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Computer Lost – FEC Lawyer, Ties to Lerner? Holder Still Balks

Editor’s Note – This past weekend, a rare event occurred, Attorney General Eric Holder was interviewed by ABC News’ Pierre Thomas. In that interview, softballs were bouncing all around and this allowed Holder to act more like a politician than the chief law enforcement officer of the United States. Unfortunately, Holder had more bad news to […]

Really Mr. President – Truth now? “Let ‘er rip” – 38 Groups Complain

Editor’s Note – The news this week that 38 Journalist Groups are complaining about the suppression of news from the Obama Administration is echoing across the globe. We chose to bring you this posting at the Voice of Russia because the world watches us very closely. We may not see all that goes on across the […]

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NSA Really is a ‘Peeping Tom’ – Ordinary Web Users Caught

Editor’s Note – The irony of all ironies is that missing EPA and Lois Lerner IRS emails may very well be lost forever although we think that is not likely to be the case eventually. But they NSA sure has “stumbled” across a lot more than they are letting on. They sure have found an awful […]

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ObamaCare Numbers – IG Cites Widespread Discrepancies

Editor’s Note – Once again we ask, do you believe what the federal government is telling you? Apparently you shouldn’t according to one Inspector General. Of course it is a proven fact that you cannot believe anything you are told by the Obama Administration. The “liar-of-the-year” in 2013 is heading for the award again this […]

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EX-IM Bank, up for renewal amid fraud accusations

Editor’s Note – Once again, it is hard to explain why we have an Export-Import Bank in this era. It was created to “provide financing for transactions that would otherwise not take place because commercial lenders are either unable or unwilling to accept the political or commercial risks inherent in the deal” according to several […]

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Hillary Tapes – More Proof of the Real Hillary

Editor’s Note - Hillary is having a bad week, justifiably so. Just when her campaign kicks off with interviews and her book, the gaffes just keep flying. How “broke” is broke? How much of an advocate for women and children was she? Who was President Lincoln before he was President? Then of course, there is all […]

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Illegal Search and Seizure – IRS/FBI Revelation

Editor’s Note – Remember May of 2013 when the IRS Scandal broke? Obama was so “angry“, and the following was said: Under pressure to show who’s boss, President Obama called a press conference late Wednesday to say he was “angry” that the IRS singled out conservative groups for extra vetting and to announce that the […]

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Tea Party Files Complaint on Reid for Koch Bros Attacks

Editor’s Note – Senator Harry Reid should not only be held for ethics violations for attacking un-elected American citizens, he will hopefully lose his majority status in the Senate come November. He is in our opinion an enemy of this constitutional republic. His heavy handed manner and the way he has demeaned the Senate is […]

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Biden’s Ties to Ukraine – Burisma Holdings

Editor’s Note – Explain to we commoners how Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter gets a cream puff job with Ukraine’s number one private gas producer. Meanwhile, Putin continues to rattle swords over Ukraine. So how does the Obama Administration keep the players straight as the most volatile region boils? Biden’s son appointed to board […]

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Liberal Rich, Good – Conservative Rich, Bad – Democracy Alliance

Editor’s Note – Once again, we call your attention to Senator Harry Reid and his “Koch Addiction.” Then we reference the many times we pointed out how hypocritical he and the Democrats are when it comes to billionaires donating to the causes of their choice here. It is just amazing how the media flows with […]

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