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Dems Owe America an Apology – Upton “Fix” Passed

Editor’s Note – In light of President Obama’s press conference yesterday where he called for yet another change to the law he is supposed to enforce, not legislate, he proposed a remedy for the cancellations of health insurance that now surpasses 5 million policies. It is clear, this was all to provide political protection of some sort for vulnerable ‘Red State’ Senators up for reelection in 2014.

It’s difficult to determine what the RNC should do. What they did do today was pass legislation, with bi-partisan support, to allow insurers to continue to offer policies in the individual market. Some would say they should have just gotten out of the way of the train wreck as Napoleon had admonished long ago:

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” ― Napoleon Bonaparte

While others would quote Sun Tzu:

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”  ― Sun TzuThe Art of War

But we all know what would come if they did nothing – they would be accused of just being the party saying “no” again. They would be accused of not trying to help, of not wanting to work with the President. We know that the Republicans DID push for alternatives long ago, not just votes to rid us of the loathsome law, but back then the Democrats did not need them and passed the PPACA all by themselves, and then doubled down over the very subject Obama needs to atone for, cancellations:

every Democrat voted against Wyoming Republican Mike Enzi’s bill to protect policyholders three years ago. Enzi predicted all these failures.

Also remember, Harry Reid used a parliamentary trick to allow a simple majority vote to pass the PPACA, ObamaCare. Breitbart also reminds us of something else, they published an article on ten Senators who owe America an Apology.

It wasn’t just Obama lying to America so many times, there were hundreds of others who did as well. It was Fraud in the Inducement and Andy McCarthy explains the law well on “Obama’s Massive Fraud”.

Thanks to people like Harry Reid, Max Baucus, Mary Landrieu, Kay Hagin, Mark Begitch, Michael Bennet, Patty Murray, Tom Harkin, Chuck Schummer, and Dick Durbin, to cite the ten worst Senators on ObamaCare, but all the Democrats in the Senate and many others in the House do as well. Primarily Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer – we wonder who these 39 Democrats are? More on that to come we are sure.

39 Democrats Break with Obama to Pass Upton ‘Fix’

by MIKE FLYNN - Breitbart

On Friday, the House of Representatives approved legislation sponsored by Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) that would allow insurers to continue to offer policies on the individual market. The vote was 261-157. Thirty-nine Democrats voted for the Upton Amendment, which is an indication the Democrat united front on Obamacare is cracking.

ObamaCare largely eliminates the individual market and forces those policy holders into the health exchanges. On Thursday, Obama proposed extending the individual market for one year. The Upton bill would not only let existing policies continue, but insurers could sell individual policies to new customers. The White House has vowed to veto Upton’s bill if it reaches the President’s desk.

Since the launch of the ObamaCare website, millions of Americans have received notices that their policies were being cancelled. ObamaCare passed largely on the reassurances that “if you like your policy, you can keep it.” The policy cancellations show that claim to be false.

In reality, ObamaCare wouldn’t work if that claim were true. Because of the increase in benefits and the requirement to underwrite insurance for sick people, the exchanges need millions of relatively healthy workers to subsidize these higher costs. Forcing Americans with individual policies into the exchanges is the only way for ObamaCare to be viable.

The Upton bill now goes to the Senate. Sen. Mary Landrieu is sponsoring legislation that is similar to Rep. Upton’s, except that it would require insurance companies to continue offering the individual plans. Upton’s bill would allow them to offer the plans, but not require them to do so.


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3 Responses to Dems Owe America an Apology – Upton “Fix” Passed

  1. Rick Kerns

    The Dems that are 39 in favor of this bill are, mostly, doing it because they are up for re-election in about a year. That means they are trying to convince their voters they are now on their side. They are now trying to convince their voters they are now standing up for the rights of Americans instead of the power of their party and their own office. We need representatives that are first, foremost and always for the rights and best interest of American citizens.

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