – Giuliani on Obama/Iran VIDEO

It is IRAN and Militant Islam Mr. President – Willful Blindness By Scott W. Winchell – SUA Editor The President tripled-down today at his summit on this last day of the White House Summit on Countering Violence – “violent extremism” by blaming poverty for the root cause for terrorism and giving voice to the plight of […]

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Nuclear Dreams and how Iran Strangles Obama on all Matters

Editor’s Note – What is so important to Obama that a deal with Iran supersedes all other foreign policy issues to the point that they paint the USA and her allies into a corner so as to not jeopardize their efforts? That question must also be considered against the fact that what ever deal they […]

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Major Explosion at Iranian Nuclear Facility – 2 Dead

Editor’s Note – While the world focuses on Ebola, ISIS, and Russian aggression, we cannot take our eyes off of the continual threat of Iran’s nuclear program. A blast is being reporting to have been felt over nine miles away from the Parchin Military Compound and the glare was blinding and could be seen from […]

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Iran Open for Business? Mystery US Plane in Tehran…

Editor’s Note – What is an American registered plane doing in Iran? That is a question many are asking when the image below appeared on the internet. Of course, we know the likelihood is that foreigners have contracted the use of the plane, but is it now a weird coincidence that it is there at […]

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Iran – Threats from the Sea, Simulated Attacks Released

Editor’s Note – Iranian swords are clanging and we may well hear them up close and personal here on our eastern shore. Iran is coming to challenge us, perhaps only for show, but what happens if they cross the 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone, or the 12 mile Territorial boundary? (See Maritime Limits) A senior […]

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Iranian Navy off our shore – “American Blackout”

Editor’s Note – If you have not noticed, today and in recent weeks, the subject of an EMP striking deep into the heart of America has been discussed on the air at large media outlets like Fox News. Say what you will, there is a reason for the resurgence of the discussion. One reason to […]

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