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Has Obama Unduly Influenced FBI Probe on Emails, Lynch?

Editor’s Note – The question has arisen many times since last March, is Hillary too big to Jail? Is a federal investigation into what clearly appears to be an intentional act to defraud the American people by hiding information on a private server more important to the future of this country, or will we witness […]

Hillary, “Materially False” Statements – FBI in “Full Blown” Mode

Editor’s Note – In the case of Richard Nixon, it was the cover-up. In the case of Hillary Clinton, its all of the above – what law did she not break? Then there is the cover-up, it was also about the set-up. The FBI has ratcheted up the investigation into a “full-blown” effort because of […]

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McInerney: Hillary’s VA Ignorance is Shameful, Disrespectful

Editor’s Note – To the casual observer, one might think that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are just doves; they abhor conflict and are hesitant to commit our military to any task and they want to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. The excuse used most often is that by housing some of the world’s most […]

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New facts revealed during Hillary Testimony

Editor’s Note – There were 600 requests for more security from the Ambassador and his team in Benghazi. And Hillary ignored those plea’s. Benghazi hearings: Three truths not revealed during Clinton questioning By Victoria Toensing – Fox News Opinion I have long maintained that Democrats can spread a lie better and faster than Republicans can tell […]

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It’s “Gross Negligence” Not A Political Hit, FBI Fume

Editor’s Note – It is all coming to the wire concerning Hillary Clinton’s many scandals, lies, and smear campaign. With her number one aide, Huma Abedin testifying before closed doors today and the open hearing Hillary faces next week, there isnt too much confidence in the “smear the committee” campaign. There must be something to […]

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Climate-Change Smorgasbord – Largest Science Scandal Ever

Editor’s Note – If ‘climate deniers’ are to be charged under the RICO statutes as some scientists urged Obama recently, and whom “shock jock” types accuse of causing millions of “climate” refugees, what are the ‘alarmist’ scam artists to be charged with now that they have been outed? The leading purveyor of that call to criminally charge deniers […]

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Kerry – Flat-footed Again, Embarrassing! – Nobel Prize Worthy?

Editor’s Note – There is stark irony in the rumors that U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry is likely to win a Nobel Peace Prize for his closure of the Iran Deal despite the high percentage of Americans who do not approve. Kerry makes the elite in Europe happy while making his own countryman […]

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FBI Recovers Hillary’s Erased Emails; Now For Some Truth?

Editor’s Note – Hopefully, now we can get to the truth. Hillary refused to say whether or not she wiped the server. Why would she not answer that question when asked? Did she have something to hide? Will we now be finding out? When Ron Fournier of the National Journal and other liberals start calling Hillary […]

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‘Black Lives Matter’ – Violent Truths – Larry Elder

Editor’s Note – In an interesting and daring article written by Colin Flaherty at American Thinker, it is amazing that we hear so little in the Main Stream Media concerning black on black and black on white violence. Flaherty details so many examples of raging violence, it is hard to understand why “Black Lives Matter” […]

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Lawlessness – Ortel: ‘Clinton Foundation Vast Conspiracy’

Editor’s Note – Hillary Clinton’s contrived apology and tears have been hotly debated since her interview with ABC News. Some immediately attack anyone saying something negative as being sexist, but this is not the first time Clinton employed the tactic. To believe this was about her mother again, one must suspend disbelief considering why that […]

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