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N. California Infrastructure – 11 Attacks to Net Grid

Editor’s Note – With the threats we hear so much about emanating from ISIS, and the focus on the holiday weekend fast approaching, we wonder what could happen here inside our borders. Now we learn that a series of interruptions of the internet in northern California over the past year were caused by deliberate acts […]

TSA – 96% Failure Rate, Not Trusted with Terror No-Fly Intel

Editor’s Note – Recently, I had the great displeasure to fly across the country for a family event. The displeasure certainly was not with the event, rather, it was an abysmal airline experience. It should never take over 24 hours from the time one leaves their home to arrive at their destination in 2015. Of […]

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NSA Listening – Computer Converts Words to Searchable Data

Editor’s Note – If the Tsarnaev brothers could not be stopped despite Russian warnings and an FBI probe, and then Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson could not be stopped in their attempt despite the probe and sentencing of Simpson, what good is all this NSA data collection? With ISIS claiming responsibility for the attack in Texas, […]

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Terror in Texas – Attack on Free Speech, FBI Knew Suspect

Editor’s Note – Once again, Jihadist types escaped previous law enforcement efforts because our laws, as interpreted by a judge gave sanctuary to would-be terror assassins to later wreak havoc in the name of Allah. Two suspects are dead Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson, both Jihadi sympathisers and would be members of terror groups of […]

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Adm. “Ace” Lyons – Our Greatest Threat to National Security

Editor’s Note – The author of the following article is also a “Kitchen Cabinet” member at Stand Up America US (SUA). As always, “Ace” is spot on with his commentary! The Greatest Threat to Our National Security By ADMIRAL JAMES A. “ACE” LYONS – Breitbart When President-elect Obama declared that he was going to “fundamentally transform” […]

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Richard White – New Orleans Airport Attacker Dies

Editor’s Note – It is not known what made Richard White turn from a mild-mannered Jehovah’s Witness into a machete wielding mad mad with bombs at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport TSA screening point on Concourse B. But since being shot, he succembed to his wounds late this afternoon. Richard White, the Kenner man […]

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Jihad in America – Cells Already Here, Training Camps

By Denise Simon and Scott W. Winchell With the surge of terror across the globe and here at home, especially after the Paris “Charlie Hebdos” attack and the kosher market massacre, everyone keeps asking, are they coming or are they already here? They are here! In fact, just today an Ohio man, Christopher Lee Cornell […]

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Obama Releases More From Gitmo – In ‘Overdrive’

Editor’s Note – Obama is making good on his promises from 2008 to close the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility in furious fashion. With the loss of power in Congress, this may be one of many executive actions we will see take place as Obama’s second term enters the last two years. Once again, as Senator […]

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Ferguson – The Real Tragedy Explained by Former Watts Cop

About the Author – Tom Osborne, of Kalispell, served 25 years with the Los Angeles Police Department and another 30 years as a police management and training consultant. He also has 35 years experience as adjunct instructor in the School of Public Administration at the University of Southern California. The real tragedy Ex-L.A. cop describes challenge of […]

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Glacier Forum Series – An Evening with Brigitte Gabriel

Founder and CEO of ACT! For America, Brigitte Gabriel, scores big in Flathead Valley, Montana by James White  – Northwest Liberty News Near the beginning of the week, ran an article outlining one commentators reply to a question about moderate Islam from a member of the audience to whom she was addressing. During the reply, […]

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