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The Clintons’ Complex Family Finances and Great Wealth

Editor’s Note – We here at SUA feel the importance of reporting the activities of  those wishing to have a leadership role in our Great Nation. We saw what happened when America did not do its homework in the past, and we are now paying for that result on all levels and across the globe. […]

“The Candidate” Finally Takes 5 Questions, Testy Responses

Editor’s Note – It appears the “The Candidate’s” camp is starting to feel the heat so they trotted out the “The Candidate” for a few questions resetting the clock on counting the number of questions “The Candidate” has dodged to date and how long in between they were. Hillary actually talked to non-plants; wait, was […]

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Shiite Militias Prepare in Attempt to Take Back Ramadi

Editor’s Note – In yet another set back for Iraq, Islamic State captured the Anbar Province city of Ramadi yesterday. Today it appears that Shiite Militia troops are being massed to try and retake the beleaguered city with a long history of conflict for US forces. Since the city is a Sunni area, we are going […]

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“SOS” Rebuts Morrell’s Book, Assertions- Caution to Readers

Editor’s Note – Mike Morrell, the former CIA Deputy Director during the period surrounding the attack on Benghazi has been all over the talking-head shows since the release of his new book “The Great War of Our Time“. The book has a lot of people scratching their heads and there is an air of needing […]

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Gov’t Waste, Fraud, Abuse, and Outright Theft – IRS, VA, WH

Editor’s Note – Government waste just continues to roll on even after the VA Scandal was exposed and the myriad times the Obama’s vacation expenses come right out of you pocket so cavalierly. Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force revealing that Michelle Obama’s weekend […]

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Lerner Emails Surface – Will there be a ‘Smoking Gun Email’

Editor’s Note – Low and behold, John Koskinen has been proven a liar once again in the IRS scandal because those emails he said were permanently lost, destroyed, have been largely recovered. Will he and Lois Lerner ever be held accountable? Jay Sekulow, lawyer for many of the aggrieved parties, along with the House committees […]

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‘Clinton Cash,’ Uranium One, ‘Reset’ = ‘DISQUALIFICATION’

Editor’s Note – If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck, waddles like a duck, it’s a duck! No amount of spin from the Clinton camp should be able to clear them of the “duck” title. This simply does not smell even the slightest ‘smell test.’ This kind of money, while she was […]

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J. Christian Adams to Testify: Motor Voter Regs by Illegals

Editor’s Note – Do illegal aliens vote? Apparently the answer is yes, at least according to J. Christian Adams, the former DOJ lawyer. He is set to testify to that assertion in front of the Supreme Court Justices. Here in California, that question is amplified many times because of the sheer volume of illegals in […]

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Arab Charity Disparity for Teflon Hillary, ‘Doesn’t Matter’

Editor’s Note – It cannot be asked often enough; how is Hillary Clinton still a viable candidate for the Oval Office? Charity disparity, why? Of course the answer is the accommodating media and a large chunk of the populace that remains ignorant, and/or just suspends all disbelief. It is more important to get another first […]

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McCarthy – Make Hillary Testify Publicly, It’s Now or Never

Editor’s Note – To date, Hillary Clinton has really never been held to account since her famous “At this point, what difference does it make?” moment in January of 2013 for anything. Of course, we agree with Andy McCarthy who writes below that she needs to be subpoenaed now. With every moment that goes by, perhaps […]

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