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EPA Emails – Weaponized Ideological Policy Revealed

Editor’s Note – The Obama administration/legacy will be infamous for many things when the historians sift through all the data in the future, but one word will likely become synonymous with his overall theme – “weaponization” of federal agencies. The latest revelation to emerge via FOIA law suits is how the EPA became the hammer […]

Bombshell – State Dept. Personnel “Separated” Benghazi Docs

Editor’s Note – Apparently the Accountability Review Board (ARB) co-chairmen Ambassador Thomas Pickering and Adm. Mike Mullen did not have that “unfettered” access after all. Roundly criticized for not even interviewing then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the report has always been most suspect. It is even more suspect now that Sharyl Attkisson revealed a secret, […]

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Issa Has Proof – DOJ Colludes With Democrats Over IRS Scandal

Editor’s Note – For those who actually believe that the Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (OGR) actually want to get to the truth in the IRS Scandal, and that the DOJ is to be believed when it tells Americans it too is investigating, we have some land in Crimea we can […]

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Chicago to Baghdad, Everyone in Between – Ties That Bind

By Denise Simon Given the terror in Iraq and Barack Obama’s urgency to get America out of the Iraq war in 2011, perhaps it is a good time to do a little review. Why did Obama dismiss Iraq from the outset of this administration? Could it be that Obama’s friends from Chicago had some major influence […]

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Will Putin Pull Out of the New Start Treaty?

Editor’s Note – Putin deserves ZERO deference ever again, especially where the United State’s national security is concerned. Since Putin’s unbelievable bragging about his nukes in recent days, his unbridled statement that he could be in Kiev in two weeks, makes that reset ploy a shutout, no-hit win for Russia. As has been the painful theme for almost […]

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IRS Admits it has Emails – O&GR Committee Letter to Holder

Editor’s Note - Two bombshells dropped concerning the IRS Scandal – one, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee revealed in a letter that certain legal staff members were complicit in the targeting and then today, on FNC with Gretchen Carlson, it was revealed that the IRS does indeed have Lois Lerner’s emails after all. Newsbuster‘s Geoffrey […]

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Turley – True Justice in Ferguson – Is it Possible?

Editor’s Note – Geographically, the city of Ferguson, Missouri lies at the heart of our country; at the gateway between east and west. It is also at the epicenter of a national tragedy. A tragedy on so many levels and saner minds are not prevailing. Where are the people who can think critically, and not […]

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OIG’s – Oversight Hindered, Access Limited, Transparency?

Editor’s Note – Not only has the Obama Administration weaponized its agencies to attack its enemies in the civilian community, apparently it also employs similar tactics within government itself to stymie anyone finding out what they are really doing. We have seen this in the IRS scandal and beyond, with targeting of civilians, and then […]

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Lerner – Conservatives are ‘***holes, TeRrorists’, House OGR Report

Editor’s Note – The IRS scandal has taken a back seat of late to events exploding, literally, across the globe, but we cannot take our eyes off the scandal as we monitor such important events elsewhere. It is hard to look away from bombs and missiles going off, or planes being shot out of the […]

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The Billionaires of Hamas in Gaza and Beyond

Editor’s Note – Willful ignorance leads the day, hypocrisy abounds, millionaires dine in Doha, and John Kerry runs around like ‘chicken little’ knowing full well the real state of affairs in Gaza and the so-called ‘West Bank.’ We are glad the Israelis told John Kerry; NO! In fact, the Israelis plan on expanding operations significantly […]

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