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Data Dump Friday – Fast & Furious, IRS Emails Obtained, Recovered

Editor’s Note – It’s Friday, not just any Friday, but the one that comes as Thanksgiving week approaches, so it is the prime data dump day if you want minimal attention paid to the content and meaning. What did we get, a ‘data dump’ on the Fast and Furious and IRS Scandals acquired by FOIA […]

Imperialism or just Petulant – Boehner Lists 22 Reasons

Editor’s Note – Here we are once again amidst another scandal – Gruber-Gate. Of course, people like Brian Williams at NBC and many others either have not reported on it at all or are trying to find ways to make it about Republicans, or twisting it and minimizing it. Of course, always avoiding the bottom […]

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“I Have Stolen Ideas from Jon Gruber Liberally” – Obama 2006

Editor’s Note – Did Obama know, and agree with Jonathan Gruber? He says no when questioned on Sunday by Fox’s Ed Henry where he answered those specific questions in Brisbane. We posted the Video where Gruber tells the world that he was in the White House with Obama present yet Obama says “I just heard about this” […]

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Gruber-Gate – What Should be Done Now? “Smug Filled Rooms”

By SUA Staff  Jonathan Gruber has quickly become a household word and the “Gruber-isms” are flying around in jokes across the social network sites, on actual news programs, in op/ed columns, and in many a conversation, especially in conservative circles. The problem is though, this is not a joke. We are dealing with the largest […]

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‘Gruber-Gate’ – They Were All In On It – Even at the WH!

By SUA Staff – “Mr. Mandate” – “Stupid Americans” fell for the fraud that was perpetrated on them by the entire Democrat Party and its constitutional officers right up to the White House. Obama Care is a fraud, it was forced down our throats, and we were manipulated as a nation as is evident by at […]

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State Dept. Diplomat Under Counterintelligence Investigation

U.S. diplomat and longtime Pakistan expert under federal investigation By Anne Gearan and Adam Goldman – Washington Post A veteran State Department diplomat and longtime Pakistan expert is under federal investigation as part of a counterintelligence probe and has had her security clearances withdrawn, according to U.S. officials. The FBI searched the Northwest Washington home of […]

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Holder Emails – Fast and Furious Revelations

Editor’s Note – Finally, in response to judicial orders, the DoJ released over 64,000 pages of documents related to the Fast & Furious scandal. In those pages, far too many to digest in full at this juncture, were a couple of gems, in the form of e-mails. In these emails, attacks on Issa and his […]

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NH: Shaheen and the IRS Scandal – Details Hidden

Editor’s Note – It may be late in the day, this crucial day for the future of the country, but we hope the people of New Hampshire have been made aware of a bombshell memo that was just released on there Senatorial candidate for reelection, Jean Shaheen was an insider in the whole IRS Scandal. […]

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Liberal Political Appointees Dominate at State over Career Diplomats

Editor’s Note – We have reported many times on the many permanent employees that this administration has hired – all ultra-liberal. But now even the career diplomats are complaining. The State Department, by and large, tends already to be a bastion of liberals, but again, it’s not just the State Department, it spans the whole […]

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Crises for Profit – Never let a serious crisis go to waste

By Denise Edwards – “Women Defending America” Project at SUA “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel Or better yet, create one. Wake up America, here we go again. Do you need […]

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