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Confirmed – Russia Attacks Ukraine From Inside Russia

Editor’s Note – Since the Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and his Cabinet announced their resignation Thursday,…

Hamas and the Cement – Remember the 2012 Agreement?

Editor’s Note – The blockade that Hamas demands must be dissolved as a prerequisite to peace…

Gaza – Who is Really to Blame? Hamas Plan to Win

By Denise Simon and Scott Winchell Remember in 2012 when the Gazans said the Israelis “opened…

BRICS Create Reserve Funds – Path Ahead Forged

Editor’s Note – Once again, world events of great magnitude have descended upon us and the…

Speech We Wish He Gave – Netanyahu Email Hoax

Editor’s Note – Like many of you, we received an email about a supposed speech Bibi…

Iran’s Evil Hand in Gaza – Israel Prepares for Invasion – Videos

Editor’s Note – Once again we witness the evil hand of Iran in the affairs of…

Ex-Im Bank – Fraud, Crony Capitalism, Pleading the 5th

2:37 pm | Editor’s Note – We have been following this story for quite some time and reported on it here, and here. In addition to the fraud and criminal activity, there is the question about the necessity of the…

Kerry’s Cease-fire Plan – Has he just “disembarked his spaceship”

7:40 pm | Editor’s Note – The usually left-leaning Haaretz publication in Israel posted an article from one of their few less left-leaning journalists today about John Kerry’s latest ventures over structuring a cease fire in Gaza. Barak Ravid…

Among the ‘Wheat’ are the ‘Tares’ – Border Fog

5:21 pm | Clear thinking must trump the emotional fog at the border By Denise Edwards - National Communications Director  WWA In “The Parable of the Weeds,” from the book of Matthew, Chapter 13, his message truly speaks to the…

ObamaCare Setback – Court Says No on Subsidies

10:18 am | Editor’s Note – America, if you are not fuming over the myriad scandals and lawlessness of this administration, then get a load of this. There is yet another set back to Obama Care – The D.C.…

Yellen – “We are substantially stretched” – Warnings Abound

12:51 pm | Editor’s Note – We all see the ads on television, especially on cable, telling you to buy precious metals because there is a crash on the way or because there is so much instability lately. Companies…


Lerner – Conservatives are ‘***holes, TeRrorists’, House OGR Report

10:32 am | Editor’s Note – The IRS scandal has taken a back seat of late to events…

IRS Scandal Update – “Who is on First?” A Circus Now

1:59 pm | Editor’s Note – IRS Scandal Update -Lost Emails. The story just keeps on changing, evolving,…


Leaked Tape – Did Obama Get Dismissive and Back Hamas?

4:39 pm | Editor’s Note – Earlier today, a breaking news story from Israel, reported by numerous sources,…

Sellin – Why Obama fails and succeeds

2:22 pm | By LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD - Family Security Matters Barack Obama fails because of the content of…

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