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Free Speech and the IRS & FEC – Tax Exempt Status

Editor’s Note – During all the furor over the IRS targeting conservative groups, it seems they were not only delaying applications. Thus, effectively stymieing free speech by tying up their efforts, they were also decertifying others as late as 2013. The weaponization of Federal agencies does not stop with the IRS as we have all […]

Why the Zimmerman Case is So Viral

Editor’s Note – Everyday, the Zimmerman verdict/case is in the media, yet we must look deeper as to the why. Not only has this case created a wider division in American with regard to race and law, but it has taken on a major political posture of it’s own. It seems that behind the scenes […]

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NSA data abuse – other uses, gun control?

Editor’s Note – When you think of the NSA data collection volume, many say its just meta-data, no content, but again, that is not the whole story. What about the scandalous way bureaucrats abuse other data? The possibility that abuse will occur is at nearly 100%, even as the IRS scandal undergoes investigation and it […]

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Journalism, Espionage, Overreach – Obama’s DoJ

Editor’s Note – We read below about a 1991 invasion of a reporter’s privacy, but it appears these instances were rare. The volume and reasons for obtaining FISA court permission to probe now are much more frequent. In fact, the DoJ has used the 1917 Espionage Act to get clearance when no reporter was ever […]

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Did IRS leaks harm Romney Campaign – free speech?

Editor’s Note – As more and more information comes forward, it is becoming obvious that the IRS was an integral tool in suppressing not only conservative applications for 501(c)4 status, but also to leak information to damage Romney in 2012 as well as donors to his campaign. It seems that this will prove to also […]

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No Inspector General at State for 5 years

Editor’s Note – One must wonder what effect a permanent Inspector General would have made on the State Department, especially regarding the fiasco in Benghazi, Libya on 9-11, but the fact that there was no leadership in that department bodes many questions. Hillary Clinton was lauded for her service by a vast number of people […]

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SOTU 2013 – fact checked, applause levels very low

Editor’s Note – In his State of the Union speech last night, there were 78 separate applause sessions. The curious thing though is that only in the beginning and at the end were these applause sessions even remotely fervent, especially when compared to previous speeches at any time. In fact, several times, it seemed that the number of those […]

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DOJ Memo – Drones to Kill Americans

Editor’s Note – Where does it end? The continual grab for power not only over our system of government but over the people themselves seems endless with the Obama Administration. The argument over the use of drones to kill America’s enemies overseas is fraught with opinions already, but to authorize their use on American citizens, no matter what they have done […]

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The Emperor is not wearing any clothes…Obama is a Radical

Editor’s Note – SUA has been reporting seemingly forever on the deceptive manner and use of words and phrases by Obama and his supporters. Often they are hollow, hide motives, mask the true message, and blame or demagogue those who disagree. They set up straw men, lay out red herrings, change the focus or the […]

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Obama Gun Plan begins under Holder

Editor’s Note – Here we go, the roll out is coming, and as usual, its not what was said in a speech, or written on an Executive Order or otherwise, its what happens behind the scenes. Its the regulations and enforcement that matter most because this is where the rubber meets the road – get […]

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