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Hillary’s ‘Secret War’ – Videos Show Proof, Benghazi Culpability

By Suzanne Price, SUA Staff “Keep your friends close and your enemy’s closer,” is a statement ‘not’ to live by if you are talking about terrorists. But that is exactly what the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton’s State Department seems to have done, as we get a better look into the dealings that were taking […]

All Dem Candidates In Support Of Sanctuary Cities

Editor’s Note – Sanctuary Cities first started back in 1979, in Los Angeles, CA. It was initially established to prevent police from inquiring about the immigration status of arrestees. The Sanctuary Movement was a religious and political campaign in the United States to provide safe-haven for Central American refugees fleeing civil conflict. It responded to restrictive federal immigration […]

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Email Dump – Same Attorney from IRS Scandal in Charge

Editor’s Note – The data dump last night from the State Department regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails and the entire email scandal at the IRS have a common thread – Kate Duvall. She is the high-powered lawyer who is now overseeing the release of the Clinton emails at State but was working at the IRS. How […]

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Hillary, Give Us ALL Of OUR Emails!

By Suzanne M. Price Where is the truth? Hillary you owe ‘the truth’ to the American people. Those emails belong to us; ALL of them. If you can’t tell the truth about your emails; how can we believe ‘anything’ you say about Benghazi; about anything? As noted, Hillary Clinton is running for the seat of […]

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Hillary Clinton Withholding Benghazi Emails

Editor’s Note – Will we ever know? If all the players involved in the Benghazi scandal keep stalling and playing out the clock, we may end up with another “Nixon” moment in the 2017 White House as “President Hillary Clinton” may finally have to face the music. However, by then, she will have appointed all new […]

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Clinton Foundation – PwC complicit in ‘Irregularities’ – fraud?

Editor’s Note – Many in politics keep asking what Hillary Clinton’s successes as Secretary of State were and no one can point out even minor ones. That is because practically everything she touched is now an abject failure, from relations with Russia to chaos in Libya. We could name the failures easily because they are glaring, […]

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Obama To Force Affordable Housing on Affluent Communities

Editor’s Note – The “Community Organizer-in-Chief” is super-charging his “fundamental change” of America in the waning time he has left in office. With just over 18 months to go, he wants to fundamentally change our communities through the use of HUD funds. He plans to force more affluent communities to become more “diversified” which is […]

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Baltimore’s Mayor Working With Terrorist Organizations?

Editor’s Note – With all eyes watching leftist controlled cities like Baltimore, you’d think it would be impossible to engage people to destroy your own city. But what we at SUA believe we have witnessed are manufactured riots to promote the Muslim Brotherhood to greatly influence these cities. At what point will they insist we instate Sharia Law to […]

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ACA Exchange Failures, is the Sky Falling? Hawaii Calls it Quits

Editor’s Note – The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is on a fast track to complete implosion. Case in point, the state’s that have set up exchanges have shown a terrible track record of massive spending and failed expectations. The latest to ring the “death knell” is Hawaii. Hawaii is taking its troubled ObamaCare […]

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Hillary’s Top Aide With Ties to MB Saw All Emails

Editor’s Note – Day by day, Hillary’s emails cause more concern for the safety of our Republic.  We at SUA are very concerned, as we all should be, as to what our enemy’s that would do us harm, what they know know  knows what HILLARY’S TOP AIDE WITH TERROR TIES, SAW ALL EMAILS A full review of Hillary Clinton’s […]

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