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Sputtering Economy as GDP Flat-Lines, Global Instability

Editor’s Note – In the beginning of April, we reported on the March jobs report referring to our economy as “sputtering.” Today we see that the economic growth has basically flat-lined in the United States. In the report below from the Washington Post, they point out the conflicting reasons and the usual excuses coming from […]

“Sputtering Economy,” March Jobs Report Surprises Experts

By Scott W. Winchell The “sputtering economy” jobs numbers are out, and depending on who you get your analysis from, the general consensus on the release of the March jobs report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is mixed at best, but once again, it is hard to see what they really mean unless we examine […]

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Global Crash Fears – Stability of EU in Question, Fed Presser

Editor’s Note – The British media are reporting something we are not seeing in the American media concerning the state of the world’s economy, especially in regard to perennial economic ‘problem child’, Greece. The article below discusses the latest on the situation and its global impact. The fragile state of affairs that now plague’s Brazil, […]

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U-3 drops again – the real story behind the numbers

Compiled by SUA Staff Friday’s release of the February jobs report was received with mixed reviews. Yes the U-3 number went down again to 5.5% but again, that Bureau of Labor Statistics designation leaves so much out of the story. The more precise statistic, the U-6 dropped as well from 11.3% to 11.0%. Here is […]

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Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline with Lame Excuse

Editor’s Note – By citing a procedural process issue, Obama has vetoed what we all knew he never wanted, the Keystone XL Pipeline. He accuses the Congress of going around a “proven process” and usurping the power of the Executive on this project. He said the process was being cut short but after 5 studies […]

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Obama’s 2016 Budget – ‘Middle-Class Econ’ and ‘Having it all’

By Scott W. Winchell President Obama has released his budget and depending on where you read about it, you could walk away feeling rosy about his “middle-class economics” or understand that it is just another attempt to ‘have it all.’ What it really means is that he is still disregarding what America voted on last […]

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Oil Below $50 – Sharp Market Decline, True Jobs Numbers

Editor’s Note – Technically the new year began last Thursday, but today was the first real day of business as usual – back to the routine sans the holidays. Happy New Year! Or not; as today’s declines on the stock markets were quite steep following a drop in oil prices, where are we really heading […]

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Nov. 2014 Jobs Report – Want Fries With That…?

Editor’s Note – The monthly jobs report is in, and now you have to decide on what  is more believable, your lying eyes or the government and industry predictions and reports because they are all different. If you only read the NY Times and the official U-3 report from the Department of Labor, you are cheering […]

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Treasury Cracks Down on ‘Inversions’ – Exceeds Authority

Editor’s Note – Whichever way you look at ‘inversions’ to other countries to avoid the world’s highest corporate tax structure, what we can agree on is that the Treasury Department is unilaterally moving the goal posts. Congress has passed laws on these taxes yet the Obama administration has chosen to alter them, without consent or […]

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Study – Regulations a Major Drag on Economic Recovery

Editor’s Note – As we hear that the economy continues to grow at a snail’s pace, and that companies like Burger King are moving their headquarters off shore to avoid the highest corporate taxes in the industrial world, is it not true that growing governmental regulation could be an even bigger hindrance? The core of […]

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