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Could Israel Be Planning A Preemptive Strike On Iran?

Editor’s Note – We at SUA feel that Israel has every right to protect itself and its citizens against aggression and the threat of annihilation. As Iran is clearly arming itself with nuclear capabilities to attack Israel at this time, we encourage Israel to do what it needs to do, especially since the P5+1 are virtually spineless.. […]

Iran’s ‘Aces’ – Strategy to Crush America In War

Editor’s Note – The following article is very useful in understanding Iran’s stance in the ongoing nuclear negotiations – its geography is daunting at best and they know it – an Ace to play. Then when one considers Obama’s reluctance in all things military, they have yet another Ace to play. With so many aces to […]

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Why is Russia Selling S-300’s to Iran – Big Deal?

Editor’s Note – If the deal goes through and Moscow does indeed execute the sale of S-300 air defense systems to Tehran, Iran could both harass and disrupt aerial traffic beyond its borders while protecting its nuclear sites from preemptive attacks. Here’s why Russia selling S-300 advanced missile systems to Iran is such a big deal […]

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Iran Fires on Tanker – Another ‘Tweak’ During Negotiations

Editor’s Note – As each day passes now, it seems Iran tweaks the world with yet another incident. This has made shipping companies and militaries all take note, all while negotiations continue on the nuke talks. We at SUA expect the worst, hope for the best, but with Obama and Kerry in charge, that second […]

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McCarthy – Obama’s Iran Chimera – Russia to Send Missiles

Editor’s Note – Once again it is time to rely upon Andy McCarthy’s insight, this time over the Iran ‘framework’ issue in the nuclear talks. In his title on the article posted below, he uses perhaps the best word yet to describe what Obama is flouting as a success, chimera. “A thing that is hoped or […]

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Obama Continues to Embarrass – Khamenei: ‘WH is Lying’

By Scott W. Winchell, SUA Editor If there was ever anything the Supreme Leader of Iran ever said that you should believe, its his accusation that Obama is ‘lying’ is that moment. He is correct, the ‘Lie of the Year‘ record holder is a congenital liar and will say and do anything to “fundamentally transform” this […]

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Obama Announces “Framework” on Deal with Iran – UPDATED

Editor’s Note – Just minutes ago, President Obama announced to the nation and the world that a “framework,” or “parameters” for a final deal with Iran had been reached. They now have until June 30th deadline to hammer out the final deal. He also announced that he will submit the deal to Congress. Now we […]

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Marathon Talks at Deadline, Fordow, Kerry & Chess Masters

By Scott W. Winchell Today is the deadline on the deal with Iran, or is it? But at the last minute, Iran’s ‘bait and switch’ tactics seem to be leading the P5+1 down the road to utter failure. Perhaps the “final deadline” is all Kerry and team can hope for: Nuclear talks between Iran and […]

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Kerry Pushes Deal as IAEA Reveals Iran Info Failures

Editor’s Note – As the clock winds down on deadline for a deal with Iran, John Kerry is once again heading to Switzerland to seal a deal. Of course that deal relies heavily the ability to monitor Iran’s nuclear program and just how the Gulf Arab states and Israel will view any such deal Kerry […]

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WH: Israel Spied on Iran Deal – Boehner “baffled,” Israel denies

Editor’s Note – A report in the WSJ yesterday reports that the White House claims that Israel was spying on the US in the P5+1 negotiations with Iran. The White House was upset with the attempt to get support against Obama’s deal with Congressman. However, the Associated Press reports today that the Speaker of the House, […]

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