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Turley – True Justice in Ferguson – Is it Possible?

Editor’s Note – Geographically, the city of Ferguson, Missouri lies at the heart of our country; at the gateway between east and west. It is also at the epicenter of a national tragedy. A tragedy on so many levels and saner minds are not prevailing. Where are the people who can think critically, and not […]

OIG’s – Oversight Hindered, Access Limited, Transparency?

Editor’s Note – Not only has the Obama Administration weaponized its agencies to attack its enemies in the civilian community, apparently it also employs similar tactics within government itself to stymie anyone finding out what they are really doing. We have seen this in the IRS scandal and beyond, with targeting of civilians, and then […]

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Lerner – Conservatives are ‘***holes, TeRrorists’, House OGR Report

Editor’s Note – The IRS scandal has taken a back seat of late to events exploding, literally, across the globe, but we cannot take our eyes off the scandal as we monitor such important events elsewhere. It is hard to look away from bombs and missiles going off, or planes being shot out of the […]

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The Billionaires of Hamas in Gaza and Beyond

Editor’s Note – Willful ignorance leads the day, hypocrisy abounds, millionaires dine in Doha, and John Kerry runs around like ‘chicken little’ knowing full well the real state of affairs in Gaza and the so-called ‘West Bank.’ We are glad the Israelis told John Kerry; NO! In fact, the Israelis plan on expanding operations significantly […]

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IRS Scandal Update – “Who is on First?” A Circus Now

Editor’s Note – IRS Scandal Update -Lost Emails. The story just keeps on changing, evolving, growing, and metastasizing. There are so many moving parts in this soap opera of obvious criminality, its hard to keep track with a daily scorecard. Who’s on first, What’s on second, I Don’t Know is on third… Now we hear that […]

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Computer Lost – FEC Lawyer, Ties to Lerner? Holder Still Balks

Editor’s Note – This past weekend, a rare event occurred, Attorney General Eric Holder was interviewed by ABC News’ Pierre Thomas. In that interview, softballs were bouncing all around and this allowed Holder to act more like a politician than the chief law enforcement officer of the United States. Unfortunately, Holder had more bad news to […]

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Really Mr. President – Truth now? “Let ‘er rip” – 38 Groups Complain

Editor’s Note – The news this week that 38 Journalist Groups are complaining about the suppression of news from the Obama Administration is echoing across the globe. We chose to bring you this posting at the Voice of Russia because the world watches us very closely. We may not see all that goes on across the […]

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NSA Really is a ‘Peeping Tom’ – Ordinary Web Users Caught

Editor’s Note – The irony of all ironies is that missing EPA and Lois Lerner IRS emails may very well be lost forever although we think that is not likely to be the case eventually. But they NSA sure has “stumbled” across a lot more than they are letting on. They sure have found an awful […]

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ObamaCare Numbers – IG Cites Widespread Discrepancies

Editor’s Note – Once again we ask, do you believe what the federal government is telling you? Apparently you shouldn’t according to one Inspector General. Of course it is a proven fact that you cannot believe anything you are told by the Obama Administration. The “liar-of-the-year” in 2013 is heading for the award again this […]

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EX-IM Bank, up for renewal amid fraud accusations

Editor’s Note – Once again, it is hard to explain why we have an Export-Import Bank in this era. It was created to “provide financing for transactions that would otherwise not take place because commercial lenders are either unable or unwilling to accept the political or commercial risks inherent in the deal” according to several […]

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