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Oil Below $50 – Sharp Market Decline, True Jobs Numbers

Editor’s Note – Technically the new year began last Thursday, but today was the first real day of business as usual – back to the routine sans the holidays. Happy New Year! Or not; as today’s declines on the stock markets were quite steep following a drop in oil prices, where are we really heading […]

Nov. 2014 Jobs Report – Want Fries With That…?

Editor’s Note – The monthly jobs report is in, and now you have to decide on what  is more believable, your lying eyes or the government and industry predictions and reports because they are all different. If you only read the NY Times and the official U-3 report from the Department of Labor, you are cheering […]

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Treasury Cracks Down on ‘Inversions’ – Exceeds Authority

Editor’s Note – Whichever way you look at ‘inversions’ to other countries to avoid the world’s highest corporate tax structure, what we can agree on is that the Treasury Department is unilaterally moving the goal posts. Congress has passed laws on these taxes yet the Obama administration has chosen to alter them, without consent or […]

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Study – Regulations a Major Drag on Economic Recovery

Editor’s Note – As we hear that the economy continues to grow at a snail’s pace, and that companies like Burger King are moving their headquarters off shore to avoid the highest corporate taxes in the industrial world, is it not true that growing governmental regulation could be an even bigger hindrance? The core of […]

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Yellen – “We are substantially stretched” – Warnings Abound

Editor’s Note – We all see the ads on television, especially on cable, telling you to buy precious metals because there is a crash on the way or because there is so much instability lately. Companies like Rosland Capital, Lear Capital, and many others bombard us with ads but we know one thing is certain, […]

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Stock Market Soars, Unemployment Dips, Good News?

Editor’s Note – On Thursday, the stock market closed at yet another record high. The Dow finished over the 17,000 mark and many gave credit to the great jobs report that came out that same morning. This would bode well for America under normal circumstance, and President Obama certainly lauded the news, however, these are […]

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Report – Banking Alert Follows GDP Drop

Editor’s Note – We do not here much about Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal of late concerning the crises they were in financially, but a recent report is waving a red flag again. That red flag also includes some mixed signals about the United States as well. This warning follows closely behind last week’s GDP […]

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‘Operation Choke Point’ – Obama/Holder 2nd Amend. Attack?

Editor’s Note – The White House, through its Department of Justice, say that a new edict they placed into our banking system ostensibly protects consumers. It is called Operation Choke Point. But what it actually does, like a lot of rhetoric this administration utters, it seems to do quite a bit of damage to small retailers and […]

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Labor Dept. Overseas Grants? Documentation Missing?

Editor’s Note – Ask yourself this question: why do we have a National Labor Relations Board or Labor Department? Especially after reading about the INTERNATIONAL spending they do. We are we paying to “improve working conditions overseas” when we have so many out of work here in America? Then ask where is the oversight? This […]

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Obama – The ‘Assassin’ of Economic Opportunity

Editor’s Note – Once again the federal government is providing a new set of statistics, this time on the GDP for Q1 of 2014. Of course SUA is skeptical as always due to all the proven times that statistics from the government have been manipulated, or even gathered in a new fashion that makes comparisons […]

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