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FBI Clinton Probe – Is Lynch in a Conflict of Interest?

Editor’s Note –  Mrs. Clinton keeps trying to convince voters that there is nothing to this email thing she calls a “security review” and that she is 100% confidant that it will be rectified with no implications for her to bear ensuring Loretta Lynch will not need to make a decision. Of course, knowledgeable and clear […]

Indictment for Clinton? Candidates and Issa Say Lynch Should

By National Editor-in-Chief Scott W. Winchell As we have learned recently and was reinforced today by great reporting at Fox News by Catherine Herridge and Pamela K. Browne, an indictment is warranted for Hillary Clinton and some of her staff over the mishandling of highly secret information on her private server. Clinton can continue the charade […]

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Hillary caught in lies about ‘Classified’ emails

Editor’s Note – What is so difficult for Hillary to understand about the word ‘Classified’? We at SUA have to shake our heads in disbelief, Hillary Clinton has been constantly lying to, “We the People,” and was/is getting away with it. Maybe not though. As yet, she has not been held accountable for any of […]

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Hillary involved in corruption at the highest level

Editor’s Note –  In a FOX News Exclusive report by Catherine Herridge, Pamela Browne, the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email as secretary of state has expanded to look at whether the possible “intersection” of Clinton Foundation work and State Department business may have violated public corruption laws. The development follows press reports over the […]

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Hillary still in “Fog” over Benghazi

Editor’s Note – The article below was brought to our attention by Roger Aronoff, Editor, Accuracy in Media (AIM). Hillary Clinton attended an Editorial Board meeting to discuss issues of the Presidential race. One of the editors thought it was a good time to get some answers about the very controversial, for Ms. Clinton, Benghazi, Libya. We […]

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Nuclear “Deal” is no deal for US

Editor’s Note –  Founder and Chairman of Stand Up America US, Major General Paul E Vallely, along with several members of our ‘Kitchen Cabinet’, were signatories on a letter to Congress opposing the “Iran nuclear deal”. Many of our Military Brass oppose the deal. It’s not in America’s best interest, or the best interest of the […]

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National Security at stake, our system is currently broken!

Editor’s Note – In light of current events, this article is a must read. IPT White Paper – Our Refugee, Asylum, and Visa Waiver Programs: A Broken System By Investigative Project On Terrorism – IPT News Foreigners, including refugees, have no basic or universal right to enter the United States; that entry is granted as a […]

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Has Obama Unduly Influenced FBI Probe on Emails, Lynch?

Editor’s Note – The question has arisen many times since last March, is Hillary too big to Jail? Is a federal investigation into what clearly appears to be an intentional act to defraud the American people by hiding information on a private server more important to the future of this country, or will we witness […]

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Hillary, “Materially False” Statements – FBI in “Full Blown” Mode

Editor’s Note – In the case of Richard Nixon, it was the cover-up. In the case of Hillary Clinton, its all of the above – what law did she not break? Then there is the cover-up, it was also about the set-up. The FBI has ratcheted up the investigation into a “full-blown” effort because of […]

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McInerney: Hillary’s VA Ignorance is Shameful, Disrespectful

Editor’s Note – To the casual observer, one might think that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are just doves; they abhor conflict and are hesitant to commit our military to any task and they want to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. The excuse used most often is that by housing some of the world’s most […]

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