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Wrangel Island Giveaway Now a Russian Base – ANWR Grab

By Scott W. Winchell, SUA Editor A few years ago, as the Keystone XL pipeline issue became a topic of national discussion concerning energy independence, an interesting event was taking place and few were talking about it. A “flexible” moment before that open mic incident. Obama was giving away Wrangel, Jeanette, and Henrietta Islands to […]

Simon – Cuba: Historical Global Terrorism Network

Editor’s Note – The following article was cross-posted from the Denise Simon Experience Blog at the Founder’s Code. Denise is also the Associate Editor at Stand Up America US. Look for her radio show here at WDFP, the official radio network of SUA. By Denise Simon U.S. and Cuban officials held a first round of […]

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Ex-FBI Agent Slams Holder in Letter

Editor’s Note – The following letter has emerged slamming Eric Holder. We attempted to verify the authenticity of the letter but found little proof other than the fact that author is real and is a former FBI Agent in Texas. A Wikileaks memo seems to verify this and you can see it here. We are […]

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2015 – ObamaCare Fines, Gruber on Costs, IRS Enforcement

Editor’s Note – Similar to almost every facet of ObamaCare, what you were told and led to believe is simply not true – accept the fines. Now we see that fines for not complying with the mandate (see ‘Mr. ‘Mandate‘ – Jonathan Gruber) are rising and will be collected by our favorite government agency, the […]

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NYC Cop Killer – Ismaayil Brimsley Commits Suicide

Editor’s Note – Thank you NYC Mayor DiBlasio and Al Sharpton – they own this. Here we are in a state of anarchy because of racial issues involved in two black men dying at the hands of police in Ferguson, MO and Staten Island, NY. UPDATED – 9:12 PM Eastern, 12/20/14 This also follows calls from Islamic […]

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Obama Golf Buddy – To Be Treated As Hostile Witness in Fraud Case

Editor’s Note – This post was brought forward in light of  statements made about transparency regarding the Diane Feinstein CIA Report we reported on and has everyone in an uproar. It is also posted again because of the current revelations of more more fraud exposed because of laxity in enforcement at the IRS. In that […]

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Holder and his Department of ‘Social’ Justice

Editor’s Note – “Social Justice.” The hallmark of the Obama administration and of course, the ever obedient and compliant Eric Holder and “his” Department of Justice run headlong into the fray on behalf of social justice as if it were now the basis for the rule-of-law. The Department of Justice under Eric Holder, like the […]

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Open Enrollment – Dark Days for Obama Care

Editor’s Note – As Medicare open enrollment rolls along and the requisite ads are on all day long, the same is true for Obama Care, you must enroll just as you shop for your family Christmas. No matter how they release holiday sales numbers, this lead weight is taxing our economy and our wallets – […]

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Data Dump Friday – Fast & Furious, IRS Emails Obtained, Recovered

Editor’s Note – It’s Friday, not just any Friday, but the one that comes as Thanksgiving week approaches, so it is the prime data dump day if you want minimal attention paid to the content and meaning. What did we get, a ‘data dump’ on the Fast and Furious and IRS Scandals acquired by FOIA […]

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Imperialism or just Petulant – Boehner Lists 22 Reasons

Editor’s Note – Here we are once again amidst another scandal – Gruber-Gate. Of course, people like Brian Williams at NBC and many others either have not reported on it at all or are trying to find ways to make it about Republicans, or twisting it and minimizing it. Of course, always avoiding the bottom […]

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