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Majority of Americans want stronger vetting of refugees

Editor’s Note – Several stories came out today dealing with the issue of wanting stronger scrutiny of the refugees coming from Syria and Iraq into America. The majority of Americans agree. We should not allow any and everyone to walk into our Nation without any vetting. Paris was a warning we should not turn a blind eye on. […]

Debt Ceiling Raised, Instant Jump of $339 Billion, Gimmickry

Editor’s Note – An amazing phenomenon was tracked through the summer and into the fall regarding the portion of the federal debt that is subject to a legal limit set by Congress at $18,112,975,000,000. For at least 199 days, that number never fluctuated into late September, it was magically frozen. Magically, “$18,112,975,000,000 is about $25 million […]

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‘September Whiff’; Experts Wrong on Jobs, Records Broken

By Scott W. Winchell The monthly jobs report is in! Yes, its another first Friday of the month under the watch of President Obama, and its another day to shake your head in disbelief. Surprise; bad day on the Obama watch. He is having a very bad week to boot thanks to Vladimir, but he […]

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Greek “No Vote” – Will it Win, and We All Lose?

Editor’s Note – As Greece votes today, the rest of the world’s markets quiver. What will be the impact here in America? What will happen to our markets that follow the opening of other world markets? Will there be a domino-effect? Greek pollsters and early results suggest a win for the “no” side in Sunday’s […]

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Jobs, U-3 Rate “Ridiculous” Barometer, Record 93M Out

By SUA Staff Another month has gone by in this lackluster “recovery” and a new job report was released yesterday with many crowing over the lower unemployment rate. Of course, once again we have to point out that the number touted is the U-3, or official rate; now a completely useless stat for anything but political […]

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90 Day Freeze On Our Debt at $18+…TRILLION

Editor’s Note – This is surely another “shake your head” moment. Kick the can down the road. After all, Obama is just running out the clock and burdening the future of all citizens and dropping problem after problem on future Presidents. Again we ask – How much is a trillion? Please, do not tell Obama […]

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The Worlds 3rd Largest Bank To Cut 50,000 Jobs!!!

Editor’s Note – The 3rd largest bank in the world is about to cut 50,000 jobs. Even though they are headquartered in the UK, HSBC does employ approximately 14,000 people in the United States. It is uncertain how many in America will be loosing their jobs, if any, but that is a huge number.  That information has […]

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Labor Report Shows Gains, The Market Impact, EU Troubles

Editor’s Note – The monthly jobs report is in and many are calling it an improvement while others are much more skeptical. Yes, there was a sizable gain in jobs, and the U1 rate stayed at 5.5%, but those are deceptive because of the numbers that underlie the broader picture. Americans are finding jobs, but […]

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Sputtering Economy as GDP Flat-Lines, Global Instability

Editor’s Note – In the beginning of April, we reported on the March jobs report referring to our economy as “sputtering.” Today we see that the economic growth has basically flat-lined in the United States. In the report below from the Washington Post, they point out the conflicting reasons and the usual excuses coming from […]

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“Sputtering Economy,” March Jobs Report Surprises Experts

By Scott W. Winchell The “sputtering economy” jobs numbers are out, and depending on who you get your analysis from, the general consensus on the release of the March jobs report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is mixed at best, but once again, it is hard to see what they really mean unless we examine […]

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