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Confirmed – Russia Attacks Ukraine From Inside Russia

Editor’s Note – Since the Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and his Cabinet announced their resignation Thursday,…

Hamas and the Cement – Remember the 2012 Agreement?

Editor’s Note – The blockade that Hamas demands must be dissolved as a prerequisite to peace…

Gaza – Who is Really to Blame? Hamas Plan to Win

By Denise Simon and Scott Winchell Remember in 2012 when the Gazans said the Israelis “opened…

BRICS Create Reserve Funds – Path Ahead Forged

Editor’s Note – Once again, world events of great magnitude have descended upon us and the…

Speech We Wish He Gave – Netanyahu Email Hoax

Editor’s Note – Like many of you, we received an email about a supposed speech Bibi…

Iran’s Evil Hand in Gaza – Israel Prepares for Invasion – Videos

Editor’s Note – Once again we witness the evil hand of Iran in the affairs of…

Among the ‘Wheat’ are the ‘Tares’ – Border Fog

5:21 pm | Clear thinking must trump the emotional fog at the border By Denise Edwards - National Communications Director  WWA In “The Parable of the Weeds,” from the book of Matthew, Chapter 13, his message truly speaks to the…

Kerry’s Cease-fire Plan – Has he just “disembarked his spaceship”

7:40 pm | Editor’s Note – The usually left-leaning Haaretz publication in Israel posted an article from one of their few less left-leaning journalists today about John Kerry’s latest ventures over structuring a cease fire in Gaza. Barak Ravid…

Planned Parenthood – Whip Advice for a Minor?

6:25 pm | Editor’s Note – From the “Shake My Head” file (SMH) – read this and try to stay away from flammable objects, children and pets because your hair may self ignite! A 15-year-old girl counseled on getting…

ObamaCare Setback – Court Says No on Subsidies

10:18 am | Editor’s Note – America, if you are not fuming over the myriad scandals and lawlessness of this administration, then get a load of this. There is yet another set back to Obama Care – The D.C.…

Yellen – “We are substantially stretched” – Warnings Abound

12:51 pm | Editor’s Note – We all see the ads on television, especially on cable, telling you to buy precious metals because there is a crash on the way or because there is so much instability lately. Companies…


IRS Scandal Update – “Who is on First?” A Circus Now

1:59 pm | Editor’s Note – IRS Scandal Update -Lost Emails. The story just keeps on changing, evolving,…

Computer Lost – FEC Lawyer, Ties to Lerner? Holder Still Balks

2:39 pm | Editor’s Note – This past weekend, a rare event occurred, Attorney General Eric Holder was…


Sellin – Why Obama fails and succeeds

2:22 pm | By LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD - Family Security Matters Barack Obama fails because of the content of…

‘Do Nothing’ Obama – The ‘Campaigner-In-Chief’

4:40 pm | Let’s Give Him the Job He Really Wants and Maybe Save the World By Scott…

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