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No Iranian Signage on Nuke Deal! What’s the Deal?

Editor’s Note – Obama and team, including the P5+1, are ‘trusting the untrustworthy,’ and that is putting it mildly at best – how utterly naive, or worse. Maybe Obama really does want that Caliphate to succeed – not with ISIS/ISIL/Daesh, but with Iran in charge, hmmm? (Read into that what you will.) Many retired generals, admirals, […]

Iran Deal is Illegal U.S. Officials Conclude

Editor’s Note – The rule-of-law is once again cast aside by the Obama Administration, this time concerning Iran and they had to know they were breaking the law. With all the talks over such a long period, the lawyers had to know the deal concerning sanctions relief was just flatly ignored. The worst deal in […]

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Iran’s Military Budget and Obama’s False Narrative

Editor’s Note – Once again we come across another instance where Obama needs to tell a story to legitimize his foreign policy, a false story. Daniel Greenfield not only points out the changing number Obama uses to describe Iran’s military budget, but also gives the reader perspective on Iran’s true nature, one that Obama chooses […]

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Mikulski Gives Obama Iran Win, Examining the Unthinkable

Editor’s Note – Since Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland declared her support for the “Iran Deal,” Obama and Kerry have succeeded in gaining enough votes to prevent the Republicans from killing the deal for America. In a carefully crafted and orchestrated speech soon after, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke in a most triumphant manner. It […]

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214 Retired Flag Officers Letter to Cong. Opposing Iran Deal

Editor’s Note – Founder and Chairman of Stand Up America US, Major General Paul E Vallely, along with several  members of our ‘Kitchen Cabinet’, are signatories on this letter to Congress. America’s Military Brass Standing Up for America !!! The Iran “Deal” must not be allowed to pass through Congress. #StopTheDeal Retired generals and admirals urge Congress to […]

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As Deal Is Sealed, Iran Leader Chant’s Death To USA; Obama Trusts Them?

Editor’s Note – This is “Insanity”. White House ‘comfortable’ with Iran ‘self-inspecting’ suspect nuke site By Times of Israel Staff and AP Officials respond to revelation that UN nuclear body has ceded the right to investigate Parchin military facility. The White House on Wednesday said it was “confident” in the abilities of the International Agency for […]

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Deal Violates Non-Proliferation Treaty, Cannot be Altered by EO

Editor’s Note – In the lengthy time it took to come to agreement with the “Iran Deal,” did anyone in this administration bother to read the “Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty” of 1969 to which the US is a signatory which ratified by the US Senate as the Constitution mandates? Mr. Kerry? Mr. Moniz? Secretary Lew? Anyone..? Apparently not, […]

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‘Stop Iran Rally’ Video Montage from SUA

Editor’s Note – The following video was produced for SUA and features images of the “Stop Iran Rally” held on the 22nd of July, 2015 in Times Square. Stand Up America US (SUA) founder, MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret.) was one of many speakers at the event and was accompanied by his Senior […]

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UN Trumps Congress, “Deal with the Devil” Fallout

By Scott W. Winchell, SUA Editor It’s been less than one week since the “deal made with the devil” (Iran) was consummated and already the U.N. Security Council has endorsed it unanimously – before our Congress had officially begun its deliberations today. Guess who voted yes for the US. Once again, Obama has placed more […]

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Could Israel Be Planning A Preemptive Strike On Iran?

Editor’s Note – We at SUA feel that Israel has every right to protect itself and its citizens against aggression and the threat of annihilation. As Iran is clearly arming itself with nuclear capabilities to attack Israel at this time, we encourage Israel to do what it needs to do, especially since the P5+1 are virtually spineless.. […]

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