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IRS Report from House – Lerner and Treasury Totally Exposed

Editor’s Note – The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee released its report this morning on the IRS Scandal, specifically for the areas in which Lois Lerner is involved. It is 141 pages long, but well worth the read.

Since most in the country’s citizens do not have the time, it becomes abundantly clear how the left has tried to nail down a piece here, or a smidgen there to cast a shadow on the totality, but this report  casts a bright light on how disingenuous the left has been throughout.Lerner5th

Lois Lerner’s involvement is more than simply her actions, it goes to her lies and deceit, along with her now famous ideological manner, her emotional demeanor, and her career long ambitions in which she approached her duties at the IRS and the FEC earlier.

Yes, she is at the core, but so are many others in DC, specifically the entire Treasury Department. This goes to the core of the two prime issues and a shows what is a clear cover-up. It was all politically motivated, thoroughly, but the question remains, does the buck stop in the Oval Office? We believe YES!

It is unmistakable; it was entirely a politically driven scandal that in our opinion rises to high crimes and misdemeanors at many levels – worst of which is felonious assault on the first amendment and the rights of all Americans to be involved in the political process. It also shoots down the left”s talking points – pay attention Juan Williams!

But did Obama himself order it? We may never know, but we know that it is simply incredible he did not, nor is it believable his staff did not know it all as well. Treasury certainly knew, and we are sure Timothy Geithner had to know – interesting timing upon his departure, no?

What is stark here, is that it details her interface with upper management and the ideological stance of the entire structure under the Obama Administration and all the planning.

We know now, that it certainly went to the top of the Treasury, and since that is a cabinet level appointment, it does go all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania, at least in terms of intimate knowledge of all events and the characters involved.

The report is long, but well documented and cited. It also flows well so all can see what the story really is, sans the ‘Circus‘ attempts we saw last week by Ranking Member Elijah Cummings. The case is clear; all actions were politically based and it certainly passes the “smidgen test” in bold technicolor.

Here is a good summary to start you off, but you be the judge. All we ask is that you pay special attention to the pages Darrell Issa tweeted about: 41 and 44, but we also think the following pages are critical to start your scan: 53 (Max Baucus – also an interesting departure time frame issue), 57, 76, 87, and 93. Then read the closing letter about personal email use from Daniel Werfel, Acting Commissioner to Chairman Issa:

House Republican slams Lois Lerner in report on IRS targeting

BY JOSH HICKS – Washington Post

A top House Republican on Tuesday released a scathing report on Lois Lerner’s involvement in the Internal Revenue Service’s scrutiny of advocacy groups, accusing the former IRS official of trying to crack down on conservative nonprofit organizations that have grown increasingly influential in recent elections.

The report, released by House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), said Lerner “led efforts to scrutinize conservative groups while working to maintain a veneer of objective enforcement.” It also accuses her of obstructing the oversight committee’s investigation and misleading Congress about the IRS’s efforts as well as her own conduct.

E-mails in the report show that Lerner discussed launching a project to ensure that nonprofit advocacy groups complied with tax law, but they provide no evidence of explicit directions to focus on conservative organizations.


An inspector general’s audit released in May concluded that the IRS had inappropriately targeted nonprofits groups for extra scrutiny based on their policy positions. However, it found no evidence of political motivation behind the efforts, instead blaming them on mismanagement and a lack of clear directions for how to handle tax-exemption applications.

Among other key conclusions from the Republican report, the analysis says former acting IRS commissioner Daniel Werfel never interviewed Lerner during an internal review that turned up no proof of intentional wrongdoing or political motivations behind the agency’s targeting efforts.Issa.IRS.HissyFit

The report also reveals e-mails showing that Lerner received confidential taxpayer information on a non-IRS computer system and personal e-mail account. ”Her willingness to handle this information on a non-official e-mail account highlights her disregard for confidential taxpayer information,” the report said.

Lerner’s attorney, William Taylor, denied Tuesday that his client plotted against conservative groups. “As we have said, the majority has no interest in the facts,” he said. “The facts interfere with keeping the conspiracy theory alive through the election cycle. It would be interesting to know who with any knowledge of the facts says Ms. Lerner did these things. There is not such a person.”

Last week, Lerner refused for a second time to testify about her involvement in the IRS’s targeting efforts before the oversight committee, invoking her Fifth Amendment right against possible self-incrimination.

A frustrated Issa adjourned the hearing without input from Democrats on the panel, prompting shouts and objections from the ranking member, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.). Issa cut off Cummings’s microphone during the exchange but later issued an apology for that action.

Cummings criticized the Republican report in a statement on Tuesday, saying: “While there is certainly evidence of mismanagement at the IRS, this partisan Republican staff report identifies absolutely no evidence to support the central Republican allegations in this investigation — that the White House directed this activity or that it was politically motivated.”


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