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Gowdy: Hillary Refuses to Hand Over Server, No Docs

Editor’s Note – Why did Hillary Clinton completely erase all of her “private” emails from her server or for that matter the entirety of her cache that included the people’s property? Who does that ever? Trey Gowdy wants to know since Clinton did not turn over a single document as was ordered in the Committee’s […]

Another Slap to Israel – Obama Declassifies Old Nuclear Report

Editor’s Note – Further revealing the petulance of Obama and his hatred of Benjamin Netanyahu, yet another revelation emerges. Obama declassified a 1987 report on Israel’s nuclear capabilities. In light of the current talks with Iran over their ambitions; with a possible announcement of it being finalized Sunday, what possible reason could there be than […]

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Boehner, Gowdy Demand Clinton Hand Over Server

Editor’s Note – It will be interesting to see how Clinton and her team, along with the State Department respond to Chairman Gowdy’s formal request for the now infamous server. She has been compelled to appear, twice so she will have to answer under oath why she would not comply. CSPAN could sell tickets to […]

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Is the “Clinton Republic of Chappaqua” Going to Sink?

Editor’s Note – Since her press conference last Tuesday, the heat keeps turning up on Hillary Clinton. People have had time to examine her words and body language and Peggy Noonan wrote that Hillary seemed “tired and not hungry.” Noonan went on to say: She couldn’t make eye contact with her questioners, and when she […]

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‘Kelly File’ exposes Clinton on form OF-109 – Hillary Felonious?

Editor’s Note – (Updated with more forms and links below, 3.12.15) Hillary Clinton is toast, and/or should have been long ago. Hillary lied, people died!! Whether or not she signed the MANDATORY separation statement ‘OF-109′ form upon her departure from the State Department, she lied. Her statements yesterday are completely debunked and she should be declared […]

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Accountability, IG Reports, Deleting, Excuses – ‘Hold your nose’

Editor’s Note – Inspector General after Inspector General for the many departments over the past six years have unearthed myriad cases where major discrepancies were found. Whether it was billions to people who did not qualify, fraud, email accounts missing, using fake names on non-governmental accounts, or not conducting all business on government email accounts, […]

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‘Huge Gaps’ in Hillary Email Record – Gowdy Discloses

Editor’s Note – 55,000 pages of emails was turned over to the State Department by Hillary Clinton’s people. Apparently that seemingly large number is only a fraction of her total email since no records from the now famous picture of her using her Blackberry while jetting to Libya have been released. That picture is no […]

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“TIGTA” Update Hearing – Emails, Lies, Potential Crimes

Editor’s Note – Last night’s update on TIGTA hearing revealed what most of us all suspected. The emails do exist, and America was lied to. Now to see who should be charged and prosecuted. Does it go straight to the White House? Katie Pavlich does a great job as usual summarizing the latest revelations in […]

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Al “Benjamins” Sharpton – Exposed, Named in Media Race Suit

By Scott W. Winchell and Denise Simon “We have a story we’re going to release this coming week and I’ve never thought about this before, but I am afraid for my life on this one.” James O’Keefe – Project Veritas That was “Award-winning journalist and New York Times’best-selling author James O’Keefe” on his latest expose […]

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ObamaCare Subsidy Bomb – Incorrect HHS Info on Forms

Editor’s Note – The complexity alone of the original PPACA (Obama Care) bill, along with the fact that the federal government was implementing it through HHS, and the IRS was to enforce it, made those who were paying attention cringe. Now, with penalties in force on Obama Care compliance, a very large portion of America […]

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