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Kerry’s Folly – While We Become the Prey

Editor’s Note – Lions, and tigers, and bears…Oh my! Everywhere on Earth looks like a place for “Dorothy” to be frightened, and we all should be as well. Iran, Pakistan, China, North Korea, Russia, Syria… there are lot more than just the three animals of Dorothy’s dread to fear. It certainly may be a tongue-in-cheek […]

Free Speech – Beware how you donate, get fired!

Editor’s Note – If you do not agree with the left and/or the LGBT Community on anything, they will find a way to exact retribution on you, so beware what you donate to as you exercise your right to free speech. The left is watching, and with a leaky federal government, your information may become […]

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My analysts are better than your lyin’ eyes – Morrell Testimony

By Denise Simon Alright, I am an analyst, but damned happy I don’t work for Mike Morell, who was the ‘acting’ director at the CIA at the time of the Benghazi murders. I have worked this event since the moment it happened and have published my reports in various locations on the web.  But on […]

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Merkel Ranked so High on NSA Report List – Why?

Editor’s Note – Of all the people, and/or nations to watch closely, why was the NSA so focused on Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor? As Tyler Durden posted at Zerohedge: “With friends like these, who needs Russians?” The Obama Administration apparently ignores historical data like the Wikileaks cables we reported on this week that showed […]

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Obama Saudi Trip Cut Short, Saudis Kick Him Out? – Cover Up?

Editor’s Note – Barack Obama began his career in the world of Foreign Policy by bowing to foreign leaders, especially the Saudi royal family, to getting kicked out of the very same place far short of planned events. Obama travels all the way to Saudi Arabia with 900 or so in his entourage for what […]

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Irate Senators Skirted by Obama for Russian Arms Dealer

Editor’s Note – Because of the many indescribable actions Obama and team have taken regarding Russia since 2009, is it any wonder that money could be involved? Billions? When Obama and team applied their naivete to Russia from the start, how hard was it to predict that the KGB pro, Vladimir Putin, and his Russian […]

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Russian Propaganda – Ukraine Must Change Its Constitution

Editor’s Note – If the safety and security of the Russian ethnic minority in Ukraine was such an issue, why is it now that Russia is making life so difficult for Ukraine? The annexed Crimea on that principle and now they are telling Ukraine what it must do nation-wide. Russia has a far worse record […]

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Georgians Stunned by Obama Speech in Brussels

Editor’s Note – Following on the article MG Vallely wrote about “Putin calling, wanting his Cold War back,” in many ways the following story mirrors what Obama did in his first days in office – he nixed the missile defense system for Poland and the Czech Republic for starters. Now he nixes more. Now, he […]

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“The Road to Boston” – 2014, the Congressional Report

Editor’s Note – As we approach the running of the first Boston Marathon since that horrific day last year, security has been elevated to unprecedented levels. Just in time for this event, the Congressional Homeland Security Committee just published their investigation of the bombing at the hands of the Tsarnaev brothers. From this new report […]

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Harry Reid – Assails Kochs while Skeletons Fall from His Closets

Editor’s Note – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid just cannot stop himself. It’s almost as if he and VP Joe Biden share a certain set of genes in the old DNA pool. Mr. “Gaff-tastic,” Joe Biden, is finding himself in stiff competition otherwise. However, in this case there is that pesky political enemy, campaign election […]

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