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Major Explosion at Iranian Nuclear Facility – 2 Dead

Editor’s Note – While the world focuses on Ebola, ISIS, and Russian aggression, we cannot take our eyes off of the continual threat of Iran’s nuclear program. A blast is being reporting to have been felt over nine miles away from the Parchin Military Compound and the glare was blinding and could be seen from […]

Iran Open for Business? Mystery US Plane in Tehran…

Editor’s Note – What is an American registered plane doing in Iran? That is a question many are asking when the image below appeared on the internet. Of course, we know the likelihood is that foreigners have contracted the use of the plane, but is it now a weird coincidence that it is there at […]

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Iran – Threats from the Sea, Simulated Attacks Released

Editor’s Note – Iranian swords are clanging and we may well hear them up close and personal here on our eastern shore. Iran is coming to challenge us, perhaps only for show, but what happens if they cross the 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone, or the 12 mile Territorial boundary? (See Maritime Limits) A senior […]

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Iranian Navy off our shore – “American Blackout”

Editor’s Note – If you have not noticed, today and in recent weeks, the subject of an EMP striking deep into the heart of America has been discussed on the air at large media outlets like Fox News. Say what you will, there is a reason for the resurgence of the discussion. One reason to […]

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Iran to Build New Nuke Facilities – Month Away from Bomb?

Editor’s Note – Its been well over a year since we all thought Israel was only minutes away from attacking the Iranian nuclear facilities we knew of at the time yet, likely from massive pressure from the Obama administration, they did not. Bibi Netanyahu famously drew that red line on his display in front of […]

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Panama to Iran – Free Trade Zone Subverts Sanctions

Editor’s Note – Follow the money and remember, not all things Lebanese are Lebanese. The common error of our time is to forget that Shi’ite Arabs in Lebanon under the flag of Hezbollah virtually rule all of Lebanon, a former Christian state of several millenia. Hezbollah is the de facto government of Lebanon, a puppet and proxy of Iran, […]

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Iran flexes muscles and missiles again

Editor’s Note – Iran continues on its inexorable path, despite what we do, who we elect, or how others view us. We cannot take our focus off this rogue nation even briefly, and our support of Israel must steadfast and bolstered by our newl re-elected President. Time will tell if any light can be seen […]

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Iran fired on US drone on Nov. 1 – now we find out

Editor’s Note – This happened on November first and we just hear of it now – after the vote, again. The plausible deniability excuse was that though it was in international air space, it was on a classified mission. The only reason it is out now was that CNN broke the story and the Pentagon […]

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Iran’s IRGC – The structure and Command

Editor’s Note – To understand the true nature of Iran, one should take the time to read the PDF report and view the video below. This takes the whole equation out of politics and propaganda, from all sides. IRGC Command Network: Formal Structures and Informal Influence By Will Fulton – AEI Iran Tracker PDF – IRGC_CommandNetwork_context […]

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Obama Policy on Iran Based on Hidden Ties to Iran

Editor’s Note – Court documents reveal that “Spooky Dude” George Soros financed another un-American venture, the National Iranian American Council , the very group the White House relies on for is Iran policies. Surprised? SUA isn’t! Once again – another kernel in the basket of why Obama prefers Islam over America – treasonous! Didn’t David Plouffe […]

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