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Crises for Profit – Never let a serious crisis go to waste

By Denise Edwards – “Women Defending America” Project at SUA “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel Or better yet, create one. Wake up America, here we go again. Do you need […]

EPA Emails Reveal ‘Beyond Cozy’ Relationships With ‘Greens’

Editor’s Note – The image that the Daily Signal chose to headline its article posted below on how cozy the EPA is with liberal ‘green groups’ like Natural Resources Defense Council tells the story – they laugh at how they are ‘fundamentally transforming’ America and excising our freedoms at a wholesale pace. They will continue, despite […]

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Hagel – Climate Change a Defense Priority, UN Meeting in Peru

Editor’s Note – How confident are you in our current Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, climate change a defense priority? Not scared, safe, warm and fuzzy, okay? Well we at SUA are frightened and you should be as well. Why? Because his and Obama’s priorities are clearly misplaced, all while they shrink our forces and redirect […]

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WH Staffer & FOO Implicated – WH Knew, IG Pressured, Cover-Up

Editor’s Note – It is little wonder that the Secret Service moral is reportedly at a collective low ebb. With so many scandals of late, and now it is revealed that not all federal employees get equal treatment in this administration, it is no wonder moral is so bad. The Secret Service should never have been […]

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‘Porker of the Month’ – CAGW Names Tavenner

Editor’s Note – In light of an amazing string of revelations about inept government employees that now includes the Secret Service, Health and Human Services, the EPA, the IRS and so many more, the GAO must be overwhelmed, as is the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. In light of the new GAO report on the Centers […]

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Holder’s Legacy – Scandals, Contempt, and Ideology as AG

Editor’s Note – To hear Obama speak of Eric Holder at yesterday’s announcement of his resignation, you would think Eric Holder saved the United States single-highhandedly from some sort of oblivion we faced as a country. Of course the President would laud his Attorney General and friend upon his resignation, but Mother Teresa he was not, […]

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EPA Emails – Weaponized Ideological Policy Revealed

Editor’s Note – The Obama administration/legacy will be infamous for many things when the historians sift through all the data in the future, but one word will likely become synonymous with his overall theme – “weaponization” of federal agencies. The latest revelation to emerge via FOIA law suits is how the EPA became the hammer […]

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Bombshell – State Dept. Personnel “Separated” Benghazi Docs

Editor’s Note – Apparently the Accountability Review Board (ARB) co-chairmen Ambassador Thomas Pickering and Adm. Mike Mullen did not have that “unfettered” access after all. Roundly criticized for not even interviewing then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the report has always been most suspect. It is even more suspect now that Sharyl Attkisson revealed a secret, […]

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Issa Has Proof – DOJ Colludes With Democrats Over IRS Scandal

Editor’s Note – For those who actually believe that the Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (OGR) actually want to get to the truth in the IRS Scandal, and that the DOJ is to be believed when it tells Americans it too is investigating, we have some land in Crimea we can […]

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Chicago to Baghdad, Everyone in Between – Ties That Bind

By Denise Simon Given the terror in Iraq and Barack Obama’s urgency to get America out of the Iraq war in 2011, perhaps it is a good time to do a little review. Why did Obama dismiss Iraq from the outset of this administration? Could it be that Obama’s friends from Chicago had some major influence […]

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