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Pentagon Police Security Systems Fail

Editor’s Note – We are in deep trouble electronically and our national security is at stake. This we have seen and heard many times, but when the Pentagon security systems fail ‘catastrophically’, with repairs expected to be finished by January 2015, it is time to find a new level of worry. The cause is unknown to […]

El Chapo – In Custody, World Wide Network Exposed

By Denise Simon, Associate Editor, SUA It appears that the United States worked with the Mexican Marines for many months to affect the capture of “El Chapo” Guzman who was taken without resistance in a condo he owned in Mazatlan, Mexico. A senior U.S. law enforcement official said Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was taken alive overnight in […]

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NSA and Brits – APPs on your Computer Gaming, etc.?

Editor’s Note – The question now is, what do the spy agencies not have access to, and then why when it comes to games that you play on the internet like Angry Birds what are they doing, what are they getting access to? Well, its not just the USA as well. It was revealed recently […]

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NSA Speech – Kick the can, change a number, Podesta to Counsel

Editor’s Note – The NSA speech was today! The big reveal, long awaited from the President on his plans for the future of the NSA. He had 17 days in Hawaii to mull it over, and today, we heard what he is going to do – “kick the ball down the road”! But wait, he […]

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MG Vallely – 2014 SUA Fund Drive Campaign Letter

Dear Stand Up America US Supporters, A s you are likely aware, America is no longer what she once was. She is in steep decline and last year alone may go down in history as the worst in 100 years – yes, all the way back to 1913, the previous worst year for America. That […]

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NSA – Daily Revelations, the Review, and the Toolbox

Editor’s Note – As the days roll into the new year, each seems to shed new light on the activities of the NSA. The excuses no longer hold water, and we all know of the lies and secrecy. Now two different courts disagree on the legality of the NSA activities but you can be sure […]

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Patton – The Stark Truth behind the CIA’s ‘Colossal Flop’

By Kerry Patton – SOFREP According to a dramatic December 8, 2013 article in the LA Times, the CIA’s anti-terrorism program was such a “colossal flop” that the critical program designed to place spies in positions to learn the most about terrorist networks is being cut. The program runs outside normal CIA channels as do […]

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Secret Service Misconduct now in 17 Countries

Editor’s Note – When there is a lack of leadership at the top, where the truth does not rate high, underlings tend to take advantage and misbehave. Now it appears that the Secret Service is once again bending the rules but it’s not just this agency, it pervades them all. Bad leadership manifests its impact […]

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Warning – Deming, NM Police Force Man to have Anal Search

Editor’s Note – Here in the southwestern border states of the United States (New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and California) we have much to worry about. Whether its ‘gun walking’, drug trafficking, human trafficking, random road blocks and permanent immigration check points and much more, one thing none of us thought we needed to fear was […]

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ATF Training Manual – Threatens Firing Squads for Leakers

Editor’s Note – As if the tone of incivility were not bad enough in DC, and America endures the zero tolerance on kids with toy guns or a Pop-Tart gets chewed into the form of a gun, leave it to the Obama Administration to make threats to its agents if they leak information Not just […]

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